Immortal Mortal

Chapter 26: Lightning Lake of the Thunder Fog Forest

Chapter 26: Lightning Lake of the Thunder Fog Forest

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Mo Wuji kept on running as fast as he could till he could no longer hear the hissing. After he turned around and realised that the Heart Drilling Snakes were no longer in sight, he heaved a short sigh of relief. However at the back of his mind, Mo Wuji knew that he was not clear of danger.

Thick fog and tall trees that surrounded him made it impossible to see the sky.

At this moment, he was sure he had passed the outskirts, into the depths of the Thunder Fog Forest.

Mo Wuji could not and did not bother trying to locate any of the other guards that came with Han Ning. He just had to get out in the shortest time possible.

Even though he had never been in the Thunder Fog Forest before, he believed every single myth about this forest. He felt anxious from the very moment he had entered the forest.

"Kacha!" A huge tree fell and two shadows emerged from the fog. With the aid of the dim light in the forest, Mo Wuji could make out what those two shadows were.

Mo Wuji felt numbness in the scalp of his head as two wild beasts that he had never seen before appeared. One of them had three eyes with a body full of scales while the other looked like a lion, with blood and fur around the fangs of its stretched mouth.

The two wild beasts appeared not to have seen Mo Wuji and did not bother about him.

"Roar..." The deafening roars of the two wild beasts made Mo Wuji's heart beat tremendously fast.

Fortunately for Mo Wuji, it was not just one beast because then it would have definitely noticed him and gobbled him up. As Mo Wuji slowly retreated, the two beasts were always in his sight. They had to be the demonic beasts that Ding Bu'Er previously mentioned were prevalent in the forest.

As Mo Wuji retreated, he felt his feet turn cold. He realised that he was too focused on the demonic beasts and did not bother to check what was behind him.

"Kacha..." A lightning bolt flashed not too far away from Mo Wuji and lit up the surroundings.

At this moment, he could clearly see where he was and realised that he had stepped into the middle of a swamp.

"Kaka..." Two more lightning bolts flashed across Mo Wuji, forming a very mesmerising arched lightning bridge.

Mo Wuji's heart sank to its lowest point when he finally realised where he was. This must have been one of the deadly lightning lakes that Ding Bu'Er warned him about.

After a long sigh, Mo Wuji calmed himself down. He had seen the demonic beasts and was now in a lightning lake of the Thunder Fog Forest. It would truly be a miracle if he was able to make it out alive.

Mo Wuji's feet felt icy cold as it sank into the freezing soil of the lightning lake. Nobody knew what other scarier things there were in this lightning lake other than the lightning bolts. Mo Wuji was no longer afraid of anything as he knew he would be dead either way. He carefully shifted his feet as he tried to get out of the swamp.

He should at least try to fight for his life, even if he died trying.

"Kacha..." Yet another lightning bolt struck. However, Mo Wuji was not so lucky this time as it struck his shoulder.

Mo Wuji felt an intense burning sensation causing his whole body to soften as he fell to his knees.

As if taking cue from this lightning bolt that struck Mo Wuji, a few more lightning bolts appeared from the lake, forming a circular-shaped arc that landed on Mo Wuji's body.

Mo Wuji's clothes were torn apart and he could smell his skin getting burnt as his whole body became numb. He ridiculed himself as he would have never expected himself to be electrocuted in his second life. He would rather go through something more ruthless that killed him instantly than this living hell.

An even bigger lightning bolt flashed past him as if his wish was granted.

"Kacha..." This lightning bolt struck Mo Wuji's shoulder once again. However, Mo Wuji did not feel any more significant pain throughout his body.

Not only that, Mo Wuji clearly felt the lightning bolt pierce through his shoulder, into his body, directly flushing something open.

The next moment, his whole body felt relaxed. When Mo Wuji finally realised what was going on, he became extremely excited.

The lightning bolt had opened a small gap in the clogged meridian that he almost managed to open using the channel opening solution. If the lightning bolts were to continuously create small gaps, would it mean that the clogged meridian would eventually be fully opened? Once the meridian was cleared, did that mean he would possess a spirit channel and finally be able to cultivate?

Having been struck so many times by the lightning bolt, Mo Wuji was burnt inside out. He decided not to flee anymore. Instead, he would stay and wait for more lighting bolts to strike him.

"Kaka..." Two more lightning bolts flashed from behind and struck him again.

Unfortunately, these two lightning bolts only inflicted more pain and did not give him the other feeling like the one which helped to open a gap.

It was a pity Mo Wuji had no control over the lightning bolts that struck him. If he did, he would strike his body to fully open his clogged meridian.

After he experienced a few more lightning strikes, he realised that this was not the way to go. Before he could successfully open his meridian, he would have died from the pain.

Mo Wuji took out a bottle of his channel opening solution from his ripped pocket and consumed the solution. It felt like a fire burning through the unopened meridian in his body.

"Ka..." Yet another lightning bolt struck him. Mo Wuji tried to focus to allow the lightning bolt to strike through his burning meridian.

Mo Wuji was not sure whether it was his focus or the solution that worked because this lightning bolt managed to strike through his meridian.

Maybe it was just the psychological effect that Mo Wuji felt his meridian open slightly more.

Another lightning bolt followed. Once again, it struck directly into the same meridian. The meridian opened up more because of this. Due to the lightning strikes, the burning solution dissipated through the body very quickly.

It should have been the effect of the solution that allowed the lightning bolt to strike through the same meridian naturally. As he felt the solution in his body gradually disappearing, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to consume yet another bottle.

"Kakakaka..." Ten continuous lightning bolts struck Mo Wuji's body and he could not help but feel extremely relaxed. Even though he had been struck countless times already, he could feel that his body was full of energy at that very moment. It was a pity that he was not able to display this energy as his body could only feel pain and lethargy.

Mo Wuji could barely control his tears from falling. At long last, he successfully managed to open a meridian, establishing his first spirit channel.

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