Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 550

Chapter 550 "Return to the Demon Realm (5)"

“It seems that my words haven't gotten through to you yet. The Queen's word takes priority above all else, even if it there is a conflict, the same applies." Shooting glares that could raise any spine in the recipient, "What's more… are you implying I would get into a conflict with the Queen? Are you trying to frame me?"

The old minister almost choked at that moment and nearly got to his knees again. King, you can't do this to others, I never said anything towards that meaning…

“Xiao Wan," Di Cang then notices his sister who have already strolled over to the State Teacher's side. "Looks like you are already losing your patience and wants to be wed?"

That scared the daylights out of the demon princess. Making a sorrowful face, the pampered girl looks on at his brother like he's done the most egregious thing ever.

“Your sister-in-law is already very tired. You should take her to rest first. I and State teacher still have things to discuss." Shooting a warning glare at his own sister then, "Remember the words I said to you before coming back."

That instantly causes the demon princess to light up because there's no way she would forget something so devious.

Anyone who bullies Sister-in-law is to be removed at once. Hehehe, this will be fun!

“You go back and wait for me. I will come back later.” Pulling his wife closer, Di Cang whispers this into that dainty ear and got a faint nod in return.

"Alright, I'll wait." After saying this, Bai Yan then releases her hand from his and picks up her son from the man's other arm. "Xiao Wan, lead the way for me."


Looking at the disappearing back of his family, Di Cang's expression promptly got cold and dark as he scanned the welcoming committee.

“How are the preparations going for the war?”

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Smiling still, the State Teacher gives a nod of reassurance: "I have already tossed the candidates in there for intense training, and the other preparations are well under way and near completion as well. Just that its not easy to break the seal around our world. Sire, you must be prepared."

“No matter, the Celestial Realm will eventually be in my hands."

Whatever she wants will be hers, I will see to it!

“King,” State Teacher suddenly furrows his brow a bit, "there are a lot of woman in the Demon Realm who is in love with you. I advise you to be careful less the Queen be wronged by one of those individuals."

Only murder could be heard in Di Cang's voice: "In this world no one is allowed to harm my wife! Besides, Xiao Wan is with her, I'm very confident she will remove any who's dumb enough to trespass her way."

Then just as the State Teacher wanted to say some more, the cold sounding words had once again rung out.

“Later, you go to do a statistic on the number of women trying to covet after the position of Queen."


“After the statistic, they are then forbidden to draw close to the palace! If a single one of them breaks the rule, their legs will be the price!"

Stunned at first, the State Teacher then made a wry smile of awkwardness. I just knew His Majesty would be like this. Whether it be the past life or this one, he's still acting the same towards the Queen. This will be difficult to please….

“Oh right,” retracting his focus from the matter at hand, "I believe the marriage between you and Xiao Wan should be set as well."

There were neither surprise nor unhappiness in the State Teacher's eyes; however, the man was showing a strange look nevertheless. After a long moment of silence: "Did you get Xiao Wan's agreement?"

She… has long forgotten about me. Now, me and her, I'm only the State Teacher and a friend.

“Actually, Sire, you don't need to do this for me, I only want to watch over her." In light of his words, an obvious level of pain could be felt from that tone: "If she doesn't agree then I won't force it."

“She will agree," Di Cang says it with such certainty that its hard to resist.

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