I'm Scattering IQ to the Protagonist

Volume 4 Chapter 69

Chapter 69 | Arc 4.

The fifth day after Su Yu sent Ling Tian to the Qi Sect, he finally couldn't hold back anymore and decided to pay a visit to the sect's Elder, Bao Yunzi.

Bao Yunzi had already been under a lot of pent-up rage from this matter concerning his eldest disciple, and so when he saw the arrival of the Beast Cultivation World's Demon Elder, without even an invitation slip, his face instantly distorted.

“What a surprise, the Demon Elder of the Beast Cultivation world personally came to my Qi Sect without even issuing a greeting beforehand. If others were to know of this, who knows what kind of rumors will fly about."Even though the other was a respected elder of the Beast Cultivation World, Bao Yunzi did not speak politely at all.

In front of outsiders, Su Yu naturally had on his high-and-mighty persona, and he stated with a cold voice, "This Elder has come today not to chat with Distinguished Senior, but rather for my disciple Ling Tian."

It was better when Su Yu hadn't opened his mouth. With this bomb now dropped, Bao Yunzi instantly exploded. "What a joke! Ling Tian is my Eldest Senior Disciple, when did he become your beast cultivation apprentice? Demon Elder has the wrong person!"

Although Su Yu’s purpose this time was not to pick a fight, watching the Taoist Elder quiver with anger really was too amusing. However, in the end, he restrained his wicked tastes and just asked with a slight frown, “Ling Tian really did bow down to you as Master, before?"

Bao Yunzi's anger was not small. Although he wanted nothing more than to smack down this infuriating beast cultivator before him, he had extraordinary restraint that most people could not compare with. He also didn't miss the main point of these words – thinking back over everything that had happened these last few days, Bao Yunzi couldn't help but reply with a frown, “What do you mean by these words?”

Su Yu looked around, “Does Distinguished Senior really want to have this discussion right here?"

Su Yu had just stepped foot into the front gates when he was stopped by Bao Yunzi. Right now, the two were standing out in the open at the entrance of the Qi Sect – it really wasn't a good place for any kind of discussion.

Bao Yunzi snorted derisively, but could only temporarily allow the other inside. After all, this person’s cultivation was comparable with his own. Until things really got to that point, he honestly did not want to exchange blows just yet.

Once inside the Qi Sect's reception hall, Su Yu looked around, sweeping through the hall, and then asked, "So where is Ling Tian? This Elder wishes to see him first."

He had already been imagining that beautiful sight of his lover rushing forwards and leaping into his embrace – Su Yu naturally did not wish to wait even a second longer!!

Bao Yunzi was very angry. After observing that within Su Yu’s cold look, there was a hint of deep concern, he couldn't help but feel more angered. “Why don't Demon Elder clear things up first!”

Su Yu did not push the issue. He concisely summarized the matter of Ling Tian falling into the Beast Cultivation world and being saved by him, accepting him as an apprentice, and also the incident with Mo Han. "This Elder saw that the brat's heart wasn't in the right place, and was planning to harm Ling Tian. Therefore, This Elder acted and crippled his cultivation. There is no need to thank me, I am just doing what's best for Ling Tian and cleaning up the trash of the sect."

Being able to use such a casual and indifferent tone to speak words that can anger another to death…. it must be stated, this is also some kind of wondrous ability right??

“The matters of my Qi Sect, it doesn't need an outsider's input!” Even though he knew that there were some issues with Mo Han, Su Yu’s action is still caused Bao Yunzi to feel some rage.

As the head ofthe Qi Sect, if he really wanted to pursue this matter, then it would inevitably end up in a fight. Bao Yunzi thought about it carefully, and then ultimately decided to let it go.

“Then I'll ask Distinguished Senior to please educated your disciples wisely and teach them not to harm their own brothers and sisters.” Su Yu continued to utter absolutely infuriating words.

Bao Yunzi silently recited scripts to calm his heart, and unceremoniously stared at Su Yu. Finally, he decided to regain his face from another angle. "If what the Demon Elder has said is indeed true, then This Honor should thank you on behalf of Ling Tian for this life-saving grace. However, Ling Tian is indeed the apprentice of This Honor, first and foremost, and so I ask that Demon Elder please be aware of this matter and to respect this."

Su Yu, with a cold visage, stared at Bao Yunzi and retorted back word for word, "This Elder's demonic spiritual bead is still inside Ling Tian's body. If it weren't for this spiritual bead, then Ling Tian would not survive for even a day longer. I ask that Distinguished Senior please also be aware of this matter and to respect this."

Bao Yunzi was choked by Su Yu's words and his face turned extremely ugly, but he was also slightly moved. Although he did not know much about the beast cultivation world, he knew how important the demonic spiritual bead was to their cultivation. The fact that this person before him had willingly given his spiritual bead to Ling Tian…. he really did not know what to say anymore.

But Bao Yunzi soon got rid of such thoughts and gave a cold snort. In the end, this person was just a bad guy who was trying to steal his apprentice – absolutely unforgivable!

Su Yu ignored Bao Yunzi's distaste and spoke up again, “This Elder has already explained the whole situation. Now can you let this Elder see Ling Tian?"

Bao Yunzi's heart was naturally reluctant, but since the other was Ling Tian's life-saving benefactor, and he also held Ling Tian's life in his hands, Bao Yunzi could only reluctantly nod. “This Honor will order for Ling Tian to be brought here."

“No need, This Elder will head over to him." Su Yu waved his hand and stood up.

Bao Yunzi was slightly surprised by Su Yu’s actions, but this was also evidence for the fact that this person actually did care for his senior apprentice. Considering the fact that all Ling Tian had been shouting for these days was for his ‘Demon Elder Master’, this left a bitter taste in Bao Yunzi's mouth. “Alright. This Honor was just about to check up on Ling Tian as well."

And so these two highly respected leaders of the cultivation world headed off calmly, walking shoulder-to-shoulder towards Ling Tian’s courtyard. However, soon, the peace was broken.

Because, as soon as the two people walked into the courtyard, a white figure dashed over and with a cry of "Master!" Ling Tian leapt at Su Yu. “Master, you've finally came to pick me up, this disciple has missed you so much!”

Looking at the pure-as-white-paper and innocent face before him, with the other's eyes reflecting only himself, Su Yu smiled with satisfaction. He reached out and mussed up Ling Tian's slightly messy hair, saying softly and dotingly, “Ling Tian be good, these days teacher has missed you too."

This picture-perfect reunion of teacher and student really was harmonious and beautiful, but for Bao Yunzi who was standing to the side being ignored, his mood was not so beautiful. Watching the disciple he was so proud of affectionately calling another person "Master" and also cutely pulling on the other's robe sleeve, his heart was almost broken.

What to do, I really want to go out and clean up the trash in the world, and also clean up (destroy) the beast cultivation world along the way ah!

After basking in the warm glow for a while, Ling Tian finally noticed the existence of Bao Yunzi. However, his eyes held no hint of apology – rather, he became very vigilant and he lowered his voice to say to Su Yu, “Master, this man is very strange. This disciple does not recognize him, but he insists that I am his disciple. He also forcibly contained me here, and would not let me go search for you, Master."

"…..” Little Rascal, I can hear every word you are saying! Be careful, lest I directly give you a beating!

Su Yu’s eyes turned gentle, “This is the head of Qi Sect, Bao Yunzi. He is not a bad person.”

Ling Tian took another look at Bao Yunzi, his eyes still alert and suspicious. Bao Yunzi simply felt he could faint from anger.

When the three people sat down in Ling Tian’s courtyard, Bao Yunzi still hadn't fully regained his breath. He hadn't experienced this kind of sour feeling for a long while now, it was taking all his effort to hold everything in!

Because Ling Tian currently only trusted one person, everything had to be personally re-explained by Su Yu. After listening to the story, Ling Tian goggled at the truth, “This person really was my master once upon a time?”

Bao Yunzi’s beard almost stood up, “Not once upon a time! I am and always have been! You unfilial apprentice, you're going to anger this teacher to death!"

“But my master is clearly the Demon Elder of the beast cultivation world!” Ling Tian still refused to accept this fact.

Bao Yunzi was so angry he slammed his hand down on the table, directly shattering the jade to pieces. “This Honor is your master!”

Su Yu glanced at Bao Yunzi and he gave a dark smile in his heart. “Ling Tian has amnesia right now and doesn't remember these things. This is to be expected. Why are you so angry?"

Bao Yunzi very undignifiedly rolled his eyes. So my apprentice doesn't remember me, and calls another his Master. Now, I am the one to blame for all this?

Ling Tian honestly wasn't trying to deliberately anger Bao Yunzi. He was just unwilling to admit that he might not be Su Yu's apprentice. That was too big of a blow to him.

Su Yu saw through Ling Tian’s mood and gave a reassuring pat on his hand. Turning around, he addressed Bao Yunzi. “This Elder believes that right now, the most important thing is to find out why Ling Tian lost his memory twice in a row, and how he suddenly returned from my dwelling in the beast cultivation world, to the Qi Sect. Don't you agree?"

Hearing this, Bao Yunzi’s countenance immediately became serious. Although he didn't fully trusted Su Yu’s words, he still believed most of it. “Indeed. Back then the task I had sent Ling Tian on was not dangerous – this should not have happened. Moreover, this second bought of memory loss is even more surprising.”

Su Yu paused for a moment, and then took the initiative to say, "Previously, before Ling Tian lost his memory again, someone had tried to use my servants to spread Soul Assimilation Salve on him."

Hearing this, Bao Yunzi's expression changed. "How could this happen!”

“This Elder immediately stepped in after finding out, but wasunable to identify the mastermind behind it. Therefore, it is uncertain whether Ling Tian's amnesia is related to this,” Su Yu lied without batting an eye, his face so calm and expressionless that no one would even think to suspect him for Ling Tian's current condition.

Ling Tian reassuringly squeezed Su Yu's hand, indicating that he didn't blame him.

Bao Yunzi glanced at the hand-holding which had been going on since the beginning, and felt as if an old clot of blood was stuck in his throat, unable to be coughed up. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. Why did he feel that the relationship between these two people wasn't as simple as it seemed on the surface?

Su Yu in turn squeezed back Ling Tian's hand. Then, he continued to say, "This Elder has a suspicion that has yet to be confirmed. I don't know if Distinguished Senior is interested in hearing it?"

Bao Yunzi’s heart was about to go mad. He desperately wanted to leap forward and separate those two paws from each other. However, hearing Su Yu begin to talk about serious matters, he could only temporarily endure, “If Demon Elder has any speculation, then there would be no harm in hearing it."

“This Elder suspects that all this was done by the Demonic Cultivators." Su Yu stated his guess bluntly.

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