Demon Hunter

Book 6 Chapter 29.1

Book 6 Chapter 29.1 - Ordinary

Night had already descended, but the low-hanging curtain of night couldn’t block the flames of war in the slightest, the intense explosions and raging fiery light lit half the sky ablaze.

In the raging flames and smoke, a black clad O’Brien walked out. Fire, wind, and lightning were continuously produced within his hands, ultimately gathering into a fireball that released both blue and red colors before firing out in all directions. The flying speed of the tennis ball sized balls of flames was shockingly great, and whenever they made contact with any obstructions, a ferocious explosion would erupt, the power unexpectedly not much weaker than that of heavy artillery. O’Brien’s face was just as handsome as before, but the previous naivety was now completely gone, the lines and corners also becoming much sharper and clearer. After spending a long time in the flames of war, as well as encountering countless near death experiences, the current O’Brien was far from the underripe youth from the past. With every movement, not only was there an imposing manner displayed, there was also a great might that was as heavy as wind and thunder.

He had a bit of facial hair, already starting to give off a feeling of maturity men over thirty had, even though his true age was only a bit over 20.

As O’Brien advanced slowly, continuous and unending explosions were like layers upon layers of bullets, blasting out a surging dragon of smoke on the great earth. It was unknown just how many astonishingly powerful fireballs were released, but he didn’t show any sign of fatigue or need for rest, as if he was a human cannon, firing as he pressed forward. While breaking through the enemy’s front, it wasn’t that he didn’t encounter any retaliation. The retaliation was actually extremely fierce, powerful sniper bullets flying out from the darkness from time to time, the timing of the shots just right. Lightning, icy winds, and even large amounts of fiery rain appeared out of thin air, covering heaven and earth as they smashed down on him. Shrill screaming sounds even more so rang out through the sky from time to time, several rounds of heavy artillery bullets flying over as if they grew eyes, the deviation of their landing point unexpectedly not exceeding five meters. However, regardless of whether it was magic or heavy artillery bullets that flew at him, O’Brien would always return a blue and red ball of flame, using the powerful explosions to neutralize enemy magic attacks or shoot down heavy artillery missiles while they were still high up in the air.

As for those powerful sniper bullets, when they were several meters from where he was standing, they would bounce off an invisible force field. There were some special sniper bullets that would even release a blast of liquid metal, specialized in dealing with defensive force fields, but they were also reflected by the force field. Trying to hit a high level magic ability user who was already prepared with a sniper rifle was a near impossible task, but sniper bullets could greatly exhaust the defensive force field, and from this weaken the magic ability user’s energy reserves, this was common knowledge on the battlefield. That was why snipers were still useful on the battlefield, and in special circumstances, displayed decisive uses. Under the combined assault of several experienced snipers, the number of sixth level or even higher level magic ability users that died wasn’t few. Meanwhile, judging from the number of sniper bullets that were fired from the dark, right now, there were at least a dozen snipers surrounding O’Brien!

This was an extremely crucial battlefield, as well as a core strategic location on the outskirts of the Arthur Family’s territory. After fighting for many days, the main force of the chairman’s army had already made their way here, releasing a continuous and unending storm of attacks. After all, right now, hardly any troops under the empress were left, already pretty much completely defeated. The troops that were previously organized pretty much no longer existed, all of the strongholds and fortifications uprooted. In the entire Blood Parliament’s territory, aside from Dark Red Castle where the Spider Empress resided, the most glaring target left was Arthur Family. Dragon City was the other area not affected by the flames of war, but of course, this was only on the map. In reality, the battle from both sides had long extended into Dragon City, just that they carefully controlled the scope of battle to a hundred meters outside of Dragonrider General Headquarters to avoid angering General Morgan. Meanwhile, a few months ago, this invisible line was still a kilometer. As the dragonrider general with the most subordinates, Morgan’s subordinates were rapidly decreasing, especially the lower level subordinates and soldiers who were continuously drawn away by the great rewards offered by both sides. Meanwhile, Morgan seemed to be turning a blind eye to this, because ever since the war reached its middle stage, both sides no longer showed any restraint in their recruiting, especially the empress’ side who was at a disadvantage. That was why General Morgan’s subordinates decreased from close to ten thousand to just a few thousand, then became a few hundred, finally to the present less than a hundred. However, the ones who remained were the true core high level subordinates, General Morgan’s true strength, as well as the basis of the family’s power. That was why in reality, Morgan Family’s true strength wasn’t affected all that much.

In past month, the Arthur family already became the focal point of the Blood Parliament’s attention. It was like a lone island that towered within a black sea. Meanwhile, the chairman’s army was like the tide of morning and twilight, beating wave after wave against this island.

The war was extremely bitter.

The Arthur Family was practically fighting a larger half of the Blood Parliament’s power alone, and the William Family on the other side wasn’t weaker than the Arthur Family, regardless of whether it was the family’s soldiers’ numbers, quality, or the number of high level ability users that truly represented the family’s hidden strength. In this battle that looked like one without any hope, O’Brien’s name gradually became known, becoming dazzling, ultimately becoming one with intimidation. He reversed every situation of despair, not only displaying his own astonishing talent in magic, but also exhibiting his sharp intuition in command. In the beginning stages, every battle O’Brien fought in could be said to result in inevitable defeat, but this didn’t mean that they didn’t fight back. Meanwhile, if one wanted to defeat O’Brien, they often had to pay several times the casualties as the price. Slowly, even the other side began to understand that if they only had a weak superiority in armed forces, fighting a decisive battle against O’Brien would just be digging their own graves. Meanwhile, in decisive battles between high level ability users, O’Brien similarly displayed terrifying combat skill. When he obtained nine levels of magic abilities, he could kill almost all other ninth level ability users in one versus one situations. At the very least, there were no ninth level experts in the chairman’s troops who could fight in a one on one without being defeated.

O’Brien wasn’t invincible, the injuries on his body only grew in number, to the extent where there were so many he couldn’t even count them anymore. Not even the family’s old soldiers who followed him into battle many times knew what exactly was supporting this previously sensitive young man who liked art in defeating the death god again and again, allowing him to live until today. Only one thing was certain, O’Brien had something he believed firmly in, or there was something he was crazily clinging to. It was because only crazy belief or madness had a chance of dragging this tattered body through countless piles of corpses again and again, not even bothering to clean his injuries before throwing himself into the next battle.

The seemingly hopeless war, in the span of a bit over a month, was actually miraculously turned around by O’Brien. Meanwhile, the most important part of this, were the numerous powerful individuals who died under O’Brien’s hands, thus making the difference in casualties suffered by both sides great enough to slowly change the battle situation.

Meanwhile, in this war, there was actually one more resounding name, Eileen.

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