Flower Master in the City

Chapter 1473

Chapter 1473

In Jianghai City, there is a very famous school called tomorrow noble school. In terms of tuition, there is no doubt that this school is the most expensive of all schools in Jianghai City, worthy of the name of noble school. However, the most famous reason here is not only that it is the most expensive, but that it is the worst school.

In terms of hardware, it's actually very good. All kinds of teaching facilities are the best in Jianghai City, but the students here are really rotten. If the students here are not the second generation of the rich, or the second generation of the officials, there are not many good birds. It's said that the second generation of the rich and the second generation of the officials who are a little better will not come here. The students who gather here are basically It's a hopeless group of students.

From a simple thing, we can see how bad this school is. In this school only for primary school students, there are two digit girls pregnant every year!

This morning, a boy who looked only eight or nine years old walked into tomorrow's noble school. He carried a schoolbag, but he didn't wake up. He stood at the door and yawned a few times.

"Boy, the new one?" At this time, three people appeared in front of the little boy. They were not very old either. They were 11 or 12 years old. They were two men and one woman, one fat man, one four eyes, and one girl who was too early developed. But the girl who just spoke was the girl who was too early developed.

"Small sample, ask you something!" Fat Dun urged.

"Let's talk, brother. Who are you going to hang out with?" The four eyed boy also spoke.

The little boy didn't answer, and the fat man said: "little sample, mix with me. My father is one of the ten richest people in Jianghai. Do you know my father's name? My father is that... "

Before fat Dun finished, the four eyed boy interrupted him: "don't listen to him, brother. He's just a second generation of rich people. My father is the deputy director, my grandfather is a senior official, I'm the second generation of officials. How can the second generation of rich people compare with the second generation of my officials? It's promising to mix with me..."

The boy with four eyes didn't finish, and the overgrown girl interrupted him: "cut it, don't argue with me, boy, or mix with me. No matter the rich generation or the official generation, I still have to drill into my girl's skirt? I tell you, the most beautiful girls in the school are all mixed up with me! "

The little boy yawned: "boring."

"Shit, you dare say we're bored? What's your name? No, what's your father's name? I asked my dad to smoke your dad! " Fat man is not satisfied.

"My name is cool in summer, cold in summer." The little boy said lazily, "welcome to beat my father."

"What a name What? Summer, summer... " Fat Dun didn't think so, then suddenly thought of something and began to stutter.

"Cold summer? Summer of summer? Is your father summer? " The boy with four eyes also changed greatly.

"Isn't your mother cold?" The girl was nervous, too.

"Don't bother me. I'll find a place to sleep." Xia Leng yawned again, and then walked forward.

Three people hurried to get out of the way and let Xia Leng go straight.

When Xia Leng walked tens of meters, they suddenly reacted and chased forward together.

"Big brother, take me as little brother!"

"Big brother, big brother, I'm willing to do something for you!"

"Fart, can you be a horse? I can make a horse for my elder brother...... "

Xia Leng didn't return either. He went on, but left a sentence: "you are not qualified to be my little brother."

The three of them were downcast, and they dared not go after them again.


Fairy Island.

"Hey, you still can't get up?" Yeyumei looks at the man lying on the bed, a little dissatisfied. "It doesn't matter if you don't get up, let go of Xiaoya. Xiaoya and I are going to have a snack!"

"Long leg sister, where are you going to have a snack this morning?" Summer around the elegant waist of the moon, and then the night jade Mei around the past, a little curious asked.

"Can I go to New York to eat?" Yeyumei murmurs, but she is helpless. The dead wolf has been enjoying this kind of thing for many years. As long as he stays here for the night, he will toss the two of them all night.

"Long legged sister, I'll accompany you to have a snack in the evening." In summer, one hand is dishonest on her again.

"You think it's beautiful. Xiao Ya and I have already made a reservation. First we go to New York, then we go shopping in Hong Kong, and then we go to Dubai by the way. Well, then we go back to Rome..." The night jade Mei reads out a dozen place names in one breath.

Summer heard a little dizzy, turned to look at the moon Qingya: "fairy sister, long leg sister did not cheat me?"

"I didn't deceive you. Well, Xiaomei and I are going out to have a look." The moon smiles.

"All right." In summer, they had to let go of them. After a while, they dressed and disappeared from the house.

In summer, I dressed and got up very quickly. I flashed to another room.

"Honey, I'm going to work." In the room, a police uniform of cold ice has been dressed neatly.

"Bingbing, let's go to work later." Summer around her waist, a hand has begun to untie her uniform.

"Well, I'll call first." She knew that she couldn't go to work today.


late at night.

On the Fairy Island, the Spirit Park, now there are no small goblins, fighting in their own workshop.

It's just that Jiangshan is easy to change. To this day, the goblin still hasn't changed her bad habit of sleeping in the daytime and working at night. In summer, she hasn't been forced to change it. After all, her accomplishments, even if reversed day and night, won't have any impact on her body, let alone worry about her not being beautiful.

"Look at me, goblin. Kill all your hackers alone. Ha ha ha..." The goblin is quite proud now.

"Are you alone?" At this time, the voice of summer rings. Looking at the goblin in the room, he is a little sad. The goblin's wife has refined many parts, not to use them to accompany him, but to fight against hackers. So, in the hacker world, it seems that there are many super hackers.

"Husband, I am a person, and they are all me!" The goblin was very happy to see summer. She gave the hacker wars to her sub bodies, and she put herself into summer's arms. "Husband, I seem to refine too many sub bodies recently, a little tired. Would you like to lose some power to me?"

"Whoever asked you to refine so many parts, they didn't refine them, so you did." In summer, he shook his head, but one hand went into her clothes. Since she was going to lose, he would give her a little. Anyway, he could not get enough.


in the morning a few days later.

Lying on the beach in summer, Meier lies in his arms. Last night, they spent another night on the beach.

"Summer." Just then, a rather hurried voice came.

Summer sat up, looking at people, a little wonder: "peace of mind, what is so urgent?"

"It seems that there is something wrong with her majesty. She asked you to go quickly!" Said reassuringly and anxiously.

In summer, her face changed slightly, and she disappeared on the beach in a flash, and came to the Queen's bedroom of Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying, still dressed in Green Palace clothes, is sitting on the bed with her knees crossed. She looks normal.

"I'm fine." A faint voice sounded, "I'm back."

"You?" In the summer, although the voice seems to be a little distant and strange, he can still hear it. It belongs to the fairy girl Ji Qingying, who went to Xianyun land.

"There's something you need to decide." Ji Qingying said slowly: "my body is merging with her body, but she is not very willing to merge. I want to ask you, do you want us to merge, or do we separate completely. This time, once I separate from her, we will become two people from then on, and there will be no chance to merge."

"Separate." Summer almost did not hesitate to make a decision immediately, so many years ago, he had regarded her as an independent woman, rather than a separate body.

"Good." As like as two peas, she was allowed to come down. In the next second, there appeared two very beautiful women in the summer. "After that, we are like a twin sister with a telepathy. I think she needs a new name. It's better to call it pure and pure. I am Ji Qing Ying. She is Ji Qing Chun. I believe you love her innocence."

"I'll see if she likes the name." Summer really has no opinion about it.

"I like it!" Ji Qingchun smiled, "later, I will be Ji Qingchun!"

"Then you'd better live together later." The scorcher as like as two peas in the summer looked at two of them.

"Good." This time, the two women replied in unison.


there is a legend in Jianghai city. When summer comes, summer will appear. We can get rid of the bad and save the beautiful women by the way. However, it has gradually become a true legend, because almost no one has ever seen it.

They don't know that most of the time in summer, in fact, is on the Fairy Island. He doesn't like to get rid of the tyranny. He's not interested in saving the beautiful women now. He only likes to live a fairy life with his fairy sister, his long legged sister, his little Joe and Bing Bing, and all the other wives. Of course, occasionally he goes shopping with her, but Usually not in Jianghai, but in other places.

Summer also gradually only appears in the legend. In the legend, there is a man who is the best expert in the world, the best doctor in the world, and the richest man in the world He has a lot of the best in the world, but most importantly, he is the happiest man in the world.

"My name is summer, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the first day in the world!" This sentence, always remember in many people's hearts, this person, will never be forgotten.

(the end of the book)

closing speech

closing speech

one and a half years, four million words, so far, "flower protectors in the city" is finally over, looking back on the past, with a lot of regrets.

It has been eight years since I started writing in 2004, but before that, I have never spent such a long time and energy on a book. For me, "flower protection" is a great breakthrough. This book makes me complete a self transcendence. For this, I would like to sincerely thank the readers who have always supported me, your support, and my persistence, And complete the transcendence.

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