Boss’s Death Guide

Chapter 87

Chapter 87

It turned out Nie Yi liked Qi Jingchen this much?

Nie Yi liked Qi Jingchen this much but unexpectedly still hadn’t gotten together with him?

Qi Yaoyao words caused those who had just taken rice and were about to eat to lose interest in eating, instead becoming unable to resist wanting to know more about Nie Yi’s affairs .

The large scale bases in contact with B City Secure Base more or less knew about what went on there, but this group of survivors in Z County couldn’t even form a secure base;how would they know about the affairs in B City Secure Base?

Before this, they had no idea that Nie Yi was publicly known as a good lover who treated his lover’s affection as more precious than gold . It was so much that they hadn’t even known Nie Yi’s concrete identity .

Of course, now they knew everything .

After Nie Yi left and Qi Yaoyao ‘showed off’ in front of Xu Qiuyu, Ping Shengchao informed the people of Z County about Nie Yi’s identity as well as his deep affection for Qi Jingchen .

The son of a secure base chief?! After learning that Nie Yi had such a high-end identity, Chu Yunxie and the others felt horrible regret— Regretting that they weren’t welcoming enough to Nie Yi before this .

No, they should regret that they previously weren’t welcoming enough to Qi Jingchen— Ping Shengchao had said that the person Nie Yi cared about the most was Qi Jingchen!

Previously, though they thought Qi Jingchen was very important to Nie Yi, they didn’t really take Qi Jingchen seriously . But now…

They felt the reason Nie Yi didn’t allow other people to meet Qi Jingchen and didn’t allow Zhou Jinrong to talk with Qi Jingchen much wasn’t because he did not treat Qi Jingchen conscientiously but because he was afraid other people would seduce Qi Jingchen…

Chu Yunxie glanced at Zhou Jinrong with a sympathetic face .

Zhou Jinrong wiped some sweat, finally understanding why Nie Yi would always pull him aside to talk whenever he went to visit Qi Jingchen . He was wronged ah! He liked women and really had no interest in Qi Jingchen!

The others merely felt regretful . Xu Yehui and Xu Qiuyu, however, were annoyed and in despair, fearful that Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen would find trouble for them .

Previously, because Xu Yehui had analysed their relationship for Xu Qiuyu and told her that Nie Yi couldn’t possibly be in love with Qi Jingchen, Xu Qiuyu was fine even though she was envious of Qi Jingchen . But now that she knew Nie Yi was in fact sincerely pursuing Qi Jingchen, and that he was also the son of B City Secure Base’s chief, she couldn’t quite stand it anymore, to the extent that her half-like on Nie Yi had become full-on love .

Who was Qi Jingchen? Wasn’t he just a son that her dad didn’t want in the past, merely a rumored countryside hick? Someone like that, how could someone as remarkable as Nie Yi fall for him?

Wasn’t he just relying on his good looks? If she hadn’t starved during the apocalypse for so long, she definitely would be much more beautiful than Qi Jingchen!

The jealousy in Xu Qiuyu’s heart had become loathing, yet she could do nothing at all— Ping Shengchao had specifically warned them and banned their family from appearing in the vicinity of Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen, and even other people had begun to avoid them .

Though Xu Qiuyu couldn’t currently compare to Qi Jingchen, her appearance was still top-notch among the survivors in Z County . There previously was a water ability user who liked her, but now… she could clearly see that person stare at her in disgust .

Her eyes souring, Xu Qiuyu couldn’t help but start crying, but no one came to comfort or speak up for her .

Even if some of these survivors were sympathetic towards Xu Yehui and felt that Qi Jingchen shouldn’t have treated him so disrespectfully as a father, they also didn’t dare to offend Nie Yi .

In the end, Xu Qiuyu could only dejectedly support her father whose body was aching from the fall and leave, returning to the semi-completed house they lived in . Distantly, they could hear Qi Yaoyao’s voice behind them .

“That Xu Yehui is simply speaking nonsense . He was a big business proprietor before the apocalypse while my parents were just normal people working in factories . If he really missed my brother, why didn’t he bring him back? Even allowing my brother to work bitterly part-time for tuition fees?” Qi Yaoyao became incredibly furious after accidentally hearing the rumours Xu Yehui had spread, and now finally had the chance to clear things up .

The Qi parents were sincere people . Aside from farming the land their land, they also merely worked in the factory, but spent money sparingly . They did not need to waste money to buy food and vegetables in the countryside while Qi Jingchen barely used their money at all; thus, most of the wages they earned from work were collected, and every year they would have a balance of about twenty to thirty thousand . The conditions they could provide for Qi Yaoyao weren’t bad, but they were only this much!

Qi Yaoyao remembered back when she fell out with Qi Jingchen a few years ago, she had followed Qi Jingchen’s original parents closely . Xu Yehui was successful in business and was said to be a big boss; the villa he built back in the countryside to use for his retirement was itself worth over one hundred thousand . He was so wealthy, yet never once cared about Qi Jingchen .

This happened? Chu Yunxie chatted with Qi Yaoyao then asked other people for some information about what happened with Xu Yehui back at the start . Contrary to expectations, she believed Qi Yaoyao’s words more and helped Qi Yaoyao spread them around .

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“I’m not going,” Xu Qiuyu said through gritted teeth .


“Dad, how can I still have the face to get food with how people outside are viewing me?” Xu Qiuyu said with reddened eyes .

“Is your face or your life more important? What will we eat if we don’t get food?” Moreover, Nie Yi and the others are leaving tomorrow . If we don’t find a chance to apologise today, what will we do if we’re abandoned?” Xu Yehui said .

“Qi Jingchen hates us a lot . Dad, do you think he’s willing to take us along?” Xu Qiuyu’s eyes were brimming with tears and she was even reproachful towards her father . If her dad had been a little more caring, they wouldn’t be so far gone now…

“It’s not like we can do nothing at all; if we did, we’d really be on a single track towards death!” Xu Yehui sighed as he stroked his daughter’s hair .

Xu Qiuyu “wah”ed and began crying .

In the end, the father and daughter still appeared in the hall downstairs punctually and went to line up, waiting to eat dinner .

Qi Jingchen and Nie Yi came to the dining hall . He spotted them with a glance but actually conversely felt a little admiration . After all, if it was the past him, he definitely would not have been so shameless .

Qi Jingchen glanced again at Xu Qiuyu, then saw Xu Qiuyu giving him a fierce glare— It was already like this yet this little miss still hadn’t learned from her experience .

Fortunately, Nie Yi had not noticed this person glaring at him, otherwise who knew how much Nie Yi would torment her… the corner of Qi Jingchen’s lips quirked .

The feeling of a love rival showing up only for his lover to take the initiative to step on the rival really was very good .

“Don’t look at other people . ” Nie Yi had always been looking at Qi Jingchen and couldn’t help but speak up when he realised that a smile was on Qi Jingchen’s lips . It was only when he followed Qi Jingchen’s gaze and realised he was looking at Xu Qiuyu that his face improved . “You shouldn’t care about this sort of woman with nefarious schemes . ”

“I know . ” Qi Jingchen smiled, then asked, “How are things going?”

“They’re done; there’s still someone alive among the people you wanted to save,” Nie Yi said . As he spoke, he set out the sofa for Qi Jingchen to sit in so that he could comfortably rest at the side .

They were going to leave tomorrow, and he still had many things to do, so he had to let Qi Jingchen wait a while at the side .

Qi Jingchen sat on the sofa and petted the lettuce in his hands . This lettuce was very unusual; it never grew large, but when he used his spiritual strength, he could sense that it had already condensed some energy . The energy also made him feel very at ease .

Could it be that his overflowing energy had transformed this lettuce? Rather, Qi Jingchen was a little curious about how this lettuce would transform in the future .

Qi Jingchen’s grand style made people envious as always, but after Nie Yi said that he hadn’t managed to get him yet, the envious people increased, and there was no lack of them who felt he was being pretentious .

However, the Chenguang team unexpectedly had calm expressions— There was nothing to be done; after seeing it many times, they had gotten used to it .

The food they gave to the Z County survivors tonight were pretty good . The staple was husked rice, and came with two dishes . One dish was Chinese cabbage soup with a lot of veggies floating about, while the other was radish stew with meat . .

The radish and meat stew didn’t have much meat and not much radish either, so everyone could only get about two pieces of radish . However, the survivors were extremely satisfied, even whispering to one another .

“I never liked eating radish, but now I’ve realised that radish is actually so delicious!”

“This radish has a meaty flavour!”

“I have a piece of meat! Haha!”

These people have always lived in the county, so they more or less could find a lot of rice grains and fill their stomach . However, they basically did not get to eat vegetables, and now liked radish very much .

Even Xu Qiuyu no longer bothered to look over at Qi Jingchen after getting her two radishes, instead taking one and shoving it in her mouth .

Clearly she originally did not like radish, butat this moment it was surprisingly delicious . Xu Qiuyu had eaten two bites and looked over at Qi Jingchen, but realised that Nie Yi was peeling a radish and cutting it into small cubes before putting them before him . He even took out a fruit fork from his body and cleaned it with his water ability: “This radish is very sweet and not spicy at all . Hurry up and try it . ”

Between the two, they simply couldn’t be compared .

Xu Qiuyu’s expression when looking at Qi Jingchen became all the more enraged . In the end, at this moment, the door outside opened .

It had been showing for the past few days; the weather these days was fine so the snow had already melted, but it was still very, very cold outside . Once the door opened, the cold wind poured in and caused the people inside to be unable to help shrinking their necks . Only Qi Jingchen didn’t feel cold at all and, on the contrary, felt pleasantly cool .

It couldn’t be helped; a big stove was standing beside him— Nie Yi was like an electrical heater at this moment, as he blew out hot air without pause, causing Qi Jingchen’s face to uncontrollably redden from the heat and appear all the more alluring .

Back when Nie Yi first liked Qi Jingchen, Qi Jingchen’s appearance simply could not be described . At that time, he was even glad that no one would fight with him over Qi Jingchen, but now…

With a cold face, Nie Yi took a step forward and blocked Qi Jingchen from everyone’s line of sight . At the same time, the people outside the door entered .

The people who came from outside were survivors from a village near Z County .

Nie Yi said that he would take a break here for a few days, but they couldn’t possibly truly let these people play and rest the whole time . In reality, the Chenguang Team had taken turns to go out to search for supplies during these days .

There weren’t many outsiders in this county, and there were very few zombies wandering outside during the initial stage of the apocalypse . At the time, there were also many survivors, so the supplies in the city had long since more or less been plundered . As such, Nie Yi didn’t waste any time there, and instead went to nearby villages .

The houses in villages generally had a lot of foodstuff and they would only sell the old foodstuff when they obtained new foodstuff . A family would have at least one or two hundred catties of grain .

After Nie Yi’s men cleared out the nearby villages, the amount of food they gathered could be said to be tremendous . This wasn’t all; they also rescued several survivors .

These survivors they brought back today in one go .

The village survivors were in about the same state as the county survivors . Because some people of the villages had organised the villagers together, they added up to about over a hundred people . After they entered, Ping Shengchao, who had brought them here, said, “You guys go line up to get food too . When you’ve had your fill, Nie shao has things to say . ”

Hearing what he said, these people nodded in succession and obediently queued up behind the county survivors .

“Big brother?” Xu Yehui saw a middle-aged man among them and called out in astonishment .

Xu Yehui had a house in the county, and brought his daughter and wife for a trip in a county as well . However, his siblings all lived in the countryside . Previously, Xu Yehui had always thought they were likely to all be dead, but unexpectedly met them here .

“Hmph!” Uncle Xu who looked very similar to Xu Yehui immediately let out a cold snort when he saw Xu Yehui . His grandson, a thirteen year old child who was standing beside him, clearly appeared a little resentful when looking at Xu Yehui .

“Big brother, you’re still alive . That’s great . ” Xu Yehui was a little emotional upon suddenly seeing his relatives, and didn’t notice his big brother’s peculiarity for a while .

“It turns out you still remember me? I thought you’d long forgotten about us!” Uncle Xu laughed coldly . “If you really wanted us to survive, why didn’t you ask him to save us when you met Jingchen? If it wasn’t for Jingchen still remembering us, we’re afraid we would have been eaten by zombies!”

Hearing Uncle Xu, Xu Yehui immediately became a little embarrassed . He… truly did not recall such a matter .

He had always been struggling to survive during these days, so how could he still have time to care about other people? That’s not even mentioning the fact that he always believed these relatives of his were already dead .

“You truly are skilled, remembering to ask your daughter to seduce someone else’s man but completely forgetting your family!” Uncle Xu was even more disappointed when he saw Xu Yehui’s appearance . At the start when people had told them that Xu Yehui was not concerned about them at all, instead only thinking about having his daughter seduce Nie shao who liked Jingchen, he didn’t believe it . But now, it appeared that… this little brother of his had truly forgotten about them .

When the apocalypse occurred, they had always been concerned about this person . His son had ended up never returning after he left precisely because he went to the county to look for his uncle . Yet this person was great; he had long since forgotten them!

Xu Yehui wanted to explain himself, but each time he had gone to search for Qi Jingchen, people were always watching . Even if he weaved lies and said he genuinely went to beg Qi Jingchen, in this case, he would quickly be exposed…

“Surnamed Xu, I really misjudged you!” A county survivor in front of Uncle Xu and the rest spoke indignantly . When Xu Yehui was being criticized in the afternoon today, he had even secretly spoken up for Xu Yehui and felt Qi Jingchen was in the wrong, but now… This Xu Yehui actually forgot his own brother!

Xu Yehui’s complexion was both green and white, and Xu Qiuyu was even less able to bear it . She had always been coddled by her relatives whenever she returned to their hometown, and now was angered, wanting to quarrel with her uncle .

Xu Yehui pulled his daughter back and covered her mouth before saying to his big brother, “Big brother, I’m sorry . ”

Xu Yehui also knew it was useless to say anything now and simply took his daughter away . When he was some distance away, Uncle Xu looked at Qi Jingchen gratefully .

He never cared about this nephew of his, and had not opposed it when Xu Yehui wanted to give him up for adoption . He never expected that ultimately, they would be saved by this person…

“Jingchen, why did you want to save them?” Nie Yi sat by Qi Jingchen’s side and couldn’t help but ask .

“In the end, they raised me,” Qi Jingchen said . He could not remember anything from his time with the Xu family in his childhood anymore, but he knew that, in any case, the Xu family did not deprive him of his needs— At that time, Xu Yehui’s project had just begun, but he had never sent any money home . Back then, his uncle and aunt would often say he was a freeloader .

Nie Yi looked at Qi Jingchen and felt a part of his heart soften . His Jingchen was just this way . As long as someone treated him well, he would always remember that kindness .

As long as he always treated Qi Jingchen well, he would definitely stay by his side forever .

Regardless of whether it was survivors from Z County or the nearby villages, they all found a spot to sit down in the hall after eating . Ping Shengchao had said that Nie Yi had something to say .

They didn’t know what Nie Yi wanted to say, but all tacitly agreed to quiet down, all eyes turning to Nie Yi .

“Are you all willing to come with me?” Nie Yi suddenly asked .

“Willing!” These people said completely without hesitation, their eyes lighting up . They had always thought Nie Yi would toss them away, but unexpectedly, Nie Yi was actually willing to bring them along!

Not only was Nie Yi strong, he also had a noble identity . Going with Nie Yi definitely wouldn’t be a mistake!

“But I won’t always be leading you . ” Just as these people were extremely excited, Nie Yi continued .

These people’s excited expressions instantly turned worried, their hearts alert .

At this time, Nie Yi said, “I will establish a secure base in the Dabie mountain range . If you’re willing, you can establish a village in the mountains . The mountains are desolate and there are few zombies, you can also farm there; it’ll generally be better than living here . ”

He had also created the Chenguang team in preparation to set up his own secure base .

After Qi Jingchen’s ability awakened, they would most likely be hunted to be killed by those large scale bases . At that time, their days would be much better if they had their own secure base!

Naturally, they had to establish this secure base in secret; they could even find some survivors to set up villages to act as shields…

The Dabie mountain range had several undeveloped mountains, so it was quite suitable .

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