Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 783

Chapter 783 "They're All Here (4)"

“Wait for me.” Di Cang's kiss gently falls onto his wife's lip, thus signaling his arm to loosen around that waist and the beginning of their end.

For a moment there, under that oppressive aura and overwhelming galore of dominance, none dared to move. They just stared at him and unsure what to do.

“What are you all doing? Hurry and subdue him!" Leng Qing Chang snaps out at her people, that face showing utter dismay at the lack of compliance.

To be clear, it's not that these people are unwilling to move, rather it's their legs aren't listening at all!


Exploding with bloodthirst, those still struggling to lift their feet were instantly sent to the grown with blood drooling out of their mouth. Perhaps even in death, none of these poor souls would know why they've lost their lives, only that they did.

Leng Qing Chang completely froze over this scene. Moving her head mechanically upward to meet those murderous eyes, a gush of panic now grips that heart.

“You… You…” She finally knew what fear was. In her haste, the woman attempts to retreat by crawling backwards. "A-an e-elder from our Sky Dragon Sect was recently taken in by the main house. If-if you make a move against me th-then you won't be escape death!"

The story went like this. When the previous head of this sect passed away, that mentioned elder wasn't around to step up to the post, hence the outcome of Leng Qing Chang landing with the position. As for that senior, he continued to remain in closed-door training right up till he broke through into the Monarch Rank where he was immediately snatched up by the elder council of the Misty Fairy House. Of course, the senior himself didn't object to the idea and gladly left of his own accord.

“So one of your elders are now part of the Misty Fairy House?” Arching her brow, Bai Yan steps forward with the question: "Do call him, I would very much like to know which of those old farts are the one you've mentioned."

Snickering with contempt at that proclamation, Leng Qing Chang clearly didn't believe what she's heard. Humph, this woman makes it sound like she's seen the elder council before.

“You think getting an audience with the elder council is that easy? That you can do so on a whim?”


But before her mocking words could be finished, a wave of energy attacks her from behind, causing that already shaken body to fly forward like a ragged doll of spraying blood.

At the same time, Bai Yan's feet steps down at the woman's chest after she landed right in front of herself. “You don’t seem to know the situation yet!” Cocking her chin high, she smiles menacingly down at her captive, "A prisoner should act like one, and right now you're my prisoner!"

There's plenty of time before Tsing Yi comes, more than enough room to get even with this one regarding her failed attempt at kidnapping the young girl who knew of Dragony's whereabout, and also for trying to impersonate me.


Spitting out another mouthful of blood at the increasingly painful pressure at her chest, Leng Qing Chang was distressed to discover she's unable to resist at all with her inner strength, not even enough to raise a hand….

In this instant, this woman now knows why her subordinates couldn't a thing to these two individuals. Their strength has been directly sealed away by a far more superior power!

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