Invincible Level Up

Chapter 270, shocking a sword, spike!

Chapter 270, shocking a sword, spike!

"Must kill?!"

Qin Tian’s heart suddenly trembled, and in the fog, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. Church.

However, even more shocking is Shen Yan.

Her thoughts in the refining process have always been connected with the silver sword. When Qin Tian was not refining, she was not shocked. She knew very well that even Qin Tian’s resistance to 'the sea of ​​different fires' would be swallowed up by the sword spirit. Become a more perfect soul.

But she did not expect that Qin Tian was able to withstand the nine-day thunder bombardment, not only nothing, but also took control of the sword spirit, and completely pushed her mind out of the silver sword, thus changing the dynasty, Qin Tian became the master of the silver sword.

Worth of shock.

For more than a hundred years of preparation, the final victory fruit was exclusively enjoyed by Qin Tian.

Moreover, the spirit of the sword has been transformed, and a remnant of the sacred relics that transcends the sacred instrument and contains the power of heaven has succeeded.

After a thousand calculations, I ended up with an empty hand.

Shen Yan was already angry, and the roar of roaring, the thick gas on the palms of the palms was poured into the furnace, the flames began to rise, and the runes on the stoves began to peel off one by one, unable to withstand such high temperatures.

Qin Tian, ​​who has the heart of the dragon, is unaware of it.

At this point, he was so placed on the ‘killer’.

When he traversed into this world, the system was activated when the first zero-order enchanted flaming chicken was killed. There is a 'killing skill' in the system attribute. Qin Tian thought that it was just a decoration. How could it be necessary? Killing skills?

Even in the game, there is no possibility of a nirvana.

Nirvana, as the name suggests, is a spike skill, not subject to any power restrictions, all are a stroke spike, no matter how powerful the other side is, it is spike.

It is completely against the sky.

Xuan Ming Shen Bing,

The demon star meteorite, the sea of ​​different fires, the gengjin gas, coupled with the powerful sword spirit, Dan Tian damaged and became the perfect soul of Qin Tian, ​​with nine heavenly thunder baptism, condensed out the killing skills.

What happened to Qin Tian’s thoughts did not happen.

"The monkey brother can refine the eyes of the fire, and I will produce the killing skills..."

"Fuck, even stronger than the monkey brother!"

Uncontrollable excitement, I was so excited. I never thought that I could have a killing skill on a certain day. I couldn’t think of dreaming. I have never encountered such a bad thing in playing games for more than ten years. The latest chapter of the church.

"The nirvana has been generated, please name it..."

The system beep sounds again.

After thinking for a moment, Qin Tian said: "Screaming a sword!"

"Must killing ‘shocking a sword’, do you confirm the name?”


"Congratulations to the player 'Qin Tian' to get the nirvana ‘shocking a sword’...”

After the naming is completed, the killing skills are finished. Qin Tian is impatient, and he is not willing to stay for a second. Immediately open the system skill bar. The top of the skill bar appears with golden skills and a sword.

Nirvana: Amazing sword

Proficiency: 0/8000

Power: KillAttribute: ignore any defense

How to use: Lock the target, cast skills, and kill.

Cooling time: 12 o'clock (once a day, cooling time after skills upgrade is halved)

Note: The sword of the sky contains a powerful force of heaven, ignoring any defense, a sword will kill, the destructive power is extremely powerful, and it is used with caution.

"My one..."

"It’s really ignoring the defense and killing."

Qin Tian was very excited and his eyes were extremely hot. When he saw the cooldown of his skills, he couldn’t help but swear. "Oh, your sister, the cooling time is actually one day. It’s not that I can only use it once a day. Can you kill one?"

Although the cooling time is too long, but the cooling time after the upgrade is halved, as long as it is not dead in Tianyuan, time is not a problem. The second-order Shouyuan has two hundred years of experience, and the skill cooling time can be cultivated to the great perfection in ten days.

Complaining complains, my heart is still happy to die.

"Qin Tian, ​​still my sword spirit..."

"I still stunned the sword!"

Shen Yan violently thundered, the body was insane, the rune on the stove was broken, the furnace also began to crack, and the temperature in the furnace was still rising.

Hearing the anger of Shen Yan, Qin Tian’s eyes changed and he screamed directly: “The old demon, at the expense of the disciple’s life for the refining, your heart is really vicious, so you don’t know how much to kill. Innocent people. Church."

In my heart, the infuriating explosion broke out.


The furnace can't stand it anymore, and it blasts open.

The whole refining room was also blasted. Qin Tian came out from the stove and stood directly on the void. He screamed, "Old devil, today is your last day."

Shen Yan is extremely mad, his hair is scattered, his eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes, and it looks like a crazy woman at first glance, which makes people daunting.

Qin Tian smashed out from the stove, the whole body was like a fire, the flames were tumbling, the whole person was like a big fireball. After standing proudly, the farther people standing still thought that there were two suns in the sky.

The heart sinks, and the heart of the dragon is put away. The original appearance is revealed, and the glare of King Kong is screaming at Shen Yan.


Immediately, Shen Yan was an anger, and the shadow of the shadow leaped to the air and paralleled with Qin Tian. The anger of the heart continued to rise, regardless of the surrounding Long Xiaotian and the three elders of the elders, one-handedly, "battle, out..."

In the blink of an eye, there was a golden figure under the right palm of Shen Yan. A black long sword appeared slowly, accompanied by a strong sword with a strong sword, released unscrupulously.

"I rely!"

"And sword spirit?!"

Qin Tian’s forehead was sweating, and he did not expect Shen Yan to have sword spirit. It was crazy.

"Sword Spirit!"

"Sword Spirit!"


Long Xiaotian and the three elders in the four directions of Du Xiufeng were shocked and shouted at the same time. For them, Jian Ling was the first time to see them.

I used to know it only in the secret.

They are more aware than Qin Tian, ​​how hard it is to summon the sword spirit. The repair of Shen Yan can not be used to condense the sword spirit with the kendo, only to refine the sword spirit with the refiner.

A refiner who can refine the sword spirit!Thinking of this, the three elders of the elders suddenly stunned, and they suddenly said: "Shen Yan, you reach the highest level of the refiner, the supreme refinement?"

Relying on the kendo to smelt out the sword spirit, only the understanding of the kendo is supernormal, and the super-repair can only be condensed, but the condensed sword spirit is very consuming the life-long, and few people condense the sword on the Tianyuan continent. spirit.

Compared with the cultivation of the sword spirit, it is difficult to refine a sword spirit.

First of all, the level of the refiner should reach the realm of the refining, and the state of all things. Through countless trials, the body's fine elements, refining for decades to succeed.

Tianyuan has never had a refining sect for tens of thousands of years.

It can be seen how far Shen Yan's refiner technology is.

Shen Yanli also did not care, the sword was flashing, the world was bursting, and the extremely overbearing power was instantly released, fierce.

Shen Yan's face is dull, Shen Sheng said: "Qin Tian, ​​surrender the sword of the gods, otherwise you will die without a place to die."

Although there is no sword in the hands of Qin Tian, ​​she is sure that the sword of the gods is taken away by Qin Tian, ​​and it contains the sword of heaven. So that Qin Tian can enjoy it in vain, and I will be angered in my heart.

Waiting for Qin Tian to talk, no intention to drink again, "Shen Yan, Jian Ling is not you refining?"

The unintentional voice contains great power and is extremely powerful.

Just as a bomb exploded in the eardrum, it was extremely painful.

Shen Yan slowly turned his head, looking coldly at the unintentional in the distance, light to heavy, and finally almost roaring, said: "Roll..."


No thoughts, no madness and a sigh of anger, the sound is like a huge shock wave, directly hitting Shen Yan.

"court death!"

Shen Yan in the madness is not afraid. The unintentional and madless people who face the peak of the great perfection are not afraid. The powerful sound waves form numerous power stripes in the air, and their power is extremely incomparable.



The sword around the Shenyan suddenly jumped, and a giant sword with a hundred feet long suddenly fell.

Sword shape!

Huge sword shape.

A sword directly bombarded the sound wave attack, sharp and extremely shocking.


Qin Tian swallowed heavily, and his eyes were extremely surprised. "Your sister, the sword spirit's attack is too abnormal."

The super strong man who is at the peak of the peak.

Although the sound power is not without madness, there is no such thing as the peak power of two people, but the sound of the endless great consummation is suppressed by the sword and the sword.

No madness, no thoughts, two faces changed, when they were about to shoot, there was a huge earthquake between the heavens and the earth.

I saw that Shen Yan’s face was stunned, his left hand was like a claw, and he struggled to catch it. The red-red gossip figure suddenly appeared. A red giant sword woke up, the hilt was just revealed, and the bloody and pungent smell instantly spread.

"Blood sword, out..."

The second sword spirit! ! !


Extremely shocking.

"Who dares to block me?" Shen Yan angered out, the power of the whole body was shocking, like she was the overlord between heaven and earth, despising all hegemons.

"your sister!"

Qin Tian trembled coldly, and the dragon knife in the space ring exploded and screamed.

"Sword Spirit,,, the second sword spirit,,,""Shen Yan, she, actually refining three sword spirits,"

"so horrible."

"It's incredible."


The seven main palace owners stared at the sky, and they were disdainful to Shen Yanxiu. At this time, the inner heart of the mountain called the tsunami, and it was extremely shocking.

Not only they, but the entire thousand machines were shocked.

"Qin Tian, ​​speeding up the sky!" Shen Yan screamed, guarding the swords on both sides of the side of the sword rumbling, bursting out at any time, will instantly kill Qin Tian.

The strength of the sword spirit is no less than a strong and perfect person. It is a trick to kill the Qin Tian in the empty world. UU reading is a breeze, not to mention two sword spirits.

"Old devil, I don't know what you are talking about..."

"What a shocking sword, I don't know what it is."

Qin Tian cold and cold road, his eyes slightly picked up, killing the machine.

"The target is locked!"

The system in my mind suddenly remembered the tone.

Immediately, Qin Tian smiled lightly, and said in his heart: "Let you taste what is killing!"


Shen Yan has been intolerable, struggling to drink, and two swordsmanship instantly hit...

"You are dead!" Qin Tian did not fear, screamed, "Screaming!"


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