Accidentally Married A Fox God - The sovereign lord spoils his wife

Chapter 355 That Went South

"That may be the case, but I am not obligated to marry anyone. I am a cultivator, living outside the confines of the secular world, and I might as well live outside the confines of marriage as well." Li Meirong raised her chin high and answered firmly. She knew she liked Zhu Qingyue, but if she had to choose between sharing him to living without him, then she would choose the latter in an instant. Maybe she wouldn't have a man in her life in the future, but she hadn't planned on having one anyway. Her spirit beasts were good enough companions; she didn't need anyone else.

"If My Lady says so…" Xiao An Fei softly replied as she braided Li Meirong's hair. It was not as if she could properly explain the history of the Bai Clan in a few mere words. Not to mention that Her Ladyship still thought she had some choice in the matter of who she'd be marrying.

The Bai Clan was once large and prosperous, but thousands of centuries ago the clan came under a curse that caused it to dwindle to very few members. Marriage by alliance to other Huli Jing clans was practically a paramount condition that a Sovereign Lord must abide by while searching for his or her fated soulmate.

Although the Bai Clan governed the rest of the celestial fox tribes, every other clan had its own rulers and hierarchy, as each tribe was a nation onto itself. If it wasn't for the Bai bloodline's superior spiritual strength, they would have already been dethroned simply due to the sheer difference in numbers, for although their clan dwindled, the rest of the Huli Jing had prospered.

Xiao An Fei took notice of Li Meirong's gloomy expression and wisely kept her mouth shut. Meanwhile, the corner of her mouth twitched uncontrollably. 'Well, that went south…'

Her Ladyship was clearly not pleased with the response, but perhaps the Fox Lord was a little appeased? Xiao An Fei thought hopefully.

Slowly, Xiao An Fei's gaze traveled back down to assess the Fox Lord, only to discover that his stare turned from a cold glare to a freezing tundra. Her expression became petrified, and the tremble in her hands intensified. 'How did I manage to upset them both?!'

All the candles suddenly and simultaneously died. The room immediately turned chill and dark.

"There will be no concubines." Snowball gritted out snappishly. His fluffy white tail whipped to and fro in quick successions.

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