Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 "Bai Xiachen's injured (5)"

Slightly closing her eyes, pain and sorrow took over Yun Ruo Xi's face.

No wonder……

No wonder the Demon Realm is making a comeback.

No wonder Yi God is helping the Demon Realm…

Turns out its because of that fucking woman, she isn't dead!

Is she coming back to take what's hers in the past?

Is she here to take what I stole?

While the wretched bitch was lost in her own spiraling thoughts, the amulet on the other hand could care less and grew hotter like it's never done before. Finding this painful now, Yun Ruo Xi rips the darn thing off her neck with the hand and glares at the item with her blazing eyes of rage.

“What? You want to leave me as well as soon as she's back? Don't forget, you're mine now! That woman only got you due to luck, but you're mine and that won't change no matter what!"

BZzzz BZzzz Bzzzz

The amulet's vibration intensified like some form of retaliation, which in kind made the woman irater than ever. "How are you any different from Chu Yi God?! Damn you all! This world can only belong to me, Yun Ruo Xi! You belong to me, and Chu Yi God will also belong to me!"

Yes, that woman is dead.

Even if before she was lucky enough to save her own soul somehow, I will make sure she's destroyed for good this time around!

“Bai Bai, my little Bai Bai!" The crazy old coot finally manages to catch up in his tied-up manner. “I clearly saw my little Bai Bai here not long ago, where did you take her?" All confused and lost on his face, the old coot asks the only person he could find. But then, his confusion quickly changed to complete anger when focusing in on the woman.

In kind, Yun Ruo Xi taunts back with a snarling sneer: "That slut Bai Yu never should've come into this world. Heck, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth either. Just now I did see her here, and what a pity, you came a minute too late. You will never see her again!"

Furrowing that old brow in inexplicable confusion: "But why? Why can't I see my little Bai Bai anymore?"

“Because, just now, she has died…."

Because, just now, she has died….

Those words echoed within the old coot's head like a ringing bell, causing his body to freeze up like ice.

“No, no, that can't be true. My good granddaughter is good and obedient, she said she will stay with me as I grow old and will inherit my skills. She promised. My good granddaughter never lies so it must be you who's lying to me!"


Who knows where the old coot managed to summon up the strength, but when he flexed his arms in that moment, one of the knots keeping him subdued instantly snapped!

Terrified by the sudden change in power, Yun Ruo Xi mutters to herself in disbelief: "How… how can it be?"

This lasso rope is made of a material that can subdue one's soul, how can this crazy old coot make a part of it snap when his powers are sealed?

“Liars, you are all liars, I won't allow any of you to say my granddaughter is dead!"

Whoever say my granddaughter is dead deserves to die! I won't let anyone lie to me!

“Not good!”

Seeing the mad old coot was about to completely break free and go on a rampage, Yun Ruo Xi hurried to crawl away from the spot and fled for the bottom of the valley. She didn't want to spend another minute in this mess after getting what she wanted.

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