Heavenly Jewel Change

Chapter 294 - The Charm Attribute (1)

Fen Tian narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhou Weiqing. He did not hide his massive hatred towards him at all, “You brat! You foiled my plans again. From the looks of it, I should kill you as soon as possible.”

Zhou Weiqing shrugged his shoulders and said, “Come at me then!” His voice sounded neutral, but he had a very antagonistic look in his eyes. 

However, this time, Fen Tian ignored him. Instead, he turned to Xue AoTian, who was standing next to him, “Brother Xue, I mean what I say. As long as you are willing to seal the Heavenly Snow Mountain, I can also promise you that I will not harm the Wan Shou Empire. In the future, we can even become allies - I am even willing to share the Destruction Attribute with you. What do you think?”

Xue AoTian looked at him and said with a calm look on his face, “Fen Tian, have you exhausted all your ideas?”

Fen Tian sighed and replied, “From the looks of it, my guess is right. I’m afraid that both you and Shangguan Tianyang were in cahoots with that little fellow from the start.” 

Xue AoTian said indifferently, “He is my son-in-law and I have only one daughter. You’re telling me that you want to kill him. What do you think I will do? Moreover, ever since I have established the Heavenly Snow Mountain, I never had the habit of obeying someone else’s wishes against my will, even if you’re a Max Level Heavenly God. The Heavenly Snow Mountain can be destroyed, but there will never be a Heavenly Snow Mountain with no dignity or pride. 

Fen Tian suddenly smiled. This time, his smile looked rather strange. The dark purple flames around his body did not become more powerful. From the looks of it, he had no intention to attack yet. 

 “Since that is the case, I guess I have to put more pressure on you. Brother Xue, sometimes, when you are destined to be defeated, why don’t you choose to back off instead? Brother Huang, show them what you’ve got. Everyone has already found out about our alliance, so what is the point of hiding it?”

Huang Xingyun, who had been leading the Passion Valley’s powerhouses, had been standing there in silence. The moment he heard Fen Tian’s words, he furrowed his brows. He brought his wife, Yun Ruoyu, with him and slowly walked towards Fen Tian, before standing next to him.

Both Huang Xingyun and Fen Tian were not stupid - the lineup of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain in the Grand Tournament, coupled with their constant forfeiting of the battles, together with the fact that the Peerless Sect had been constantly targeting the participants of the Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell, had made the two sets of alliances too apparent. 

After the Huang couple had walked out, the Passion Valley powerhouses had also walked over to gather with the members of the Blood Red Hell. The same shade of black light was emitted from their bodies - it was the Destruction Attribute.

Huang Xingyun looked at Xue AoTian and Shangguan Tianyang and said in a deep voice, “I’m very curious and I want to know - how did you find out about the alliance between the Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell? I would think that we had put up a really good and convincing act.”

While Xue AoTian managed to maintain his composure, Shangguan Tianyang looked extremely furious at this moment. After all, throughout all these years, the Passion Valley had always been a solid ally of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. He could completely see Huang Xingyun and his subordinates dealing them a fatal blow at the end of the Grand Tournament, in the event that they were to fall out with the Blood Red Hell, and that if at that point they still could not see through the pretense put up by the Passion Valley.

 “Brother Huang, why? Was our many years of alliance that fragile?” asked Shangguan Tianyang, who could no longer hold back.

Huang Xingyun replied indifferently, “Our so-called alliance was simply the Passion Valley giving support to the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and being your servants. We only fought against the Heavenly Snow Mountain together because it was in both our interests. Shangguan Tianyang, don’t you know that in this world, people will always fight for their own interests, and no alliance is forever? The Destruction Attribute is able to increase our power, and we no longer have to be subdued by you - it even allowed my Amber Empire to be allocated a part of the ZhongTian Empire’s vast land. I have no reason to reject the alliance with the Blood Red Hell. Right now, within the Mainland, we are already in possession of the Dan Dun Empire and Bai Da Empire. Originally, the lands of the Geritimo Empire and the Amber Empire had already taken up a third or more of the Mainland. After the Grand Tournament ends, without the support from all the other Saint Lands, the entire Mainland will be ruled by us. This is the most important thing to me. 

 “This will only benefit a small proportion of people. Shangguan Tianyang, do you dare to say that if someone were to offer you the Destruction Attribute to help you make a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage, and allow the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to rule over the entire Mainland, you will not be tempted? Even though we are now enemies on different sides, we still have the same human nature.”

Before Shangguan Tianyang could retort, Zhou Weiqing had interrupted, “I’ve always been curious about one thing - I’m sure the Destruction Attribute came from a particular source. What are the motives behind the fellow who gave you the Destruction Attribute to enhance your power? You are right, people will always fight for their own interests, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. By receiving the Destruction Attribute, I’m sure you must have sacrificed something in return.”

Huang Xingyun replied Zhou Weiqing coldly, “What we sacrificed were the lives of the people from the other countries. There are already way too many people on the Mainland. Our master needed the huge amount of resentment qi that was given out at the time of their deaths.”

 “What did you say?” Zhou Weiqing cried out in shock.

Huang Xingyun replied in a casual tone, “This is nothing, and I have nothing to hide from all of you either. If you do not obey, every single one of you will die here today. We Heavenly Jewel Masters are quite exalted, the deaths of those commoners are no different from the death of ants.”

Shangguan Tianyang’s face looked so gloomy to the point where it seemed as though he was about to cry, “Hence, you joined forces to destroy the Geritimo Empire? Causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their lives, as well as the people of the Geritimo Empire to plunge into misery and suffering?”

Huang Xingyun replied indifferently, “This is only the start. After all, we cannot kill too many people in a single place, or else that area would become a death zone, which is not advantageous to us, when we rule over them in the future. On the other hand, your ZhongTian Empire is different - you have a vast territory with abundant resources, as well as a huge population.”

 “You……you are a madman.” Shangguan Tianyang could no longer hold back and condemned him. Even though Huang Xingyun did not spell out his intentions explicitly, but everyone knew what he meant.

Huang Xingyun smiled. It was a calm smile. If Fen Tian was described as ruthless, then Huang Xingyun would be described as evil.

Shangguan Tianyang narrowed his eyes, “Huang Xingyun, perhaps what you said was right. I might have caved in in the face of such a strong temptation. However, we are different. That is because I am a human, and not a beast. I have my own morals, and you no longer have yours. In my eyes, the filthiest Heavenly Beast is still a hundred times purer than you.”

 “Are you trying to provoke me?” Huang Xingyun’s face fell. However, he did not take any action. “I have already told you everything that you wanted to know, but you have not answered my question. The Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell are like darkness and light; one was in the open, the other was hidden in the shadows. I was very sure that we had hid it very well, so how did you find out?” 

Shangguan Tianyang inhaled deeply in a bid to calm the rage in his heart. He looked towards Zhou Weiqing and said, “You have to ask him instead. When Weiqing told me about the possible alliance between the Passion Valley and the Blood Red Hell, I could not bring myself to believe his words. However, upon your arrival on the Heavenly Snow Mountain and based on your performance, I believe what he said. I had never expected that after all these years, I was not able to see who you truly are. You had truly concealed your true nature very well.” 

Huang Xingyun seemed to be completely unaffected by Shangguan Tianyang’s mockery. He looked towards Zhou Weiqing in a perplexed manner, “And how did you find out?”

Zhou Weiqing replied plainly, “Do you remember? About half a year ago, you had sent someone to the Sidhe’s sealed grounds, in an attempt to abduct the Sidhe Princess.”

Huang Xingyun’s facial expression changed. Even though he tried his best to conceal his emotions, he could not completely hide the shock deep within his eyes. “I definitely do not know what you are talking about.”

Zhou Weiqing laughed grimly, “Do you really not know what I’m talking about? I’m sure you’ve been plotting to restrain the Sidhe for a long time now. Or else, the powerhouse that you sent to the sealed grounds could not have entered with just a few special treasures. Unfortunately, his luck was not too good - he ran into me, who had arrived there on the same day. Additionally, he even tried to make me the scapegoat. When I had caught up with him, I realized that he was using the Time Attribute, and in the final moments before his death, when I had cornered him into panic, he activated the Destruction Attribute. I do not have to elaborate much about how uncommon it is for cultivators to possess the Time Attribute - apart from the Passion Valley and I, I have never heard of anyone else who possessed the Time Attribute. Furthermore, how was it possible for me not to be suspicious after encountering an individual who possessed both the Time and Destruction Attribute at the same time? As the saying goes - it’s better to be safe and sorry by believing in the worst case scenario. I had never expected that the righteous Passion Valley had actually caved in to the temptation created by the Destruction Attribute. You should know that ultimately, the Destruction Attribute will lead to self-destruction - be it you or your master. Even if you rule over the entire world, it is a fate you cannot escape.”

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