Genius Girl

202 Chapter 202: A wounded sould

A wounded soul.

Daniella waddling like a zombie in the street didn't mind all the people that kept bumping her body. Each of her hand was holding the luggage that Evan left, it was full of her clothes which only meant one thing, he really didn't want him to be in the villa anymore.

Her eyes were dried, the face looked wreck with her messed up makeup but she didn't mind it. All the eyes looking at her were full of complication gaping what happened to her.

She kept walking and walking, her legs didn't feel tired. She must have been walking for hours but it was the only thing she could do for now.

She was walking to nowhere, her eyes were focused ahead of her with no destination.

One step after another Daniella didn't know she could walk this far.

The cold wind puffed, she stopped for a moment and embraced herself.

She looked up in the sky, the clear sky with stars shining in them reflected her eyes which were glooming with pain.

She let out a heavy sigh and looked at the road. She saw a taxi coming to her direction, she lifted a hand to stop it.

When the taxi stopped, she opened the backseat door and settled there. The face remained emotionless.

"Where are we going to miss?" the driver asked.

Daniella bit her lips. Where would she go now? She had already considered the villa her home but now that she was thrown out, where would she go?

Her friends didn't know her situation and she doubted Evan would say something to them about her. So, she took out her phone and sent a message to all of her friends.

'Guard the warehouse. I will be gone for some days.'

The driver cleared his throat to get the passenger's attention. They were parked on the side road and some other cars were already pissed off.

Daniella turned to look at the side waiting for her friend's confirmation.

"Miss, where shall I drop you?" his voice was call form but strained with impatient.

Just as the driver asked that question, Daniella's phone buzzed. One after another, her friends sent their confirmation.

There was one place she could go, none of her friends would know it as they won't expect her to be in that place. She said the address and the driver started the car.

Daniella opened the window. Her hand reached for her ears to pull out her earrings, next was her necklace. As she removed all the gifts she got from him, she felt her inside tearing up

When the car passed through the bridge, Daniella threw out her accessories except for the ring.

She glanced at her hands, the memories she had from when he proposed played in her mind, her eyes teared up again, feeling choke with her emotion she gulped hard and shut her eyes tightly.

The driver peeked at the rearview mirror. Such beautiful face, its shame that those round beautiful eyes were shedding tears.

He focused on the road. One thing he learned from being a driver was to not engaged to a passenger with a broken heart.

"wait!" by Daniella's voice, the driver pressed the brake.

"Yes, miss?"

Daniella stared at the driver with her eyes shining with perplexity. Why? why did she ask him to stop? Before she knew it, her lips parted and said, "Bring me to Su Villa first."

The driver rose a brow, of course, who wouldn't know where the Su Villa was located, every driver in the city knew the place. He knew she was someone special, with the face like that, he's certain that she could capture even the heart of the richest man.

So he turned the steering wheel and hastened to the place. He casually peeked at the mirror but the woman was just staring at the side road, mind seemed to wander somewhere far from where they were right now.

Meanwhile, at the Su Villa.

Nervously sitting on the couch was Camille, hands-on her laps folded together to stop them from shaking. She gulped repeatedly and ran her eyes around the room. There were Evan's parents sitting opposite of her while her parents were sitting next to her. Her mom has the same confused look as like while her father was smiling from ear to ear as if he won a lottery.

Slowly, she leaned closer to her father.

"Dad, what's happening?" she asked in confusion.

Her father glanced at her, then he lifted a hand and caressed her hair.

"I told you I will get Evan, right?"

Camille gulped hard and nodded, "yes but Evan doesn't want me. He loves," she paused, her lips refused to say the name of the woman she despised the most.

There she thought Anna Tang was her most hated human after she surpassed her from being the country's number one beautiful model but right now, she hated no one in the world than Daniella.

The woman who had done nothing but to bully her, every time she thought of her name, she felt her blood boiling.

Roman Lee was about to speak when the door opened and let out the Elder Couple Su.

"So, the engagement will proceed as planned?" Andrew Su said as he limply walked towards the living room.

His eyes narrowed, his son together with his ex-wife Elise were sitting next to each other as if they were a real couple. The relief was on their faces. Huh! He scoffed secretly, how could those two fools have a face to be in this house after what they had done?

"Get out of here Elise!" he shouted at the woman.

"Hey. Andrew. What is happening to you?" Andrew's wife asked in bewilderment. He didn't dare to tell her the truth as he knew it will only shatter her heart.

"She's no longer part of the Su so she must leave the house immediately." His voice was low but it was tarnished with anguish and resentment.

Elise lowered her head in humiliation. She could see Camille's mother staring at her with pity.

She was about to leave when her ex-husband grabbed her wrist, stopping her from leaving.

"You are our son's mother so you have all the rights to be here," Alvin turned to his father with a serious face determined to defend his ex-wife.

"We are uniting the Lee and Su family so father please, don't throw her out. The marriage between Camille and Evan is very important."

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