Genius Girl

204 Chapter 204: Ken's threat part 2

Evan's eyebrows creased when he noticed Ken with his palms on Daniella's cheeks and head lowered to hers as if they were kissing.

Ken's lips formed a lopsided grin while Daniella's face remained silent. She didn't bother to read his eyes as she was able to look at the message he received from Evan.

Though it confused and made her question herself. Why did she not move when he cupped her cheeks and moved his face closer to her?

It was a perfect distance for a kiss but Ken didn't dare to touch her lips.

They both knew that Evan was watching from somewhere, why was she riding his childishness. Did she want Evan to feel jealous? Will it help to get him back? She didn't know but she didn't want to destroy the friendship between them so she took a step back and opened the door of the car. She sat in the passenger seat quietly and put her seatbelt on.


Riding a car with Ken was not new to Daniella but the look he was giving her was all brand new, it was full of worry something she was not used too.

She bit her lips hard, shut her eyes and leaned her head against the window.

'It's a mistake,' Evan's voice rewind in her mind like a broken cassette. Her heart gripped in pain, wondering if he meant that it was a mistake meeting her. How could anyone be so heartless to say it knowing that it will hurt the other's feeling?

Despite closed eyes, her tears fell down, shoulders shook as she cried. She was holding it, she couldn't cry in the taxi but now her emotion suddenly rushed out of her making her cry like a baby.

Ken tightened his grip to the steering wheel. He wished he could do something for her, to make her stop from crying. He hated it, he was always pissed to see a woman crying but now, he just felt helpless and useless.

When Daniella opened her eyes, the view was all blurry like she was in the middle of the forest which was full of fog and misty. She blinked repeatedly to get her sight back but all she could see was Evan's face.

She covered her mouth with her backhand to prevent herself from crying out loud. She gulped repeatedly to hold her emotion but the longer she held it the more she felt bursting. Her breathing shortened, feeling lost of air she breathed out repeatedly, she the bumped a fist on her chest to stop herself from crying. She wanted to stop crying, that's all she wanted but her eyes were too stubborn that they just kept shedding tears, tears she shouldn't be wasting for someone that hurt her.

\"Stop please.\"

Ken voice pleading for her to stop only made her emotion heightened, she removed her seatbelt and buried her face on his shoulder not caring if he's alright with it or not.

Ken's muscles tensed up. He was angry, pissed off, and he felt the need to beat up someone. Why was she crying so hard? Evan only left her, he didn't die or kill someone she loved so why?

He wanted to voice out that question but instead, he stayed focus at the road and just let her wet his shirt with her tears.

The cry went louder and louder, it's hurting his ears. He just wanted her to stop, he was willing to do anything give up everything for her to stop.

When he can no longer hold it, he pressed the brake abruptly and in the process, he held her body with one hand to make sure that she will not fly out of the car.

The car's wheel shrieked and it stopped. Ken immediately held her shoulders and leaned his face closer to her.

Flashing a serious look, he stared at her.

\"Stop ok?\" his eyes widened, \"tell me what you want and I will give it just... please stop crying\"

Daniella sniffed like a kid, her tears mixed with her sweat, her fake eyelashes fell on her cheeks, mascara smudged under her eyes made her look messed up.

\"I want...\" she sobbed heavily, \"I want him back,\" and those words left her lips in a heavy whisper. How she wished there was someone who could take him back, make him change his mind and be with her again. She just wanted everything to go back to normal, she still couldn't believe that he's gone.

\"Why? Why did he leave me? Why is he regretting meeting me? Why Ken?\"

Ken could not answer it as he was not Evan, all he could do was to shake his head.

\"Why?\" she asked again, her voice was just as broken as her heart, \"TELL ME WHY?\" this time she shouted, so loud and full of anger.

\"I DON'T KNOW!\" he yelled back, shaking her shoulder in a hope to wake her up from reality that this situation can happen.

\"ALL I KNOW IS HE'S STUPID AND YOU ARE STUPID!\" he let her go, conflicted by his own emotion. Wondering why was he getting too attached to her problem when he didn't even consider her a friend.

\"A shark almost ate him in search for that f*cking pearl, we spent hours digging for gold so I don't f*cking know why he broke up with you,\" he said in a low voice suppressing his temper.

\"I know all the things he did for me so why Ken? Doesn't he love me? He suddenly changed and I don't know why\" she said in between her sobs, \"I want him back Ken, please help me. Talk to him, I can't - I don't him gone. I want him next to me,\" she blew out a heavy sigh as she cried, now she understood the saying 'cry a river' since her eyes just kept shedding tears non-stop.

\"Give him back, Ken please,\" she didn't care how desperate she looked right now, the only thing she cared was the tomorrow.

\"Please... Please... Please...\"

Ken could no longer take it. Her cry, voice and plead were driving him crazy. He held her shoulders once again, stared deeply into her eyes with his nose wrinkling in anger.

\"If you don't stop this I am going back to the villa and kill him,\" he was his friend but right now, he wanted nothing but to beat him to death, \"and then I am going to kill you next.\"

With that threat, Daniella leaned back to the chair and folded her arms together, she looked aside and held herself from crying.

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