Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 "The Sensation of the Godhood Dan pill (2)"

“Then why did you take so many people out to cause trouble for the three main powers in the human world?"

“I've explained that before already, I…." Biting her lip like she's tied on speaking the truth: "I was jealous of the demon queen, that's why I wanted to make some trouble for her. I didn't expect my actions would nearly bring disaster upon us. I know my wrong." Her words sounded sincere like she's made some grave mistake and now repents for it.

Seeing this picture, He Fei Xiang's last bit of doubt was quashed. Slamming his fist on the table before speaking: "Damn those demons, I will kill them all for my son's death!"

Flashing with an underlying light in her eyes, Liu Qing Yue knew this was the time to speak up: "What do you wish to do Father? If there's anything I can help with, please let me know. You daughter I will do everything you ask of me."

Due to the anger he felt for the ones responsible, the Spirit Lord had missed the cold sharpness in his daughter's aura, something which he never would've done in the past.

“Qing Yue,” softening in his eyes, the man's voice grew gentle like a proper father's. "Now I only have you left as a daughter. I'm sure it's been tough on you over the years so why don't you change your surname back to the family's, how about that?"

Showing an excited face: “Thank you Father.”

From the initial glance, her expression looked no different from someone that has waited a long time for this opportunity, however…. If they just took a minute to look deeper, they would immediately notice that poisonous and vicious light hiding within those irises. It's chilling and murderous.

Ever since this bastard killed her mother and ordered Liu Qing Yue's expulsion from the family book, this woman has never once forgiven the man in front. He's dead in her heart already so whatever he tries would mean nothing.

“Qing Liu, I know I was too harsh on you back then so I hope you will forgive me. I didn't have a choice either." He Fei Xiang sighs like he's meant it, "So, I will place you in charge of the city's army."

That actually made the lady cock her head up with a look of surprise in those eyes. This man intends to hand me authoritative power?

If it had been before then perhaps Liu Qing Yue might be moved by the offer, but now that's not going to happen. To say the heart has been tempered cold was an understatement.

“Yes, Father.” Afraid of being caught, she hurries to force an excited smile again on that face despite what she felt. "If there's nothing else, I wish to leave first."

“Go ahead then." He Fei Xiang waves his hand in a dismissive manner, tiredness apparent in that voice.

Arching her fist, she promptly closes the door behind herself and left, leaving only the Spirit Lord alone in this trashed room.

"Milord, are you really going to hand over that much power to the Miss?" Asking this was a grey robed old man that suddenly materialized from the shadows, his frown indicating he's not of the idea.

“Is there any other way?" The cold snappiness in the Spirit Lord's voice explained the man shared the same opinion: "My pair of children have both died at the hands of the Demon Realm, now I only have this one bastard daughter born of a whore. If… If I can still continue to have children then of course I won't look to Qing Yue to succeed me!'

But what else can I do? I've lost the ability to raise my bottom part already due to age, where else am I supposed to find another child?

The old senior from the back didn't add anything to those words. He couldn't deny what his master was saying, even so, the aching suspicion of something being amiss kept bothering him.

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