Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 112

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Xia Xingchen guessed Dabai ruined Bai Yeqing's sleep so no wonder he's in a bad mood. Fixing her clothes and hair, she checked the time and said. "It's late now. We need to go back."

"Little Bai! I won't go with you tonight! I don't have class tomorrow. I promised Dabao I will stay with her! My teacher told me people need to keep their word! I can't turn her down!" The little boy was a chatterbox.

Really annoying.

Bai Yeqing didn't answer him with yes or no. He opened the door and only gave him a two-word reply. "Get out."

Xia Dabai had no idea what he meant. He looked up to Xia Xingchen, who had no idea, either.

"Get out first." Xia Xingchen opened the door.

"Dabao, if daddy asks me to go back, please help me! Use your power!" Xia Dabai begged her.

"What power?"

"Tears." The kid pointed his eyes. "Last time you got injured and cried, Little Bai worried about you like it almost killed him! He worried about you more than I did."

"…really?" Xia Xingchen felt warm in her heart and her eyes started to focus on the man in front of them. She still remembered that night he showed up to save her.

He somehow felt someone was looking at him so he turned around and waited for them.

Xia Xingchen smiled at the kid. "I will give it a try."


Their chauffeur sent them to her apartment.

In case Bai Yeqing really asked him to go back, Xia Dabai pretended to sleep when he got in the car. But somehow he really fell asleep.

"Give him to me." The car arrived in her neighborhood. Bai Yeqing took the kid in his arms when Xia XIngchen wanted to lift him.

"Is your arm alright now?" Bai Yeqing asked her while they were walking to the elevator.

"It hurts sometimes."

"So why do you always hold him in your arms?" He frowned. "Let him walk more. He's getting heavy."

Xia Xingchen rubbed her elbow and smiled. His care was so much of his style. So bossy and nothing to do with gentleness and soft.

She nodded. "Okay. I know. He still wants me to hug him every now and then. When he grows up he will never let me hold him in my arms."

Then her tone was getting a little sad. She straightened his coat in case he felt cold.

Bai Yeqing secretly stared at her. He noticed her fair skin and fresh complexion. They walked together into the elevator and a light shone down from above. Her skin was almost transparent.

"He's got to grow up though, especially boys. Don't worry about it." He said to her in a low voice.

Xia Xingchen smiled at him and pressed the button. "When he grows up he will live his own life. I should live my own life, too."

Hearing this, Bai Yeqing questioned her with his deeper eyes. "What kind of life do you like?"

Xia Xingchen didn't give him an answer.

What kind of life did she want to live? Xia Dabai was her whole life before. She never gave it a thought about her own future. All she cared about was the little boy.

But now Bai Yeqing showed up…

She didn't have to worry about the kid anymore. There's an opening in her life and also it was the biggest part.

"I'm not sure. I'll think about it when he's older. "

When she talked, her voice was low. The light casted a faint shadow under her long eyelashes.

Bai Yeqing felt a strong desire to protect the woman right beside him. He reached out the free hand to hold hers. Xia Xingchen was surprised but she didn't get rid of it. Their slender and long fingers entwined.

He held her hand tightly and that soothed her mind.

This man had a special power that she could not refuse. She knew exactly that there's an incredible abyss waiting for her but she couldn't help moving towards him.


He finally let her hand go when she's about to find the key and opened the door. Xia Xingchen felt her hand was kind of inflexible but so warm.

The night market and the movie did exhaust Xia Dabai. He didn't even open his eyes when Xia Xingchen carried him into the bathroom to wash his hands and feet. All he's doing was hanging on her neck and mumbling.

Then she took him to his bed.

After everything was settled, Xia Xingchen turned off the light in his bedroom and walked out. She guessed Bai Yeqing had already left, just like last time.


To her surprise, he's still here.

He put his coat on the sofa and only wore a clean shirt, standing in front of the bookshelf. The books and photos were placed on the shelf. Old photos though.

He studied every single one of the old photos.

Xia Xingchen checked the time. It's already 10. She didn't know if she should ask him to go back now.

He seemed to feel what she's going to say. "I haven't had dinner yet. Is there anything to eat?"

That surprised Xia Xingchen. "Why didn't you have your dinner? It's too late now."

She couldn't ask this poor man to leave.

"What a busy day. I had a meeting for hours and after that I just had no appetite." He took one of the photos while he was talking. She remembered that one. She took that picture when she's 12. At that time her parents had already divorced because of Li Lingyi for a couple of years. So it's a rare chance for both of her parents to be with her. They took the photo together in the park.

She still remembered the bright and blooming lotuses that year. Her family stood beside the pond to take this photo. After that, her mother moved to her hometown and married again. Since then she had never reunited with her family.

Xia Xingchen felt sorrow thinking about it. She tried to change the topic in her mind. "So what would you like to eat? I can cook for you now. It won't take long."

Xia Dabai had a huge appetite tonight so there's basically nothing left.

"Never mind. It's Okay." He answered in a casual way but she started to worry about him. It seemed that he's always too busy to eat.

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