A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 640 - Humongous Creature

Chapter 640: Humongous Creature

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Taking the Nightmare Sorcerer as its base, with the combined blessings of the Three-headed Snake Amulet that allowed for the True Elemental Body and his Magnetite Star Core, Grimm only had to fly out from the Three-Rings Magic Interdiction Boundary to easily escape to where Little Myna was. It was the reason why Grimm dared to stride into the closed space of the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower.

Grimm had made an initial self-evaluation of his own strengths.

Compared to some other Level-3 Sorcerers, there were still some shortcomings in Grimm’s strengths. However, he was able to maximize his own advantages to a point where he would not lose, at least.

After all, the Academy War did not involve the legendary Level-3 Sorcerers that were hidden in the deepest regions of the Sorcerer Tower.

For example, Grimm’s flaming True Elemental Body had grown into fifty meters right now. The wailing mouth in front of its chest was endlessly devouring the power of animosity across all directions. The increasing power had made Grimm even more impressed with the level disparity between a Stigmata Sorcerer and an ordinary Sorcerer.

The complete utilization of Mana Pool by way of mental strength would increase the leverage of the True Elemental Body by multiples and thus dramatically increase the multiples of transmutation leverage. Compounding these all together would be enough to let a Level-4 Sorcerer stay on the same level as a powerful creature that had gained the blessings of the Principal Will of a world comparable in their prowess to a Stigmata Sorcerer or a World Lord.

Now, whether in terms of Mana Pool or the True Elemental Body, or even the energy transmutation, Grimm had first hand experience in them. He could now imagine how the combined energy of these three attributes had produced a momentous change in his power.

The only thing that Grimm had yet to experience was the True Time of the Stigmata Sorcerers.


“Careful, it’s turning around, go around and hit him from the back!”

A Level-2 Sorcerer led a few Level-1 Sorcerers to go around the flaming giant. They were fearful of every move that the flaming giant took. Compared to a Foreign World Expedition, there were only hundreds of creatures this size in the world. Most Arcane Sorcerers would never encounter such a humongous creature in their whole life.


A Level-1 Sorcerer was too slow to react while he was invoking an ice spike spell. Amidst the howling giant’s frantic wave of its infernal sword, the Sorcerer was inadvertently squashed by the giant’s feet, causing the Sorcerer much trauma. Blood was flowing down from the edge of his lips as his face turned pale.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Dozens of Sorcerers flew beneath the giant’s crotch at high speed, circling around Grimm. They were releasing rounds of spells, causing severe damage to the magma armor on top of the flaming giant. Fire burnt profusely from the exposed areas of the damaged armor. The Sorcerers were delighted with their achievements.


But then, the flaming giant discovered the puny creatures below its knees. After letting out a roar, its hand that was burning with flames that were tens of meters wide slammed down on the ground. It was wielding the gigantic infernal spirit sword on another hand. One fell swoop came down.


“No! Stand back!”

The leader of the small platoon shrieked.

A fiery hand enveloped by a layer of firecloud that was ten meters thick came crashing down, blocking out the sun. It was not something that a Level-1 or Level-2 Sorcerer could handle.

A Sorceress, upon seeing that the gigantic infernal spirit sword was about to slice her in half, suddenly heard a whooshing sound behind her. One of Shadow Argus Academy’s dean, a Level-3 Sorcerer appeared behind the Sorceress.

His magical staff was encircled by two different wind energies that intertwined infinitely. The dean held his breath and parried the twenty-meter long gigantic infernal spirit sword with his magical staff that was merely over a meter long.



The Level-3 Sorcerer let out a groan as his staff slipped out from his hand. He was thrown back almost a hundred meters away along with the Sorceress that he was shielding in a whistling noise before he could regain his footing.

“This guy is too scary!”

The flaming giant grabbed two Sorcerers with its other hand. One of them did not even have time to scream before being crushed by Grimm’s hand. The flame burned his corpse clean.

Another Sorcerer possessed a black protective barrier that had huge defense points and was slowly melting away in Grimm’s flaming hand. The Sorcerer within the barrier was in despair as he frantically screamed and howled. He was struggling to escape from the clutches of the flaming ten-meter wide palm.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Three of the Shadow Argus Academy’s deans separately appeared in three directions level to the flaming giant’s shoulder. They each unleashed three different spells aimed at the flaming giant’s head in an attempt to severely wound the flaming giant at its least protected point.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three explosions erupted in the three Sorcerers’ directions. In the blink of an eye, different types of energy ripples consumed the flaming giant’s head, leaving only the giant’s wrathful growls.


A Level-3 Sorcerer warned before withdrawing. The other two deans had also detected the infernal spirit sword that was approaching rapidly from the side and was about to make their retreat.

However, as one of them was about to leave, his body felt unbelievably heavy. There was a layer of strange black mist surrounding him that appeared to be an energy field of some sort. The sudden increase in his weight slowed down his movement.

But the Sorcerer had something up his sleeve as well!

After he managed to avoid the giant’s infernal spirit sword with elemental teleportation, a flaming column immediately followed. The Sorcerer waved his magic staff and teleported back to his original position after the threat of the sword’s slash had passed.


The flaming giant let out a deafening roar. A wave of flame halo spread out in all directions, attacking indiscriminately. The debris on the square was blown away.

Other than a few Level-2 Sorcerers and two Level-1 Sorcerers who were more powerful, the dozens of Sorcerers that were circling around Grimm let out a wail as their robes, staves, hair, and flesh were burnt to a crisp. Their charred remains fell onto the ground and gave out an indescribable stench.

Even the Level-3 Sorcerers retreated from the flame ripple to temporarily get away from the flaming giant’s attack.


Right at this moment, old Sorceress Paku Aguda used elemental teleportation and appeared in front of the flaming giant’s chest. She had located Grimm inside the middle of the flaming giant’s body and had launched her red lightning meltdown at her target.

The flaming giant however, with its magma armor and his black-gold flaming body, had astounding resistance toward flames. The lightning meltdown’s damage was cut down by half due to the flaming giant’s very own nature.

After a bright flash appeared inside the True Elemental Body, Grimm’s destructive arc spell completely nullified the lightning meltdown.

The half meter wide hole on the giant’s armor and body caused by the attack was slowly merging together and recovering. The hole led directly to Grimm who was in the center of the giant.

Grimm was grinning coldly.

He was merely waving his Sabbatic Goat Staff in a symbolic gesture. But what followed was the fell swoop of a twenty over meter infernal spirit sword that came down at high speed and distorted the air around it!

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