In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 326 - : Prepare, and the Three Musketeers.

In a Different World with a Smartphone Chapter 326: Prepare, and the Three Musketeers.

Grimgerde, with Rin riding in it, readied the gatling cannon equipped on its right arm and began firing.

Hilda’s Siegrune received that with the shield it raised in front of itself and tried to charge forward like that, but a grenade exploded near its feet and it only staggered forward a few steps instead.

“Please hold out a little bit longer, Hilda-san!”

From atop a nearby hill, Luu’s Waltraute aimed the cannon on its right shoulder towards Rin’s Grimgerde.

The long-distance shooting-use [C Unit] is equipped on Waltraute right now. The anchors in its heels dug deep into the ground, and with a loud explosion, a bullet left the barrel aiming straight at Grimgerde.


Rin stopped the firing of her gatling and took evasive actions. The bullet fired by Luu left a huge hole on the ground directly behind where Grimgerde had been standing a moment ago.

The dust blown up by that covered the surroundings. Using that chance, Hilda’s Siegrune charged towards Rin’s Grimgerde. If she gets close, Rin’s frame which is an annihilation- specialized bombardment-type unit wouldn’t stand a chance.

“I’ve got you!”

“Not so fast-degozaru!”

The horizontal slash unleashed by Hilda’s sword is blocked by a katana. From within the dust cloud, Yae’s Schwertleite revealed itself.

The two of them, Hilda’s close-combat-specialized heavy-armor-type Siegrune and Yae’s close- combat-specialized light-armor-type Schwertleite, are very similar units except for the respective defensive and offensive-based styles.

The orange knight and the purple samurai exchanged blows over and over again.

On the other hand, Rin’s Grimgerde, which had taken its distance from the two close-combat specialists, and Luu’s Waltraute are having a long-distance shootout against each other.

At that moment, Rin’s gatling gun stopped spinning. It wasn’t due to running out of ammo, but rather due to the overheating caused by extended use. Rin unhesitatingly purged the still- smoking gatling gun from Grimgerde’s right arm. Rather than wait for it to cool down, she chose to discard the excess weight, huh.

Using that opportunity, Luu switcher her current setup from the long-distance shooting-use [C Unit] to the high-mobility maneuver-use [B Unit] and charged in towards Rin.

Rin opened the six-slot missile pods on her shoulders in a hurry, but by then Waltraute was already close enough with its blade drawn, and Grimgerde was pierced through its chest.

“Nicely done… But, don’t think I’ll just lose like this…!”

Grimgerde got Waltraute into a Nelson Hold, and opened its chest armor which was pierced through by Waltraute’s sword to reveal a twin set of gatling guns. The two guns mercilessly spewed destruction onto their target, the frame directly in front of their muzzles.

“Ah, you, that’s unfa—!”

Turned into a beehive at point-blank range, Waltraute, together with Grimgerde which collapsed on its knees after finishing its salvo, exploded into tiny fragments.

“Kokonoe Shinmei-ryuu Ougi, Hien Reppa!”

“Restia-style sword technique, Fifth · Spiral!”

Schwertleite’s katana and Siegrune’s sword simultaneously pierced each other’s chest area at the same time, straight through the cockpit.

“A mutual hit… Degozaru ka…”

“It’s a shame…”

The two frames exploded on the spot, leaving behind nothing but dust. The battlefield is left with nothing except the billowing smoke caused from the explosions…

“Simulation end. No survivors from both sides. Draw. Opening hatch.”

The hatch of the Frame Units opened together with a *pushuu* sound.

When I turned my eyes from the huge monitor within Babylon to the Frame Units, the four people who were fighting earlier got out from the four units.

“This is a battle using Frame Gears. Well, it’s a simulation, not an actual one.”



Dr. Elka and Fenrir had their mouths opened in “O” shapes and were letting out excited noises. I think?

“Good work.”

I then called out to the four people who came out from the Frame Units.

“Well well, another simultaneous hit-degozatta.”

“Isn’t it.”

“And I thought I’d won… To think I’d get taken out as well like that…”

“Carelessness is one’s greatest enemy. The moment when you think you’ve won is exactly the moment when you’re most vulnerable. You’re still green, Luu.”

I did think that with this team setup, the chance of it becoming a draw is high, but to think it played out that brilliantly.

Grimgerde’s close-range capabilities is a possible point for improvement, too. If she doesn’t have any effective way to deal with opponents who are already close to herself, that would be bad, after all. Guess I’ll discuss this with Rosetta later.

“By the way, what were you thinking on letting that person help with?”

The professor who was besides me asked that while looking towards Dr. Elka.

“Well, it’ll be after we get her to learn this world’s magic engineering techniques, but foremost would be the development of a communication device, I suppose.”

“Communication device?”

“Not just any communication device. I need something that can enable communications between the Surface World and the Reverse World. If we utilize the spacetime magic techniques used in the Dimensional Gate, it should be possible.”

That would be something very convenient for us. For example, when variants invade the Reverse World again, in that situation we can get information regarding that immediately.

“Is your end goal to be able to use the smartphones to communicate between the worlds or something?”

“Well, that is the general direction I’m thinking of going with, yeah. If we can set up a base station to act as a relay, it should work out. There would likely still be some time lag though.”

If that happens, it should be necessary to pass a smartphone to people like Nia from [Red Cats], huh… Wait, she would probably break it so someone like the vice-leader Est would be good instead.

“If the two worlds become one, even if there isn’t a relay point it would probably still connect properly though…”

That doesn’t make it okay to neglect this issue for the moment. It’s that, the “Be Prepared” motto my friend who was in the Boy Scouts always talked about before.

Something like, “No matter what happens, when, or where, one must always be prepared to handle it in a proper fashion.”, I guess?

“I’ll leave that side to you. Tell me when you’re finished.”

“Roger. Oh, speaking of finished, what’s happening with the magic trains that’s being made in Ferzen?”

“Eh, if I remember correctly, they should be finishing soon since we gave them the magic batteries a while ago. Train numbers 1 and 2 should be deployed in Belfast and Refreese when they’re completed, so we should get a notice then.”

I’ll have to be the one to move the trains from Ferzen in the East to the two countries in the West anyway.

If the operation of the train services between Belfast and Refreese goes well, next is apparently going to be a rail line between Ferzen and Restia. And after that are plans for a Belfast-Mismede line, I think.

Well, it will probably be used far more often to transport goods than passengers. If the transfer of resources between countries could get smoother with this, it would bring benefits on a lot of different aspects.

I came down to the ground from Babylon and headed towards Olba-san’s Strand Company. The company, which set up its shop in a corner of the castle town, deals in a wide range of merchandizes ranging from the Dverg to capsule toys.

Today too, children gathered in the playing space set up in front of the shop, and played together with various toys such as the beigoma or the kendama.

“Ah, Your Majesty! Hello!”


When one kid noticed me who was entering the shop, he gave me a greeting, upon which everyone else also gave a greeting to me.

“Yes, hello. You all are as energetic as ever.”

I took out some candies from [Storage] and gave them to the kids, and stood outside while talking with them for a while before going in.

You can’t underestimate the thing called the children’s information network. There’s a lot of things you hear that can be used as reference, such as small changes they felt in the town, their parents’ grumbling, or various rumours around the adults. Well, most of the things we actually talked about are trivial stuff, but still.

When I entered the shop interior, Olba-san immediately came out and greeted me before leading me into a room inside.

“How’s the status on the Ether Vehicle?”

“Hai. I’ve given several models to each of our acquainted royal families. Soon, rumors should begin to spread among the nobles in each country as well.”

The Ether Vehicles are relatively pricey purchases. While they are definitely not something one can buy on a whim, partly due to the price, it should be able to sell among nobles if we give it a sort of recognition as a status symbol.

“And how about the models for the magic train?”

“I think we should be able to prepare a decent number of them. We’ll make it in time for the opening ceremony of the railways.”

These magic train models aren’t just being sold as toys; by getting them to sell, there’s also the aim of increasing the recognition around the actual magic trains.

As other countries began operating their own railways, Dvergs which would be helpful for the construction projects should begin to rise in demand as well. Although Ferzen has its huge number of magic users so I doubt it would sell a lot over there…

After that, I had a few more discussions with Olba-san regarding things like new additions to the capsule toy lineups, models for the Ether Vehicle, and so on, before leaving the shop.

It’s been a long time since I’ve walked around in the castle town. It’s gotten a lot livelier since before, and its size has also increased. Well, together with that there’s more troubles than before, and patrol knights have to increase their time spent around the town. At least there hasn’t been any big incidents happening so far.

When I moved myself some distance away from the center of the town and to the only school in this country, Fiana-san who is Sakura’s mother and also the principal of the school came out to greet me.

The school is functioning well at this time. When I asked her if there’s anything lacking, a reply came back saying they don’t have a musical instrument they can use in their music classes, so I gave them a piano as a present.

Until now, they were apparently doing it with Sakura’s songs or Sousuke nii-san’s performances, but as expected it should be good for the teachers themselves to play some music. Sousuke nii-san should be able to teach them the basics too. He’s the Music God, anyway.

While I’m at it, I also gave them castanets and recorders for the students. Can’t have a music lesson without these.

After talking with Fiana-san for a while, I suggested for us to take a break and headed outside, only to find Nyantaro waiting for us. What is it?

“Your Majesty! I have a request-nya!”

“As expected I can’t ban His Majesty the Demon King of Xenoas from coming here, you know.”

“Tsk. Eh—wait, that’s not what I want! I actually want comrades-nya!”

“Don’t you have a lot of them all over the town already?”

The cats who are under Nyantaro’s command are everywhere. While Brunhild’s castle town has a lot of cats, thanks to Nyantaro’s control, they’re docile and friendly to humans and hasn’t caused any issues so far.

More like, there’s far more incidents where the humans cause trouble to the cats.

“They are my cat companions-nya. I want ones that are the same as me, Cait Siths as comrades-nya! I can’t keep on managing everyone without help-nya!”

Nyantaro came clinging to my legs. It hurts!? Pull your claws back, oi!

“And anyway, isn’t your master Sakura? Asking from me is kinda barking up the wrong tree…”

“Sakura-sama can’t do something like specifically getting a Cait Sith when she tries to summon! I have three friends whom I’m close to, please! I beg of you!”

“Ah, fine, I get it, I’ll do it!”

For the first time in my life, I saw a cat perform a dogeza. Well, if I think about it, it’s true that asking Nyantaro to handle every single cat in the entire town is hard on him. And in the first place, Nyantaro also has the job of being Fiana-san’s guard.

“I’ll be needing your memories. Think about those three Cait Sith friends of yours.”


I held Nyantaro’s front paws and pressed our foreheads together… If someone saw us from the sides, they would be wondering what the hell am I doing with a cat…

Information of three Cait Siths emerged within my head. I see, so these guys are it?

I drew the summoning magic circle in the school courtyard and started pouring magic power. Eventually, a black mist began to spread from the center before forming into a small tornado and then dispersing suddenly.

When that passed, three small shadows appeared in the summoning circle and, just like when Nyantaro was summoned, they pulled the small swords on their waists out, raised them to the sky and shouted in a loud voice.

“””One for all, and all for one!”””

One is an American shorthair-like Cait Sith with a resolute face. Another is a Siam-like Cait Sith with an aura of elegance. And the last one is a Persian-like Cait Sith with a comparatively large build.

As expected, the three of them are dressed in the same way as Nyantaro, with long boots and a feathered hat, leather gloves, a mantle and a rapier, the model image of a knight. All three of them are cat knights, huh.

“Our lord. Please grant names unto us.”

The American shorthair Cait Sith came forth and kneeled. Eh, this guy doesn’t have “nya” in his sentences…

Thanks to Kohaku’s blessings, I don’t need to satisfy any conditions to make a contract with beast-type summoned beasts, and only need to provide names… For them, I guess it’s gotta be that.

“Your name will be Athos. Yours would be Aramis, and you would be Porthos.”


The shorthair is Athos, the Siam is Aramis, and the Persian is Porthos.

“Everyone! It’s been a long time-nya!”

“Oh, it’s you. Been doing well?”

“You don’t seem to have changed a lot.”

“Gawawa, still as thin as before. Are you properly eating?”

Being acquaintances, they immediately started hitting it off.

“For now, you guys will be helping Nyantaro. Besides that, you’re free to do what you wish.”


“I-it’s not-nya! My actual name is D’artagnyan-nya! Nyantaro’s a nickname-nya!”

Nyantaro explained to the three of them desperately. Oh, right, I completely forgot.

Since they’re meeting with old friends after a long while, I gave them each one silver coin and told them to go out and have some fun. If it’s the bars in this place, they would sell liquor to Nyantaro’s group. Of course, they’re matatabi-infused liquors.

Since Nyantaro still has his job of being Fiana-san’s guard, I brought the other three to the bar first. Since I’m teaching them the route, I’m not using transfer magic this time. It’s already near evening, huh. The bar probably already has people drinking in it.

The townspeople, probably due to being used to Nyantaro, aren’t surprised when they see me walking with the three Cait Siths. The only ones who look surprised are travellers from outside.

“It’s quite the lively town.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Athos said that while looking around carefully. Aramis was waving its hand cheerfully at a cat walking on a wall close by (probably a female cat), while Porthos was drooling while looking at a yakitori stall.

I think I understand these three’s personalities somewhat now.

“Well, just like Nyantaro, you guys will be protecting this castle town from the shadows. Work hard.”


When we reached the tavern and entered, the sight of old men lying on the ground in front of Suika who was still drinking greeted us. This loli Alcohol God, she’s doing it again… I took her allowance away so how is she getting the money to buy drinks? Oh, right, must be bets from drinking bouts.

“Ah~, it’s Touya onii-chan~. How are you~?”

“I’m good, thanks. That aside, how much have you drunk already…”

She’s dead drunk. I took in the pile of empty bottles on the table next to her before turning my eyes towards the bar’s master, who plainly looked away. Nice business you have there, master. As long as he has Suika as a customer, profits will come rolling in like waves on a beach.

“Better pull out while you can. Let’s go before Karina nee-san finds you here.”

“Aye aye. Carry me on your back since I can’t walk~.”

She should actually be able to freely control whether she’s drunk or not, but she just stays drunk most of the time, doesn’t she. If she gets serious, she can probably become sober in an instant. Well, a part of the enjoyment of drinking is getting drunk, I suppose.

Well, it’s pretty late to be holding it against her anyway, so I did as told and got Suika onto my back. It really does feel like I’ve gained a good-for-nothing little sister.

“Master, matatabi sake for these guys. Nyantaro is coming later as well, so treat him too.”

“Got it.”

Since the bar’s master is a resident of Brunhild as well, he didn’t pay any attention to the three cats drinking alcohol. Quite the adaptability, I’ve gotta say.

I left the three of them at the bar and carried Suika on my back while heading back to the castle. Somehow, instead of using [Gate], today I felt like walking back on my own feet.

The wind blowing in the evenings feels nice. Times like this isn’t so bad, either.

“Touya onii-chan…”


“…… Want to puke…”


I unhesitatingly jumped towards the gate of light that appeared in front of me. You’re kidding, right!?

“… [email protected]*〆#aeg$+☆€%aghu”


… I made an oath in my heart to never carry a drunkard ever again.


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