Can Someone Please Explain This Situation

Chapter 64

Chapter 64

The new mistress riot ended in a celebration!! “? My husband is not guilty!” is the motive of celebration!!

It’s so strange… rare… and impressive that he turned out to be not guilty, that everyone made a feast to celebrate .

Apparently my husband was the most tired of all of us, trying to escape the accusations…

“I didn’t expect you to get so much mental damage … just for an accusation of having a new mistress… when you already had several in your book and never cared about it…”

Somehow, he was buzzing and throwing tantrums everywhere for having been falsely accused .

Ah… poor your subordinates that had to hear your sweet (embarrassing) words, and now they have to see the embarrassing tantrums their commander throws?

I was so excited at that time that I said nothing about it .

By the way, I was embarrassed enough though? I don’t have where to hide my head in from the embarrassment now…

Since then, I’ve gotten better at supporting these situations .

Even if he doesn’t have to go back and forth between his workplace and the house in a straightforward manner, I think it’s okay… Isn’t it wonderful if he sometimes enjoys eating and drinking with colleagues? Then, I could have dinner with my servants .

I think it’s important to have a smooth relationship between people in the workplace, such as eating and drinking with them .

But my husband…

“The workplace is smooth . It’s ok . The most important mission now is to communicate at home rather than at work! Ah, by the way, I won’t go out for now . Most of the time I was in the royal palace, my office feels like a cage . I prefer home!!”

He insisted so much . The first half of his reasoning is good, but the second half is just… so petty?

I wonder if he thinks I’m always wondering “when are you meeting your mistress?”

Uff… him trying to prove not being unfaithful is being harder to support than him having 5000 lovers…

Anyway, I feel that the time I spend with my husband has increased .

From that point on, I feel that the merchant’s tributes to the servants have increased more than ever before .

He always brought us rare and hard-to-find sweets, but I think the amount and number of times have increased .

No, it definitely increased .

He was also a very fat uncle, but recently he seems to have lost weight… his clothes keep hanging from him… and his wrinkles have increased…

Are you so busy with work? Or are you on a diet?

Well, when it comes to health, being overweight is not good, so I think it’s a good thing .

Well, time went by like this and the turmoil calmed down .

As usual, my husband came back from work and once more he started entering my room without permission .

“Oh, Dahlia ~? Mimosa ~? Lotus- ~, why did you let my husband in? Where did they go?”

I’m sure they have welcomed my husband together just a while ago, right?

I’ve been looking everywhere for them as my husband returned to his room to change clothes, but I can’t find Dahlia and Mimosa who are always by my side .

I think Lotus went to my husband’s room together with him, but where are Dahlia and Mimosa?

It’s my first time to have neither of them with me .

Maybe they have holidays? There seems to be a substitute for the two, today a new maid is near me,

“Where did Dahlia and Mimosa go?”

I asked,

“Master called me to be with you as they stay with Lotus to study . Ah, but he said they’ll be back soon, so please wait a little . ”

He taught me what dirty means were . What a convening time to call them out umm… . And it was taking place when and where I couldn’t catch wind of it .

“That’s right . I understand . ”

It must be a secret conversation… Well, I don’t care .

I was guided to the main dining room, and I was waiting alone there, Dahlia and Mimosa were now studying, but Lotus has returned already .

The chair was pulled by Lotus, and when my husband sat there, it was a signal to start eating . The meal is brought .

It wasn’t the same fast dinner as it used to be, but the feeling of having a good dinner together has become so familiar to us that my husband can no longer say anything .

Today’s supper is a light-hearted dish that uses vegetables grown in the Ludo region, and I was really happy with the menu that was kind to my poverty . When I suddenly see my husband, I feel that everything is good today . If asked why everything is good today? I can only answer that it’s a feeling… our smiles are glittering a 30% more than before .

As I was listening to my husband for a while and wondering why I feel good, I suddenly met his eyes . I turned my eyes away in a hurry, but I was seen perfectly, I can’t fool him!

Then he softly squinted at me,

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

Somehow that voice making fun of me means that he’s in a good mood . I’m completely being laughed at…

“No, that’s not the case! I just thought that you’re in a good mood . ”

I honestly spilled the beans,

“Oh, did I look like that in your eyes?”

My husband looked at me as if saying with his eyes “it looks interesting” .

“Yes, somehow?”

“Sorry but… I’m glad to see you like that . ”

When I say so, my husband leaned a little over to my side and makes a sweet smile .

It’s sweet enough to melt me .

His smile was a dessert with enough sweetness to last for a week .

He used to show me such sweet smiles before, when he was acting as a gentleman or trying to show that our marriage was real, but even at that time I was crazy when that smile showed up… Oops, the sugar content was over the top… .

“Hah! Actually, I thought about tomorrow’s vacation . ”

He was happily talking .

By the way, tomorrow is my husband’s day off .

My husband works with a shift system because not everyone can rest on the same day at the same time . Basically it means 5 days of service and 1 day off . After a long business trip, he can get a few days off . It’s like that . I didn’t know when my husband lived in the separate building, but since he started living here, I started to recognize it . Somehow, the person himself gave me a lecture about it at the end .

The story ends here, but tomorrow is that day off .

Since my husband had been spending time here, we had been busy on such days, so it was like there was no day off . Oh, and speaking of it, it was his day off when we had that dance lesson under Lotus teaching, on a rainy day . For the time being, it’s always been days without any plans on how to spend it .

Personally… I would like to flinch around, but my husband doesn’t seem to think so .


Suddenly tilting my head and wondering what to say to escape…

“Yes . Would you like to go out with me after such a long time?”

He smiled and said so .

“……Go out……”

I pull my temples tight while keeping my neck upright .

A little while ago… our date outside… that memory is back .

Will you be taken me to a celebrity shop again?

Will you try to afflict me with expensive and wasteful gastronomy again?

Please forgive me for being conservative… It is from my instinct…

Look… it can’t be like last time . I like candies stores, but a cute cafe next to it too . It must be cheap before anything else .

“There’s a popular coffee in the royal capital right now . ”

My husband, is happily talking about whether or not to go here and there… I don’t care about that!!

Is it another scam to take? Or a bait this time? I’ve been caught in a lot . Instead, I was taken to high-class boutiques, jewelers, and high-class restaurants, and it was all out of place for me .

I’m half afraid to lose my consciousness of the past,

“I would be happy if you could buy those sweets you talk about for me as a souvenir next time you go out!”

I immediately set out to avoid going out .

If you add a zero-cents smile here, my husband will be happy and problem solved!!! but today he is a little different…

“No, the sweets are limited to those who consume at the cafe . Of course, I can’t take them home, so it’s a gem that can only be tasted there . ”

Aren’t you grinning husband?

“Uhh …”

My heart cries…

My husband, who seemed to read the subtleties of my mind, folded it further .

“Although it is a tart made with chocolate, it uses plenty of chocolate… And the powder for tart’s dough, is made with ganache . ”

Ruguy is a small country bordering the border north of the Fleur Kingdom . They specialize in the processing of chocolate, and the ones made in the country of Ruguy are considered to be the finest . That café uses Ruguy’s chocolate . How high-end it is, I can only see those chocolates from the window of the chocolatiers .

And they are generously using it! !! !!

I was shaken by such a low blow .


I’m sorry . The taste must be unimaginable . But, sadly, it’s too luxurious for me to even imagine! Even less try it!

Husband continues to shake me even further .

“And their cucumbers are thinly chopped with abundant Ruguy’s chocolate on top . It’s so thin, it melts when you take it out of the store . You can’t keep it to bring it home . So it is limited to have it at the café . ”

He looked at me carefully and explained again . His eyes are scanning me to be sure that I caught the message . I feel that his sweet smiling face had just changed to a black one .

It’s mental bribing!!!

“How about? Would you like to go?”

My husband’s eyes are suspiciously inviting me to waste cash . Uu, cafe-limited chocolate …… .

No!!! if I want delicious sweets, I can ask Cartum to make the same for me! …… But the taste changes depending on the craftsman .

Celebrating his no-unfaithfulness with sweets…

I’m crazy about small things .

When I saw my husband, smiling again… My mouth moved on its own saying “chocolate” .

Mumu …, limited chocolate … A taste that cannot be normally eaten…

The balance has completely tilted .

“……I want to go!”

A thoughtful and squeezed voice, I have betrayed my cheap self!

“So, tomorrow . I’m looking forward to it . ”

“Yes! …… Ah!”

My husband had a big smile at my falling on his trap .

I feel like I’ve lost yet again…

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