Genius Girl

229 Chapter 229: Old Selena

Camille and Evan ended up in the study room. He quickly released her wrist and sat on the chair.

The only light in the room was the dim lamp on the desk, enough to see his emotionless face.

Camille walked closer to Evan, she placed both hands on the desk and leaned her face closer to him.

He didn't hesitate to meet her eyes but, his mind wondered about Daniella's whereabouts.

\"Can we rush the wedding?\"

Evan rose a brow upon hearing it, \"actually I was thinking of postponing it.\"

Quickly, Camille's eyes widened in shock, \"what do you mean postpone? I am thirty Evan!\"

\"We can have an engagement party instead.\"

Camille puffed her cheeks. Selena has ruined her original wedding plan while Evan wanted to postpone it.

Nibbling her lips, Camille retracted her hands and folded it in front of her. Then she nodded and turned around.

Watching her leaving, Evan took a sigh. He knew she was innocent and didn't deserve this. Leaning his head on his chair, he shut his eyes.

\"Where are you Daniella?\" he murmured with eyes closed.

Opening his eyes, Evan stretched a hand to open the drawer under his desk. He picked up the phone inside and dialled Arthur's number.

The phone rang a few times before a familiar voice answered it. Evan's lips pursed upon hearing Arthur's voice

\"Arthur, have you found her?\" he swiftly asked without greeting him.

The man on the other line sigh, \"no, Evan. What about her friends, did they find her?\"

\"No,\" he said coldly and ended the call. There's no reason to prolonged the phone call, he was only keeping their communication to know if they have found her or not.

When the ending beep of the line sounded, Arthur clenched the phone in his hand. His heart pulsated by the anger lurking inside of him. Apart of him wanted to end Evan's life but they needed him to know Daniella's whereabouts.

Arthur let out a shaky sigh, standing by the window of his hotel room he could see the busy street and the lights coming from the cars. The rush hour has passed yet the street remained busy.

Through the glass wall, he saw his reflection and his expression changed when he saw Kierry standing by the door with a pursed lip.

He gulped hard, there were men standing behind her and he knew where they came from. They were members of the Black Organization.

Clenching his fists, he walked towards them.

\"The head of the organization found out about your little side work Arthur,\" one of the men spoke with a hint of sarcasm, \"do you really think you and Kierry can hide it?\" he smirked and shook his head, \"the board wants your explanation.\"

'How?' Arthur asked himself. They were so careful with their movement so how did the organization found out about it. Knowing the capabilities of the organization, he decided to follow them.


As the morning sun set up, Camille woke up. She quickly prepared herself for her upcoming guest and she can't wait to meet her long time friend Caitlyn, the CEO of V magazine.

Downstairs, Selena was having her breakfast in the living room. Her red dress so shiny and short was so bright for the morning. Legs on the coffee table and a cereal bowl in her hands, she took a spoonful and shove it in her mouth.

She chewed every piece of cereal so loudly. Crunch... Crunch... the sound was so hard and rough as if she was eating rocks.

Anders widened his eyes and looked around the place. Standing behind the couch, a look of disbelief on his face. There were pieces of cereals on the floor, table and couch, spilt milk stained on the couch as well while the maids were looking at Selena with difficulty.

Disappointment flashed on Anders's face as he watched the young girl. She was doing fine, her movement and manners were normal but now, looking at her dress made him think that the old Selena was back. Her dress was so similar to the women working in the bar at night. His head shook, he stretched a hand to poke the girl's shoulder but Selena raised a hand.

\"Anders, pack all my clothes and throw them. I ordered new clothes online and it will arrive tomorrow,\" she got up and threw the bowl that still has still milk inside which spilt on the couch, \"tell the maid to arrange it and FYI I have called my school to drop out.\"

Then she walked out of the living room towards the main door, as she exited the villa a certain woman blocked her way.

Selena rose her face to look at the tall woman in front of her. She recognized her to be the CEO of the V Magazine. Realizing the reason why the woman was here, her face screwed up.

\"Who are you?\" Selena asked rudely, not caring about her manner or the fact that she's older.

\"I am Caitlyn-\"

\"Whatever, shoo! We don't accept visitors today,\" she rudely stated, arms crossed over her chest, an unwelcomed expression on her face.

Caitlyn rose a brow, then scanned the girl in front of her who was wearing a very revealing dress which not suited her age.

\"You must be Selena Su?\" Caitlyn flashed a fake smile even though she was itching to throw a slap at the small girl for being rude.

\"Your face is ruining my day. Get out!\" Selena pointed at the gate. When the woman didn't move, she called out one of the guards, \"Guards! Take this woman out of my house!\"

\"Wait... Wait... Selena!\" from the stairs, Camille shouted. She was not expecting the girl to throw out her visitor especially a very important guest.

With eyes narrowing with irritation, Selena turned to face Camille. Her face screwed up deeply, Camille was wearing a very simple purple dress, she looked so innocent which made her furious.

\"Can you please stop dressing like Daniella? You're trying too hard!\" she rolled her eyes and left the front door, walking towards the garden.

When Selena disappeared, Camille tucked a hair behind her ear, embarrassed.

She rushed toward Caitlyn, still looking shocked by the treatment she got from Selena.

\"Please understand that Selena is a little rebel so don't mind anything she said.\"

Caitlyn just nodded and looked at the direction where Selena left. She could see the trouble and problems shining in her eyes. She completely understood her action as she doesn't have parents to guide her.

Shifting Caitlyn's sight back at Camille, she smiled genuinely.

\"Maybe we can talk outside,\" she offered.

Camille nodded casually and asked one of the maids to bring her bag. Afterwards, the two left, unknown to them, Selena's eyes squinting like a hawk were glaring at their car.

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