Against the Gods

Chapter 1876 - Mother-in-Law

Chapter 1876 - Mother-in-Law

Eastern Divine Region, Glazed Light Realm.

Shui Qianheng was sitting cross legged on top of a slowly rotating light profound formation. It was different from the one Yun Che had given Cang Shuhe, but the basis of power of both light profound formations—the Divine Miracle of Life—was the same.

Back then, the Moon God Emperor had ruthlessly dealt what could only be described as an irreversible amount of damage to Shui Qianheng’s profound veins. Even the lowliest profound practitioner would know that healing the damage was impossible, let alone the Glazed Light Realm King himself.

That was then, this was now. As the sole practitioner of the Divine Miracle of Life in all of Primal Chaos, there was practically nothing Yun Che couldn’t heal except death itself. However, it still took a not insignificant amount of time to undo the damage.

Yun Che withdrew his hands three hours later. The light profound formation beneath Shui Qianheng dispelled on its own afterward.

Shui Qianheng slowly opened his eyes and released his aura naturally before he even climbed to his feet. After fully grasping the dream-like changes that had occurred to his profound veins, the man who once gave up all hope of recovery bent his upper body as low as he could while barely holding back tears of joy. “I… thank Your Magnificence for this gift!”

Yun Che caught Shui Qianheng before he could bow completely. “Please, Senior Shui. This is but a speck of dust compared to the favor the Glazed Light Realm has done unto me.”

Yun Che had always held great respect and gratitude for the Glazed Light Realm, and Shui Meiyin’s favor to him was something he couldn’t hope to repay even in a million lifetimes. He only wished that he could do more.

“Exaggerating, you are exaggerating, Devil Master.”

Despite Yun Che’s assurances, Shui Qianheng could hardly control himself. Standing before him was the Devil Master who had swept through all three Divine Regions and crushed even Long Bai. Yun Che’s senior and an higher realm king he might be, but how could he possibly address the man as “my worthy son-in-law” like he used to?

“Can my profound veins… really return to what they were back then?” Shui Qianheng asked with a trembling voice and watery eyes. His years of feigned calmness were just that, a pretense. After all, no one who once stood at the Divine Master Realm could truly accept that they had to spend the rest of their lives as a Divine Sovereign.

“Heehee! Dad, this is the fourth time you asked this question already!” Beside them, Shui Meiyin let out a cute chuckle. “The entire world can say that it’s impossible, but if Brother Yun Che says it’s possible, then it’s possible. Just relax, will you?”

Yun Che assured him, “Don’t worry, Senior Shui. I will return every few months to heal you. I promise you that your profound veins will return to normal in less than twenty months, and your profound energy will return to your peak in less than three years. It will be like you never lost them.”

The perfectly confident answer caused Shui Qianheng to turn red with excitement again. He was about to bow again when Yun Che caught him again. “Senior Shui, please, let us be done with the courtesies already. To begin with, I am the reason you have suffered, and… Meiyin and I are going to be wed in a few months at the grand coronation ceremony. I cannot possibly let my future father-in-law thank me like this, can I?”

Shui Meiyin tilted her head and bloomed into a wide smile. Shui Qianheng looked stunned for a second before breaking into a hearty laugh as well.

“Very well, my worthy son-in-law, oh worthy son-in-law! Hahaha, I know that this appellation sounds much better!” In fact, the moment he addressed Yun Che as “worthy son-in-law”, the invisible pressure that had been sitting in his heart vanished like it was never there. He laughed even heartier before continuing, “Don’t worry, my worthy son-in-law! If anyone from the Eastern Divine Region dares to cause trouble during the grand coronation ceremony, I will personally… order my daughter to murder their entire clan!”

Speaking of which, the entire Holy Eaves Sect had gone up in flames in a single night. The realm king himself, Luo Shangchen had perished violently. Everyone in the Holy Eaves Realm was panicking and running for their lives right now.

Everyone knew who the man behind this was, but no one had the courage to point it out as a matter of course.

Without the Holy Eaves Sect, the Holy Eaves Realm obviously didn’t deserve the title of the strongest upper star realm anymore. Today, the only intact king realm of the Eastern Divine Region, the Brahma Monarch Realm, plus the Glazed Light Realm and the Shrouding Sky Realm were the Eastern Divine Region’s top powers.

Yun Che nodded in acknowledgement before saying, “The Eternal Heaven Realm and Moon God Realm are gone, and the Star God Realm is only a king realm in name. In the near future, I will elevate the Snow Song Realm to a king realm by force and increase my power and hold over the Eastern Divine Region even more. I will need your help with this, senior.”

“Meiyin has already spoken to me about this.” Shui Qianheng waved his hand in a flourish. “Don’t worry, the Shrouding Sky Realm King and I will definitely become your first supporters.”

“Besides, the Snow Song Realm King killed the Crimson Destruction Dragon God in a single strike. I doubt there’s anyone in the world who’s stupid enough to reject this!”

It was at this moment a commotion suddenly appeared from outside. Then, two conflicting auras barged right through the barrier.

“Mom, you can’t go in! The Devil Master is—” This voice belonged to Shui Yingyue. It was obviously tinged with helplessness and panic.

“Devil Master this, Devil Master that! He’s my son-in-law! Is it wrong for a mother-in-law to visit their son-in-law, hmm?”

“But… ah!”

It was like a storm had barged into the scene. Yun Che barely looked over before a woman and a panicking Shui Yingyue entered his view.

The woman clad in blue robes looked to be in her thirties. Her features were beautiful, and her eyes reminded Yun Che of peach blossoms. The moment she arrived, she immediately met Yun Che’s eyes with none of the fear most people would carry when facing him. In fact, her brows curled into crescents, and her eyes were practically beaming with delight.

“Mom, it’s rude to intrude like this.” Shui Meiyin’s figure blurred, and the next moment she was standing next to the woman and holding her arm affectionately.

“What do you mean rude, you cheeky girl.” The woman caressed Shui Meiyin’s face, but continued smiling at Yun Che like a cat. “I’m just here to see your future husband.”

“Oh ho! You’re even more handsome and cooler than I remember from back then. Becoming the Devil Master has definitely done wonders for your looks! And even if that wasn’t the case, I doubt there’s any woman in the world who could resist this alluring killing intent. Oh, little Yinyin, your eye for men is definitely like mine. If I was a couple decades younger, hmph! Your dad would not be your dad.”

Yun Che: “...”

“Sigh.” Shui Yingyue sighed inaudibly and helplessly.

“Ahem!” Shui Qianheng hurriedly rose to his feet and said to Yun Che, “This… this is my wife, Cheng Wanxiao. She is Yingyue and Meiyin’s birth mother. She has never been one for discipline or self-restraint, so please don’t take her words to heart, Devil Master.”

Barely keeping his twitching facial muscles under control, he then made faces at Cheng Wanxiao and sent her an urgent sound transmission, “Who let you come in? Step out already!”

However, the woman ignored him completely and continued examining Yun Che with a wide smile on her face. One could be forgiven for hallucinating peach blossoms falling from her eyes.

Yun Che rose to his feet and saluted her respectfully. “Junior Yun Che is happy to see you, auntie.”

Cheng Wanxiao was Shui Meiyin’s favorite topic to bring up bar none, so he had known of her since a long time ago. Though this was the first time they met face to face.

Cheng Wanxiao was Shui Qianheng’s youngest concubine, but she had made a great name for herself after marrying him for just a couple decades. It was because she had given Shui Qianheng a pair of daughters, Shui Yingyue and Shui Meiyin. The older daughter was now the Glazed Light Realm King, and the younger was the owner of the Divine Stainless Soul and Yun Che’s lover.

Because of them, Cheng Wanxiao’s status would always be higher than Shui Qianheng’s first wife and all his other concubines.

Everyone knew that one word from Cheng Wanxiao was all it took for her to be made the queen mother of the house immediately. However, the woman utterly disdained the title of first wife. More than once, Shui Meiyin had told him, “My mom always says that the first wife is inferior to the concubine. She also said that the latest concubine will always be the husband’s dearest.”

Not only did Shui Meiyin love her mother a lot, she obviously idolized her.

Cheng Wanxiao replied smilingly, “Auntie? Come on! That sounds both estranged and old. Call me mother-in-law or mother… if you don’t mind, I’ll graciously accept ‘big sis’ as well.”

Shui Qianheng nearly dropped to his knees.

“Er… junior wouldn’t dare, auntie,” Yun Che replied. “Meiyin often speaks about you, and junior is very glad that we’ve finally met. You truly are, uh… as delightful as the spring wind, auntie.”

Cheng Wanxiao giggled behind her hand. She could sense Yun Che secretly withdrawing the coldness of his aura, and that his respect for his elders was as true as gold. Feeling even more delighted and satisfied with her daughter’s choice, she said, “Of course! How else could I have given birth to two such wonderful daughters?”

All of a sudden, her expression turned teary, and she grabbed Shui Meiyin’s hand as if she couldn’t bear to let her daughter go. “Oh, the thought that my little Yinyin is going to leave the house hurts my soul. My good son-in-law, you must treat little Yinyin well, okay? My heart will break like glass if I learn that she is bullied.”

“... worry not, auntie. I will treat Meiyin well with all my heart. I will never allow her to be hurt,” Yun Che said while looking Cheng Wanxiao directly in the eyes.

“Mom, Big Brother Yun Che has always treated me very well. You don’t need to remind him on purpose.” A beaming Shui Meiyin exposed her mother’s intentions fearlessly.

“AHEM!” The numbness on Shui Qianheng’s scalp spread to his back as he interrupted, “You’ve met the Devil Master, Wanxiao. You may withdraw now. There are still a couple of things the Devil Master and I need to discuss.”

However, Cheng Wanxiao simply rolled her eyes at him and pulled Shui Meiyin closer to Yun Che. She then said, “My good son-in-law, I have a very important task that I would like to entrust you with. I promise you it’s a thousand times more important than whatever my babee has to say to you.”

Ba… bee… what part of “nicknames that stay inside the bedroom” does she not understand???

If she was any other woman, Shui Qianheng would’ve shouted or even slapped them out of the room already, not that there was anyone among his harem who would dare to pull such a stunt to begin with. Unfortunately, she was Cheng Wanxiao… and the first thing that came into his mind after she showed up was to hide in a deep, deep hole where no light could reach, not kick her out.

“Entrust is too heavy a word, auntie. Please give me your instructions, and I will do my best to fulfill them,” Yun Che said courteously.

“Instructions?” Cheng Wanxiao’s features lit up all of a sudden. “That means you won’t turn me down, right? Aiyo, you truly are my good son-in-law. I’m so happy you found the right man, little Yinyin.”

“...” For some reason Yun Che felt like he had been conned, but it was too late for regrets now. “Please enlighten me, auntie.”

“Come over, Yingyue.” Before the current Glazed Light Realm King could react, she found that her mother had attracted her to her side and held her in a death grip. Then, Cheng Wanxiao said brightly, “My good son-in-law, my instruction is very simple. All I ask of you is to marry Yingyue after you finish the ceremony with little Yinyin. Okay? Okay! It’s settled then!”

Yun Che: “...”

The bad premonition in Shui Yingyue’s heart barely had the time to sprout before her mother made it a reality. She hurriedly shook her mom’s hand away and said in a panicked voice, “Mom! W-what are you saying? You’re not a kid anymore! Stop screwing around!”

“Screwing around? You call this screwing around?” The moment the words escaped her throat, Cheng Wanxiao let out a sniffle and teared up again. “Yingyue, if I’m not a kid anymore, then you’re in the same boat as I. You’ve been single for so long I started to wonder if you’re asexual! Do you know how worried I am?”

Like hell you are! Just a couple of years ago you said that there’s no man in the world who is worthy of me every. Single. Day!... Unfortunately, Cheng Wanxiao’s avalanche of words gave Shui Yingyue no time to react at all.

“Look at little Yinyin. She’s about to marry the future emperor of the God Realm and the best man in the entire universe! How do you think the world will laugh at you, little Yinyin’s older sister if you find a poorer man than him? They might even say that I’m biased toward your younger sister and care nothing for you at all! I don’t mind swallowing a bit of indignity, but you are my daughter! I will die before I let anyone criticize you!”

Yun Che: ( ̄. ̄)

Shui Meiyin: (#^.^#)

Shui Yingyue: ~!@#¥%……

At this point, a tear actually slid down Cheng Wanxiao’s cheek as she continued, “Besides that, I’m fully aware just how scary the women surrounding my good son-in-law are. The Devil Queen is the ruler of the Northern Divine Region, and the Lady Goddess is the queen of the Brahma Monarch Realm and a woman who’s so beautiful it’s a travesty that she hasn’t been smited by the heavens yet… I even heard that the Blue Dragon Emperor of the Western Divine Region is only good enough to become his concubine.”

“Your little sis is one girl, Yingyue. If you don’t help her, who will? Can you really stand by and do nothing while my son-in-law’s harem bullies her until who-knows-what?”

Shui Yingyue finally lost her cool and retorted, “Mom! You’re blowing things way out of proportion!”

“You’re not a woman yet. You won’t understand.” Cheng Wanxiao said sadly, “You cannot even begin to imagine how scary the battle of the harem is! Take your dad for example. He may be able to live with dignity as a man, but as a woman I guarantee you that he wouldn’t live past three days in a harem. You won’t let your little sister be bullied with no one to look for help, right? You won’t make me worry about her and bathe my face in tears everyday, right?”

“...” This time, the numbness had spread all the way down to Shui Qianheng’s heel like a disease.

After she wiped her tears away, the woman continued her solo performance, “Besides, my good son-in-law has already agreed to take you as his concubine. If you reject him, you, no, we will have to face the wrath of the Devil Master himself! I don’t want to die yet, Yingyue! Uwuwuwuwu…”

Yun Che: When have I ever...

“Yeah, yeah!” Shui Meiyin fanned the flames even more. “Also, it’s not like Big Brother Yun Che isn’t interested in you! In fact, he has been lusting for you for a long time, you know? Every time I talked about you, he’d become as excited as a child with an ice cream cone! He’ll be super disappointed if you turn him down… he may even bully me even harder than he already has!”

Shui Yingyue: “...”

Yun Che: “I…”

“I knew you would understand!” Cheng Wanxiao broke into a wide smile again and gave Yun Che no chance to defend himself. “I knew that deep down you’re a man no matter how well-behaved you are! Of course you lust for my Yingyue! If you really can’t wait, I can arrange for you to sleep with Yingyue tonight, my good son-in-law…”

“MOM!!” Shui Yingyue’s neck turned from pink to red, and she felt both physically and mentally like she was going to faint. Finally, she stomped her foot once and escaped like the wind. She even crashed right through the exit—they couldn’t see from where they were, but they could certainly hear the sound of the door breaking apart—on her way out. Throughout the conversation, she hadn’t dared to look Yun Che in the eye even once.

“Aiya, it looks like Yingyue is a bit too embarrassed,” Cheng Wanxiao commented smilingly. “Anyway, I look forward to d-day, my good son-in-law. I’m going to leave and prepare Yingyue and Yinyin’s dowry right now. Do keep my dear daughter company for a couple of days before you leave, okay?”

Just like that the smiling woman left the scene, uncaring about the storm of emotions she left behind. Yun Che could only stare with a stupid expression on his face.

She hadn’t asked his opinion even once throughout her proposal!

And she most definitely hadn’t given him the slightest opportunity to turn her down!

A while later, he turned his head toward Shui Meiyin mechanically and muttered almost unconsciously, “Your mom is… an amazing woman.”

At this point, he understood completely that Shui Meiyin had inherited her mother’s personality one hundred percent.

“Heehee!” Shui Meiyin smiled proudly. “I knew mom would be able to settle this in one go.”

“Ahem!” Meanwhile, a certain marginalized former Glazed Light Realm King finally regained his breathing and said with a heavy sigh, “As you can see, my wife is quite the mischievous and wilful woman. However, some of what she said did resonate with me deeply. Your women are all phoenixes above heaven, and Meiyin… as her parent, I can’t say I can trust her to fend for herself. Do you get me?”

He sighed many times while saying this. His expression was heavy with worry and care.

Yun Che side-eyed him once before replying weakly, “Senior Shui, no offense, but both your power of persuasion and your acting skills are at least three leagues behind auntie’s.”

“Er…” Shui Qianheng could only let out a forceful laugh. “Ha… hahaha… I suppose that’s true… ha…”

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