I Hate You, Devil!

Chapter 280 Please Read

Chapter 280 Please Read

This is not a chapter but please read. This is a very important announcement for all of you my dear readers. Please read until the end.

There's a change in plot so I decided to put this book on hold starting tomorrow. The upcoming arc is supposed to be another flashback - this time not from the past but from the FUTURE (before Xiaolei got reincarnated). However, I decided not to have another flashback at this point. Instead, I am going to resume I Love You Monster and I will reveal Yu Chen's life before Xiaolei got reincarnated there. What happened to Yu Chen while Xiaolei was with Yun Jinhan? Why did Yu Chen never approach her back then? Did he look for Xiaolei? Was there a reason why they never met?

These questions will be answered in I Love You Monster's After Story.

If you guys still remember, Yu Chen was present during Hinari and Zaki's wedding.

The after story will start from there. Of course, since Yu Chen isn't the main character in ILYM, please don't expect that the after story is all about Yu Chen. He will only be a part of it but I'll make sure to balance everything. Some questions will also be answered there, like the everything about Zaki, Juu and Kyuu. I said before that the question whether Zaki will be cured or not will be answered here in IHYD but yeah, there's a change in plot. So not anymore. That question will be answered in ILYM after story.

I know you might think that I am complicating the plot but actually, this is better for me(as the author) than writing another flashback at this point.

Also please understand that this is for the sake of I HATE YOU DEVIL's plot. There are other reasons why I decided to do this. I don't want to spoil anything so I'll keep it a secret. I just hope that you will trust me about this.

And I believe that almost all of the readers here are from I Love You Monster so I hope this will not disappoint you. Please do not worry because once the After story is completed, I will resume IHYD and finish Xiaolei and Yu Chen's very own love story. There's still a lot in store for them.

So I'd like to ask you all to re-add ILYM in your libraries again if you already removed it and follow Yu Chen there. And for the readers here who didn't read I Love you Monster please read it hehe. Or you guys can go straight to the After Story volume, but It's still better if you will read the entire story. It's a must, haha. Because that after story is mainly for the Main Characters of I Love You Monster, especially Zaki.

So tomorrow, don't wait for IHYD new chapters. Wait for ILYM's update instead.

Also, PLEASE DON'T BUY PRIVILEGE for this book because the next two chapters will be dummies. I am just going to update two dummy chapters to push this chapter down for the non privilege reader to see. I will change the contents once this book will resume.

I am hoping for your support my dear readers. I hope you will support my decision. Thank you so much and I always love you all.

Sorry… ReadNovelFull will not publish this chapter unless there's 1000 words so I think I'll do some question and answer to reach that number. TT

Q: Author, are we going to see Xiaolei in ILYM's after story?

A: Yes. You will see the Luo Xiaolei who is focused with nothing but her revenge.

Q: How long will it take?

A: I still can't tell because the update will remain slow. I am sorry but I will update ILYM one chapter daily as well. Please understand because this author's priority right now is HELLBOUND WITH YOU. The update of that book is faster so check it out. I wish i could update more but my body couldn't keep up. I might die if I update ILYM two chaps daily as well. TT It's hard to write and I am not a full time writer. I have full time work too so please understand.

Q: How about my future wife is androphobic?

A: I just put the status [On-hiatus] on the book so please don't beg me to update it. I can't write it right now. I don't know how long the hiatus would take. The only thing that I could promise to the readers of My Future Wife is Androphobic is that I am not going to drop it. One day, I will continue Kira and Zeri's story. That's a promise.

Q: What other things can we expect for the After Story aside from the things about Yu Chen and Zaki?

A: if you still remember, I promised before that I will release chapters about Davi's second pregnancy and etc. So that's one of the things you should look forward to. Ahh… I still need 100+ words T^T… I am out of words to say \u003e\u003c

Ah, just a reminder. Please don't expect Yu Chen the big panda here in IHYD to be the same Yu Chen once you meet him in ILYM. Remember that the man is called the devil that time and not our beloved panda. You will also see why he was called the devil to begin with. So don't complain later and tell me that he's like a different person. ^^

The same is true with Xiaolei. She's a vengeful woman there so don't expect her to act like the Xiaolei that you know.

I am not going to spill more but darn… I feel like the word count is not increasing. \u003e\u003c

Okay, let's just sing the panda song…

Panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda

Yey!! 1000… see you all in ILYM.


~ Kazzen ♡

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