Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145 "Bai Xiachen's injured (6)"

For Yun Ruo Xi's own sake, the decision to scurry away was the right one because in the moment she was gone, the rope binding the old coot promptly snapped apart in its entirety. What followed next was the senior flying down the valley in pursuit like some bounty hunter….


A hundred meters beneath the valley was a stretch of land littered with withered trees. There's no sunlight here, only darkness and spookiness that sent the skin tingling with discomfort. This was the place where Bai Yan landed in after they fell into the trap activated by the wretched bitch.

Loosening her arms that's hugging the boy tightly, this worried mother wanted to examine her son when Bai Xiachen suddenly pushed her away. "Xiachen?" Surprised by the act, she appeared shocked at the denial.

“Don't come over Mother, please don’t come!” Stepping away, his shoulders were slouched downwards in a dejected manner as well was his head. It's obvious something bothered the boy to the point where he didn't want to face his own mother.

“Xiachen, what’s wrong with you?” Bai Yan didn't listen and continued to draw closer.

Forced to step back again, his little body shook with fear against the overstep of boundary: "Mother, I'm very ugly right now, please don't look."

So that's it, he's afraid Bai Yan would see his current appearance after having a relapse with the inner monster inside his body. But who was this woman here? She's Bai Yan, the boy's loving and caring mother. There's no way she would turn away at his plead. Embracing him with her own body, the woman's warmth made the boy go stiff but kept his head down anyways to avoid eye contact.

“Xiachen, no matter what happens you will always be mother's precious boy. Now look up and let me see what's wrong." Speaking softly in an almost cooing voice, she reaches over to tip the boy's chin so she could get a clear look.

As nervous and frightened as he was, the little steambun didn't resist the gesture and slowly raised his head. Bai Yan could tell how much this affected her son so she didn't rush it and guided him with the upmost care. Then that's when she realized why. He's still as cuddly and adorable as ever, the same handsome young boy from her memories. However, one of the eyes there had turned a deep red shade. It's evil and cold in nature, that much she was certain because even her body was shuddering for a second when confronted with that gaze.

Finding no words would come of the grim reveal, Bai Xiachen took this as a form of rejection. Tightly clinging onto that sleeve, tears came swelling out as he sobbed away.

Mother doesn't like me anymore….

“Hmm….” Realizing the blunder she's made, Bai Yan hurries to rectify the mistake by drawing a gentle smile. "Your new look isn't so bad, it's quite handsome even."

Startled at first by what he's heard, the boy stares up in disbelief: "Mother doesn't dislike me?"

“You silly, why would I dislike you? You are mother's precious baby boy, no matter what you change into, I will always love you. That will never change." Hugging to give her son a peck on the forehead as reassurance, Bai Yan didn't lie and said everything from the heart's down.

“But Mother, I'm scared still…" Throwing his head into the woman's chest to cover his eyes, those fingers gripped even harder against Bai Yan's sleeve to show his insecurity. "I'm afraid I will hurt you…."

Taken aback by that comment: “Why you say that?”

After a long while of silence and contemplation, Bai Xiachen finally mustered another wave of courage to give his reasoning. "Mother, do you remember the last time when you were attacked by the shadow guards from the palace? In order to fend them off, something happened within my body and allowed me to gain more power than I normally would have…." Gently snugging his head against her breast to gain some more comfort, he continues with a sad face: "But this time, I completely lost control, I didn't even recognize myself during the process. If not for that amulet around the bad woman's neck suddenly intervening with that strange light, I'm scared I would've continued to attack everyone indiscriminately…."

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