Himekishi ga Classmate Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem

Chapter 4: The Bath and the Paizuri Slave

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「Man〜, taking a bath right after exercising is really something special. Don’t you think so?」

Tooru was inside a rock bath and steam was rising from the water, he sprinkled some of the clear water into his face.

There was hot spring water gushing out from deepest portion of the cave, and he made use of this fact to enjoy a comfortable bath.

Having discovered this location in his base was, truly based on luck.

「What do you mean by exercise……. Although, only for the fact that you are allowing me to take a bath, for the time being you have my gratitude」

After saying such things, Kirika submerged herself up to her shoulders in the water, a little distance away from me and was cautiously examining my actions.

She was trying to wash away all all the parts of her body which was dirtied due to us having sex for the whole night.

Of course, it is likely that the sperm I shot out to the interior of her womb still remains within.

「Your part of my enslaved harem now, and I am going to take care of you like a good master is supposed to」

「Well thanks for that…….but you don’t seem like a good person in my eyes. Although it may be useless for me to say such things」

When her armor is taken off from her body she lost her Princess Knight visage, and she took on the appearance of “Himeno-san the classmate which was naked”

Her pure white naked body was contrasted by her black hair which nestled perfectly down to where the water immersed her shoulders, she was beautiful.

Her body had no excess meat but it also seemed like a very soft yet feminine type of body, it was quite a stimulating sight to behold.

「It’s already come to this, what else do you have to be embarrassed about? we were entwined and went hard it it for the whole night」

「Li, like I said stop it with that kind of vulgar talk!」

Even though in order for me to accumulate experience, I made sure to thoroughly enjoy her body last night, she’s being really bashful and shy and her reactions are really cute.

Although she’s trying her hardest to cover up her breasts, looking at the situation, in accordance with what I expected her volume is massive.

Isn’t her breasts at least the size of an E Cup?

Although it was be very simple for me to just order her to remove her hands, that would take away the fun of her being bashful, therefore I decided to let her act in this cutesy manner for now.

「Well, let’s return to the main topic. I want to know more about this Princess Sistina…….In other words I want to know about this person whom you served under when you were acting as her knight」

Naturally, I didn’t come here just to share a bath with her.

I wanted to gather vital information regarding the country Ranbadeia……. I needed to know the internal affairs/workings of this kingdom she worked in.

The name I managed to get out of her, was precisely, the Third Princess of the Kingdom, Princess Sistina Ranbadeia.

It was the name of the young girl she served whom was part of the royal family.

Soon after being reincarnated in this new world, Whilst Kirika was travelling incognito in the outskirts of town to explore, she by chance met Princess Sistina, who was getting attacked by a monster.

Additionally she saved the Princess from the dilemma and in the process was able to display her true prowess. Impressing the Princess and at the same time becoming her benefactor, she was able to secure a position as the close aide of the Third Princess.

「What an amazing successful career path you had. So what kind of person is this Princess Sistina?」

「She is……a very kind, wise and good natured person. We are around the same age, and she treated me like a real friend」

「I see, I see. and, is she a beautiful woman?」

I was grinning/smirking as I asked her this question, clearly Kirika was displeased as she had a frown on her face.

Oi oi, Wouldn’t you agree that, it is an extraordinarily important question to ask?

「………She’s an exceedingly beautiful person. Platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, she is just like a princess you would see in a painting……..She has even been referred to as the greatest treasure of the Ranbadeia Kingdom.」

「Heh, So you were serving that kind of princess as her knight? What a picturesque scene it must have been」

Well, Now I am her one and only Master.

However, for this princess to be known as the “greatest treasure” of Ranbadeia………If it is truly to that extent, even I will become interested in her.

「Alright, I decided. This Princess Sistina person, I will make her into my Spellbound Slave」


As expected Kirika became speechless.

Ah, for one instant, the arm she used to cover her breasts slipped and I could see a glimpse of her nipple.

「You, you must not be serious. Even with your powers, doing this kind of reckless action……No matter if you succeed or if you fail, don’t you realise that you will only antagonise the whole country and make them see you as their enemy !?」

「Is that what you really believe? Even if it is just the city guards or even if they are Royalty, I will be able to easily make all the important people within the country into my spellbound slaves, and from there, you never know, I may even be able to hijack/usurp the whole kingdom」

When I stated those provocative words, Kirika had a look of contemplation/reflection, and she cautiously responded to me.

「No…….Even with your powers, There must be a limit to it. For example, things like the limit, to the amount of people you can make into your spellbound slaves, or by analysing your activities and the amount of people serving as your war potential, a prediction can be made」


She is considerably intelligent that I am slightly impressed.

It’s true, no matter how cheat like this Slavemancer job seems to be, I am not able to possess an unlimited amount slaves.

The number of people that can be turned into my faithful slaves is equivalent to the level of my “Enslavement Magic”.

In other words, for now, the highest amount of people I can enslave with my magic is limited to six people.

It may be that, once the level of my “Enslavement Magic” reaches a high enough stage, the ratio of the number of people I can enslave will drastically increase as well, However there has been no such indication that this will happen.

And it could be a possibility that when I finally enslave up to the maximum amount of people, if the ability is not released by some other spell user or by me directly, It may be possible that I wont be able to make new slaves.

This is an inconvenience that I just have to deal with even if it takes a little more effort.

This is the reason, that I make enough room for one person, at any given time. (Note: meaning if his Enslavement Magic is level 6 he will only enslave up to 5 to leave room for a 6th if he needs to do so)

When I fought/battled against Kirika my Enslavement Magic was at level 5, the amount of slaves I had were the magic user Nina, the Warrior Amelia, and two other adventurers (They were given a different order, thus, they are not currently here).

The village girls whom were made into magical slaves were used to test my abilities, However, I released them from the spell, and as of now, they were kept hidden inside a secret room within the cave and was currently being confined.

As long as my abilities are restricted and there is a limitation placed upon the amount of slaves I could possess at any given time, the quality of the slaves becomes an exceedingly important factor.

It is because of this fact, I was able to obtain an ace up my sleeve, without leaving room for any more slaves, I wouldn’t have been able to get so lucky and obtain the Princess Knight Kirika.

「Your war potential seems to only be at a small scale. Moreover, There are plenty of Knights and Guards with a high level of magical resistance, not only that, there is even plenty of “technique/magic/art/magic users” who are able to break magical spells which have been cast on others」

「So you’re telling me that even if I use you in order to inflitrate the kingdom, it won’t be successful if I go by normal means」

「That’s right. It’s better if you keep such outrageous ambitions within your head to keep yourself away from harm」

「Heh, Are you worried about me?」

「Wh,Who is worried about someone like you….?! The one whom I am worried about is Princess Sistina!」

Even though I was making fun of her, I was also considering what she said.

Certainly, there seems to be a need to fortify my plans and carefully approach the matter.

「well, never mind about that. Ahh that’s right, Himeno-san. I’m only saying this in passing but, Even if you were to preach to me about the advantageous or disadvantages of being either good or evil, it wont affect my decision in the slightest」


She had a bewildered face.

I wet my hair and whilst combing it, I continued to talk.

「From the moment I arrived in this new world, I was already determined. For my second chance at life, I would live it to the fullest」

「Are you telling me, that your plan is to make all the women in this world turn into your playthings!?」

「If you think I’m a sleazy low-life then that’s fine, because even I myself think so. However, back in the previous world I had absolutely nothing……….No power, no motivation, and there was nothing I wanted to accomplish」

Even during the time when I died due to the bus accident, all I could think about was how uselessly I had lived my life. This left me with a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

I don’t want to ever experience that kind of life again.

I didn’t accomplish anything In my previous life, and I deeply regretted it.

「That’s why, This time around I decided to live whilst attaining all my desires. And for that purpose, no matter how difficult it becomes I will overcome it. No, I will conquer it. Just like how I obtained you」

The Princess Knight is under my control, And the Princess of Ranbadeia will also fall into the palm of my hands.

That is the ideal objective I want to accomplish and it fires me up just thinking about it.

As a man, and as a living human being, the number of people who would attempt to challenge the might of a kingdom like me is probably not much.

「Odamori-kun, you are….!」

Realising the kind of person I am, Kirika had a mixture of complicated emotions which were painted across her face.

I got out of the bath, and lay myself down on the smooth bedrock.

Following my orders she also went out of the bath and was standing before me, she had an apprehensive look on her face as she wondered what was going to happen next.

「Although most of the dirt has been washed off, Because it is a rare opportunity, why don’t we get reacquainted with each other by letting me teach you “a fun way to wash each other”. First of all, I want you to cover up the front of your body with soap」

「Eh, Iya……Iyaada, Why do I have to do such a thing!?」

No matter the order, It is impossible for my slave to disobey it.

Purun (the shaking/bouncing like jelly), Her body which was fully exposed showed her breasts which seemed extremely soft, and her slim stomach line…….She was lathering her body with soap with her own hands.

「You will become my tool to wash my body. Now, try and use that body of yours to wrap around my body like a glue.

「Ehhh!? Th, that’s definitely weird/improper…….Kyaa,nn…..!?」

Squishhh, I felt two very tender mountain peaks pressing down on my chest, it was an incredible sensation.

She wrapped her body around me and I could feel her firm thighs around my arm.

Various soft parts of her body which was smeared in soap was glued to my bare skin.

「Ohhh This is truly amazing…..! Just like that, use your whole body to rub/scrub all over me…………Ohhhh!?」

「Iyaa, AhAhn!? Th, this is so slippery I’m slipping down………IyaaaA!?」

Clumsily/awkwardly she slid up and down my whole body, using her juicy body she was becoming a human sponge and she continued to polish my body.

her nude body was covered in soap and foaming up, and her small/minute movements of gliding up and down my body felt really good.

「I could not ever expect, that Himeno-san whom was so pure would actually come to serve me like some sort of prostitute working to service me and clean my whole body……I’m deeply touched」

「Wha, what are you saying, I’m not aware of such…….auuu, it, it’s rubbing against me……….!」

Sometimes it was the feeling of her huge soft ever-changing breasts which rubbed against me and at other times, it was a firm/hard tactile sense I was feeling.

Inside the foamy white soap, I could see a glimpse of her cute pink nipples peeking in and out of my view.

「Oh, Himeno-san, It can’t be, is your nipples getting hard?」

「Eh!? Th, That’s not……..Y,yes, my nipples are getting so, hard/erect……!?」

She is not permitted to lie when I, her master/lord asks her a question.

Although it may just be a natural reaction of her body, she was lewdly/erotically rubbing her hard and erect nipples against my body and that action caused her to be heavily embarrassed making her face flush in shame.

「It’s not really something you should be embarrassed about. Even mine, has reacted in the same way」

「U, uuuu…….Eve, even if you don’t tell me, its been hitting/touching me since a little while ago」

Having the most beautiful girl in school, perform “soap play” on you, there is no guy in this world that would not become erect.

My penis which was covered by the bubbling soap was touching her soft inner thighs and slender stomach, and the more it brushed past these delicate parts of her body, the harder and hotter I became.

「It’s about time, the next thing I want you to do is focus washing my erect thing. However…..You are only allowed to use your breasts」

「Eh, ehhhh!?」

Her body moves and the upper half of her body nestles nicely in between both my legs which were on the bedrock.

And just like that, using her huge breasts which was big in volume, she………squeeeezzzed ! my hot flaming cock and wrapped around it.

「Kuu, Ohhh…….Th, this is beyond my expectations…..!」

「Iya, It’s hot………!? My breasts are doing this kind of……..!?」

My former classmate whom had huge tits had begun to give me a foaming paizuri.

It was as if a gigantic/enormous marshmallow was squeezing me, like a water balloon filled with hot water that was made out of silk.

It was an extremely indescribable good feeling that cannot really be explained with words, and she was very gently wrapping around my fully erected cock.

「This is amazing, you completely enveloped my penis and made it disappear. How big is your breast size?」

「U……..Ni, ninety………90 E Cup……!」

Under the compulsion to answer as my slave, she embarrassingly confessed her size.

Although she was famous for hiding her huge breasts using tight clothes, I had never thought that it would actually be this big, what a pleasant miscalculation.

「Auuuu……….This is the worst…..! I’m, so embarassssed」

「Now, just like that, make sure that my cock cant escape your valley, using that E Cup of yours start stroking it whilst you wash it.」

I gave her such instructions as I was playing around with her pleasantly smelling black hair using the tip of my fingers.

Nupu, Papu, Nyuruuun (*slip*,*smack*, *slosh*)…… These kinds of erotic sounds were echoed through the room, as Kirika was compelled to service me with her tits.

「Forcing me to do such th, things, I don’t really get whats so fun about this….?!」

「You don’t understand the hearts of men do you〜 . No matter if it was at our previous school or in your imperial court, all the men who stare at your breasts with lust-filed eyes are bountiful」

「You’re lying! The only person who has such indecent thoughts about my body is, only you…….Auu!」

The twin peaks/valley of the girl I yearned after the most in my previous life, was now completely dedicated to only me.

Being able to monopolise her breasts the sense of accomplishment I obtained drove my penis to become even more lively, it was swelling red with blood and it continued to draw closer to her face as it twitched like a wild animal. This made her shake in fear.

「Uuu…….Th,this hot and sticky thing, it’s almost as if it wasn’t a human body part, it’s disgusting……!」

「I’m glad you like what you see. ahh, that’s right…….Let me tell you a little secret. It’s about the Duration of my “Enslavement Magic” 」

At my abrupt change in topic conversations, Kirika had a face of puzzlement as she continued her devoted Paizuri .

As a woman who has fallen under my complete control, it was the type of information, which she could not afford to miss.

「The duration is inversely proportional to the amount of magical resistance the magical slave possesses. For a person without sufficient magical resistance, I have complete control over whether they are released, and without my permission their enslaved state will continue forever, However……… for someone like you who’s magical resistance is quite high, there is a possibility of breaking out my direct control through sheer force of will」

hearing such a thing from me, she had a hopeful expression on her face.

She was still moving her chest up and down my cock whilst her expression became hopeful, this made me even more turned on somehow.

「………Are you sure you want to reveal such a great secret to me? 」

「I don’t really mind, if it’s only up to this standard. Of course if I were to reapply my magic, they would revert to being a slave and besides I’m not really revealing to you any of the intricate details regarding my magic.

「Even so…….This much is enough for me to make use of. If by some chance there is a time when you are not able to reapply the magic on me for any reason whatsoever, I will make sure to dispel this “Enslavement Magic” and be rid of it once and for all. I will never give up……….As for Princess Sistina, I wont allow you to lay a hand on her….!!」

Ahhh, as I thought, this woman is really interesting.

Even though she is under the absolute rule of my “enslavement magic” and is consistently being violated, she doesn’t lose any hope and still confronts me with all her strength.

Her title as the Princess Knight is truly deserved.

And, precisely because of the fact that she is so stubborn, I already made up my mind that I will one day make her submit to me from the bottom of her heart, such feelings bubble up within me.

「I expected nothing less from the Princess Knight Kirika. In that case, without further ado, Lets begin fortifying my enslavement magic by “reapplying the spell”」

I had a grin across my face, whilst Kirika was suspicious at what I was about to do.

「Other than chanting a magic spell, there are other ways in which a magic can be invoked. for example, using bodily fluids. Blood is one of the more common mediums however, in relation to “enslavement magic” there is something even more ideal than using my own blood」

「Eh…….N, no way, don’t tell me…….!?」

「It is literally “reapplying my magic”. No matter how innocent Himeno-san is, you understand the meaning behind these words right…….?!」

My penis which reached its pinnacle of heavenly pleasure was about to burst its pent up fluids like a dangerous weapon.

I pointed the tip of my cock which was leaking cowper juice right at her face and my penis was trembling in excitement and pleasure as I started to grind up and down. Himeno-san as if finally comprehending the meaning behind my words had a face filled with fear.

「Don, Don’t tell me your going to shoot that thing, on my f, face!? iya, iyada this is a lie!!」

「You cant escape this, I’m going to thoroughly paste a thick and heavy amount of semen right into your face……..Now this is the last spurt, squeeze your breasts on my cock like you want to crush it between your tits! Watch me, I will also do this !!」

「Iya, yaaa, auuuuu!? Eh, M, my nipples, don’t pinch themmmmm!!?」

I pinched both of her nipples as a surprise attack, and Kirika cries out in a cute voice.

Even though I’m thoroughly crushing, pinching and playing around with her completely erect nipples, she still doesn’t stop her movements.

Although she hated my guts, she continued to service my cock with her breasts in a passionate/ardent motion, even if she wanted to stop, she couldn’t.

「In sync with when I ejaculate, I am going to give the order for you to cum with just your nipples being squeezed…….Kuuuu!!」

「Iyada Iyada Iyadaaaaa!!? I don’t want to cum, Tha, that kind of indecent way of cumming is no goodddd! Nyaa, AHaaaaaaaa!! 」

Himeno’s tit’s which was the size of 90 cm, was holding my penis right in the middle of it and she aggressively pressured it whilst grinding her breasts in an erotic fashion.

Her face was flushing due to the heat of the bathroom, and I aimed my throbbing penis right at her face which had a few streaks of hair stuck to it.

I swung my hips back and forth like some sort of beast/animal adjusting to move faster and faster as my impulse to explode nears.

Giyuuuuuuuuuu!! (*pinch*,*crush*) Whilst crushing and pinching her two nipples which were fully erect I pulled them up high and began to issue her an order.

「Uuu, I’m going to release it! Accept your master’s marking on your face!! Having my semen pasted all over your face and at the same time having your nipple’s squeezed/milked you will Cum, Himeno Kirika!!」

「Iya Iyada Ah Ahaa Ahhh………………..I’m Cummmmminnnggggggg〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!?」

Dobyuruu, Dopu Dobyuruuuruuuu!!!!! (*spurt* *splash* *gush/spurt*)

Throwing her head back and bending backwards Kirika achieved her first nipple climax, her soft/tender huge breasts were still being pressed, no it was being compressed into my cock.

with tremendous force my sticky and cloudy fluids were pasted all over Himeno’s face via my throbbing penis.

One after another, a surprising amount of semen even I did not expect, covered the entirety of her beautiful face, even her black hair became sullied/dirty with my semen.

「Haa………..Hapuaaa!? Aaaa………AhhhnHA, Iyaaa…………!」

「Ku, Ukuu………! Uu, Ohh……..I, I’m still going! You are mine, you are all mine, my personal sex slave Kirika……Ohhh!!」

「Iyaa, Iyaraaa…….! I, won’t become your playthinggaaa……..!」

「until both your body and your mind are all mine, from now on, everyday I will etch into your body, inside your body and outside of it, the proof of my ownership…..!」

My visciously stickly fluid was used as an intermediary for my magical power and a new mark/proof/sign on her body appeared as if to signify that a new type of “magical slave” was born.

Kirika had a haggard/rough breath, she was still shaking in the reverberations of climaxing with purely just her nipples and her body trembled with the shame of being completely dirtied by my semen, overlooking such a Kirika, a peerless feeling of pure bliss in her conquest overwhelmed my senses.

And then………..As if right on time.

within this bathroom which was now filled with the steamy indecent smell of sex, the figures of two people appeared.

「You have upgraded your “enslavement magic” and improved/updated it to the next level haven’t you, My Master/lord!!」

「Ah-Ah-, After banging the Princess Knight so hard she’s now showing us such a cute expression hanging over her face……..You came way too much, Masterr」

The two people that arrived from the other side of the mist had semi-long blond hair and wild long red hair.

「Eh, You, you guys are…..!?」

Kirika was caught out of place and became confused, as she still had all the cloudy/sticky fluids across her face.

It can’t be helped.

The two people that appeared was, my magical user Nina and my Warrior Amelia……..Both of them were my loyal slaves.

However, The girls were a little different.

From their facial expressions to their actions, they were no longer acting merely like robotic dolls without emotion………It was almost as if they were normal people, living breathing normal people with their own consciousness.

Slavemancer Tooru

Job: Slavemancer LV 7

Skill: 【Enslavement Magic LV 6】???

Princess Knight Kirika

Job: Princess Knight LV 5

Skill: 【Brilliant Burst LV 3】【Magical Resistance LV 2】???

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