Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1265 - The Semifinals Begin! Targets By A Killing Intent!

Chapter 1265 The Semifinals Begin! Targets By A Killing Intent!

Everyone was shocked by the rules of the team competition’s semi-finals and couldn’t help gasping.“They need to travel from the bank of the Yellow Spring River outside the Forbidden Soul City to the source of the river, the Yellow Spring Town? This is a road of no return with many great dangers!”

The Yellow Spring River could have been called a forbidden land, but because of its vast area, it was not included. However, its source was not much different from a forbidden land. In tomorrow’s semifinals, these contestants needed to cross half the Yellow Spring River. It was like sending them to death.

Many people began to talk to each other. Of course, they, the audience, naturally didn’t need to worry too much, but this was not good news for those contestants. Crossing the Yellow Spring River was not an easy task even for a One-revolution Little Saint. However, compared with the danger around the river, the threat from other contestants was even scarier. Whether it was the murderous Abyss, the benevolent West Little Buddhism Realm, or the Winged Man Valley, their contestants were all very menacing.

The rule made the legs of some contestants from several teams a little weak. They all came from second-class small worlds, and they were lucky to reach the semifinals. Such a rule was a disaster for them.

“I’ll start distributing jade plates now. There are ten of them, five white and five black. The white ones have the word ‘Earth,’ and the black ones have the word ‘Prison’. They will be randomly and secretly distributed to you. Other teams do not know what color your jade plate is,” Jin Jiao explained. The next moment, his eyes lit up, and his aura exploded out.

Jin Jiao’s cultivation base was very strong. When he was in the Immortal Cooking Realm, even though his cultivation base was suppressed, he was still able to fight Nether King Er Ha and even forced him to summon the Armor of Nether King. The main reason was that his true-self was extremely strong. And, over the past few years, his cultivation base and that of others had increased greatly, making them even more fearsome.

The beams of light shot out and were caught by the leader of each team. Zhu Yan looked at the jade plate in his hand with a confused look. He thought it would go to Bu Fang, but it actually fell into his hand. He could feel the warmth exuding from it.

“Our jade plate is white!” he said to Bu Fang.

As soon as his voice rang out, numerous glances were thrown at him from all around. The strange expressions on those experts’ faces made Zhu Yan tremble all over.

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched.

‘Zhu Yan, you really are a stupid teammate… Jin Jiao deliberately distributed the jade plates in a secret way so that no one would know what we have in our hands. Once the color of our jade plate is known by others, we will be targeted by teams with different colors. It’s no big deal if those teams are weak, but it will be a disaster if they’re as strong as the Winged Man Valley…’

In the Immortal Cooking Realm…

When the people saw what Zhu Yan was doing, they covered their heads with their hands in frustration.

“He’s too stupid! How can he say aloud the color of his jade plate?!”

“Now the other teams that got black jade plates will target the Immortal Cooking Realm team…”

“Although many people fear Bu Fang because of his divine will, the Immortal Cooking Realm team is still the weakest of these teams. Apart from him, the rest of the team simply cannot contribute their fighting capacity at all. On the other hand, the strength of other team’s contestants is all super strong… It’s hopeless!”

The corners of the Zhu family head’s mouth twitched violently. He couldn’t understand why there was such a stupid junior in his family!

Bu Fang glanced at Zhu Yan and said, “Give me the jade plate.”

Zhu Yan hurriedly handed the jade plate to Bu Fang. He was regretting it now. He knew that as the color of their jade plate was leaked, they would probably become the target of others. He felt a little depressed and hated himself for his foolishness.

The jade plate was like a hot potato—whoever had it would become the target of all. He realized what he was capable of now. He was no longer the arrogant junior of an aristocratic family who had just come out of the Immortal Cooking Realm. He knew how weak he was, and he knew that if he held the jade plate without strength, it would become his death warrant.

Bu Fang tried to put the jade plate in the System’s storage space, but he found that it could not be put away.

As if spotting Bu Fang’s movements, Jin Jiao twitched the corner of his mouth and said, “All the jade plates for this competition have to be carried by the contestants and cannot be put into any storage space. The purpose of this is to make it easier for everyone to snatch others’ jade plates.”

The corner of Bu Fang’s mouth twitched. ‘This organizer is really trying to stir up trouble. It’s plain that they want us to fight each other to death.’

He sighed and put away the jade plate with a flip of his hand. Although he couldn’t store it in the System’s storage space, he still had other means to hide it. However, as soon as he died, the jade plate would surely fall out.

Then, without saying anything, he left the square, taking Mo Yan and the others with him.

The contestants in the arena watched Bu Fang and the others leave with strange eyes, and some even gave a sneer.

“I like the new rules,” said the Abyss leader coldly, his blood-colored robe flapping. “I want everyone to do everything you can during the competition to kill that little chef,” he voice-transmitted to the rest of the team. Everyone nodded solemnly.

After that, all the teams left. Each team was keeping a wary eye on the others. Now it was known that the Immortal Cooking Realm team had a white jade plate, so there were still four white jade plates left. Anyone who exposed the color of the jade plate would become the target of others.

After all the teams left, the square was in an uproar. Everyone was looking forward to tomorrow’s semifinals. When they heard the rules of the competition, they felt a sense of death. There was no doubt that this kind of competition was much more interesting than the arena matches.

It was quiet throughout the night.

The next morning, in the inn…

Bu Fang opened his door and frowned.

Opposite him, Mo Yan and the others appeared, all armed to the teeth. They were extremely nervous about today’s competition. After all, it was very easy to die in the face of so many contestants from first-class small worlds. They had to be serious. Although Bu Fang was with them, he couldn’t protect them all the time.

Bu Fang was frowning not because of the appearance of Mo Yan and the others, but because he was having a headache about the Little Saint test. He thought he could finish the test before the semifinals started, pushing his strength to the level of the Little Saint. However, now it seemed that it was just his wishful thinking. The Little Saint test was not that simple.

“The Little Saint test: The host needs to hunt a one-star sacred beast in the Yellow Spring River valley and complete the cooking of the sacred beast meat. The dish must be approved by the System before the Host can qualify for promotion.”

The Little Saint test required Bu Fang to hunt a one-star sacred beast in the Yellow Spring River valley. It certainly had killed his plan to advance to the next realm overnight. The valley was very vast, and most importantly, one-star sacred beasts had already attained intelligence, so it was not easy to hunt one down. The task looked easy, but in fact, it was not simple at all. Moreover, it was mixed with the semifinals, which made it even more difficult.

That was why Bu Fang frowned.

“What’s the matter?” Xuanyuan Xiahui asked when he saw Bu Fang frown.

“Nothing…” Bu Fang glanced at the four of them, then asked, “Do you want to take part in this competition, or do you want to stay safe and just be spectators?”

If they choose to take part, then he would give up the idea of putting them in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

Zhu Yan and the others seemed to have made up their minds last night. “We want to take part. Although the competition is full of dangers, the Prison Overlord has also said that it contains great opportunity!” If they could acquire precious treasures along the way, perhaps their strength would increase greatly.

After hearing their decision, Bu Fang nodded, then clasped his hands behind his back and walked out.

“I have a feeling that once the competition starts, we will be targeted by a lot of people. Many teams will try to kill us…” Bu Fang said. “So, you should be mentally prepared.”

Mo Yan and the others suddenly felt a little scared.

At the gate of the Forbidden Soul City…

A large crowd of spectators stood on the wall. With a creak, the gate opened, and ten teams slowly emerged from inside the city.

Unlike yesterday, today’s ten teams were fully armed. After all, today’s competition was no joke. Moreover, unlike the arena matches, the semifinals included many external factors, and the contestants could also use treasures, so there were more uncertainties.

Prison Overlord Jin Jiao hovered in midair with the huge Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan behind his back, sending out throbbing waves of terror.

“Walk along the Forbidden Soul City for dozens of miles and you will see the surging Yellow Spring River. That’s the starting point of your competition. Once you get there, the competition starts,” Jin Jiao said. Then, the corners of his mouth curved upward slightly. “I wish you good luck. You can start now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd on the wall erupted into an uproar.

The semifinalists looked at each other, then unleashed their fearsome auras and flew toward the distance.

The competition started, and every spectator was excited.

Bu Fang glanced at Mo Yan and the others behind him. After that, he flew straight ahead without saying a word. The others kept up at full speed. Soon, everyone was flying toward the Yellow Spring River.


The rushing Yellow Spring River water was scarlet and looked as if it was bleeding, glowing like blood. In the river, there were bones, dead bodies, and even broken souls that were howling and wailing.

When Bu Fang arrived here with Mo Yan and the others, the place was already empty. The other teams had already rushed into the dense forest ahead.

Looking at the forest, Bu Fang felt that it was like a devil who would eat people, surging with the aura of death. He had a feeling that there were countless enemies waiting for him in it. He frowned, then sent out his divine will and brought Mo Yan and the others into the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

After that, the ground under his feet exploded, and he turned into a beam of light, shooting into the dense forest at full speed.

As soon as he entered the forest, the fallen leaves rose in a flurry. Then, all of a sudden they were torn to pieces by an invisible force. At the same time, he heard the sound of birds flapping their wings and crying, filling the air with an eerie atmosphere.

Bu Fang stopped immediately. He raised his head and looked at the trees in the distance. There, on the branches of a great tree, stood five figures. They were all clad in blood-colored robes and eyeing him coldly. In an instant, a monstrous killing intent targeted him.

The next moment, a rain of fallen leaves swirled down around him.

Bu Fang turned his head slightly and looked into the distance. On another tree, a blond man wearing a white jade mask with a pair of white wings behind him was staring at him with a gentle smile.

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