Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 648

Chapter 648

Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation relied heavily on their Saint King Experts while they only had three of them, but now, two out of three was dead!

What were the odds to further develop the Divine Nation in the future in such a situation!

The Holy King knew that the best he could do now is to occupy the Phoenix Nest since he wouldn’t be able to capture all of the Phoenix Clan himself!

“Did you really think that you would be able to achieve your goal now?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently while firing the black flames towards the Holy King.

Through his black flame, Yi Tianyun could sense that the Holy King was suffering from severe burnt. Especially his right side, where intense burn marks covered his body.

But the Holy King didn’t return Yi Tianyun’s attack immediately as he was still wary of the Old Ancestors.

“You are strong, but did you really think that you can win against me? You are special, but you will never develop further if you stay on the Phoenix Clan! Why don’t you take this chance to join my Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation! under me, you can command more than ten thousand people. Furthermore, I will give you any Divine Tools and Medicinal Pills that you want to cultivate further!” the Holy King said as he tried to win Yi Tianyun over.

“Didn’t you hear? I already killed every single cultivator that attacked the Phoenix Nest, including two of your Saint King experts! Why would I join such a weak Divine Nation?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun didn’t have any worries right now as he himself was sufficient to face the Holy King.

He originally wanted to handle the Evil Spirit Race inside the Phoenix Cave with Bai Shuihuang, but it clearly wasn’t needed right now.

“I heard it, but if they really were dead, then that was all their worth! What I need is a true expert, not a weak one!” The Holy King said arrogantly.

The Holy King was releasing his aura to wreak havoc constantly all around him, pressuring the Old Ancestor and Bai Shuihuang so they couldn’t recklessly make any move!

“Wow, you are truly an understanding Holy King, aren’t you? So, it wouldn’t matter to you if I destroyed your clone in there?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Since he knew that the Holy King was trying to recruit him, Yi Tianyun kept antagonizing the Holy King instead. The Holy King’s enticement wasn’t something new for Yi Tianyun.

However, everything that the Holy King had to offer was the position things that he’d get his hands on eventually, be it Martial Arts, Divine Tools, or even Treasure.

If he killed the Holy King now, he would get the best Martial Arts, Divine Tools, and Treasure that the Holy King had to offer anyway!

Yi Tianyun has a principle to never become anyone’s lackey, as he always saw that a lackey often died miserably!

The Phoenix Clan never treated him unjustly anyway, so why would he betray the Phoenix Clan now?

“No, that’s not the point! As long as you join me, I won’t have to kill you! Your innate ability is not bad. You clearly have a chance to become a Divine King yourself! Did you realise that becoming a Divine King is a very difficult thing to achieve in this world? You would never be able to become one without my help! If you accept my offer, you will become a stronger Divine King than the Heaven Creating Divine King!”

The Holy King’s enticement has become unreasonable! No one in this world dared to guarantee such a thing!

Vouching to help someone to reach Divine King Stage?

The Holy King’s word was a definitive lie; only a child would fall for those empty words!

But Yi Tianyun understood what the Holy King was saying. It was clear that the Holy King thought that Yi Tianyun almost reached the peak of the Saint King stage.

So, by absorbing the Evil Spirit Race left on the Phoenix Cave, albeit a little bit, would surely increase Yi Tianyun’s cultivation close to Divine King Stage, but the Holy King never knew that Yi Tianyun was still at Spirit King Peak Stage!

The people looked at Yi Tianyun as they knew that the Holy King’s enticement was a big one.

They didn’t know what Yi Tianyun would choose, would he give up to the temptation and take the Holy King’s offer, or would he stand strong with his conviction and defend the Phoenix Clan?

But they couldn’t blame if Yi Tianyun suddenly chose to accept the Holy King’s offer considering how tempting it was.

The three Old Ancestor gripped their Divine Tools tightly as they were preparing themselves if by any chance Yi Tianyun suddenly turned against them.

Their palm turned sweaty as they weren’t confident enough that they’d be able to stand their ground against the Holy King and Yi Tianyun with their current cultivation.

If Yi Tianyun chose the Holy King, the Phoenix Clan would be exterminated today!

There was no way the Holy King wouldn’t capture them all with a strong cultivator like Yi Tianyun was beside him.

Now, they waited for Yi Tianyun’s decision nervously. They knew that Yi Tianyun didn’t have any obligation towards the Phoenix Clan as he was only their Divine Envoy, meaning that he was still an outsider while he may become Phoenix Clan’s guest at any time. Furthermore, they haven’t given anything to Yi Tianyun yet despite the trouble that they forced upon him.

“Your offer surely sounds tempting!” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

The black flame on Yi Tianyun’s hand intensified all of a sudden, and Yi Tianyun immediately aimed it towards the ground!

The black flame burned wildly, swallowing the remaining Evil Spirit Race on the ground permanently.

“You have the opportunity to become Divine King, and you just throw it away! This is unexpected. I never thought that you were such a fool! Now, I will kill you painfully!” the Holy King said furiously, as the veins on his neck started to pop.

He never expected Yi Tianyun would reject his offer like this!

“An opportunity to become a Divine King? You’re clearly way over your head. What makes you ever think for a second that I need your help to reach the Divine King stage? Even without your help, I would definitely become Divine King myself!” Yi Tianyun said arrogantly.

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