Battle Frenzy

Chapter 1184 - No Gates in Hell

Chapter 1184: No Gates in Hell

“I am a messenger from the Star Alliance! How dare you bind the messenger of the Star Alliance! Do you know that you are committing a crime?!”

Ma Dong smiled contemptuously. If he was truly the messenger of the Star Alliance, he would have directly negotiated with the higher-ups of Earth, instead of choosing to cooperate with Hebre. He obviously did not have an official identity and broke into Earth without authorization. Entering people’s territory without authorization made him an illegal trespasser. As long as Earth was not afraid of private revenge, it had the right to execute the person on its own according to the laws of the Star Alliance!

Ma Dong didn’t speak, and there was no sound around him.

Lyon’s face changed again and again. The power of the Six Awning Rope continued strengthening. The more one struggled, the tighter the ropes became. Furthermore, it was constantly absorbing his spiritual power and energy. Lyon could barely maintain his true form. And after Hebre’s death, all the people on the ground turned their attention to Lyon. Compared with the previous looks, the eyes of these people had become bolder and more aggressive!

Lyon instantly understood. Bind? Capture?

They were all wrong; the other party had no plan to spare his life at all! If Ma Dong wanted to prevent the emergence of traitors like Hebre on Earth again in the future, he must push Earth to the absolute opposite of the Blood Demon tribe so that the Earthlings would no longer believe that the Blood Demon Race would take care of them. Killing Lyon was the best way to do this.

Lyon was angry and horrified. He gathered all his energy to make another struggle, but he could not do anything with the Six Awning Rope on him. The six Void Cores firmly controlled this combined magical artifact. They just let the magical artifact tie him up and slowly sap away his spiritual power and vitality…

The entire ruined square was quiet. From the killing of Hebre to the slow death of Lyon, no one spoke.

Everyone was watching quietly with trepidation, digesting the things and information they had just seen. At the same time, they looked at Ma Dong’s face that seemed to have no emotions. The elders who thought little of Ma Dong in the Patriarch Society shuddered in fear.

There was no doubt that these few Void Cores were cultivated by Ma Dong secretly. This unsurprising young man had already possessed such power, yet the entire Patriarch Society and the Earth were unaware of it?!

He had hidden too deeply, to the point that it was frightening. From the previous battle, it proved that he could take the life of a strong Blood Demon Solid Core easily and without any casualties. This meant that as long as he wanted to, he could even conquer Earth and the Patriarch Society at any time!

The figure of the Blood Demon in the field gradually weakened and then became limp; his face turned from anger to panic then to despair, before finally turning into a pool of blood…

The whole square was silent from beginning to end, and everyone just watched quietly.

Ma Dong merely glanced at the pool of blood and flesh.

“Wang Zhong is the leader of our Earth civilization. Although various rumors are spreading around now, his life or death is still unclear. I will do my best to control the situation and wait patiently for the most accurate news on Wang Zhong,” he said coldly. “This is a critical moment for the survival of our planet. We must work together to overcome difficulties! If there are any more traitors like Hebre, no mercy will be shown!”


Wang Zhong didn’t know what was happening outside. His surroundings were no longer near the Black Gold Mine where he had fallen into the river before. When he had just fallen into the Netherworld River, the fragment world did not seal itself and was thus connected to the Netherworld River outside. The entrance of the fragment world remained open and flowed down along the river until the dragon cauldron was activated, closing the fragment world from the outside world.

Currently, he seemed to be somewhere close to the Dragon’s Head Shore. He could even see the streets of Dragon’s Head Shore directly from the river, but unlike the lively and busy Dragon’s Head Shore before, the streets now looked deserted and extremely quiet.

He did not know himself how long he had been in a coma inside the fragment world. It was probably not for a short time. Otherwise, even if there was some form of aid to help him break through, the transformation process from a Void Core to a Solid Core would still take around eight to ten days.

Could it be that Mu Zi had been here during this period? No, if Mu Zi had come to make a deal, no matter if he left or not, Dragon’s Head Shore would only become more popular. How could it suddenly become deserted?

Lao Wang kept feeling that something major had happened, so he went and took a look.

…To be precise, Lao Wang had disappeared for more than a month. This was a rare moment where there was light in the underground world. The light from the Netherworld River shone on the streets. However, the streets were deserted, and there were very few pedestrians.

Wang Zhong still had the look of a Black Titan. The last time he walked in Dragon’s Head Shore with this disguised identity, he was extremely popular wherever he went. But now, the pedestrians who were walking towards him looked at him stunned, and the few people who were behind him suddenly changed their faces and ran away without even thinking. Not only a few pedestrians, the shops in the surrounding neighborhoods that he had patronized before also closed their door tightly when they saw Wang Zhong’s appearance as a Black Titan.

Originally, there were still two or three people. However, it was as if it had instantly become a dead city. Only the cool breeze and the leaves flying around were left.

What was happening?

Lao Wang became more and more suspicious. He wanted to apprehend someone directly and question him, but if he wanted to find someone well informed, who could compare to Brewwre in Dragon’s Head Shore? Anyways, he needed to find him to also settle some old debts.

His figure flickered, and within 10 seconds, he had arrived at Brewwre’s residence in Dragon’s Head Shore. Without knocking on the door, his divine sense directly detected that the room was empty. Not only that, but there were also heaps of dust on the table and throughout the room. No one had come in for many days.

Wang Zhong narrowed his eyes slightly.

This was very abnormal. He was sure that Brewwre helped the Ninth Shade Faction or the Blood Demon Race to pass false news to lure him in. Then he must have known that he had been “killed” by the Ninth Shade Faction. Why was there still a need for him to run? In other words, did the Blood Demon Race or Ninth Shade Faction kill him to silence him after the entire matter?

With a thought, his figure shook slightly, and he went directly to the backyard of the Old Nissen Tavern.

Only one of the four guys who originally lived in the backyard was left. The business declined so fast that even the owner had directly laid-off employees. The tavern seemed to be closed during the day, and the owner was not even there. The guy was leaning against the door of the hut in a daze. Upon seeing Wang Zhong descending from the sky, his legs trembled with fright, and a burst of hot urine came out instantly. He had wet his pants. “Ghost, ghost!”

Wang Zhong angrily laughed. There were people in the underground world who were afraid of ghosts?

“I don’t have much time.” A Gold Star Stone was thrown in front of the guy. When dealing with such people, if one wanted them to be obedient, one must employ the carrot-and-stick method. “Why is Dragon’s Head Shore like this? Why are you afraid of me, and what has happened recently, especially anything related to the Netherworld King. Tell me everything you know. If you hide anything…”

Wang Zhong’s icy eyes swept across his neck, causing him to feel a chill slice across his entire neck. “I—I will say! I will say everything!”

It seemed messy, but in truth, things were not complicated.

Roughly a month ago, the Netherworld King had appeared in Black Gold Town and killed a Gold Core and dozens of disciples from the Ninth Shade Faction. It was said that he was trying to avenge his companion.

A Black Titan had died in the hands of Elder Hades from the Ninth Shade Faction. After he died, everyone then discovered that the Black Titan was in fact the Earthling Wang Zhong from the CHC. After the Netherworld King found out, he was furious and killed off the Gold Core from the Ninth Shade Faction since he and Wang Zhong were of the same race and the same place of origin.

Wang Zhong understood why Brewwre did not want to see anyone. He was sure that Wang Zhong had been “killed”. However, he ran away not because he was afraid of Wang Zhong, but because he was afraid of the Netherworld King! It was certainly not a joking matter. When the Netherworld King raged, even the Gold Core from the Ninth Shade Faction involved in this matter was killed in an instant. Who did Brewwre think he was? He was merely an ant that the Netherworld King could crush to death at will, so of course he had to run far away to hide. Certainly, he would not dare to return to Dragon’s Head Shore for the rest of his life.

“Was the Gold Core who was killed someone called Elder Hades from the Ninth Shade Faction?”

“I don’t know… It doesn’t seem to be him. I heard that it was an elder named Mu, who happened to be of the same clan as Elder Musin who was killed by the Netherworld King previously. If this matter stopped then, then it would be fine, but after the Netherworld King killed Elder Mu and the dozens of disciples from the Ninth Shade Faction in Black Gold Town, he still felt that it was insufficient. He then went to the base of the Faction to continue his revenge.”

Wang Zhong was taken aback for a moment; then his face became extremely solemn.

He wasn’t worried that Mu Zi would suffer a loss when facing the Ninth Shade Faction. Based on his understanding of Mu Zi, he would not do things that he was not confident about, and since he could easily kill two Gold Cores one after another, Mu Zi’s strength was much stronger than before.

However, the problem was that he could feel that Mu Zi’s killing intent was too heavy… far beyond Mu Zi’s normal state. Was it because of the influence of the Netherworld River? The impact was no longer as small as before, and the problem had already become very serious.

The worker then continued explaining the situation with enthusiasm, as if he had witnessed the battle between the Netherworld King and the Ninth Shade Faction. “The base of the Ninth Shade Faction is just near the source of the Netherworld River. The Netherworld King was there just two days ago. I heard that he made the river become violent and caused it to flood the Ninth Shade Faction! Tsk tsk tsk, that was the Netherworld River! Ordinary people will get hurt from even sniffing it for a while and die if they touched it! But the entire Ninth Shade Faction was soaked in the Netherworld River. The Tienxan Protecting Formation that guarded the Ninth Shade Faction had no effect at all when faced with the Netherworld River. Countless disciples died or were injured that day. More than a dozen Gold Core powerhouses acted together, but they failed, and five were even killed by the Netherworld King himself. We are talking about Gold Cores! Gold Cores! God, the underground world has not had such a major event for many years…”

Five Gold Cores killed, Ninth Shade Faction going extinct…

Even Lao Wang couldn’t help but gasp. Mu Zi’s reaction was really too big…

“The Ninth Shade Faction suffered heavy casualties. I heard that except for some of the disciples who were not in the sect, almost none of the others managed to escape. Only a few Gold Cores could resist the waters of the Netherworld River. Even so, they all fled immediately. Only by fleeing could they save their own lives. Although they managed to flee to god knows where, they had still been seriously injured. The Ninth Shade Faction was destroyed, and even its gate is nowhere to be found now.

“The underground world has been in chaos for the past few days. The top sects of the underground world, just like the big forces on the Land, have their sects built at the origin of the Netherworld River as there is plenty of Yin energy there.

“Originally, it was considered a good thing, but after seeing how the Netherworld King flooded the Ninth Shade Faction with the Netherworld River, all the major sects are now panicking in fear that the Netherworld King would do the same to them. He was able to mobilize the power of the Netherworld River. As long as the Netherworld King was standing by the Netherworld River, who could beat him? I heard that the other two major sects that had connections to the Ninth Shade Faction had moved away quietly. Many important core disciples have been forced to move away to other places…”

He continued talking endlessly, of which, most were trivial gossip content.

Lao Wang interrupted him directly, “What about the Netherworld King?”

“No one knows. After the war against the Ninth Shade Faction, the Netherworld King seems to have gone missing. I heard that all the major sects are reporting to the Star Alliance. If such a major event has happened in the underground world, the Star Alliance will definitely intervene. Heh, the last involvement of the Star Alliance in the underground world was two eras ago…”

Obviously, he couldn’t ask anything more from this guy. Lao Wang had no intention of finding out any more things from him and disappeared without a trace.

Mu Zi definitely encountered a problem, a big one.

The last time he had met with Grai at Old Cow’s shop, he did not elaborate more on the will of the Netherworld River. Thinking about it now, when Grai introduced the power of the Netherworld River they practiced, he intentionally or unconsciously mentioned the danger of the Netherworld River. Except for him and Mu Zi, no one should touch the Netherworld River. At that time, because the focus of the discussion was not on this, Lao Wang didn’t think there was anything special. But now, he was sure that Mu Zi already had a problem at that time, although the situation should not be as serious as it was now.

He should have been more alert and reminded Grai that everything in the world was balanced. How could there be any form of power that could be easily obtained? What’s more, to obtain the powers that Mu Zi had used to destroy a Gold Core easily, a heavy price was definitely needed to be paid.

Also, since the Netherworld King had not only killed a Gold Core but had also destroyed the entire Ninth Shade Faction, the intervention of the Star Alliance in the matter was already imperative, and once the Star Alliance took action…

He had to find Mu Zi as soon as possible. No matter what trouble Mu Zi was facing now, he had to find a way to help him through the difficulties, or at the least, he would accompany him to face them.

Without news and clues, the whereabouts of the Netherworld King had become a mystery.

The entire underground world was secretly looking for the Netherworld King. For others, this might be an unsolvable problem, but for Wang Zhong, it was not impossible. He happened to have one of the best ways to find people in the world.

The Copper Mirror!

Except for the dried bloodstains, the base was empty. The dead bodies of the Ninth Shade Faction had already been cleaned up by god knows who, and the vicinity was deserted.

In an abandoned mine pit not far from here, Wang Zhong was sitting down, his copper mirror placed on his knees. He then poured his spiritual energy into the magical artifact.

After becoming a Solid Core, it was much easier to control the copper mirror. In fact, he couldn’t even feel the absorption of his spiritual energy from the copper mirror. Lao Wang steadily infused his spiritual energy into the mirror, and the copper mirror soon activated.

In the plane of nothingness, the dark underground world appeared extremely cold and dim, with only a looming figure having a karmic tie with Lao Wang. In the boundless darkness of the entire underground world, it was particularly eye-catching.

That was… Grai? How could there only be one person? Where was Mu Zi?

Lao Wang’s heart went cold. He had already experimented twice with the power and utility of the copper mirror. Unless Mu Zi was not in the underground world, there was absolutely no reason for the copper mirror not being able to reveal where he was. Besides, how could Grai not be with Mu Zi?


Wang Zhong tried to call, but just as the opening syllable sounded, a terrifying force suddenly intervened, forcibly cutting off the world shown by the copper mirror, directly forcing Wang Zhong out from the copper mirror’s world. He didn’t even feel that he had managed to establish any connection with Grai.

It was the same power as last time, but this time, it was even stronger than previously. It was also colder and more decisive!

If it was before, Lao Wang would definitely not be able to recognize what it was, but after having been in contact with the Netherworld River for such a long time, and with the dragon cauldron using the power of the Netherworld River to help Lao Wang break through, he was extremely familiar with the energy of the Netherworld River. It was the same as this mysterious force.

This was the Netherworld River’s will. It was affecting Mu Zi, and it might have even replaced Mu Zi’s soul. That would be disastrous. Otherwise, through the copper mirror, it would be impossible for him not to discover Mu Zi’s existence.

However, the other party’s location had already been exposed. It should be at the Hell Island of the underground world.

Hell Island was one of the three known forbidden places in the underground world.

Grai was definitely going to Hell Island. Without a doubt, “Mu Zi” was also traveling with him. Otherwise, he would not have been so easily sensed by the mysterious power and forcibly cut off when he tried to contact Grai.

The reason why it was called a forbidden place was that it was actually “forbidden”. Except for the Netherworld King and his messenger, there had been no one in the entire underground world who was able to go to Hell Island and come back alive, at least not in this era. Not to mention coming out alive, even if one wanted to reach it, it was already extremely difficult.

The so-called deepest part of the Netherworld River did not refer to the source of the Netherworld River.

As far as the topography of the underground world was concerned, the Netherworld River flowed from the center of the underground world, and its source referred to the place where it joined with the Heavenly River. The network of the Netherworld River spread across the entire underground world and merged into the underground world’s Netherworld Sea which took up one-third of the space in the underground world. Hell Island was located right above its deepest point, the center of the Netherworld Sea.

Perhaps it was due to a qualitative change from the immense amount of Netherworld water, or perhaps it was due to the accumulation day after day, but the Netherworld energy in the Netherworld Sea was on a different level compared to that in the Netherworld River. It was extremely unsuitable for lifeforms to be even near it.

Netherworld Sea City was already the last town near the border of the underground world. There were more than a dozen tributaries of the Netherworld River gathering here. The entire town seemed to be surrounded by endless Netherworld River tributaries that were only a short distance from the city. About a dozen kilometers away was the infamous Netherworld Sea that everyone in the underground world knew of.

Therefore, because Netherworld Sea City had been under the immense pressure of the Netherworld energy for many years and months, the spiritual pressure and gravity here were much larger than those of the large sects at the source of the Netherworld River. Lao Wang even felt the Internal Gates of Heavenly Gates did not have such exaggerated spiritual pressure and gravity. Thus, although it was one of the most famous towns in the underground world, the population of Netherworld Sea City was pitifully small.

The population of permanent residents in this city was only about 40,000 to 50,000, and the floating population was between 20,000 and 30,000. There was no choice. To be able to resist the spiritual pressure and gravity here, one needed to have at least the strength of a Solid Core. There were many Gold Cores in this city. As for Void Cores? Unless one was a Void Core at a level like Old Wang previously, it was impossible for a Void Core to withstand the spiritual pressure and gravity here, let alone the howls from the Netherworld River and Sea that constantly echoed like cries of ghosts.

The teleportation array here was usually relatively deserted. It was considered not bad to have a flow of 2,000 to 3,000 people throughout the day. But at this time, Old Wang who had just walked out of the teleportation array saw that the array was constantly shining, and there was a large flow of people coming and going in the teleportation array.

The Huojin Race, the Land Devils, the Karlo Race, the Three-Eyed Race, the Yan Race, etc… Almost all of the top races in the underground world were gathered here. On top of that, representatives of the top sects were also present. Even people from the Three Great Factions, whose reputation in the underground world recently fell sharply, also frequently appeared in the teleportation array.

With so many elites from the Land gathered here, could it be that Mu Zi’s whereabouts had been discovered?

Lao Wang walked out of the teleportation formation. His identity as a Black Titan was mainly known to those who knew him in Dragon’s Head Shore previously, so at this time, it didn’t arouse many people’s attention. Listening to the buzzing in the teleportation field, most were discussing the Netherworld King. And the most special of topics was the intervention of the Star Alliance.

“The Star Alliance has asked Heavenly Gates to intervene in this matter. This matter has been listed as an S-level Celestial Honors Assignment in the Heavenly Gates. As long as the news about the location of the Netherworld King here was confirmed, an S-level CHC team would head there immediately.”

“The Star Alliance did not send a large army but rather chose to send a team of disciples from the Heavenly Gates?”

“After all, the Netherworld King might have entered the depths of the Netherworld Sea. Even if they had chosen to send a large army, they would not be able to get in. Also, what do you think the CHC team is? The person can already be considered a powerhouse at the top, and all of them are king-level Gold Cores. If there is something that even they can’t handle, then I’m afraid the entire Star Alliance can’t handle it.”

“Don’t doubt their decision. The CHC team that will undertake this mission would definitely have magical artifacts brought out from the Heavenly Gates. Even if the Netherworld King is strong, he would be unable to do much in front of them.”

“Now, we just need to determine the location of the Netherworld King. He will inevitably return to the depths of the underworld every time he does something. Nowadays, there are a large number of disciples at various points of the Netherworld River. The Netherworld Sea City has the most people. As long as one finds a trace of the Netherworld King and reports it to the Star Alliance, it would be counted as a great merit.”

“There’s no need to talk about the merits of finding the location of the Netherworld King. I just hope that the Star Alliance can take the Netherworld King out this time. To be able to destroy the Ninth Shade Faction by himself shows that he is a bloodthirsty and tyrannical person. Any small matter that angered him would result in an entire faction being destroyed… No one can live in peace with such a terrifying existence alive! Living in the same era as such a terrifying being is truly frightening.”

The people around him did not attempt to hide what they were talking about, and the entire underground world had obviously been scared by the Netherworld King. Even the Ninth Shade Faction, one of the Three Great Factions, completely fell to the hands of the Netherworld King. What Faction was not afraid of him?

Now the underground world was in a panic, hoping that the Star Alliance could take out such a terrifying existence as soon as possible. The relationship between the underground world and the Land had always been like this. When the underground world did not need the help of those in the Land, they would not find the other party pleasing to the eye and hoped that they would leave the underground world alone. But whenever there was a major event that the Factions of the underground world could not solve, they would then turn to the Star Alliance for help.

The overall strength of the underground world was still far from that of the Star Alliance. One reason was that the underground world’s resources were insufficient. Another was that it had a different form of spiritual energy. Not everyone could touch, much less cultivate, this spiritual energy. The harsh environment made it difficult for people to live there. Although it managed to breed some fighters who were extremely good at fighting, but because of the excessive killing of each other, there would not be a constant increase in the number of powerhouses. There might be a lot of Void Cores and Solid Cores, but similarly, many got killed every day.

There were only a small number of Gold Cores here, especially those at the king-level. Although their combat powers were high, they were unable to become stronger as the secrets were held by the Star Alliance, especially the secrets of the Heaven.

The discussion around Lao Wang caused his brows to wrinkle slightly.

The Star Alliance had indeed intervened. Although the major forces in the Land viewed those living in the underground world as “rats” hiding in the dark, the underground world was nonetheless constantly providing various resources to the Land.

If they lost control of the underground world, the Star Alliance’s interests would also be affected, and it was certainly something the Star Alliance did not want to see. It was absolutely impossible for them to just ignore it. Sending a team from the CHC was the best proof they wanted to solve the problem quickly.

As a member of the CHC, Lao Wang understood the strength of the so-called CHC team. Only top disciples at the level of Sister Lavel and Brother Yan Moyu were qualified to accept S-level missions. They were all king-level Gold Cores who were ready to cross the tides of the Heavenly River.

Any random person in the CHC team would have at least the strength of the core elders in various sects. The S-level CHC squad formed would have at least five people. Combined, they had the strength to do anything they wanted in the Land, and it also represented the great importance the Star Alliance placed on this matter.

There was a very important point here. In the Land, an older Gold Core did not necessarily mean that he was stronger. Generally speaking, one would have a deeper understanding if one lived longer. However, due to the restrictions of the laws of the Land, once one had reached the peak cultivation one could have, one’s combat power would then stagnate and slowly start declining. Unless one entered the Heaven, they would be unable to break free from such a fate. Furthermore, the Heaven did not accept those that were too old. It was impossible to surpass the Gold Core Realm in the Land. However, the Gold Cores in the CHC were truly outstanding, with unlimited potential, and all had strong combat skills. Of course, in daily life, they still needed to give respect to their seniors.

Lao Wang did not know of Mu Zi’s exact strength now, but the CHC squad could easily exterminate the Ninth Shade Faction. More importantly, through the Machinery Race, Wang Zhong knew that the Star Alliance was a terrifying behemoth. The power they controlled was not something that the underground world could contend with. He had to find a way to solve the matter before the CHC team intervened; otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Netherworld Sea City was different from ordinary cities in the underground world. Although the city was a bit empty, most of the buildings were extremely majestic.

As well, the wall surrounding the city was very tall and covered in runes and secrets. It also shone with a black light. It was meant to resist the Netherworld River.

In the history of the underground world, there had been few cases where the Netherworld River turned violent, but the phenomenon of the rising of the tides of the Netherworld River was very common. Therefore, as long as a city was located near the sea, it was a must to have a tall protective wall. The unique wall material and protective runes could effectively resist the impact of the Netherworld River.

Lao Wang did not stay in the city. He rushed to the Netherworld Sea outside the city. He could see the tributaries of the Netherworld River with endless streams converging in one direction before merging into the endless Netherworld Sea. There were many guard posts on the seaside of the Netherworld Sea, along with various water-level measuring instruments.

It was said that the Netherworld Sea was advancing and expanding inland at a slow rate every year. Based on calculations, the Netherworld Sea City that was 50 kilometers away should be able to still exist for about three hundred years, However, in recent months, the Netherworld Sea had significantly accelerated the pace of expansion, which was two to three times the previous expansion speed. Now, guard posts along the coast and devices for measuring the water level densely covered the entire coast, as if they were facing a major enemy. Ignoring the various pieces of equipment the different forces placed on the coast to detect the Netherworld King, the beach today could be regarded as lively.

Aside from the various forces hidden in the dark, one could directly see that there were several larger camps anchored on the beach only tens of meters away from the sea. Most of which were created by people from various sects. There were also some stalls set up in the camp. Lao Wang picked one of the largest camps and walked over.

Seeing a Black Titan coming from a distance, many people in the camp stopped and watched. Most of the vendors had smiles on their faces. Any purveyor would like rich people like the Black Titans. They just didn’t expect that the Black Titans, who had always been only interested in money, would participate in the mission of finding the Netherworld King.

They guessed that it was because the Black Titans had many mines along the Netherworld River and were also afraid of the Netherworld King destroying them. Thus, they decided to come join the mission.

“Brother Black, I have the best Yin and Yang Pills. You can choose any pill here, including the 80% pill and the 90% pill. As long as you offer a good price, I can even get a perfect pill for you.”

“Hehe. From a glance, anyone can tell that Brother Black here is an expert. If he dared to come here, how would he be lacking in Yin and Yang Pills?” someone beside him said with a smile. “Look at mine. I have a set of fire-silkworm silk armor, which is a rank-6 magic artifact refined by an expert in the Land. It is non-intrusive and has amazing protection, more than enough to resist the Netherworld energy. With this armor, you don’t need to use things like the Yin and Yang Pill.”

The face of the person who was trying to sell pills before sank slightly. Such robbing of customers was too much, but before he could throw a fit, he saw that the Black Titan ignored the other vendor totally and just stopped in the middle of the entire camp. He then faintly asked everyone, “Are there any ships that can enter the Netherworld Sea?”

Going out to sea?

Many people in the camp were stunned for a moment, suspecting that they had misheard what he had just said.

The Netherworld River was already considered a taboo in the underground world. It could not be touched by people who were not Gold Cores or someone with a special artifact. As for the Netherworld Sea, it was something that even these Gold Cores regarded as taboo. Going out to sea? Normal people had never heard of anyone saying such a thing. This was something that only those who wanted to break past their limits or lunatics would say.

No one answered him in this camp, but people in a few other large camps who hadn’t paid any attention to him initially all turned towards him.

Lao Wang wrinkled his eyebrows and asked again.

The group of vendors looked at each other before one person stood up. “This Brother Black over here, are you making fun of us? There has never been anyone who provided services of traveling into the Netherworld Sea.”

Lao Wang also knew that there was indeed no one that provided such a service. Even if there was, it would be extremely rare. Lao Wang was just trying his luck. He then took a step back and asked another question, “Then is there a magic artifact that will allow me to travel in the Netherworld Sea?”

“…We do not have such an artifact either.” The vendors around him shook their heads again.

“Since when did the Black Titans become so courageous, risking so much for some money?” A voice sounded from the camp on the left. “You’re pretty brave.”

This voice carried a superior aura, showing that he had been in a high position for a long time and was very powerful.

The entire camp became quiet in an instant. Looking towards the tent that the voice came from, they saw a black flame-shaped tent, which belonged to the Profound Fire Faction that was once one of the three great underground world Factions.

And as the voice fell, a humanoid creature with six arms and eight eyes came out of the tent. A monstrous black flame spread naturally on his skin. The pressure emitted by his body was not lower than the pressure of the Netherworld Sea.

“It’s Elder Bayan from the Profound Fire Faction!”

“Elder Bayan had in fact always been in this camp? I didn’t even notice it!” Many surprised exclamations filled the surroundings.

After all, the Profound Fire Faction and the Ninth Shade Faction were once two of the Three Great Factions and had always been close to each other.

In the underground world, the attention of most of the powers was now focused on the Netherworld King, and few people cared about Lao Wang who had started this incident. After all, everyone thought that he had died under the hands of Elder Hades. Only the Three Great Factions were aware of the inside information that Wang Zhong merely fell into the Netherworld River. No one was certain whether he was alive or dead.

It was no secret that the underground world was considered the “garbage dump” for the Star Alliance. Bad things were basically done by those in the underground world. There would not be much commotion even if Wang Zhong was killed.

In fact, a level-4.5 civilization leader was nothing much, and one must not forget that there was still the Blood Demon Race that wanted to deal with the Earth. However, no one expected another Earthling to become the Netherworld King and exterminate the Ninth Shade Faction. This had already gone against the unspoken rules of the Star Alliance. The CHC team would naturally take care of this so-called Netherworld King.

The underground world had not had such a major event in a long time. All major Factions with some strength were now “excited”. Although the Ninth Shade Faction had been destroyed, but because the Netherworld King was still alive, no one dared to touch the pie yet. However, as long as the CHC team took action, the “turbulent times” of the underground world would begin. All the Void Cores and the Gold Core powerhouses were prepared to engage in battle. Perhaps they could even figure out the secrets of how the Netherworld King became so strong.

Bayan was in charge of this area, but he did not expect to accidentally sense a powerhouse, one that obviously did not belong to the underground world. He had an ability where he could peer into one’s soul. Thus, all forms of disguise were useless in front of him. What surprised him was that Wang Zhong, who was supposed to be dead, had unexpectedly appeared before his eyes.

The Netherworld King caused all this trouble to take revenge for Wang Zhong. Thus, Wang Zhong’s information had been widely circulated in the underground world. Everyone knew that he was a very influential person in the Heavenly Gates and had the support of many bigwigs. Otherwise, he would not have been able to cause so much trouble for the Fire Demon Race and Blood Demon Race.

The question was, how was Wang Zhong still alive? Didn’t it mean that the situation was completely different now? However, that would be inconsistent with the interests of the Profound Fire Faction. After this incident, the Profound Fire Faction had the hope of becoming the most powerful force in the underground world, so it was better for Wang Zhong to die.

Moreover, the cultivation method he was using could devour lives and even souls. The stronger the other party was, the more delicious it was, and the better it was for him. As a talent from the CHC, Wang Zhong definitely had a top-quality soul. Anyways, the blame was now all on the Ninth Shade Faction. How could he miss the chance to devour such a delicious soul? That would be a huge waste!

“A person who hides his head and shows his tail. Is hiding under your tent considered courageous?” Wang Zhong already knew about the situation in the underground world from the information that he had gathered along the way. Since this person was the elder of the Profound Fire Faction, he definitely did not want him to be alive. Since they were going to fight no matter what, he could use this Elder Bayan to try out his new strength after becoming a Solid Core! Elder Bayan was also considered to be well-known in the underground world and had strength equivalent to Elder Hades of the Ninth Shade Faction.

“How dare you?!”

There was a burst of sound from under the tent before the whole tent burst apart. A black light shone. A person could be seen flicking his hands under the light before a weird black energy instantly filled the surrounding area for several kilometers!

Many of the Faction disciples around them suddenly changed their facial expressions. The weird black energy had a strong absorption effect. Everyone felt that the power in their body was being rapidly extracted.

Nether Absorption Skill!

Anywhere that the black energy reached was in the range of the Nether Absorption Skill. It would constantly extract the vitality of all creatures and turn it into nutrients for the caster, making the enemy weaker and the caster stronger. Elder Bayan became known as the most grindable Gold Core in the underground world because of this skill!

The disciples and traders around also did not expect Elder Bayan to actually act the moment he shouted. Furthermore, he had used a skill that had such a large area of effect when used, completely ignoring the other disciples and those not involved. This skill did not distinguish between enemy and allies. One by one, everyone became frightened and started fleeing, retreating to more than fifteen kilometers away from the range of the dark energy. Only Wang Zhong and Bayan were left in the entire camp.

The corners of Elder Bayan’s mouth were slightly curved. He had used such a skill the moment he started the fight not because he thought highly of Wang Zhong. After all, the Earthling was a rookie who could not even last a few attacks from Elder Hades of the Ninth Shade Faction. He merely wanted to chase away the annoying flies around them.

After all, Wang Zhong’s identity was sensitive. Although many people in the underground world wanted him to die, few would dare to actually do it right in the open. Taking on the lesson from the matter of the Ninth Shade Faction, even if one was not scared of the Heavenly Gates, as long as the Netherworld King was still alive, any Earthling was considered a taboo in the underground world. As long as the Netherworld King did not die, no one would dare to kill Earthlings in the open out of fear of the Netherworld King taking revenge.

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