Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1694 - Honey Trap? (R-18)

Chapter 1694 - Honey Trap? (R-18)

The same time Evelynn moaned when Davis penetrated her, he took her lips, indulging in her taste that was mixed with all their essences.

"Mhnn~ Nhh~ Nnn~"

On the other hand, Evelynn knew that his dick smeared with Isabella's saliva was inside her, still pleasurable, perhaps even more pleasurable, as it gave her the impression that it was harder and hotter than ever. Regardless of the considerations, she still passionately kissed him, wanting him to make love with her at this moment.

Abruptly, Davis took another vial and poured it all over his mouth, causing Evelynn to look at him in confusion.

"This is an aphrodisiac I concocted years ago, capable of working on Eighth Stage Body Tempering Cultivators. Although it won't have much effect on us, if you don't resist, it'll slightly be able to boost our passion for each other."

Davis sent a soul transmission to Evelynn, causing her to contemplate, but not as a jab below from his dick changed her mind to yes instantly as she nodded.


Evelynn passionately captured his lips again and began to suck the aphrodisiac out of his mouth as he swallowed them along with his saliva..

Looking at them go at it crazily, Isabella felt a tingle in her lower body. She could no longer stand watching as she felt irritated and appeared behind him, pasting her big bosoms over his back as she began to suck on his neck and shoulders while slowly roaming her hands all over his body as if imitating his actions that he would do for her as a form of revenge.


Davis felt both mounts of firmness push against him from the front and the back, making him pound Evelynn with even more ferocity. He groped Evelynn's bubbly butt as he squished their softness and spread them wide, making her feel pleasurable.

"Mhm!~ Mhm!~ Nhnn~"

Evelynn's lips were sealed, but she crazily moaned into his mouth with each thrust, further exciting him into a spiral of pleasure that made him feel crazy, causing him to lift both legs of hers into the air as he pounded her silly.

At this moment, Evelynn's spider lances extended from her back and actually enveloped the three of them into an embrace tightly, causing them to widen their eyes but still not stop. It was as if they became one at this moment, making them feel immensely connected as they pleasured each other.

"Aah~ Ahhhn~ Mhnmn~ Ughh~"

Their voices of pleasure and ecstasy were mixed as their bodies moved in a trance before Davis finally ejaculated inside Evelynn while Isabella was sucking his neck and ears. Both Evelynn and Davis trembled from orgasming, while Isabella could feel their intensity from Davis's trembling body and Evelynn's spider lances that clattered.

While ejaculating inside Evelynn, Davis suddenly left her mouth and turned to look back, seeking Isabella, but due to the height difference, she was unable to reach when Evelynn's spider lances lifted her up and made her reach Davis's lips.

"Ahnn~ Mhnn~ Mhm~~"

Davis and Isabella began to exchange kisses, making them able to share their love while Evelynn received his hot semen inside her, making her feel satisfied as she raised her head and closed her eyes.

Davis felt like he had the time of his life, being able to ejaculate inside seductive beauty and kiss with the imperial beauty as he made love with the both of them. He thrust inside Evelynn ever so lightly, making her still cum while sucking the sweet saliva of Isabella, making him feel as though he was in heaven for the third time today.

Soon, their ecstasies ended, replaced with clarity. The three of them looked at each other, having satisfied and bashful smiles.

"Thank you, Evelynn~"

Isabella spoke while Evelynn nodded as she let Isabella down. The former didn't thank her for lifting her up, but it was for the warm embrace, making her feel one at that moment even though she was not intimately connected with Davis.

"Damn, Evelynn. These deadly scythes of yours can also be used like this?"

Davis suggestively smiled before he thrust inside her again.

"Ahhn~" Evelynn leaked a shameful moan, making her feel embarrassed again, "What are you doing? It's Isabella's turn- Ahhn~ Aaah~"

"It sure is..."

Davis wickedly smiled as he turned Evelynn around and flew with her above the bed, making her drop one of her legs on the surface of the floral bed as he let go of her left thigh.


At the same time, he pushed her on the bed and made her busts bounce under him, the sight of it causing his sapphire eyes to turn almost bloodshot.

Still, he crisscrossed his legs with Evelynn while still connected and reached out his hand towards the perplexed Isabella.

Suddenly, soul force bound Isabella as Davis pulled her towards him.

Isabella didn't resist as she flew straight towards him and fell beside Evelynn as he aligned them side by side. The next moment, his upper body bent to Isabella's side and neared her pleasure hole after he spread her legs.


A sigh of pleasure escaped from Isabella's mouth as she felt his tongue lick her lower lips.

Davis looked at Isabella's pink flesh of her folds was already glistening wetly. He extended his tongue out and began to lick her with skill and intensity while at the same time, he began to move his hips, thrusting his rock-hard dick into Evelynn.

"This position..."

Isabella and Evelynn looked at their lower bodies that were connected by a Davis. It felt so shameful yet, at the same time, immensely pleasurable.

"...! Ahnn!~"

Suddenly, the pleasure spiked as they both loudly moaned before they closed their mouths from embarrassment while their eyes began to tremble. When they looked down, they found him using that damned life energy to boost their sensitivity and pleasure again!

Indeed, Davis's dick and tongue were coated with his life energy as she pleasured their cave holes. His tongue explored Isabella's wet and fleshly cave that even tried to clamp on his tongue from the overwhelming pleasure he bestowed while his dick thrust into Evelynn's pleasurable spot that always made her mewl like a woman in heat.

He was mixing up how he was thrusting inside Evelynn, sometimes making smaller movements and other times thrusting as deep as he could. Evelynn's legs began shaking so much they looked like they were kicking him, but she finally wrapped around his hips while Isabella also wrapped her legs around his head, trapping him over their honeypots as they made it a true honey trap.

"Aaah!~ Aahnn!~ Ahhn~"

Evelynn and Isabella's moans were unabashed by now as they no longer held their voices. They even held hands with each other, forming a triangle with Davis. It made for beautiful scenery with Davis using his tools to pleasure them while they held their hands and had their expressions melted.

His tongue and hip movements were that of an expert's, matching the time they could orgasm before he finally made them reach their peak as he planned.

"I'm... cumming...!"

Isabella and Evelynn orgasmed at the same time, squirting their yin essence over his crotch and face while Davis did his best to swallow from Isabella's pussy and absorb from Evelynn's cave hole. Their yin essence was no longer transparent but murky white as if slightly foaming in the process of mixing with his yang essence from their previous sessions, but he still absorbed them as they did the same for him.

In a threesome, accepting each other's essence was the essence of making love. Once he sucked Isabella clean and thrust Evelynn to death, he finally stood up as he saw the two women smile with stupid yet utterly satisfied expressions on their faces.

He raised his brows as he saw them holding hands, making him feel more gratified in terms of romantic fulfillment.

Nevertheless, he didn't stop, nor did he feel like stopping. He bent his legs and appeared right before Isabella's lower body as he spread her legs apart before entering her.


Isabella let out a delirious moan as her eyes still hadn't gained her clarity back. However, she could still feel his rock-hard, and scorching cock enter her pussy as it made its way all the way to her womb, making her receive that gratifying feeling of being pierced after being licked to death.

Her welcomely sticky flesh began to subconsciously move rapidly back and forth along the full length of his cock, egging him on.

However, Davis didn't start to thrust. Instead, he suppressed his desire and reached out his hand to Evelynn, pulling smooth her leg closer before lifting her up and placing her on his shoulder, her fleshly wet folds right before his face while her legs had gone behind his back.

Evelynn, who had just regained clarity, looked at Isabella below her, while Isabella was also shocked to see Evelynn above her, hanging straight like a rod from Davis's neck.


Suddenly, Evelynn could feel Davis's tongue run wild in her pussy. Her expression melted as she bit her lips while her waist went limp, needing something to hold onto when she used her spider lances to grasp the bedsheet, inevitably making a hole in it.

However, she was astonished to see Isabella raise her hands to give her some support, which she took after a moment of hesitation.

Looking at them join hands once again, Davis deviously grinned as he licked Evelynn's fleshly walls before he moved his hips.


Isabella moaned under his thrusts while holding Evelynn, who was above. They could see each of their expressions melt, and it didn't take them long to discover that Davis was doing this on purpose. However, his life energy that once again became active on his tools made their faces crimson and melted even more.





He did not alternate but sucked and pistoned their pussies simultaneously, causing them to be unable to hold back their licentious moans. He pleasured them with maddening motions, disallowing them to regain their sanity.

After some time of invoking pleasurable waves, he wanted to see their expression. When he lowered his head, he could see their breasts jiggling before his eyes. It made him feel thirsty, but he raised his head and began to suck the essence out of Evelynn's pleasure hole.


The same could be said about Isabella, who felt his dick make massive waves inside her as she crazily moaned.

Their melted expressions seemed to be no longer one of shame as they held each other and orgasmed at the same time again. Simultaneously, Isabella's lips curved into a stupid smile as she felt his yang essence flood her womb, making her hope that she got pregnant every time he released inside her. Her vagina trembled and contracted on him, trying to milk his seeds as much as possible.

Evelynn also shook from squirting out her yin essence. However, she finished sooner than Isabella and looked at her still bask in the pleasure of being cummed inside. At the same time, she wished Isabella well, hoping that she obtained her wish of becoming pregnant with his child.

After Davis finally let them go, they breathed hard for a while before they glanced at innocently smiled at each other. However, their innocence only lasted for a moment before they seductively grinned at him.

Davis's brows twitched as he saw them approach him with female sensuality. Their hands both reached out to his chest as they pushed him on the bed and looked over him with sensual and adoring gazes.

After they pushed him onto the bed, he felt their big, soft boobs pressed against his chest, slimy tongues crawling along his upper body, and flexible fingers rubbing and stroking at his rock-hard cock.

They pleasured him with their tongues and hands before he finally came again, both of them hurrying up to drink his yang essence as they took turns swallowing.

Time passed with sexual movements being made on each other.

Evelynn and Isabella were very obedient. They came to accept each other and tried to please him as much as possible, listening to his requests even without listening to his requests as they let them do whatever he wanted to them, although they believed that he would not do anything they didn't like.

Davis deepthroated Isabella on the edge of the bed while kissing and making love with Evelynn with his mouth as he held her dear and repeated the position vice versa, deepthroating Evelynn and making love with Isabella.

At a moment of rest, they both pushed their bountiful and voluptuous bosoms against his face, letting him devour them however he wanted as their expressions melted from his hands' touch and slimy tongue that made an intoxicating work of their hard pink buds while they jerked him off multiple times with their lithe and flexible fingers.

Next, he sandwiched the both of them on top of each other and alternatively entered their holes and made them experience his rapid yet phantom thrusts that made them feel like he never left their pleasure holes.

The sexual smell of yang essence and yin essence flooded the room, making their minds clouded with extreme sensuality.

Both Evelynn and Isabella tried so many positions they hadn't tried before and found the wonders of letting him do them both at the same time while the discomfort gradually disappeared from their hearts, replaced with newfound pleasure.

Finally, half a day later, they decided that it was enough for their first session of threesome dual cultivation before they stopped and rested above the bed.

Davis was surrounded by his two soft empresses in both arms, their creamy and warm skin layered on him, and the scent of sexual pheromones gone a bit rampant from the nectar, and the aphrodisiac made them feel rather romantic than sexual before they drifted into sleep.

He kissed their foreheads gently one last time before he too drifted off to sleep, hoping that the tributes from the Dragon Families would be sent at the last minute in the night instead of the morning as he wanted to enjoy his time with them.

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