Genius Girl

227 Chapter 227: Missing her

Chapter 227

A pair of eyes following the butterflies in the air as they flew happily was glooming with sadness, Claire sighed. Staying on the island where Daniella was locked up, Claire missed her even more. Its been weeks, so many days without her. She worried that something might have happened to her, Robert and Scott were doing everything to find her while Jenna has used all her connections to find out the last place she was seen.

Claire sat down on the huge mouldy rock, not minding that it will dirt her white pants. Suddenly she heard the bushes behind her moving, she quickly turned, eyes widened, heart pulsated thinking that Daniella might have come back but in her dismay, it was just a rabbit. She sighed, got up and walked towards the animal.

Approaching the animal was normal to her, all the animals on the island were familiar to Daniella's friend. She smiled when the bunny hopped around her, seemed like the animal could feel that Daniella disappeared.

\"I can't find her Claire,\" she looked ahead of her to where the voice sounded from, only to find Robert with exhaustion on his face.

She freed the rabbit and walked towards him. As she stopped, her hands stretched and held Robert's shoulder.

\"I think we should stop finding her. She's hiding.\"

Robert bit his lips and nodded; a strange feeling of abandonment crept his heart. Daniella had never done this before, she might disappear but she always informed them of her location, letting them know that she's alive. Even the chip in her brain cannot be tracked and it's worrying him.

A sudden fear rushed over Robert. He sighed and decided to leave. If Daniella was hiding, he's certain that she will need the island.

\"Let's go, Claire. I think we should also tell others to stop looking for her.\"

Hearing that, Claire's face went pale. They needed to make sure that Daniella was alive and they won't know it unless they keep looking for her.

Robert understood Claire's fear but he also understood why Daniella didn't want to inform them about her location. Just like what happened in the warehouse, her enemy will surely use them to get her out of hiding.

It was true indeed that the person who didn't want to be found won't ever be found. If Daniella wanted her friends to locate her, she won't block the tracking of her chip. No matter how much Robert and Scott worked on it, they just couldn't find her.

Walking towards the only manor on the island, Robert looked around. All the animals living there were looking so sad, they might be feeling empty just like them.

He just wished one thing, he hoped that she's safe.

When they finally reached the manor, Scott and Jenna were sitting on the bench next to a tree a few meters away from the main door. Robert sighed, the two were looking up at the tree, he suddenly wondered what so fascinating with the view so he rose his chin and found a nest with small birds inside flapping their small wings.

He smiled absently, if Daniella was around she would probably find earthworms to feed those birds.

\"We should leave,\" Robert stated interrupting the moment.

Scott looked at Robert, expression scrunched up.

\"What about Daniella?\" Scott asked, still frowning at Robert.

Before answering, Robert scoffed, \"are you sure you are here to look for Daniella?\" he said with good humour while the corner of his lips arched, flashing a teasing smile.

Scott gulped hard, nervously glance sideways to where Jenna was sitting, her eyes were locked at his face, complexion of confusion painted on it.

\"Yes,\" he replied in a rough tone and got up, his feet moved towards the main door, face paled and sweaty.

Robert shook his head as he watched Scott marching like a soldier towards the manor, why can't he just simply ask Jenny out? he wondered.

His thought was disturbed when someone stepped on his foot, a slight pain flashed in his eyes. He looked at the perpetrator only to see Jenna glaring at him.

\"He's about to ask me out!\" she burst with anger and marched to where Scott disappeared.

Dumbfounded, Robert looked at Claire.

Claire smiled and shook her head, \"Young people today tsk... tsk...\" then she left his side towards the manor.

The phone in Robert's pocket suddenly buzzed, his eyebrows creased as he took it out. He looked down at his phone which showed the recent message he received. It was from Irene. The faces of his friends and the conversation he had with them disappeared in his mind. He opened the message not knowing that his lips were slowly curving a smile.


It was a sunny morning at the Su Villa. The light wind brought a rather unusual and special atmosphere. The maids were busy cleaning the whole villa, from the top to the bottom, at the garden and backyard, not even small trash on the floor, the walls of the villa were spotless, painted with new white paint, making it look like a brand new villa.

Satisfaction on her face, Camille smiled. She was standing a few meters away from the front door, hands crossed over her chest, eyes shining with proud and contentment, her smile widened.

This's going to be her house; she's going to be the head of the Su. Suddenly she felt butterfly in her stomach, biting her lower lip, she decided to go back to the villa.

Reaching the front door, the metal gate sounded, she looked back and saw a taxi coming in. Her eyebrow rose, who could it be? She wondered.

Squinting her eyes, she waited for the person to come out of the taxi. Her life in the Su Villa without everyone aside from Evan was so peaceful, the Elder Su and her fiancé's parents often visit her which made her feel that she's part of the Su.

She folded her hands over her stomach, shoulders tensed, slowly the smile on her face disappeared while a teenager emerged from the taxi.

Selena's face darkened, the news about her uncle Evan and Daniella breaking up has caused her heart to break as well. Her inside throbbed not only for her dress but also for Daniella as she knew very well how much she loved her uncle.

Walking towards the villa, Selena suddenly stopped. Her eyes fixed at the woman at the front step standing like she owned the place.

Behind her, Anders also stiffened, not expecting to see Camille in the house.

\"Ahm...\" Selena gulped hard, perplexity on her face she turned to Anders, \"what is she doing here?\"

Anders nose wrinkled, he hasn't told Selena about the engagement between Evan and Camille as he was not expecting her to be living in the Villa.

\"That's your uncle's new fiance,\" he replied nervously.

Selena blinked her eyes, dumbfounded. She opened her mouth and suck in as much air as she could, then she held her breath, her mind stopped for a moment.

When she breathed out, her lips formed a smile.

\"Alright. Since everything is going back to where or what they used to be, I shall also adapt to that.\"


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