Apotheosis – Ascension to Godhood

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Ogre (Part Two)

"You might have been able to withstand the power of?Cut-All-Like-Air Dagger, but, let's see how will you stand up against the strength of a five-grade beast! Hahaha..."

Joshua said smiling ferociously.

Meanwhile, Zen was oblivious to the fact that he was the center of attention, with masters discussing him and his flesh or that he had aroused a great disturbance outside.

After Zen eliminated Ryan, the dozens of crystal fragments that had belonged to Ryan were all his. The crystal fragments he had in hand were far beyond the requirements of the Blooded Test. 'What now?' he wondered, breathing a sigh of relief. All Zen needed to do now was find a corner to wait quietly until the end of the test and maybe take a little break. Then he would be an?outer disciple at the Cloud Sect.

He finally had time to check the many gashes in his clothes and realized he was covered in blood. Luckily, for him, even though the wound looked awful, there wasn't really any pain.

The wounds the threads had made on his hands and feet were bloody and looked severely mutilated. However, these were all trauma and didn't hurt his life energy which might make it simpler for him to heal.

Clenching his fists tightly, Zen pushed his energy out. Deep red blood-like liquid suddenly flowed along the wound sites, down his arms and legs. Under pressure he exerted, the wounds quickly closed. Zen controlled his muscles to heal instantly. This was something anyone at the peak of flesh refining level could do. In that short time, he was able to recover and feel much better.

Waiting until the wounds were almost healed, Zen paced back and forth, to make sure there was no more pain in his body. Then he glanced around and walked away.

In his heart, there remained some questions. The weapon he got from Ryan was a spiritual weapon, 'I wonder how many dragon scales will be lighted up if the black fire in my mind swallows the spiritual weapon? Three, four? Maybe five?' considered Zen. While he still wasn't clear about that, he k

Molly, who wants to run away from Brian, seems to be the only one to blame for Hannah's misfortune...

When Brian learns the truth, there is no chance for Hannah to win his heart.

"Do you know what you did wrong? It's alright if you just wanted to own me. But you should not have helped Molly leave me!"

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Finally, Zen reacted. This was at least a five-grade?beast! Why a five-grade?beast would appear on the third layer, Zen didn't have time to think over. His only thought now was - RUN!

Thinking he could get away unnoticed, Zen took off heading away from the Ogre. Unexpectedly, the monster ceased chasing other initiates, thudding off after Zen. Behind him, Zen heard the heavy crashing of lumbering, heavy footfall, and thought, 'Oh my God! I wouldn't have run if I knew he'd follow me!' At that moment he figured he probably should find a spot to hide until the Ogre was gone. But, as he looked around, he saw there wasn't much cover to protect him and decided to keep running.

Despite how slowly the Ogre moved, each step of it was equal to eight steps?Zen took. So, try as he might, the Ogre was much faster than him.

It didn't take Zen long to adjust his breathing so he could sprint faster and rid himself of this Ogre.

After all, he had had enough fragments, so if he were beat to death and knocked out of the game by the Ogre now, it would just be an embarrassing injustice!

However, even running as quickly as Zen was, the gap between the Ogre?and him was getting smaller. The two were as mismatched in speed as strength!

When the Ogre was a mere six feet away, it lunged toward Zen while swatting its thick palm to smack Zen.

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