Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 83

Chapter 83

When Wei Jinrong heard that Qi Jingchen didn’t have any ability, he was stunned . “You don’t have an ability?”

“I didn’t awaken to an ability,” Qi Jingchen said . People who should know about this matter already knew, and there was nothing to hide either .

“Then why…” Wei Jinrong looked at the distant Nie Yi, then looked at Qi Jingchen . He couldn’t understand why Nie Yi would treat him so well if Qi Jingchen wasn’t a strong person .

Xu Yehui and Xu Qiuyu were both just as confused, and even a little disappointed . If Qi Jingchen didn’t even have an ability, the help he could provide wouldn’t be much, right? Wait, that’s wrong . If Qi Jingchen was truly useless, why did all of Nie Yi’s subordinates obey him?

Just as Xu Yehui was still pondering, Nie Yi had already opened up a large path .

Zombies had no intelligence, and wouldn’t avoid them due to their great strength, instead charging towards them as before . But regardless of how many zombies there were, none were able to approach him, not even level three zombies .

The people watching the situation outside at the perimeter fence became increasingly excited as they watched, and Xu Qiuyu’s eyes began to shine, her gaze unwilling to leave Nie Yi .

Right as this time, Nie Yi turned his head back and gave Qi Jingchen a smile .

A powerful man standing amongst a zombie crowded, surrounded by zombie corpses while he was completely clean… Xu Qiuyu who had previously even disliked Nie Yi for sticking together with Qi Jingchen felt as if her heart was about to leap out .

“Too handsome! If I were a few years younger, I’d pursue him!” Chu Yunxie couldn’t help but say as she held her dog .

“That’s right ah, he’s too amazing…” A fire ability user at the side also said . He always believed himself to be very powerful, but now that he saw Nie Yi’s performance… Hehe, he wasn’t even worth being Nie Yi’s follower .

When Xu Qiuyu came back to her senses, she heard everyone around her talking about Nie Yi . She glanced at Chu Yunxie who was already in her thirties, scoffed softly, then looked at Qi Jingchen .

Qi Jingchen’s face was simply flawless .

Xu Qiuyu ground her teeth, feeling unwell as she rubbed her rather frostbitten hands, and saw Nie Yi return .

“How was it?” Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen— After reaching level three, his strength has increased by a lot!

Nie Yi’s behaviour was no different from a flaunting peacock that spread its tail to gain a peahen’s interest . He also forgot… a few small predators who seized the moment when the peacock spread its tail and couldn’t see behind itself to pounce over and bite the peacock .

“Senseless,” Qi Jingchen said . After such hassle, did Nie Yi have even half of his ability left to use? This was simply unnecessary .

Qi Jingchen appeared indifferent, but Nie Yi didn’t mind at all . Still smiling, he washed himself clean with his water ability before saying, “There are not so many zombies outside anymore . Let’s go?”

Qi Jingchen nodded .

Zhang Zihai and Ping Shengchao had both driven the RV over already, and a truck was also following behind them . Qi Yaoyao, Qi Weiguo and the others were sitting in it, as well as a few ability users from the Chenguang team .

Shao Zhenglan did not get in the car . She stood on the ground and utilised her ability, forming an opening at the city wall and creating a level road . A few zombies wanted to charge over, but were blocked by her earth wall .

Qi Jingchen got down from the earth mound, and when he reached the RV’s door, Qi An had already swiftly opened the door for him . However, he had just opened the door when Nie Yi squeezed him aside— This man who had just displayed his powerful strength was now tenderly standing by the door, allowing Qi Jingchen to enter first .

In front of Qi Jingchen, he gave people a feeling as if he was showered in spring wind . His face immediately turned cold after Qi Jingchen entered, and he even unhesitatingly shut the door on Qi An who wanted to follow them into the RV, then ordered Zhang Zihai to drive .

Qi Jingchen simply appeared more of the team’s leader than Nie Yi… Why did onlookers feel green with envy when they saw such extravagance? Wei Jinrong rubbed his nose, turning his head to notice that the person who looked similar to Qi Jingchen and was reportedly his little sister had jealousy in her eyes that she couldn’t quite conceal .

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“I’ll ask around,” Xu Yehui said . He seemed to have guessed something, and now planned to go ask around .

Qi Jingchen had completely disregarded him and he was a little unhappy, but also thought that this wasn’t unusual… Of course, it may be normal, but he still wanted to find a way to understand a bit more about Qi Jingchen and it would be best if he could get Qi Jingchen to forgive him and treat himself as his father .

If this happened, then… with how much Nie Yi valued Qi Jingchen, he definitely wouldn’t suffer .

Since he wanted to inquire about Qi Jingchen… Xu Yehui brought his daughter and went to where the Chenguang team were stationed .

The skilful people in the Chenguang team were bustling around two large pots . They first poured oil into the pot, then dumped vegetables and boiled shiitake before stir-frying . Finally, they added hot water, and a large pot of vegetable and shiitake soup was done .

Aside from this, they also sauteed doubanjiang, added water and chilli, then potatoes, frozen tofu and fungi . Soon, another wok of appetizing food was produced .

Of course, the dish that made the community’s people most envious was that pot of beef stew .

During their journey here, Nie Yi trained his soldiers while searching for supplies and found several living animals, including a herd of cows .

Zombies were only interested in humans, and so many animals survived . When they ran into this herd of cows, they were very leisurely chewing on grass .

Then they ‘abducted’ this herd . Most of them were healthily raised in trucks, while a small portion of the old and weak had been killed and frozen by Nie Yi . During the journey following this encounter, they would cook beef stew almost every day with beef bones and meat . Today was naturally not an exception .

The beef stew emitted a heavy fragrance, enticing the community’s people into swallowing their saliva, but they didn’t dare approach . A few children wished to go over but were also pulled back by their parents— The border between their area and the Chenguang team’s camp had people on patrol . It was obvious with a glance that they were unwelcomed .

The Chenguang team really did not welcome them . They had previously distributed their food kindheartedly at a certain secure base lacking in food, and this resulted in the people of the secure base flooding over when they saw this scene . In the end, it had even developed to robbing and looting, to the extent that they had no choice but to chase them away with violence…

They had already provided these people with food, and there was no necessity for them to give any more .

However, although people did not dare approach the Chenguang Team, Xiaoxiao the dog only wanted to throw itself over at the beef stew…

“Bark bark! Bark! Awoo…” This husky repeatedly barked at the source of the beef fragrance, appearing to be itching to leap into the pot .

“Xiaoxiao!” Chu Yunxie caught her dog, and nearly ended up being dragged over by the dog…

“Give it the bones . ” In the end, Fei Xuelei took charge and had someone give Xiaoxiao bones that boiled in the soup .

“What large bones…” Chu Yunxie was a little stunned when she saw the beef bones . Even though Xiaoxiao had a rather large head, it couldn’t chew apart such a bone… Just as she was thinking of this, she saw her dog crunching away and chewing a big bone and swallowing it up in two or three seconds .

The sound of the husky chewing on bones was extremely resounding, and the surrounding people couldn’t help shifting further away from this dog . Even Chu Yunxie was stunned by this frightening biting strength— Her dog was truly too awesome!

“Good dog!” Fei Xuelei couldn’t help but say . They were raising two military dogs, but they weren’t as amazing as this husky . Recalling how this husky seemed able to use an ability, Fei Xuelei paid closer attention to it .

At this time, Xu Yehui squeezed over . “Hello . ”

“Something the matter?” Fei Xuelei asked .

“I’m Qi Jingchen’s relative . I wanted to ask about him,” Xu Yehui said . He mulled over whether he should say that he was Qi Jingchen’s father . These people may not treat him well seeing that Qi Jingchen did not care about him; perhaps he was better off saying he was Qi Jingchen’s relative…

“Qi Jingchen’s relative?” Fei Xuelei looked at Xu Yehui in astonishment, then looked at Xu Qiuyu . After noticing that these people did have a resemblance to Qi Jingchen, his expression became much friendlier . “If you want to ask about Qi shao, why not ask him?”

“He left urgently, so I couldn’t speak much with him . ” Xu Yehui gave Fei Xuelei a fawning smile . “He didn’t contact us much and is a little indifferent, but I still remember him, so I wanted to ask how he was doing . ”

Fei Xuelei had seen Qi Jingchen and Qi Yaoyao’s interactions before . Qi Yaoyao was Qi Jingchen’s sister but he wasn’t very close with her… He believed Xu Yehui’s words, and seeing that Xu Yehui wasn’t asking anything that couldn’t be said, he replied, “You don’t have to be worried about Qi shao . Nie shao is protecting him like the apple of his eye . ”

“Are Jingchen and Nie shao very close?” Xu Yehui was increasingly certain of his previous conjecture .

“Of course their relationship is good . ” Fei Xuelei answered assuredly, but did not dare say anything else .

However, even if he didn’t say it, Xu Yehui, someone who had witnessed much of the world, had already gotten his answer— Qi Jingchen and Nie Yi were perhaps in love?

When Xu Yehui thought of this, he didn’t feel that Qi Jingchen had done anything wrong at all, on the contrary, he thought Qi Jingchen was quite smart . What did Nie Yi, such a strong person, not have? For Qi Jingchen to be able to make him value himself this much, Qi Jingchen’s skill could already be seen!

Since Nie Yi valued Qi Jingchen so much, his subordinates probably would not dare to neglect Qi Jingchen’s relatives… Xu Yehui knew that Qi Jingchen did not like him, and he would most likely be ignored when Qi Jingchen returned . He promptly decided that he must use this time to find a way for someone to examine his wife’s illness .

He bowed at Fei Xuelei . Xu Yehui revealed a pained expression before saying, “Brother, I have a request . ”

“What is it?” Fei Xuelei frowned slightly .

“It’s like this . My wife has been having stomach aches for a period of time, but this place doesn’t have doctors or medicine . Are there any doctors in your team?” Xu Yehui said . “Even though she’s fine right now, looking at her suffering makes my heart hurt . ” His wife had a very awful stomach ache, but she was not hindered in life . . Previously he was worried Qi Jingchen would have complaints about his wife and did not dare speak about this, but now he was not afraid .

As for the future… Even if Qi Jingchen knew of it when he returned, would he be unforgiving? After all, he was Qi Jingchen’s father . If he was too callous towards his father, perhaps Nie Yi would have grudges against him! Qi Jingchen simply wasn’t a strong person like they had assumed at the beginning but lived his life by relying on Nie Yi’s doting . He definitely wouldn’t dare cause trouble .

If Xu Yehui asked for supplies, Fei Xuelei would have rejected him unhesitatingly, but he had asked for aid and Fei Xuelei had no reason to refuse .

Originally, their team only had Mother Ping as a doctor, but later they encountered a doctor trained in Chinese medicine and a doctor trained in Western surgery, so giving someone an examination was of no problem . Fei Xuelei promptly said, “I’ll go ask for you and see if any of the doctors are willing to take a look at your wife . ”

“Thank you, thank you!” Xu Yehui promptly thanked, then tugged at Xu Qiuyu wanting her to thank him as well . However, Xu Qiuyu was looking at someone not far away, and simply did not react .

Mother Ping and the other two doctors were restless from sitting in the car, and were willing to take a look . Before they went, they brought along some common medicine, deciding to distribute them to those in need at this community— They had gathered a lot of medicine during the journey, so there was no harm in giving away some .

Hearing that this team had doctors, several people surrounded them as expected . Some had even asked whether they had medication to lower blood pressure, and even to lower blood sugar levels… Now everyone was going hungry and generally had mild diabetes . They simply didn’t need medication, while those with more serious illnesses… had long died .

Mother Ping had a good temper, and the other two doctors remained because their temperament was rather good . Now that there were people seeking medical treatment, they began chatting with them . The doctor trained in western medicine who could handle various injuries had even reset a broken bone .

When Xu Qiuyu saw that these people unexpectedly forgot about her mother, she was extremely dissatisfied, but Xu Yehui pulled his daughter . “Let’s bring your mother down . ” They were the ones who wanted the doctors to provide medical treatment, and absolutely could not offend them .

Xu Qiuyu also knew this and went upstairs with her father, then they both supported Qiu Tong on either side of her .

“I’ll take a look . ” When the doctor trained in Chinese medicine saw Qiu Tong’s frail appearance, he beckoned them over . A lot of medical equipment was inconvenient to bring along on a journey, so if one wanted to know a patient’s illness, the quickest way was for the Chinese doctor to feel their pulse .

Qiu Tong had appendicitis .

This illness was very common, and the Chinese doctor very quickly diagnosed it . This sort of minor ailment could be considered nothing before the apocalypse as a minor case could be resolved with an IV drip, and the more critical ones only needed two to three days of vacation for a minor surgery, and a good rest l after the surgery . However, at this time, it was life-threatening…

“I’ve done appendix surgery before, but I’m not specialised in this . If you trust me, I’ll do the surgery for her . ” Mother Ping felt sympathetic when she saw Qiu Tong’s pale appearance .

“There’s nothing here at all . Is surgery possible?”Xu Yehui asked worriedly .

“Of course it is, but the risks involved with surgery are definitely much greater than in the hospital,” Mother Ping said .

In any case, at least surgery meant a path to survival . If they did not proceed with the surgery, perhaps Qiu Tong would just die from pain!

Xu Yehui gritted his teeth . “We’ll do the surgery!”

After Xu Yehui decided to do the surgery, Mother Ping had Qiu Tong moved to a clean room while she went to find her husband for help due to needing to sterilise various tools .

As the surgery was underway in the room, Xu Yehui and Xu Qiuyu were restless outside the room .

Xu Yehui was anxious and subconsciously felt for his cigarettes . After groping for a moment, he remembered that there were no more cigarettes, and he had long given up on his smoking addiction that he had never been able to previously . In the end, he could only pace around outside the room .

“Dad, take a seat ba,” Xu Qiuyu said . “You’re making me even more anxious when I watch you pace like this . ”

When Xu Yehui heard his daughters words, he sat down beside Xu Qiuyu, then worriedly said, “I don’t know how your mother is doing right now…”

“Mom will definitely be fine…” Xu Qiuyu said, then suddenly asked, “Dad, what do you think of Nie shao?”

“Nie shao?” Xu Yehui looked at his daughter in confusion .

“I like him,” Xu Qiuyu expressed with certainty . Her eyes were glistening, possessing adoration, but even more with ambition .

“He likes men,” Xu Yehui said, feeling as if his daughter had gone crazy . He had met someone who liked men like Nie Yi, and his wife did not have a good life .

“What if I can give birth to his child? It’s now the apocalypse, and there’s no such thing as surrogate pregnancy anymore . If he wants a child, he must have someone else give birth for him… Qi Jingchen can’t give birth for him, but I can!” Xu Qiuyu said . “Who doesn’t want a child? Even if Nie Yi likes men, he’ll also want an heir . ”

“Xiao Yu, don’t be foolish! Look at the times; you might not be able to keep the child alive even if you get pregnant!”

“The Chenguang team has a pregnant woman ah! Other people may not be able to raise one, but they definitely can . Moreover, we don’t need to find Nie Yi, but Qi Jingchen instead… Qi Jingchen is a man; can he guarantee that Nie Yi will always like him? But it’s different if he has a child!” Xu Qiuyu said, “I’m Qi Jingchen’s little sister; the child I birth isn’t any different than if he did!”

Xu Qiuyu wasn’t twenty yet, and her thoughts were truly a little naive . However, when Xu Yehui listened to her, he felt that this was reasonable . Moreover… if Xu Qiuyu could give birth to Nie Yi’s child, Nie Yi definitely wouldn’t treat them unfairly as his family .

However, he had only come in contact with Qi Jingchen for a short while, and couldn’t act rashly . “Xiao Yu, let’s talk about this later . Don’t get excited; we can’t offend Qi Jingchen either . ”

“Dad, I know… Even if we want to talk about it, we need to first talk to Qi Jingchen and convince him before we think of anything else,” Xu Qiuyu said, “Even if Nie Yi won’t touch me, I can still get pregnant via artificial insemination . Qi Jingchen has no reason to refuse . ”

As Xu Yehui listened to his daughter, he was dumbstruck . He simply did not expect his daughter to understand so much… However, it wasn’t like he could forbid his daughter from having young love or whatever at present time, and so he had no choice but to nod .

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