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Chapter 1993 - The Dragon Talisman

Chapter 1993: The Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune is evolving

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As a dignified ruler of the Netherworld, the fat ball’s strength, insight, and strategizing ability were all terrific.

It was just that the Netherworld Realm also had White Two who would often oppose it and ultimately cause its plans to end up in failure.

However, it was not always on the losing end in its confrontations against White Two. Over the countless years that they had both existed as rulers of the Netherworld, they had fought and schemed against each other innumerable times. During these countless clashes, they had both won and lost their fair share of battles.

The bone of eternity would determine if the fat ball could continue living in the Netherworld Realm after [Wielder of the Will Fat Ball] had left its position.

It wanted to be like White Two, always and perpetually occupying the position of ruler of the Netherworld. In the future, it would meet the third ruler of the Netherworld together with White Two and strive to form a world controlled by three different rulers.

Therefore, the fat ball had a lot of plans in mind when it came to the bone of eternity and several ways to always keep an eye on it.

The Netherworld’s Fat Ball had cast a hook from the Netherworld Realm and wanted to drag the bone of eternity back to its lair.

“Don’t even think about it.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and got ready to fight.

This was the Inner World, his world, which was also connected to Senior White Two’s home.

Also, he had a lot of means he could use against the fat ball while in this world.

“Bazaar… Hey!” At this moment, a palm appeared above the bone of eternity and grabbed it.

It was Fairy Creation’s palm

She was previously trapped in Skylark’s body and could not get out.

But after Skylark’s body exploded, she finally managed to free herself.

She firmly grasped onto the bone of eternity, and her palm seemed to become one with it.

At the same time, under the power of the bone of eternity, Fairy Creation’s body began to change.

Her body, which was similar to a body of virtue or that of a ghost spirit, began to solidify.

Song Shuhang stretched out his arm toward the bone of eternity, using his psychic energy to resist the fat ball together with Fairy Creation.

At the same time, the hands of his wooden body and the hand formed from his hair grabbed at the bone of eternity.

When Song Shuhang’s hands grabbed the bone, his body also began to experience some changes—the connection between his head and the wooden body became stronger.

The drop of the Sage’s blood had previously turned into a “network”, becoming a bridge between Song Shuhang and the wooden body. Under the power of the bone of eternity, the drop of blood began to grow stronger and stronger.

The aura of the Scholarly Sage grew more and more powerful. The energy of the Sage gushed out of it before fusing with the wooden body.

The wooden body perfectly accommodated the power of the Sage and did not reject it.

It was as if it was a vessel tailor-made for the Sage.

I have to ask the Heavenly Emperor what the origin of this wooden body is…

Song Shuhang was now certain that this wooden body did not come from a simple headless monster tree.

The combined effort of the Sage’s energy, the wooden body, Song Shuhang, and Fairy Creation managed to keep the bone of eternity in place, making it so that the energy of the Netherworld’s Fat Ball was unable to drag it away.

The size of the formation and the spatial passage was limited. Consequently, the energy that the fat ball could project over was similarly limited.

“Senior White, is there any way you can help me?” Song Shuhang turned to look at Little White.

Little White’s face remained emotionless as he replied, “Didn’t you just ask me to call you big brother?”

Song Shuhang cried, “I was wrong, Senior White!”

“Unfortunately, I can’t do anything right now.” Little White spread out his hands helplessly.

At this moment, all it could afford to do was remain in the form of Little White inside Song Shuhang’s Pseudo Illusory Reality; it really could not do much else.

“However, there’s no need for you to panic. You should remain calm,” Little White added. “First, you should try using all the means at your disposal, such as the Inner World’s projection.”

Behind Song Shuhang, the projection of a lotus condensed, and thousands of roots shot toward the chain formed from the Netherworld Fat Ball’s energy. The roots began to greedily absorb the evil energy of the Netherworld that the fat ball had projected into the Inner World.

At the same time, Song Shuhang transmitted his voice to Sixteen and Senior Turtle. Right now, he needed all the help he could get, and he intended to have Sister White Dragon and Senior Turtle help him out.

I wonder if Senior White Two has freed himself yet…

If Senior White Two was here, things would be a lot easier.

Fairy Creation exclaimed, “Song~ Stupid~ Stupid~ Stupid~”

She could not hold on for much longer.

Song Shuhang said, “Just hold on for a bit longer. I’ll find a way to move Pavilion Master Chu over!”

The bone of eternity was in an active state. After Pavilion Master Chu came over, she could help out and maybe even get some benefits from doing so, such as her body growing back faster.

Behind him, Little White walked up to where Skylark’s body had exploded.

The formation had done its job, and the spatial passage was already open. Even if the formation was erased, it would not change anything. The fat ball would still be able to keep the spatial passage open with its energy while extracting the energy of the bone of eternity.

Little White crouched beside the formation and fell into thought.

Then, using Skylark’s blood, he tried to draw a small formation next to the original formation, only slightly modified.

When Little White finished his formation, another energy was projected into the Inner World.

That wave of energy transformed into a transparent projection that threw itself onto the bone of eternity.

It was Skylark.

“I’m here!” Fairy Skylark smiled as she cast a secret technique to pull over the bone of eternity.

She was in the midst of resurrecting, but now that the bone of eternity was right in front of her, she could begin her rebirth directly.

A layer of flesh and blood began to grow on top of the bone of eternity.

If this continued, Skylark would be reborn from the bone of eternity and regain control of it.

Fairy Creation let go and retreated. Then, she dove back into Song Shuhang’s body. It seemed like she did not want to restore her physical body and wanted to remain in her current state.

When she returned to Song Shuhang’s body, some information passed from her mind to Song Shuhang’s.

It was what Fairy Creation had incidentally comprehended when she came into contact with the bone of eternity.

In between Song Shuhang’s eyebrows, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune started to improve.

According to its original design, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation would have one return to the Black Dragon World after death and be reborn there. Besides that, it would also cause some damage to the user’s cultivation.

But now that it had improved, a portion of the price that had to be paid for the resurrection was erased.

It was as if the rune was evolving to a higher level.

Sure enough, there is a certain connection between the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation and the bone of eternity…?Song Shuhang thought to himself.

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