Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 22

The people beside him replied respectfully: “Yes, second young master. Her original date has been intercepted by us, you can go now.”

The young man nodded and took the sunglasses off his aquiline nose.

He opened the car door and put down his slender legs, “Leave my car, you can go. By the way, tell my brother, I will complete the task he resigned me.”

“Second young master, do you need any bodyguard…”

The young man waved his hand impatiently. “Just go, don’t get in my way. I'm not my brother or my dad, no political enemies will come to me. Why do I need a bodyguard with me?”

“Okay then.”

The butler A Xian had no choice but to give up as the young master insisted.

… …

Before second young master Yu went into the cafe, he observed Xia Xingchen for a long while.

From his position, he could only see her side face. But just judging from the profile, he knew that she got very beautiful features. Xia Xingchen was holding a book and reading very attentively. It seemed that she was not a blind date, but a well-behaved student who studied hard.

He knocked at the table with knuckles.

Xia Xingchen then looked up from the book. Seeing the man in front of her, she was a little surprised. Before she started to say something, the young man had already sat down opposite her. He squinted at her with his peach blossom-like eyes and called the waiter.

"Sir, would you like something to drink?"

"A glass of water with ice." The man smiled brightly and looked at the waitress with sparkling eyes. It made the waitress flush.

The man…

The man was really handsome.

He was slender, at least 185cm tall.

Bai Yeqing was the most handsome man Xia Xingcheng had ever met. However, the man before her was not inferior to Bai Yeqing. Bai Yeqing was more calm and steady, as for the man…he was arrogant and looked like a fop.

"But, wait! Why did I think of Bai Yeqing inexplicably? There is nothing to do with him!" Xia Xingchen thought in her mind.

Xia Xingchen was a little annoyed and then returned her attention to the man at present. There was a doubt in her mind. Was he really the divorced man grandma introduced to her?

"You have been sizing up me for so long. Am I handsome?"

The man cracked a smile and asked.

The handsome man was so close to her that Xia Xingchen was a little dizzy. After closing her book, she replied in all seriousness: "Are you in the wrong place, Sir?”

"Xia Xingchen. You are the one going to have a blind date with me, right?"

"… Yes"

"Yu Zenan, the man you date with." He reached out his hand towards her first.

Xia Xingchen still couldn’t believe that this man was her date. She also reached out her hand and gave him an unnatural handshake.


Before meeting him, Xia Xingchen thought that he was a very old-fashioned divorced man. However, upon contact, she discovered that the man was young and humorous. This was completely different from what was shown on the data given by grandma. However, she was very happy about this.

Otherwise, even sitting for only another minute would be torture for her.

Xia Xingchen and Yu Zenan actually sat in the cafe for an entire afternoon. They chatted away to each other, and Xia Xingchen found that he could continue on with her chat very well no matter she was talking about work or life.

In that afternoon, the atmosphere between them was relaxed and active, and they then ate dinner together.


At the same time.

Inside the presidential residence.

Mr. President suddenly came back, and the servants in the residence moved quickly to the kitchen to prepare more foods.

Bai Yeqing first went to the study and stayed inside for a while. When he came out, and the day was completely dark. In the dining room, a fine meal was served on the dining table. The butler was waiting at the table. On the other side, the servant took the young master out by the hand.

“Dad.” Xia Dabai greeted.

Bai Yeqing sat him in the children’s chair and asked, “What would you like to eat?”

"Let me see…"

He sat down in the host’s seat, looked around with chopsticks in his hand and asked the butler, ” Where's Miss Xia?”

“Miss Xia went out in the morning, she called then and said that she would come back after having dinner with her friend.”

"OK," Bai Yeqing answered.

Xia Dabai tasted the soup and said: "Dabao went to a blind date."

"What?" Bai Yeqing glanced at his son.

"I believe going to a blind date is good for her. It's miserable that she fell in love with the younger uncle who doesn't like her, so she needs to find the right person to marry her. Dabao will find her Mr. Right, is that right?" Xia Dabai turned to look at the butler behind him.

The butler smiled and said: "Miss Xia is kind and considerate, she will find her Mr. Right. What's more, it seems that they are having a wonderful time since they enjoy lunch and dinner together. Maybe it is their fate."

"That's what I am thinking about. I'll send you wedding candies when Dabao gets married."

Bai Yeqing glanced at Xia Dabai’s smiling face. Thinking of the woman (Xia Dabao) who was dating very happily, he became depressed, and then said with a low voice, “All right, eat now.”

After replying "Oh", Xia Dabai started to eat. The butler quietly observed Mr. President’s slightly changed look, but he didn’t dare to say more about Miss Xia's date.

Bai Yeqing should have a good appetite, but suddenly his appetite decreased at the moment.

After eating a few mouthfuls, Bai Yeqing put down the chopsticks.


When Yu Zenan was going to pay the bill after the dinner, he searched his pockets and found they were all empty.


A Xian only left a car for him, but did not give him any money or bank card.

Observing Yu Zenan's embarrassment, Xia Xingchen paid the bill with a smile. Yu Zenan followed her and said, “I owe you a meal, I'll treat you a meal next time.”

“You do not owe me. You didn’t eat the meal alone. I have to pay it.”

“No! I'll not allow a girl to pay for me,” said Yu Zenan. The car Yu Zenan drove was Aston Martin, which stopped on the side of the road, attracting many people's attention. He opened the front passenger’s door and said to Xia Xingchen, “Get on, I'll send you home.”

Xia Xingchen could feel the envious eyes cast by the pedestrians.

It's true that the man was not only tall and handsome but also very rich. Now he showed off his wealth blatantly, no wonder others would be so envious of her!


It was inconvenient for others to send her to the place where she lived.

“I don’t need you to send me home.” Xia Xingchen pushed him to the car, opened the door and directly plugged him in. “You have to go, driving such a car with me is just courting envy for me.”

Yu Zenan thought it funny, “If you don’t let me send you back, then you just give me your phone.

“What do you want to do?” On the alert, Xia Xingchen shot a glance at him.

“Just give me.”

With his long arms and legs, Yu Zenan leaned out the window, took the phone from her hand with ease.

He tapped the screen with his long fingers, then his own phone rang.

“Well, a couple of days later, I will take you to dinner. I know a very good place.” After Yu Zenan finished, he threw the phone back to Xia Xingchen.

Xia Xingchen saw her phone, thought that the young master was conscious enough that he had saved his phone number on her mobile.


Was such a natural socializer.

“Boom–“, the Aston Martin rushed out a few meters, but suddenly stopped and returned. The window slowly descended, and the beautiful face with a charming smile stretched out. He looked at her, “You must answer whenever I call you, understood?”

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