Genius Girl

203 Chapter 203: Ken's threa

Outside of the villa.

The taxi driver was about to stop the car when Daniella suddenly asked him to leave. He stared at the villa in front of him scratching his head dumbfounded and wondering why she kept changing her mind.

How could he have this kind of passenger at this hour? All he wanted was to drop her off and be home with his family.

"Do you want to go somewhere else Miss?" he asked politely.

Daniella nodded without looking at him.

"Where?" the driver asked.

Daniella met his eyes through the rearview mirror, her lips were slightly parted as if she wanted to say something but unsure what.

"I want to go to my son," Daniella said that in a whisper. She wanted to see Danny, now it made sense why he was given that name but she also didn't want to face him while she was in this estate. Evan left her because she has too much enemy, it will be foolish if she let the world knows that she has a son.

The driver blinked his eyes, confusion rushed over his mind as he waited for her to continue.

But instead of talking, Daniella looked aside, she watched the familiar guards roaming around the place. Remembering the time she spent in her, she felt choke with her emotion. Her hair skin was crawling as if she was locked in a cold place.

Why? How could this happen? She was just here earlier and now she can't even enter the place.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The knock on the car window startled Daniella's messed up mind. She looked up and saw Ken standing there with a smile.

Immediately her eyebrow rose. The way he smiled was sending chills to her body. She had seen this smile before in one of his memory and it was the time when his father died. The smile looked genuine but since it came from his lips, it looked scary and awkward.

Daniella paid the driver and got out of the taxi after Ken opened the door.

When did he start acting like a gentleman? She asked herself.

He has always been so inconsiderate and selfish but right now he was acting so strange.

Head tilting with confusion, Daniella stared at him.

"Why are you so nice to me?"

Ken's smile widened, he looked at the driver who came down to get Daniella's luggage.

He took it from him and gave him a bundle of cash, he knew that she has already paid but he just felt giving him an extra for all the trouble she put him through.

The driver's eyes widened in disbelief. He looked at his passenger as if he was asking for her permission.

Meanwhile, Ken was starting to feel pissed. He was feeling tired holding the money.

"Just take it. This man is rich," Daniella stated.

And with that, the driver took the money with an awkward smile on his lips and repeatedly bowed his head.

"Thank you so much, Sir," he rushed back to his car and left the place, not giving anyone a chance to take his earned money.

After the taxi left, Daniella eyes absentmindedly turned to the place she once considered her home.

"I have an extra room in my house. Want to stay there?"

Ken has never offered anyone to stay in his house except his friend Evan and Glen and no woman has ever stayed in there for a whole day.

"It's full of men and you don't have a maid to cook and clean for me so no."

Her lips were pouting a little and she didn't even know that. In Ken's eyes, he found her expression so childish but strangely he didn't feel disgusted like he usually has. In the past, he would feel pissed when Daniella acted like this in front of Evan but now that she has this expression for him, he somehow felt tingly inside.

"I will throw them out," he picked up her luggage and turned around, hoping for her to follow him.

"I need to eat. Who's going to cook and clean your house?"

Ken stared at her unblinking. How could she ask that question to him?

"If you are hungry, we can order food. If the house is messy, we will clean. We will do things together."

The words he spat has made his muscles jaw froze, expression looked so shocked just like Daniella.

Those words were meant to stay in his mind. How? How could he be so bold and tell her those words? Even himself was surprised that he had those thoughts in his mind.

Do things together? Daniella's lips curled up in a bitter smile.

If Ken could offer it why Evan couldn't? Her emotions fixed with sadness. Before she knew it her eyes were tearing up and a slight sob full of pain sounded from her lips.

Ken didn't know what to do. He had never seen her crying, he never cared for a woman except for his mother and it's mostly because of what he had experienced with his father and his mistress.

Thinking of that, his hands lifted and touched Daniella's shoulders. He leaned closer to her while she was crying like a child that can't spout her reasons.

She really resembled the woman in his memory. How could it be?

How could she be that woman's child?

He should be hating Daniella. She was the child of the woman who caused his family to break.

He sighed, his inner self was telling him that she was innocent. It was not her fault, so he shouldn't hate her.

With that, his mind and body felt at ease. He pulled her to hug something he had never done to any woman.

When he felt her tears soaking his shirt, Ken smiled bitterly. Why was she shedding tears to someone that hurt her? She was good at torturing people, he had seen her victims it was really cruel. If it was him, he would go and kill the person that tried to break his heart.

They didn't know how long they were standing embracing each other neither they know that a pair of eyes were staring at them from the distance.

Evan clenched his fists and threw the binocular away. He turned around with a grim expression and pursed lips, then he picked up his phone and sent Ken a message.

'Damn you, Ken.'

After that, he picked up the binocular he threw and moved it closer to his eyes.

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