Genius Girl

228 Chapter 228: Awkward dinner

Chapter 228:

After a long explanation, Selena finally understood what had happened between Daniella and Evan. Sitting on the couch with crossed legs and hands on the laps, she squinted. Her eyes locked at Camille peacefully sipping her tea.

Selena took in a long breathe, clearing all the emotion troubling her mind. When her nerves have finally calmed down, she got up, walked towards the stairs with sealed lips.

Camille rose a brow as she watched the little girl walking slowly upstairs, shoulders sunken. Selena came and left without greeting her, instead, she threw cold gazes at her, the type of look she got from Daniella.

Irritation filled her mind, seemed like Selena adopted the annoying attitude of Daniella.

'No, this can't happen,' she rose from her chair and rushed upstairs, she needed to speak with Selena, unlike the maids she despised and planning to get rid of after the wedding, she can't fire the little girl out of Evan's life.

Reaching her, Camille flashed a smile.

\"Selena,\" she called out in a sweet-sounding voice.

Selena stopped in her track, slowly turned to face her.

Taking two steps closer, Camille reached out for her hands.

\"I understand that the news upsets you but-\" her lips froze when Selena pulled out her hands.

\"I don't care about anyone's problem, I only care about mine and right now, my mind is in the mess because I spent so much money and time in a dress that I can't wear,\" Selena's voice was calm and soothing but her expression differed her cold tone, she's indeed a Su, her cold demeanour was so similar to Evan.

Then Selena turned around, smoothly took a step after another. Unlike before, her attitude has changed, she can manager her emotion, movement and right now, she's a figure of a teenager.

Camille gulped hard. She knew about the dress that Selena made. Andrew Su has asked her if she can have a garden wedding so Selena won't pout about her dress but she didn't want. Daniella and Evan planned a garden wedding that's why she wanted to be wed in the church.

She shook her head, nose wrinkled in irritation. She didn't want to be wed in the garden but seem like she won't have a choice. Knowing Selena, her happiness and satisfaction were easy to fill as long as you have money.

\"I am thinking of changing my wedding theme. If you have a dress maybe Evan and I can have a garden wedding, it's economical and-\"

\"Fine, will you let me help you set up the wedding?\"

Camille's eyes widened in surprise. Selena's face brightened up as she gave her a smile. Seemed like her little sacrifice gained her heart.

\"Of course!\"

Selena blinked, and then her smile widened.

\"Great! Daniella also allowed me to organize her wedding- well...\" Selena paused to laugh, \"It won't happen anymore so I guess we will just use all the materials I prepared myself, especially the wedding dress which I, myself personally chose.\"

Emphasizing the word, myself, Camille gulped hard. For a moment, she became speechless. She won't only get to be wed in the Garden like what Daniella had planned but she will also need to use the materials.

She faked a laugh and nodded; hands anxiously folded in front of her.

\"It's economical and-\" she wasn't able to finish her sentence as the girl has left her sight.

Like an angry dragon, Camille's face screwed up. It's her wedding but she will need to use her fiancé's ex wedding material and dress.


The sound of the cutleries in the dining room was the only sound in the villa. The maids were holding their breath, afraid to make a sound and break the weird atmosphere of the room.

Evan quietly picked up the vegetable from his plate. He moved in closer to his mouth and chewed it lightly.

\"So, Selena. How's your experience in London?\"

Selena and Evan looked at the source of the voice, Camille smiled at them. The dining was so quiet, it looked as if they were having their last meal, so sad and gloomy.

Selena sighed, she wiped a napkin over her mouth and elegantly placed her arm on the edge side of the table.

\"It's fine,\" she replied, shrugging both shoulders casually.

Camille awkwardly blinked her eyes, \"so, did you meet any boy?\" a slight tease in her voice as she said those words. She remembered dining with them when Daniella was around, the atmosphere was lively, there was laughter, yelling from Daniella's side and the crying from Matthews'.

She remembered that Selena mostly talked about boys, and her uncle Evan has never once said anything against it.

Selena let out an empty laugh, head shook in disbelief.

\"I am only thirteen, Camille. I think you should ask me about my studies and not boys.\"

Shock, Camille absently dropped her fork. She swallowed hard, her throat was suddenly dry. Slowly, embarrassment enveloped her mind.

\"Selena. Are you going back to school?\"

That was Evan's voice. Camille quickly looked at him with relief. Seemed like he just saved her from the embarrassment by changing the topic.

\"Yes,\" the girl replied in a lifeless tone. She picked up her fork and casually stabbed the vegetable on her plate. She hated the vegetable but after months of living with Daniella, she got accustomed to it, like drinking water, she no longer hated it and ate it normally.

Evan squinted his eyes.

\"So, did you like London?\"

Selena stiffened. With fixed emotion, she met her uncle's eyes.

\"It's fine,\" she replied.

\"How's Mathew?\"

\"He's fine.\"

A line appeared in between of Evan's brows.

\"Did you meet Anders sister?\"


\"Is she nice?\"

\"She's fine.\"

\"Are you angry at me?\"

Selena's lips numbed by her uncle's question.

She ate the vegetable in her fork and chewed it slowly.

Then she drank her water, knowing that everyone was waiting for her reply.

After wiping her lips, she placed both palms on the table and got up.

\"I am not angry at you Uncle Evan. I am rather disappointed.\"

Evan this time became quiet. He could see the confusion and pain in her innocent eyes.

\"I have my reasons, Selena.\"

Selena's lips formed a lopsided grin, \"does Daniella know the reason?\"

Evan once again became quiet. He didn't know if Daniella understood it, he was not even sure if she saw everything.

Taking a sharp breath, Evan held Selena's hand.

\"I am marrying Camille. If you are not alright with it, then you can live with the elders.\"

Then he got up, shifted his sight to Camille and stretched a hand.

\"Let's go, Camille, we need to talk about the wedding's date.\"

Selena watched as they disappeared in the living room. Her lips parted in surprise, not expecting for her uncle to act like that. She remembered when she left the villa, Daniella and Evan were so sweet and she started to miss that scene.

She missed her face and yell, a sudden sadness rushed over her, seeing her uncle with Camille ended her hope that this was not real.

Her eyes teared up, lips shook.

This can't be true, she said to herself. She wished this was one of Daniella's prank, that this was all a joke but as she stood in her spot, palms on the table she realized that it was the reality.

She sniffed to stop the impending tears from running down her eyes, feeling a hand gripping her heart she suddenly felt suffocated.


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