Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 16 - Tingting’s Gonna Like These, These Are His Favorite

Chapter 16: Tingting’s Gonna Like These, These Are His Favorite

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“Young Master Nian, your illness has always been kept secret, so I assume it’s not appropriate to let other people know about it, right? Besides, I’ve been responsible for your recovery all this time, and no one knows about your condition better than I. You don’t need to be angry. Madam isn’t a stranger, and she really cares about you,” said Doctor Han seriously.

“Are you threatening me now?” cried Nian Junting as his voice turned deeper and colder than before.

“How do I dare?” Doctor Han said with a bitter laugh.

Nian Junting coldly hung up the phone and unhappily glanced at Luosang sat beside him eating fried bread sticks and porridge.

Luosang sensed the tense atmosphere, so she bravely raised her head to look straight at the owner of the gaze fixed on her. She couldn’t pronounce clearly as she was still chewing her food, but she looked quite calm.

“Madam just said that I can have whatever I want,” she said.

“You know nothing but to eat. You’re like some kind of animal which knows only how to eat and drink,” said Nian Junting coldly and scornfully.

“I won’t have the strength to work if I can’t get enough to eat,” Luosang responded while blinking her innocent eyes.

“I was teasing you, don’t you get it?” asked Nian Junting.

“I know, but I’m used to it,” said Luosang.

After having an unpleasant morning and lunch, Nian Junting grouchily went to bed for his afternoon nap with Luosang’s help.

Luosang stood by the bed and spent a while looking at his brows, which didn’t stop frowning even when he was asleep. Then, she gently tucked him in and prepared to go downstairs to rest a little.

She wanted nothing more than to finish taking care of Nian Junting, collecting her salary, and leaving once he recovered.

She didn’t expect Mrs. Nian to double her wage. At first, she only planned to earn enough for tuition fees, but now her living costs could be covered as well. That was an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise.

With a faint smile, Luosang went downstairs and found Xiao Si was standing in the living room, holding a stack of books. He was smiling in the bright daylight, looking like an honest and harmless fox.

“Sister, Tingting isn’t sleeping, is he?” Xiao Si asked when he saw her.

Luosang felt a little strange to be called ‘sister’, but it seemed that she had successfully made herself look older than her real age.

“Mr. Nian went to sleep just now,” she responded.

“Then I won’t wake him up. He always gets extremely grumpy when somebody wakes him up,” said Xiaosi. He took two steps forward and put the stack of books in Luosang’s hands while saying, “These are the books that I found for him to refresh his knowledge. Tell him to take his time reading these when he wakes up.”

Luosang nodded. She felt that Xiao Si was a good friend, and wondered if he knew that Nian Junting had named his dog after him.

What a nice friend, yet Nian Junting showed no respect towards him.

However, when she lowered her head to look at the books in her hands, she saw some weird titles and some sexy photographs of ladies in bikinis.

Even as a woman, she blushed when seeing those.

“This…,” she stammered.

“Tingting’s gonna love these, they’re his favorites. Tell him to cherish them since I spent a whole day finding him collective editions,” said Xiaosi.

Luosang didn’t know what to say.

She couldn’t help but to quickly leaf through the other few books, and found that the book on the top was the most conservative one among all.

Holding these books, she felt like she was carrying glowing coals. She was going to have some water before, but now she just wanted to go upstairs and lay these books down as soon as possible.

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