Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress

Chapter 1 “The Rebirth of the Retarded Girl”

Chapter 1 “The Rebirth of the Retarded Girl”

Kingdom of Da Xia, Autumn Maple Town.

In the Ye family’s ancestral hall, all sorts of delectable goods were placed atop of the rectangular carved table as offerings to those who came before. And in the middle, was a simple yet rustically unadorned black cauldron with a couple of incense sticks stabbed into it. The scented smoke curled and wafted around in the air.

It was then the door creaked, opening, a thin figure strolls in quietly.

A young girl, no more than a teen around thirteen years of age going by her looks. Despite the exquisite features of the face, her beauty’s been marred by the disheveled hair and sluggish eye that lacked the light of wisdom and intellect.

As the girl made her way over to the table to carry out her business, several individuals surprised the young lady by suddenly scurrying out from underneath.

“Excellent, capture this thief,” the menacing looking servants grabbed her by the arms and legs, pressing the girl down against the ground.

“Woo…woo,” frightened, the girl attempts to wrestle herself free from those unwelcome hands, sadly, a frail lass like her had no means of overcoming the combined efforts of the servants here. Each of these people are practitioners of martial art and have trained their body to the first level of the constitutional domain. The entry stage of any martialist.

“Ye Ling Yue, so it was you! You retarded girl, who gave you the courage to come steal the offerings from the ancestral hall?” The servant interrogating her was named Wang Gui, a trusted aide of the sixth young master of the Ye family, Ye Qing.

As to the one being pressed against the floor, her name was Ye Ling Yue, the younger cousin of Ye Qing. Though her status inside the family was that of a lady – mistress of these servants – she lacked the proper respect and care she rightfully deserved from someone of her lineage. In fact, her position was even lower than the common servants in the house, all because her mentality had been damaged as a baby.

“Not… steal… cleaning,” panic filled the poor girl’s pale face.

“You still dare to quibble.” Not giving the girl a chance to defend herself, Wang Gui sent several slaps across her face to shut the girl up.

Wang Gui was a practitioner of martial art, so with just a few slaps, the mentally challenged girl’s face had become swollen and bruised by the impact. Satisfied, he followed up with a heavy stomp across the chest and sent Ling Yue flying out like a kite having its string cut in a windy day.

As she crashed directly into the firmly placed cauldron in the middle of the ancestral hall, Ling Yue lets out a string of muffled noises as she went limp next to the thing.

“The dumb girl’s not moving at all. Don’t tell me she’s dead?” Seeing that the young lady remains stiffly still on the ground, the servants responsible for the deed started to get worry that they might’ve overdone it.

“How can she die that easily? This retarded girl’s been beaten like this for over ten years and she’s still alive and kicking. The young master already said so, this is the so called ‘a cheap person’s life is always harder to kill’.” Wang Gui’s thought pattern was just as vicious when his sweeping eyes fell upon the incense cauldron beside the unmoving body.

Ever since this ancestral hall was bought by the house master over thirty years ago, this incense cauldron had been preserved in here without changing its location.

Walking up to it, Wang Gui pushes aside the cauldron lid and grabs a hefty handful of the incense ash.

“You lot, pry open the dumb girl’s mouth. If she likes to steal food so much then I’ll let her eat until she’s full today.”

The servants giggled at the order. In their eyes, even a stray dog was better than the girl.

While holding down Ling Yue’s hands and feet, they stuffed the incense ash into her mouth – who knows how long the ashes have been sitting there without being cleaned.

The moment the stale ash was stuffed into her mouth, a round object also slid into her throat in the process. Once inside her stomach, a blazing sensation overtook her “dantian” located into the abdomen area. Very soon, even her bones and heart started to feel like they were being scorched by the very pain gripping her mind and soul.

Note: Dantian – The energy center of a person’s body located in the abdomen. This is the chinese version of Naruto’s chakra veins if anyone doesn’t know.

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It’s painful…… so painful. She grabs onto her throat as if there’s something trying to force its way out.

By the time when blood began seeping out of the claw marks on her neck due to the excessive scratching, the heat continues to encroach upon her soul. Unable to bare the pain any longer, she ran head first and directly rammed against the closest object she can find – the incense cauldron. Fresh blood flowed from her forehead as a result.

“Oh crap, the retarded girl’s really dead!” Wang Gui stepped forward and checked, finding no movement whatsoever from the body.

Looking at each other in dismay, the servants now knew what fear felt like. The retarded girl’s position in the family may be low and petty, plus she wasn’t given any value of importance, but she’s still an authentic young lady of the Ye family regardless of how the other family members frowned upon her.

“What are you lot still standing there in a daze for? Hurry and go find the young master.” Panic-stricken, Wang Gui fled with the rest of his goons in haste.

In the ancestral hall, Ye Ling Yue’s small little body had curled up into a fetal position like how a baby would inside a mother’s womb.

“Mother,” she calls out helplessly to get no reply from her plea.

Gradually, the scorching heat eventually subsides to leave her internal organs a twisted mess. Even so, she’s alive and that’s all that matters.

Not knowing how much time had passed, an explosive sound blows up in her mind like something had just popped open in her dantian. Precisely at this moment, something else was occurring inside her body. Streak after streak, red flashes of energy were spreading across her entire body, healing and repairing the damages the mortal body had acquired in this day.

Her fingers twitched. Opening those eyes, the scenery around the girl becomes clear and the sluggishness that once gripped those pupils had evaporated. In its place, a brilliance as bright as the scattered stars had taken hold.

What came into her view next was a rustically quaint, yet grandiose room with a rectangular table filled with offerings to the memorial tablets of the ancestors.

“I’m-I’m alive again,” mumbling to herself, she gazes down at her own hands to reaffirm the reality of the situation.

Small, thin, and covered in scars of all types and sizes, this was a girl’s body that had gone through much hardship and endured lots of pain and humiliation.

Standing up, she attempts to recall the information belonging to this body and the current her. But due to the damaged intellect of her former self, only fragments of her past could be deciphered.

From the looks of it, I still need more time to adapt.

Just as she’s about to take her leave, a string of bubbling sound crossed her ears when she swung around.

Not far away on the old incense cauldron, the puddle of blood in which she herself had left behind when ramming head first into the thing had started to go through a transformation.

At a speed perceptible to the naked eye, the blood was clearly seeping into the thing like its being absorbed.

Unsure what to make of this, a rush of cold air scurried up her feet. Though she’s scared by the freakiness of it all, a stronger sense of curiosity got the better of her. Moving closer, she reaches out with her hand.

In the moment of contact, a strange thing happened.

Swish ––

That old cauldron, which originally needed no less than two to three strong men to lift, transformed into a string of black light and entered into her right hand, disappearing from existence as a result.

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