In a Different World with a Smartphone

Chapter 461 Pick up and return

Chapter 461 Pick up and return

After greeting my parents, we were enjoying our honeymoon.

For a week after that, everyone teleported to famous places around the world, ate delicious foods, bought souvenirs, and made memories.

It was the last day of the honeymoon in no time. Time passes by really fast when you are having fun…

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa was interesting, wasn’t it?"

"I was interested in the Louvre Museum."

"Moai was large."

Linze, Lean, and Sakura told each other the places that left an impression on them.

"Italian gelato was delicious. That texture is so …!"

"I'm sorry, but I like the Swiss cheese fondue more."

"Thai Tom Yum Kung must have definitely been the best for me! I’ve already tasted its unique spiciness and sourness, and I probably won’t be able to taste spicy foods the same way again!"

Eating? I remember the taste of what Lu, Yae, and Elze ate during our trip…

"I bought a lot of souvenirs for Ed. I hope he will be happy."

"I learned a lot about the subway and opera. I definitely want to make use of this."

"It was interesting to see various knight stories here as well. I will make it a souvenir for my brother."

Su, Yumina, and Hilda had such a conversation while organizing the souvenirs they bought. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I contacted the World God in the morning, so we should be picked up soon.

I still can't use the "Space Transfer" to go across worlds. To be precise, I will most likely be able to travel between worlds if they are very close … I can manage to jump to worlds that are next to each other, but I can't jump into a world that's too far away. I can't jump from Earth to the Different World. It's impossible without the help of a proper god.

At the time of departure, the World God sent me out, so I wonder if he will pick us up.

"Boo! Boo! You’re wrong. The correct answer is me!"


What suddenly appeared in Grandpa's living room was Karen-nee, the God of Love. Why this person!??

“Karen-san came to pick us up?"

"Un, un. Linze-chan, you should stop calling me like that. Call me Karen-sister-in-law-chan, okay? Alright, repeat! "

"What about Karen-sister-in-law …?"

"That’s cute! Being called sister-in-law is the best! Gyu! "

"Wha- !?"

Karen-nee hugs Linze. Her tension is too high …

"Why was it Karen-nee who came to pick us up?"

"It was a competition. As a result of a strict game of rock-paper-scissors, I, the victor, came here!"

"Was that an appropriate way of choosing!?"

Anyone would be fine! It seems that any lower god can use [Space Transfer], so it may be okay for anyone to come!

"As I said before, getting down to the mortal realm is really a painful procedure, so why aren’t you thankful? I rarely have such an opportunity, so I should make the most of it, as well!"

That's a disappointing reason … I don't know how I should feel … Well, I have to thank you for coming all the way to pick us up.

"Then, I'm sorry then, but let's go home. There will be a lot of things to do over there."

"Eh !? You’re going home !?"

Karen-nee, Koi, looks back with a surprised face. No, why are you surprised? That's why you came to pick us up!

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, you’re going to go back so quickly? It's been a long time since you’ve been home, right? Aren’t there some more things that you want to do!?"

"No, we’ve already done a lot of trips, saw many sights, bought what we needed. Especially that last fact …"

"I don't think you’re just going home like that! How much I was looking forward to traveling to Earth! I envied Moroha-chan chan so much, but my dreams…!"

You showed your real intentions. Did you want to have fun on Earth, using the role of picking us up as an excuse? Or was it everyone’s intention? Moroha-nee would have been a nuisance too.

"At least three days! No, two days! I want you to extend your trip …!"

"Nope, this is a honeymoon. Don't you think it's strange that the groom's sister will come with us on our honeymoon? Will there be any romance in that?"

"Ugh, it's a taboo to do that …! As God of Love, I think one that interferes with the honeymoon should get kicked by a horse …!

…… Can you be kicked? A sigh leaks when I see my distressed, unfortunate Nee. What's wrong?

Yumina talks to me thinking about it.

"Ah, Touya-sama? I don't mind …"

"That's right. Sister-in-law should be able to taste the delicious foods of Earth!”

"I want to watch TV together."

Yae and Su also agree with Yumina. Everyone else nodded a little, albeit with a bitter smile. Everyone is kind. I am very happy to have such brides.

"If everyone says that … Then, do you want to extend it for two days? Shouldn’t Karen-nee tell the others on the other side about this?"

"I understand! I'll tell them properly! Thank you!"


Karen-nee hugs me tightly like she did to Linze. Hey, I’m suffering …!

As a child, I was about to be suffocated by the two big things of Karen-nee’s, but Yae managed to pull her off. I was about to make nine widows …

"You decide, Lu-chan! I want you to make delicious food using some ingredients!"

"Oh, yes. I understand. I was just thinking about having lunch …"

Lu stands up with a laugh. I'm having a hard time … I'm sad I have such an older sister.

After all, we spent the next two days guiding Karen-nee to various places. The couple is no longer without water, but what was fun was fun.

On the last day, Karen-nee will have another day! I started kneading Dada, but it would be worse than this … "I'll ask Grandma Tokie to rewind for a day! I said, but when I pretended to contact the world god, I said, "It's a joke! I clung to him. You were serious, right?

Anyway. The long honeymoon is over.

Let's go home. To our Brunhild.


"That's it! Welcome back!"

"Karen-nee is back with me …"

I'm glad there are people who say "Welcome back".

In the entrance hall where we teleported to, butler Laim, maid chief Lapis, maid Cecil, Rene, Cesca, the chief chef Claire, Chancellor Kosaka, Kohaku and the other summoned beasts, and Grandma Tokie were welcoming us.

"Mu. I forgot to take Moroha-chan… I'm a merciless older sister."

"No, Karen-sama. Moroha-sama took the knights to the Demon Beast Forest for subjugation training that Karen-sama should have done and heard of it three days ago.”

“………… Wait, what?!”

Kosaka-san’s slightly disgusted voice makes Karen-nee shout. You completely forgot about it, didn’t you …

When I was staring at Karen-nee with my eyes, a black shadow popped out from the side and was approaching on my flank! It made a sound and took me into a tackle. Painful! Be! Eh!??

"Welcome back, Touya-nii! So where are they!? The souvenirs !? Are the souvenirs over there!?"

"You …!"

It was the God of Alcohol, Mochizuki Suika, who gave me the tackle. Her eyes seem blood-red and her laugh is weirdly laughed… almost like she’s been going through withdrawls. We’re almost the same physique now, so please don't tackle me with all your might!

I wanted to yell at her, but from her desperate eyes, a powerful beam of "Liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor, liquor …" was fired, and I pulled back a little.

I was scared, so I quickly took out the rest of brandy, whiskey, wine, sake, etc., after removing the portion to give to other people, from [Storage].

By the way, these were borrowed from Grandpa's underground storehouse. Only Grandpa and I know that secret place, so it's okay. Neither my father nor my mother drinks much. I left money there for the time being. I think Grandpa will be more pleased to have someone drink the alcohol he was saving up rather than have it keep being useless. Whether it's a resident of another world or a god.

"Fufufufufufu! That's right! Everything looks delicious! It was worth the abstinence from other alcohol!"

I'm looking at the sake with Suika lined up behind it on the floor with glittering eyes. Did you stop drinking? Up to this point … I'm grateful that you were looking forward to it.

"Now, let’s taste this right away!"

"Wait, do you want to drink here!?"

Suika, who pulled off the label of a bottle in an instant, pulls off the cork off Kyupon. There was a faint smell of alcohol in the entrance hall.

"Wow … I'm already done with the scent …! Good! This is absolutely delicious!"

Akan. This girl really wants to drink. Hmmm, think about the time and place …

"I'm sorry …"

Suika was about to drink the sake at this wrong moment in time, but the person towering behind her took the bottle out of her hands from overhead.

"Oh, Master."

As Elze calls out, the person behind Suika suddenly drinks the sake he took from her. When did you come? In the meantime, the amount of alcohol is decreasing at a tremendous rate.

"Wow ah ah ───────── !? Hey, what are you doing !? What are you doing !? Stop! Stop! Stop!?"

Suika screams with her eyes wide open.

"Um. It's a delicious sake. Though, I’d prefer a little more spicy sake."

Having said that,Takeru-ojisan started drinking again. Suika clings to Takeru-ojisan’s legs and starts shaking violently. Wow, she’s desperate.

"Stop! Stop, Takeru-oji! I’ve waited too long for that sake!"

"Don't be stingy. I'm thirsty. Sometimes sharing is okay."

"Wow ─────── !? You’re drinking it like water ────! Desecration! Desecration of alcohol! At least taste it! Or, better, stop drinking!"

Takeru-ojisan emptied the bottle and said, "It was delicious," and put the bottle on the head of Sakura. Do you want her to put it on?

"Elze, come to the training ground later. I'll make sure you aren’t not dull. I already have Ende, so I'm going to start training with him."

"Yes …"

Takeru-ojisan leaves the entrance hall, laughing at Elze's sullen face. Various things seem too exciting to you……

With her stunned, dead eyes, Suika slowly lowered the bottle from her head, turning it upside down and catching the falling drops with her tongue.

"Oichi …"

From her dead eyes, she was crying with tears.

She’s getting pitiful …

It can't be helped … I took out a bottle of Junmai Daiginjo that I had saved for drinking in the future from [Storage]. It's the one that Grandpa said was the best.

"Here, take it. Don't you want to drink?"

"Touya-nii is the best! I love you!"

I was firmly embraced by the Suika who was shedding tears. As usual, her love is light and too easy to gain.

Suika looked around with teary eyes to make sure no one was going to steal the bottle, and threw the sake she received into a large bag that probably had the same effect as [Storage].

I don’t think anyone would steal it if you do it that fast, but thinking again, Katrina-nee might also appear.

"Well, that's it! Everyone, welcome back!"

Pyu! Then, Suika leaves like the wind. After getting what she wanted, she left.

"Well, that was a little noisy …"

"Fufu, but I feel like I'm back."

Leen replies with a smile to Yae who sighs. There was Paula under her feet who had its head stroked.

I also sent a telepathic message to the summoned beasts, saying "I'm home."

《Welcome back, Master》

Everyone had nothing to do. As I was relieved, Lapis-san, the chief maid, talked to me.

"That … How long will your Majesty be like that?”


By the way.

I will confirm this again. …… I’m still small. I'm still a child. The height of my line of sight is still the same. I was used to it because I had been in this figure for so long … I mean, why didn’t I get back to my original form! ?? World God, what is happening! ??

Grandma Tokie approaches me with a smile as I begin to get a little impatient. She whispered in a small voice.

"It's okay. Your body is still fixed in that shape, but it’ll be back to normal soon."

"How long is “soon” …?"

"Believe me, I think you’ll be back to your original form by tonight."

That’s good. I wonder if it will stay like this for a while … I'm in trouble. …… Various things.

"Come on! Let's have a big meal today to celebrate our return! Maybe over there … Gohogohon, I've learned a lot of recipes for new food at my travel destination! Claire-san! I’ve brought a lot of souvenirs!"

"Ufufu. I'm looking forward to it."

"Yes. Let's make these new foods together!"

Lu is really enthusiastic! But doesn't it seem weird that the person who was welcomed will be making the food to welcome everyone back?

"Then, I wonder if I should be going to the training grounds … I think I ate too much and have gained weight due to the lack of exercise during this trip …"

When Elze muttered like that, Yae and Hilda looked at each other and laughed a little.

"Well, let's go, Hilda!"

"Yep, that's right! I feel like I will be able to move my body with all my strength for the first time in a long time!"

The three went out of the entrance hall with each other while giving off laughs. I feel a strange sense of crisis …

"Let's go see Ed's face! Rene! We have souvenirs for Rene, too, so let's go together!"

To Su's words, Rene looked over at Lapis's face who was next to her. When Lapis-san nods a little, Rene smiles and runs to Su.

Move souvenirs from my [Storage] go to the [Storage] of Su's ring. She bought a lot for some reason.

At this time, let's share the share of everyone else here. Is it okay for the girls to come later, after they are done with training… Okay, Hilda, Yae, and Elze?

Su and Rene were sent to Su’s parents' home, the Duke of Ortlinde’s manor, using [Gate], and Sakura was also sent to the school where her mother was the principal was…

Lu went to the kitchen with Claire and Yumina and Linze accompanied them to help. Leen seems to be going to the Professor.

On the other hand, I mean …

"Due to the delay of two days, the political affairs have been delayed. There are some projects that need to be dealt with immediately. Fortunately, there is no problem with that yet. Let's visit, Your Majesty."

"No, it wasn’t my fault that I was late to return, but it was because of Karen-neesan …!"

Pulled by Kousaka-san’s hand, I was taken to the office.

Huh? Suddenly I feel like my honeymoon is completely over. Isn't work supposed to start tomorrow? It's no good. Hi, thing that didn’t occur.

I wanted to be a little more happy …

Before dinner that day, I managed to recover. I'll never be in child form again. It's inconvenient but it can't be helped.

I'm glad I got back to my original form by night … I'm a newlywed. No, that doesn't have a deep meaning. Munyamunya. Of course it doesn’t… Hehe…

For the time being, I'm back. With a smartphone in this different world.

Well, will I do my best again from tomorrow onwards?

Looking at the dark town of Brunhild from the balcony of the castle, I felt the gentle breeze blowing there.

■ From the ending. Originally, the last line of this story was a sentence heading to the epilogue, "Several decades later …".

However, I still can't decide whether to finish the story here or continue, as it also overlaps with the work of Volume 12.

I'm sorry to keep the readers waiting any longer, and the conclusion I came up with was the pattern that "it just keeps going."

For the time being, I will write only the ending separately from the main part, I will not publish it, I will try to make sure that I can understand it myself. At the end I want to publish it all at once.

So, I hope you can get along with me a little more.

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