Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 21: Space Element?

Chapter 21: Space Element?

21 Space Element?

Hearing what they said, Alicia thought, was their room, a two-person room or a one-person room? she decided to ask Alex later.

When Alicia got back, she saw Firia flirted with Alex, she furious and immediately stopped her. They got back to the classroom, the classroom only lasted for an hour. Before the teacher left, he informed

"There will be a practical test next week for class rankings, and survival test next month for grade rankings so be prepared" and he left.

Everybody got excited. They are very proud of their strength. Suddenly a student comes to Alex. He was somehow good-looking.

"Hey you, you are the dean student right. I'm curious why the dean chooses a commoner like you. I want to duel you" His arrogance through the roof.

Alex looked at him without any interest, then shaking his head and sigh.

"You... do you know who I am. I am Joshua Fergusa, the first son of Marquis Fergusa. I challenge you a commoner is your honor" he was arrogant with his ability ever since he was a kid. That's why he wanted to look good in front of everyone. Alex was his choice, he grabbed all the attention he might get as the dean student. If he as the dean student lose to him, then everybody looked up to him he thought.

...What a complex.

"You..." Alicia sent cold glaze to Joshua

Alex keeps shaking his head.

"Do you afraid? The dean student was only this much."

Alex stood up. Even though the dean just became his teacher for one day, but hearing he was insulted because of him, Alex can't accept it. He sent a cold gaze to Joshua "Tomorrow"

"Fine. Tomorrow after classes in the arena" Joshua then left.

Alicia glaring at Joshua until he not seen anymore, then she turned to Alex.

"Alex, why don't we go back?"

Alex shook his head "I need to see Teacher", then he left to see the dean

"Oh..okay" She looked down


In the dean office,

"Teacher" Alex greeted his teacher.

"Alex, you have come. How are your classes today?"

"It's an alright teacher. I have a request for teacher"

"Oh. What it is?"

"I want to go out"

"Go out? For what?"

"I want to learn forging"

"forging? Haha... Alex, we really have fate for each other. I'm not only a rank 8 fire mage, but I was a master forging too. If you want to learn about forging I will teach you. I have the workshop in there" He then pointed to one of the doors in his office.

Alex's eyes turn bright. He never expected the dean was familiar with forging too

"I need to buy other material"

"if you want to buy material for forging I will supply you so you don't need to go out"

Alex shook his head "I need to buy other material. To tell the truth, I want to buy herbs"

"Herbs?" The dean shocked.

"I know about medicine"

"You know about medicine ?" The dean even more shocked. "Then the reason you want to learn about forging?"

"To make the necessary tool to make medicine"

"You brat... you don't need to think about that. I will make your tool."

"I thank the teacher. But I still want to learn forging"

"Fine fine, I will teach you about forging" the dean then thought 'and I will make sure you love forging more than medicine.'

"But what tool you want to make?" the dean curious about this student of his.

"I want to make, hm.. a bowl-shaped tool that can withstand heat."

"a bowl-shaped tool that can withstand heat? Hmm.. how about you draw it?" Alex then draws the cauldron for Alchemy.

"This... isn't this cauldron?" The dean shocked

Alex shocked "Teacher know ?" When he traveled he never saw or any information about cauldron. So he surprised to see his teacher know.

"I saw this tool when browsing a book about ascender. You know there was someone from this world who ascended. He has a pure fire element, the same as you. The legend said he can make pills that can heal wounds, poison, and many others. And the tools he used to make those pills were this cauldron. Are you?" he looked at Alex seriously

"When I traveled I got a book talking about Alchemy."

"Alchemy...Yes, Alchemist. He is an alchemist. You got his book?"

Alex just nodded. he lied, he got an alchemist book from system, but he can't tell his teacher about system.

"Haha... good. I will make the cauldron for you. For heat resistance, I will need to use Adamantium. Hmm, I think I will need to borrow it from some friend, well whatever." He intended to exchange his favor for adamantium.

"Teacher.." Alex was moved "Is adamantium was this metal?" A piece of metal appeared on Alex's hand.

The dean jaw dropped. "Is... that space element?"

"Space element?" Alex confused, he too forgot using his system inventory in front of his teacher.

"Let's check your element again" He brought mana crystal to Alex. Alex then placed his hand on the mana crystal.

The mana crystal glowing bright red. But the dean who was a rank 8 mage can see. The color wasn't just red, but there's a trace of pink color in it. This color almost goes unnoticed since this color was blinded by pure bright red. But the dean saw this.

"Pink... Space.. Space element. To think my student wasn't just a pure fire element, but also space element. Haha heaven bless me, heaven bless Acacia kingdom." The dean grinning happily.

"Remember to keep this element in secret from other!" the dean continued "Haha, the king wanted to make me surprised with Alex, now If I inform him about Alex's space element, I can payback at him. Hahaha..."

"..." Alex keeps silent, waiting for his teacher to calm down.

[I'm sorry host, this must be because of system]

"System? Is this because of yours?"

[All gacha you got as well as gacha inventory is manipulating a special space to give and to store. Ever since Host starts using me more and more often. This will become more apparent]

".... You are useless aren't you system? You can't even cover your own track. How can I keep you a secret..."

[It's all because Host use me so much]

".... You can't blame me for this. This is your fault...."


"And you even ignoring me..." Alex can't explain this misunderstanding, so he let this misunderstanding go on.

After a while, looking at his teacher started to calm down. "Teacher is this adamantium you talk about?" He presents his teacher with the metal.

Looking at the metal in Alex's hand, the dean nodded "Yes, that's the metal, where do you get this? Whatever with this metal, I will make the cauldron for you. When do you need it?"

"The sooner the better"

"Come and get it the day after tomorrow." Alex nodded.

"Take this, if you want to go in and out of the academy, just show this token. They will think you run an errand for me"

"Thanks, teacher"

"Alright, for now, I will teach you about basic fire magic" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

The dean started to lecture Alex. But he shocked by what Alex do, Alex explained the whole story about his practice in the duke house. When he using a new chant and magic.

Alex tried to use chantless magic, the one he tried on the mansion but failed. The dean jaw dropped looking at Alex who looked like a monster. He then started to teach Alex the basics of Mana manipulation to improve Alex's understanding of chantless magic. After two hours Alex succeeds using chantless magic. Though only for one second.

"It's already late, you can go back"

Alex nodded and left. He keeps reviewing Mana manipulation on his way back. Alex eats his dinner in the cafeteria and went to his room.

Alex opened his room, Alicia sitting on the sofa reading a book. When Alex opened the room, she stood up.

"Alex, you back" She smiled.

"Yes, princess." Unsatisfied with Alex response she pouted

"You have your dinner?" Alex nodded.

"You have a fighting tomorrow, are you okay?"

"There should be no problem." He nodded.

"That's good then" She smiled

Alex sat on the sofa on the lotus pose once again. Looking at Alex focusing more on training than her, she pouted.

"You want to train again?"

Alex nodded.

"Fine" She pouted.

Even in the mansion, Alex only wakes up, train, eat, train again, and back to sleep. If not she insisted on going out with Alex. Alex will hold upon his room.

She sigh, she observed Alex a bit more and continue to read the book again.

In the night, after Alex finished cultivating. He saw Alicia once again fall asleep in his lap.

He shook his head and sigh. He carried her again to bed and covers her with quilt then he sleeps.

In the morning, Alicia wakes up seeing Alex practicing his sword again.

"You wake up Princess, your breakfast on the table" Alex said.

She then eats her breakfast.

"Alex, tell me the truth. When you go to the cafeteria to get breakfast. How many do you get?"

"What do you mean princess?"

"You know what I mean. We got breakfast depending on which room we have. If we have a two-person room then we got two breakfasts. If we have a one-person room then we only get one breakfast. So tell me the truth"


"So it's really like I guessed. I don't want to have breakfast tomorrow." Looking at Alex, she knows.

"Princess, you need breakfast."

"I don't want!" She pouted

"This.." Alex doesn't know what to do.

"As long as you don't have breakfast. Then I don't want to have breakfast" she snorted

"This... I will cook my breakfast then. So please have breakfast princess"

"You can cook?" Alicia surprised. She never saw Alex cooking.

"A bit" Alex who living without the care of his family. He studies cooking a bit. Now he also has a cooking manual. So he doesn't know what the result of his cooking now. "But please eat"

"Then alright" she reluctantly eats. After she finished "let's go to class"

Alex nodded and followed her.

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