Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 82

Chapter 82

“How are you?” Feeling the surrounding energy settle down, Qi Jingchen looked over .

“Great,” Nie Yi said . An average person would ascend from level two to level three automatically, and their foundation depended entirely on talent . He was different this time though . He used his spiritual strength to slow down his upgrade, and built his foundation very stably . His state after upgrading to level three was also unprecedentedly great, and he was much stronger compared to the level three him in the past .

Though he was a dual ability user, he didn’t actually have much talent . At the very least, he wasn’t like people like Yu Shuo and Zhang Zihai, whose abilities were already approaching level two just as they awakened .

However, this disparity between talent had now been made up for .

“Then help me heat up the potatoes . ” Qi Jingchen pushed over the plate of potatoes before him .

“…” Nie Yi was somewhat depressed . Couldn’t Qi Jingchen just give him a loving embrace? Fine, what embrace? It was definitely him who was overthinking .

Not only did Nie Yi heat up the potatoes for Qi Jingchen, he also raised the temperature in the car with his ability, then asked about the situation outside .

“I don’t know much . You go ask yourself,” Qi Jingchen said .

This was Qi Jingchen’s hometown, but Qi Jingchen didn’t care about those people when they arrived and instead accompanied him… Nie Yi’s mood reached an unparalleled high, and the warmth on his body steadily spread outwards and caused the temperature in the RV to become increasingly hotter . The snowflakes stuck to the door had also turned into water droplets .

Qi Jingchen silently took off the mink fur cloak . Nie Yi had found this for him, and the marked price was a string of zeros, but it truly was very warm .

He was resistant against animal fur or whatever during his college days, but that was already a very, very long time ago .

“Let’s go down ba,” Nie Yi said, then reached out to take Qi Jingchen’s hand .

Qi Jingchen did not throw it off and walked to the nearby house with Nie Yi . He was only wearing a turtleneck sweater after taking off the cloak, but he didn’t feel cold at all when standing beside Nie Yi .

“Boss, are you done upgrading?” When Ping Shengchao saw Nie Yi come in, he immediately spoke up .

“Yes . ” Nie Yi nodded .

“Boss, I’ve already cleaned up that place . You can rest there . ” Ping Shengchao gestured at a corner of the enormous gym they were in . That place had a sofa and a coffee table, and there was even a red carpet spread on the floor .

“Ge, when are we going home?” Qi Jingchen had just sat down when Qi Yaoyao ran over . She and Qi Weiguo had found a few familiar faces in this community, and they missed the people in the village even more because of this .

“We’ll go after eating . ” Qi Jingchen looked at his sister and paused before saying, “I’ve already had someone go to our village and clear out the zombies there first . ”

The entire fleet advancing together was relatively slow, so after they entered the vicinity of Z County, Nie Yi had a small team head for that village first .

At that time, Qi Jingchen wanted to go as well but later gave up on that idea . In his last life he had already seen that his foster parents had turned into zombies, so in this life he had no need to rush over to see them again .

As for the others… Qi Weiguo, Qi Yaoyao, and the others were very anxious, believing that the sooner they rescued their families the better, but he didn’t have such an opinion . After all, everyone would die eventually…

“Ge, you’re really thorough!” When Qi Yaoyao heard this, she immediately smiled, but this smile soon disappeared .

Now that they had arrived at their hometown, she had grownincreasingly timid, not daring to go look for her parents .

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If it weren’t because his siblings would occasionally tell him about Qi Jingchen’s situation, perhaps he wouldn’t even have known Qi Jingchen’s name .

If the apocalypse hadn’t struck, Xu Yehui would not interact with this son no matter what, but it had .

After the apocalypse came, he and his wife and daughter hid in a middle school . Later, that school was breached by zombies, so they fled again to this community .

No one in their family of three had awakened to abilities, if it weren’t because he did business and was very skilled, able to help a few ability users with logistics, and had even gone out in search of supplies a couple times at the very beginning, perhaps they would have long starved to death…

Now, though they were still alive, he already had no food at hand . Meanwhile, this son of his was clearly well-fed and clothed… Xu Yehui had already resolved to start a good relationship with Qi Jingchen .

“Who are you?” Qi Jingchen raised his eyes and looked over . He had no impression of this person before him .

“My name is Xu Yehui . ” Xu Yehui said . When Qi Jingchen was adopted, he wasn’t young anymore, and his foster parents didn’t live far away either, so he should probably know his name .

Qi Jingchen previously did know Xu Yehui’s name, but the ‘him’ who had gone through ten years in the apocalypse during his last life nearly couldn’t even remember his high school roommate of three years . So how could he recall his biological father who he had once deliberately tried to forget?

“Teacher Xu?” Qi Jingchen recalled that he had a math teacher called Xu, who seemed to look like this .

Xu Yehui had originally hoped his son would be able to recognise him, but knew that it was impossible when he saw this situation . He had no choice but to say, “Jingchen, I’m your dad . ”

“My dad is surnamed Qi . ” Qi Jingchen frowned at Xu Yehui and finally knew this person’s identity . He genuinely did not think that he would bump into his father whom he had never met after he was adopted at this time .

He tightened his grasp on Nie Yi’s hand and properly measured up the pair of daughter and father before him .

“Ge . ” Xu Qiuyu called and gave Qi Jingchen a sweet smile . After learning from her father that Qi Jingchen was born from him and his ex-wife, she didn’t reject Qi Jingchen either, even deciding to curry favour with him .

It was obvious with one look at his appearance that Qi Jingchen was a powerful person . With such a brother, not only could she find someone to heal her mother, she herself didn’t need to go hungry all day… Thinking of this, Xu Qiuyu glanced at Qi Yaoyao who was standing at the side .

Though Qi Yaoyao was wearing the same uniform as the others, she was wearing a red sweater inside, and her cheeks were clean and very chubby . It was obvious that she was living very well .

“I’m not your ge,” Qi Jingchen said . He didn’t want to recognise such a relative .

When Qi Yaoyao saw the girl that looked a bit similar to Qi Jingchen call out “ge”, she couldn’t help becoming worried, but seeing that Qi Jingchen was completely merciless, she became happy— Qi Jingchen was her brother; she couldn’t let other people steal him!

“Jingchen, I’m sorry . Dad couldn’t take care of you… But Dad has always missed you; I’ve never forgotten about you . Dad also gave child support payments every year,” Xu Yehui said . Of course he hadn’t given any child support payment before, but it was now the apocalypse . Even if the Qi parents were alive, they couldn’t take out any proof of him not having done so, right?

Which child did not want their biological parents? Haven’t you ever seen some girls who were sold or tossed away, but were still ultimately wistful and wished to find their biological parents?

“You!” Qi Yaoyao looked at Xu Yehui angrily, but didn’t know how to refute him either . In the end, she didn’t know whether her parents had received child support from Xu Yehui, but if they really had…

“Please do not speak nonsense,” Qi Jingchen said . He understood his foster parents well . Though that couple definitely didn’t treat him as well as they did Qi Yaoyao, their treatment wasn’t bad either . At the very least, they were considerate and sincere and would never have done something like take Xu Yehui’s money and not tell him .

As for Xu Yehui… Back when he was surnamed Xu, Xu Yehui had never cared about him . Could Xu Yehui conversely begin to care after he wasn’t surnamed Xu?

Qi Jingchen’s spiritual strength enveloped Xu Yehui and silently ascertained Xu Yehui’s physical condition . Discovering that Xu Yehui was very clearly guilty, he immediately withdrew his spiritual strength .

“I’m not speaking nonsense…”

Before Xu Yehui finished explaining, Qi Jingchen interrupted him . “I’ll have someone give you 50 catties of rice . Don’t come bother me again . ” 50 catties of husked rice was very valuable at present time, so he’ll just treat it as repaying Xu Yehui for his grace of raising him as a child .

Hearing the words ‘50 catties of rice’, Xu Yehui couldn’t help gulping . It had to be known that if they ate 50 catties of rice conservatively, they could eat for a very long time! However, he still understood which was more valuable: a son who could casually give 50 catties of rice or 50 catties of rice .

At this time, it was meaningless for him to continue pestering Qi Jingchen, so he would retreat in order to advance . “Jingchen, Dad knows you hate me . I’m sorry… Now food is so valuable; Dad can’t take your food . ”

After saying this, Xu Yehui left with his daughter .

Qi Jingchen lazily glanced at his retreating figure, then told someone beside him, “Send 50 catties of rice to him . ”

“Yes,” he replied .

Wei Jinrong also came over and just happened to see this . He couldn’t help feeling a little envious . “Jingchen, I didn’t think he was actually your dad . ”

“He won’t be in the future,” Qi Jingchen said .

Wei Jinrong didn’t quite understand, but didn’t ask any further questions . He looked at Nie Yi and carefully asked, “Jingchen, is this your team’s leader?”

“Yes,” Qi Jingchen nodded, “His name is Nie Yi . ”

Wei Jinrong had heard Ping Shengchao and other people mention a bit about Nie Yi, and had even heard people call Nie Yi “Nie shao” . He promptly said, “Nie shao, hello . I’m Qi Jingchen’s schoolmate, Wei Jinrong . ”

“Hello . ” Nie Yi’s expression eased a little after Wei Jinrong greeted him . Just now he wanted to dispose of that Xu Yehui, but Qi Jingchen stopped him, and now Qi Jingchen’s schoolmate also came running over . . Fortunately, not only was this schoolmate of Qi Jingchen’s ugly, he was also very tactful .

Wei Jinrong had no idea that Nie Yi’s mood had eased because he was ugly . “Nie shao, you’re really too amazing! You’re the most powerful ability user I’ve ever met!”

“You’re flattering me . ” When Nie Yi noticed that Wei Jinrong’s focus was entirely placed on him, he immediately smiled, appearing to be even more good-natured . He even took the initiative to chat with Wei Jinrong .

Wei Jinrong was overwhelmed by favour and was even less able to care about Qi Jingchen anymore . After Nie Yi had someone send him a sack of flour worth ten catties, he had become even more grateful to Nie Yi .

However, he had just taken the flour and left when he saw Nie Yi stir together julienned potatoes, egg, and flour to fry up potato pancakes , then serve it to Qi Jingchen…

Why did he feel like it was Qi Jingchen who was the greatest in the team? Wei Jinrong was dumbstruck when he saw this scene, then was somewhat regretful that he hadn’t said a few more sentences to Qi Jingchen just now .

When the other people saw this, they also re-evaluated Qi Jingchen’s status, and some wondered whether Qi Jingchen was an even stronger ability user than Nie Yi— Otherwise, why would Nie Yi serve his tea and provide him water? And even eat his leftovers?

That’s right, Nie Yi seemed to even take the initiative to warm him up with his ability… Fire ability users weren’t afraid of the cold, so Nie Yi definitely wasn’t raising the temperature for himself but for Qi Jingchen… He was willing to waste his ability like this for Qi Jingchen, so Qi Jingchen’s identity was simply a wonder!

Wei Jinrong felt that his schoolmate had become even more mysterious .

After eating, Qi Jingchen brought Qi Yaoyao and Qi Weiguo and his people to their village .

There were a lot of people in the Chenguang team and there was no need for all of them to go, so in the end, only Nie Yi’s few trusted aides went while the rest stayed behind .

When the people of this community heard the news, they were extremely excited . When Nie Yi and the others left, the ones who had eaten all ran out to watch them kill zombies— Presently only this place in Z County had survivors . Even though Nie Yi and the others had previously cleared out a wave of zombies, several more had gathered by now .

“Back when there were fewer zombies, whichever side we wanted to go out of, we would have people climb up the wall of the opposite side and scream and shout, attracting all the zombies there, then go out from where there were no zombies . But now there’s too many zombies, so this trick isn’t useful anymore . ” Wei Jinrong said to Qi Jingchen . “Now that we think about it, we were quite stupid back then . Making such a ruckus like this, we ultimately attracted all the zombies from far away…”

Qi Jingchen imagined how these people attracted zombies and couldn’t help but feel amused . When Nie Yi saw his smile, he hmphed unhappily, then effortlessly leapt up and flipped over the wall .

Everyone knew that Nie Yi was now going to make a move, and hastily climbed up the high slopes in the community to look out .

Nie Yi’s trump card was creating an explosion with both his abilities . Previously he could only form small balls, but now it was different…

An ice blade about seven to eight meters long appeared in Nie Yi’s left hand, and another fire blade just as long appeared on his right . He cleaved the two blades from his side towards the middle, chopping off several zombies’ heads, before the two blades finally met in the center…

The instant both blades met, Nie Yi flung the two blades outwards, and an explosive ‘boom’ rang out . In the half-circle radius of the ice and fire blade, the zombies that had originally crowded together now only had a few remains left . Even several zombies at further distance were killed by the explosion .

Qi Jingchen had seen even more impressive things before, so simply didn’t think that this was anything, and was even feeling a little unhappy that Nie Yi would waste his ability to show off . The others, however, were stupefied .

Abilities were actually this powerful? It could be compared to a bomb already!

Nie Yi’s one grand move had spent a third of his ability . After that, he did not show off anymore, instead beginning to use his ability in accordance with his recovery rate .

However, even so, his ability was already incredibly powerful in the eyes of these country bumpkins who didn’t even know of the ability cultivation method spread around various secure bases .

Xu Yehui and Xu Qiuyu were both excited, then looked at Qi Jingchen— Could Qi Jingchen be even more powerful than Nie Yi?

“Jingchen, Nie shao is really just too amazing! Ah, right, what’s your ability, Jingchen?” Wei Jinrong asked .

“I don’t have one . ” Qi Jingchen smiled .

No ability?! If Qi Jingchen had no ability, why were the team members so deferential to him? And why did Nie Yi treat him so well?

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