Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince

Chapter Ch68 - Little Secret

Chapter Ch68 - Little Secret

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A decade later.

In the bustling airport, a young man wearing a tan-colored windbreaker has been frequently glancing at the watch. His hair was slightly curly and contrasting his exquisite and snow-white face, it made him look gentle and warm.

“This is…” A voice suddenly rang and a middle-aged man got out of the car in front and glanced at the young man. “It’s Zhen…”

“Hello Teacher Liang.” Zhen Yuanbai suddenly smiled and nodded.

He always had a good memory and at first glance, he was able to recognize the man in front of him to be Liang Xiude, his highschool math teacher. Liang Xiude glanced at him and praised, “These years, I’ve heard new abouts you. You just… returned?”

He looked at the suitcases by Zhen Yuanbai’s side.

The shy and timid young man from the past has transformed into a gentle young man. He smiled a contagious smile. He appeared harmless, but he was confident and calm. He said, “I’m on my annual leave, so I came back to visit.”

“Eh?” Seeing that there was still time left, Liang Xiude asked, “How are you and Shi Bufan?”

The night the college entrance exam was over, a few groups had erupted into discussion. The next morning, Shi Bufan and Zhen Yuanbai even made it on the hot search rankings on social media. There were pictures of them kissing under the college entrance exam banner. Don’t mention the whole school who the two would see every day, but even strangers widened their eyes at the sight of the pictures.

Those who didn’t recognize the kids believed that the two must be bad students who got poor grades.

But the previous night, the video of the TV station interviewing Zhen Yuanbai and Shi Bufan was quickly edited out. The TV station proved that the two were basically top students and they made it on two of the hot search rankings. Even more, once the college entrance exam grades came out, everyone was shocked.

The two of them actually scored full marks on the college entrance exam!

It was the miracle within a miracle that there were two people with top scores in the province and even more, their grades in other subjects were considerately good too. Their grades painted another layer of color on their relationship. Those who had been meddling in other people’s businesses and disapproving of them quietly disappeared. Later on, Shengyi High School started spreading the story of the two of them. Although they exaggerated some parts, what was undeniable was that everyone in Shengyi High School all admired them.

Even more, don’t mention how Zhen Youxiu had gotten into the same college as his elder brother. Zhen Family’s brothers were the legend of the legend.

For a while, Zhen Yuanbai’s face would flush whenever Shi Bufan was mentioned. However, he was able to faintly smile and handle this right now. “He will come and pick me up later.”

Liang Xiude nodded and sighed with feelings, saying, “You guys don’t see each other that often, but who knew you guys have such a great relationship?”

Actually, it wasn’t that they never saw each other. Although the scientific project Zhen Yuanbai was participating in was secretive, Shi Bufan was able to come and visit him from time to time. Now, Shi Bufan was a well-known figure within the business world and he sponsored most of the scientific research there was.

Zhen Yuanbai chatted some more and before leaving, Liang Xiude suddenly turned around and said, “Were you sick during your junior year?”


“That year, I thought that Shi Bufan had hit you, so I went after him in the dorms. In the end, I found out that you were hiding under the blankets. Were you really sick that day?”

Zhen Yuanbai recalled Shi Bufan actually making up a lie to deceive Liang Xiude. He was a bit embarrassed and said, “No… what did he say to you?”

“He said that you accidentally scrubbed your chest too hard while showering and scratched the skin. Whenever you touch it, it hurts. However, you were too shy to go to the doctor.”

“…” Zhen Yuanbai said, “Never, that never happened!”

Liang Xiude chuckled and said, “I thought about it many times and I thought that wasn’t the truth either. Ok, I need to head in now. Goodbye.”

Zhen Yuanbai’s face was red from embarrassment.

That wasn’t what happened… what would the teacher make of their relationship now?!

Zhen Yuanbai was fuming with anger and when Shi Bufan walked over, that was the scene he saw. He knitted his eyebrows and said, “What’s the matter? Who angered you?”

“You’re a bastard!” The moment Zhen Yunabai saw him, he couldn’t keep up his gentle persona. He threw his suitcase by Shi Bufan and got into the car.

Shi Bufan admitted his fate and placed his suitcase into the trunk of the car. He sat in the driver’s seat and said, “You have the guts to scold me? What did you say to me in the past? You said that you’ll return three days ago, but guess what happened now?”

“That’s what I thought.” Zhen Yuanbai said rudely, “I scold you not because you made me wait for you, but because…”

Shi Bufan raised his eyebrows and faintly said, “Because what?”

“…Nothing.” Zhen Yuanbai placed his seatbelt on and looked ahead. Shi Bufan withdrew his gaze and started the engine when he heard his darling say, “Wait.”

Shi Bufan stopped and as expected, he heard him talking endlessly about the safety of seatbelts as he put the seatbelt on for him. “You have to put your seatbelt on while driving. Do you know how dangerous it is if you don’t?”

Shi Bufan curled his lips up and when Zhen Yuanbai looked at him again, he said coldly, “I know.”

Actually, whenever Shi Bufan was in the car with someone else, he would remember to put on his seatbelts. There was nothing he could do about this. Whenever his darling called, he would remind him to follow the law and safety was first when he drove the car. Even more, he had to go do a checkup on his body from time to time, and he couldn’t smoke or drink too excessively… yada yada. He obviously cared about his life since he needed to love his darling. Therefore, he remembered everything Zhen Yuanbai said. But whenever the latter was by his side, he purposely acted like he forgot everything, so he could enjoy this treatment from Zhen Yuanbai.

After Zhen Yuanbai sat still, Shi Bufan still drove the car with an indifferent expression. Zhen Yuanbai secretly looked at him and murmured, “You’re still angry?”

“Heg. Do I dare to be angry?”

Zhen Yuanbai said helplessly, “I’m really busy. Look, aren’t I back now? I even asked for a long break, so I can come back and stay with you.”

“How long?”

“Half a month.” Zhen Yuanbai revealed a smile, but Shi Bufan’s gaze became gloomy. “What? You think that you can please me within this half month?”

“Half a month is enough.” Zhen Yuanbai said softly, “We can go home and get our household registers tonight, and we can get our marriage certificate tomorrow.”

“You think that planning for a wedding doesn’t involve any time?” When mentioning this, Shi Bufan had a fierce gaze. “Don’t forget how you told me that you were going to marry me three years ago. And now what? It’s been delayed to this year. Three days ago, you said that you’ll get married to me, but you delayed another three days. I have a feeling that once we’re done getting our marriage certificate tomorrow, you might receive a call and then apologize to me for delaying the wedding.”

“No.” Zhen Yuanbai raised his hand and said seriously, “I promise I won’t. Plus, we are planning to establish a research institute here in half a year. When the time comes, I’ll come back here to work. Then, we can meet frequently.”

Shi Bufan shook his head, clearing not believing this.

Zhen Yuanbai thought that he could only prove this with time.

When they returned to the Zhen Family, Zhen Yuanbai received enthusiastic welcomes. Hearing that the two came back to grab their household registers, Qin Ying immediately got out and shoved it into Zhen Yuanbai’s hands. She smiled and said, “Ok, you guys should’ve long gotten married. You guys are going to get your marriage certificates tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Zhen Yuanbai said, “Youxiu probably won’t be able to come back until a few days later and he said for you guys to not miss him too much.”

Zhen Youxiu entered the military as he wished. He had a clever mind and flexible body, so he had been doing well. However, he didn’t seem to like the lifestyle there, so he planned on being discharged from military service after a while and coming back. He wanted to follow Shi Bufan’s footsteps and work on the holographic technologies.

Zhen Yuanbai hadn’t been back for a long time, so he talked to his parents for a while. Zhen Pingjin lazily leaned against the massaging chair that Shi Bufan boughf or him. He quite enjoyed his conversation with Shi Bufan. After all, Zhen Pingjin had a gaming company, so he was an expert in this field.

When Zhen Yuanbai left from his parent’s house, Qin Ying suddenly handed him a car and said, “Youxiu left this for you.”

Shi Bufan looked over and Zhen Yuanbai took the little card, saying in shock, “Youxiu left this for me?”

“Right. He said that when you marry Fanfan, he’ll give it to you. He said that Shi Bufan will tell you what this is.”

Zhen Yuanbai was confused and he asked, “Is this the money that Youxiu saved? I can’t take his money.”

“It’s not his money. He saved his money. He said that this belonged to you from the start.”

Shi Bufan said on the side, “Was his original words ‘only give this to Yuanyuan when he gets married or breaks up?’”

Those were his original words. Qin Ying said helplessly, “The kid acts like that. Don’t take it to your heart.”

How could Zhen Yuanbai not know about his younger brother’s personality? He accepted the card questioningly and said, “Go and check how much money is in there.”

“If I’m not wrong, there should be at least a few million.”

Zhen Yuanbai arrived at the bank and noticed that Shi Bufan was correct. He asked shockingly, “How do you know? Where did Youxiu get this money from?”

“Where else?” Shi Bufan got in the car with him and hugged Zhen Yuanbai. He closed the door and said, “He obviously set up a trap for me and waited for me to fall in.”

“What?” Zhen Yuanbai was shocked. In his mind, he labelled his brother as ‘liar,’ ‘gold-digger’ ‘scumbags,’ and such. Then, he ripped off the labels and said angrily, “Youxiu wouldn’t do that.”

“Do you remember that I said I would tell you something on our wedding night?”

“?” Zhen Yuanbai immediately moved over and said softly, “What exactly?”

“Do a good job at serving upon me tonight…” Shi Bufan pinched Zhen Yuanbai’s chin and laughed sinisterly. “I’ll tell you then.”

Zhen Yuanbai’s face turned red and he moved away. The two of them had dated for so many years, but Zhen Yuanbai’s face still reddened from time to time. Shi Bufan was proud of that and prepared to drive them towards their new home when Zhen Yuanbai suddenly called Zhen Youxiu in the car. That boy immediately ruined Shi Bufan’s plan and said, “Did you receive the card? Remember when I asked Brother Shi for an allowance back then? He’s been transferring money in all these years. Originally, I thought that he would’ve dumped you, so the money would’ve been for compensation, but I didn’t expect for you guys to be together today. What? I don’t know. You can ask Shi Bufan about that. I’m going to hang up now.”

Zhen Yuanbai rambled and then hung up. Meanwhile, Zhen Yuanbai stared at Shi Bufan and then hit him, and then again. “Didn’t you say that you won’t give him money in the past? You lied to me?”

“I think that what he was considering was reasonable. If I dumped you, I deserve to give you compensation. If I didn’t, he needs to give the money back anyway. It’s not like you will suffer a loss.”

“Then what if I dump you?” Zhen Yuanbai’s words received Shi Bufan’s silent disdain. He was gloomy for a second before he said fiercely, “You guys dare to make this deal behind my back. Quickly tell me. What else have you hid from me?”

“Nothing.” Shi Bufan said, “This was the secret that I was going to share with you during our wedding night, but that boy actually exposed me like that. What other secrets could I have?”

Zhen Yuanbai clutched the card and suddenly laughed. He looked at the driver or Shi Bufan and then he said softly, “Then…”

“Why don’t you treat today as our wedding night?”

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