Flower Master in the City

Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474

Chapter 1474: They, Changed by Him

A tourist bus had just left Mu Yang City.

The development of Qingfeng Mountain had allowed Mu Yang County to grow rapidly. A few years ago, Mu Yang County had become the city of Mu Yang, and the small city of the past had now become a mid-tier city.

The development of Qingfeng Mountain had always been under the responsibility of the Qingfeng Mountain Tourism Company. Now, ordinary people only knew that the company's president was called Yun Qing, a beauty that could topple nations. They also knew that in Mu Yang City, even the mayor had to be polite when he saw Yun Qing.

The development of Qingfeng Mountain had always been dominated by the government, and the tourism company of Yun Qing had always led the development of Qingfeng Mountain, and the whole development process showed a strong sense of environmental protection, which was a true protection development. And with the efforts of Yun Qing, Qingfeng Mountain Scenic Spot had also been turned into a real paradise on earth.

Of course, if there were people willing to walk, that would not be a problem, but if they wanted to drive to the Qingfeng Mountain by themselves, that was definitely not allowed. Even if it was an official car, they had to get permission from the scenic area to be able to enter, and it was said that the reason Yun Qing didn't want too many cars entering the Qingfeng Mountain was to affect the air inside.

In the beginning, many people did not want to, but now, most of them have already accepted this condition. Once, a bus from the provincial government was blocked outside, even without a temporary pass, and it was said that very few official cars could enter. Basically, only police cars with major incidents in the scenic area were allowed to enter, as for others, even if it was a leader who came to inspect, he would have to ask them to take a bus over.

"Hello everyone, I welcome you all to call me the special tourist line. I'm Yang Shan, your tour guide. You can call me Tour Guide Yang Shan or Yang Shan. Today, I will accompany you all for a happy day …" She could have gotten a better job, but she had always just been an ordinary tour guide as she enthusiastically introduced her hometown, "Perhaps many people have heard that Qingfeng Mountain is known as the place of refuge. Because of the protection of the fairies, this place has become a true paradise on earth, and in recent years, countless migratory birds have flown in from outside the Qingfeng Mountain every year. Many of them have stayed here, and even in winter, Qingfeng can still see flowers blooming …"

"This is fake, right?" a young man interjected suddenly.

"No, this is all true. Here, I must tell everyone that fairies truly exist, and here, I ask everyone to not speak any words of disrespect towards fairies, or else they might be punished by the fairies. This kind of thing has already happened many times, and I don't want the tourists here to repeat the same mistakes …" Yang Shan had a serious look on her face.

Unfortunately, her kind reminder was not only ignored by others, but instead made some people want to rebel against her. Another tourist then shouted, "I don't believe that there really is a celestial maiden. If there really is a celestial maiden, I'll snatch her back as my wife …"

Yang Shan rubbed her head. She had a headache because she saw that the tourist had fainted.

The people in the car cried out in alarm. Some of them couldn't help but be worried.

"Everyone, don't worry. He's just temporarily unconscious and will be fine. However, he definitely won't be able to see the true paradise on earth." Yang Shan sighed, "I've said it before, this place is really the place where the fairies protect. Do not ever try to defile this place, otherwise, it might not be as simple as just losing consciousness for a few days."

She had seen the man who had stolen her first kiss. She also knew that man was the husband of the fairy, because right now, she was the fairy's part-time maid. When the fairy came to the Qingfeng Mountain, she would serve the fairy.

She was still a tour guide, but she was more than just a tour guide. That man had changed his life.

Moyang City First High School.

The sickly little girl from the past had now grown into a beautiful young girl who could topple all living things. With her absolutely beautiful face, sexy figure, and the extraordinary temperament that came from her body, she attracted countless gazes at every moment. It was just like how, at this moment, whether it was male or female, as well as the teachers and staff, they all subconsciously looked at her.

Actually, there were people watching her in the entire Mu Yang City. A lot of people wanted to pick on her, but they didn't dare because she had an elder sister called Yun Qing. In fact, both she and Yun Qing were now called Mu Yang's Twin Blossom.

"Shi Jun!" A tall and handsome boy caught up from behind.

Shi Jun was slightly unhappy as he turned his head to look at the handsome boy. "Hey, I've already explained myself. I won't like you!"

"Shi Quan, I just want to know, what's wrong with me?" The handsome boy was somewhat confused.

Your father is also the secretary of the city council, but, no matter how good you are, I will never like you. Now I have made it very clear that if you continue to pester me, then don't blame me for beating you up! Shi Quan was slightly unhappy.

"Shi Quan, do you have anyone else you like?" The handsome boy gritted his teeth and asked.

"That's right." Shi Quan answered very straightforwardly.

"Who is he?" The handsome boy's voice rose.

Shi Quan did not reply. He turned around and left.

However, he had only taken a few steps when Shi Jun suddenly turned around and kicked the handsome boy to the ground. "I just said, I will beat you up!"

Everyone was stunned when they saw Shi Quan suddenly turn into a violent young girl. However, after he beat her up, they continued to walk forward as if nothing had happened.

"No matter how good he is, he's still a mortal after all. Brother-in-law sure is evil. Where am I supposed to find a man that can match up to me?" Shi Jun was also complaining in his heart. This brother-in-law had cured her body, but he had also made her no longer an ordinary girl. He had also made her look down on other men.

"Are we really going to fight over brother-in-law with big sister?" Shi Jun was a bit at a loss. There were so many women already!

Jianghai University.

"The school belle is fighting again. Everyone, quickly go watch!" Someone shouted out loudly and countless people ran towards the sports field.

The fight between the school beauties had already become a scene for Jianghai University. Every few days, the two school beauties would have to fight until the sky went dark.

One of the two school beauties was called Su Bei Bei, who was already in graduate school, while the other was Wang Xiao Ya. One of the beauties was called Su Bei, who was already in graduate school, and the other was Wang Xiao Ya, who looked exactly the same as Zhao Yu Ji, who had been extremely popular for more than ten years.

It was said that in the past, they had been fighting non-stop since they were in the Jiang Da Affiliated High School. Later on, Su Bei was admitted to university, and Wang Xiao Ya was still in high school, so they stopped for two years, and then three years ago, when Wang Xiao Ya also entered Jiang Da University, they started fighting again, and as for why they started fighting, no one knew. Some people said that they were more beautiful than others, while others said that they were robbing from other men.

Everyone rushed to the sports field, then felt a little surprised. That's not right, why did today's game end so quickly? Furthermore, it seemed that Su Bei Bei had lost. In the past, they would always fight for a long time, and it was basically a tie.

"Wang Xiao Ya, you are too shameless!" Su Bei Bei looked at Wang Xiao Ya angrily. Her breasts rose and fell, and her beautiful face flushed red from anger, "You slept with that damn pervert right? Otherwise, how could you suddenly become so powerful? "

"Hey, you are the one who is shameless. I'm the wife of my big brother in summer, what's wrong with me going to bed with him? I'm not like you, who clearly wants to seduce Brother Xia but still pretends to be very pure! " Wang Xiao Ya curled her lips, "If you're not convinced, then go find big brother Xia. Unfortunately, big brother Xia might not want you!"

"What are you so proud of? You are the substitute for big sister Yuji! " Su Bei Bei's mouth didn't spare him.

"Su Bei Bei, you should be jealous of me, right? Big brother Xia really likes me right now!" Wang Xiao Ya, however, wasn't angry. She won this fight and was naturally happy, "My lord doesn't care about vile people, I won't play with you today. I'm going home to accompany big brother Xia!"

Wang Xiao Ya left as soon as she said so, and she quickly disappeared.

"Summer you big pervert, I hate you!" Su Bei Bei scolded angrily.

On Jianghai Television Station Sports Channel's interview program, Zhao Qingqing was in the middle of an interview.

Zhao Qingqing, who was known as the Oriental Wise Girl, had challenged all the fighting masters around the world countless times in the past few years, fighting hundreds of times without a single loss. However, she claimed to be the summer hero herself, as for why she was nicknamed that way, many people did not understand.

"Miss Zhao, I heard that you only go to challenge in the summer, so you're called the Summer Heroic Girl. Is that the reason?" The host was also quite curious.

"No." Zhao Qingqing shook her head, "Summer is a person's name, I am the hero of summer."

"Miss Zhao, I heard your biggest wish is to make Chinese martial arts famous all over the world, and let everyone know that Chinese martial arts is the strongest. Is that right?" The host was stunned for a moment before asking again.

"No." Zhao Qingqing shook her head again, "My greatest wish is to be the mistress of the summer."

The support staff was in a mess.

Zhao Qingqing was actually thinking of a man, and was inwardly distressed. Master, Master, I'm really even more beautiful now, can't you see that?

Her life had changed because of him, but could he see her change?

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