It's Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead

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Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara

Everyone will have a time where they're just exhausted. After spending a long time dealing with something, it's inevitable that one would want to goof off and rest for a period of time. Furthermore, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe were naturally no exception. Right now, they were resting in the space between worlds. Sometimes, they would chat. Other times, they wouldn't want to do anything.

Although it was always quiet, 0007 liked this period of time the most. This was because it could meet with 5237 face-to-face. It could see the other for real, tease it, touch it. It could cause the other system to burst out in anger and enjoy how the other could do nothing about it…even if at this moment, it was just a round sphere with no aesthetic perception.

0007 had become a system a long time ago. It had been such a long time that its emotions as a human had long since been eroded away. It had already forgotten what its name used to be. 0007, this serial number had already been deeply engraved in its heart and became the only name it recognized.

Sometimes, 0007 would be puzzled over why it had exchanged everything for 5237's rebirth. The current it could not understand that kind of intense emotion.

Only, 0007 knew that it had never regretted this so that was enough.

0007 was once an Actor—a very outstanding Actor. It already could not recall its memories from before it had become an Actor. Only, it was probably a very successful fellow back then, ba.

0007 was a supporting role. Although this role would always end up sullen, 0007 still completed its tasks very well. It remembered that it was probably a calm-headed person with self-control. It would not have cared about how other people saw it or treated it. 0007 would solely concentrate on its own matters, so it was never affected by negative feelings.

0007 had always completed its missions smoothly. Originally, it thought that things would continue just like this. That was, until it met 5237. That stupid, clumsy Actor that would always mess things up. Now that it thought about it, it seemed 5237 was the only bright light within its memory. In its gray world, 5237 was like an especially abrupt and dazzling light.

Since they were in the same world and had the same target, 0007 and 5237 were like locusts tied to the same boat. They had to work together. Furthermore, in order to complete its mission, 0007 had no choice but to clean up its stupid pig teammate's messes and help make up for its "acting" that was full of mistakes.

Little by little, 5237 began to see 0007 as its life-saving straw. When they needed to part upon completing the mission, it pestered 0007 constantly, wanting to get its contact information.

For some curious reason, 0007 agreed. Perhaps it was because 5237 was the first Actor it had met, the only one like it. Or, perhaps it was because although 5237 was stupid, it wasn't a stupid that made people hate it. Rather, it occasionally made you laugh, dispelling the boredom in your life for a while. Or maybe, it was because 5237 was silly and carefree by nature and would not accumulate grievances in its heart. This kind of person could walk forwards for a long time…and 0007 thought that it should find a person to keep itself company.

After asking for 0007's contact information, 5237 wasn't modest. It completely treated 0007 as an encyclopedia and trash can. Whenever it met with difficulties, it would ask 0007 for help. When it encountered something terrible, it would vent to him. Meanwhile, 0007 would chat with 5237 about trivial things. Unexpectedly, their relationship persisted like this.

Gradually, as it experienced more and more worlds, 0007 began to find itself feeling increasingly numb and exhausted as if everything around it was fake—a boring game. There was only it and 5237, who truly existed. There were a countless number of passers-by who came and went from his side. Only 5237 was forever there. Under these circumstances, an indescribable feeling was logically born.

0007 didn't know if what it felt for 5237 had been love or some other feeling. Or rather, it was just that all of its emotions had been given to 5237.

Of course, it didn't tell 5237 this, because it was a bit shameful. It didn't want to scare the other away, and it didn't want to let the other feel even more proud. Besides, 5237 was simply too stupid. 0007 was very doubtful of whether the other would understand if it said it. This was the difference between IQs. Even if 5237 had become a system later, his IQ did not rise in the least.

Furthermore, 0007 didn't need 5237's explanation nor response. It was always a self-centered person. So long as it thought things were fine, it was enough. As for what 5237 thought, it didn't care.

0007 didn't remember how long it had lived like this. Then, like how 5237 had suddenly appeared, he had suddenly disappeared. To say "disappeared" wasn't very appropriate. Because, it had died. It had been killed by a Destroyer.

Before 5237 disappeared, 0007 had received its communication. For the first time, this simple-minded fellow showed worry and fear. It had discovered a Destroyer and received a task to kill the Destroyer. However, it wasn't confident and was also soft-hearted. It believed that it would not complete its mission this time.

Of course, 5237 didn't send this to 0007. However, 0007 was smart and naturally understood 5237. Very soon, it was able to find that worried feeling within those fake, high-spirited words.

0007 was very worried too. Yes, it also did not believe that 5237 could defeat a Destroyer. Reality proved this to be true. Very soon, 0007 and 5237 lost all connection. No matter how it called 5237, there was no response.

0007 became alone again. However, this time, it felt a bit difficult to bear the loneliness.

Without 5237, it was lost and didn't know what to do for the first time. It felt that its ability to move forward had been destroyed.

——Compared with never having experienced this, it was worse to have had something only to lose it later.

Very soon, 0007 encountered this Destroyer and received the same task to kill the Destroyer. 0007 didn't know if it hated this Destroyer or if it also hated being controlled by the laws of this world. It was just that it needed to vent—a way to release those negative feelings. Otherwise, it didn't know for how much longer it could go on.

What was unexpected was that when it met the Destroyer, 0007 changed its mind. It discarded its identity as an Actor and became a Destroyer, all because of one sentence that was said to him: Do you want to realize your wish? Then, you should resist. There is no future in obeying the laws for eternity. Only by accumulating enough power to resist the laws will you be able to change your reality.

0007 had had enough of living without 5237. It also had had enough of never having a final destination. It was one world after the next. It knew that becoming a Destroyer was seeking death, but sometimes, death was also a kind of freedom.

In any case, without 5237, 0007 didn't care about anything anymore.

0007 was just as outstanding a Destroyer as an Actor. It could easily topple any world. However, it would never act against any Actor. Who knew if this Actor had a 5237 or a 0007 behind them, ne?

As its power accumulated, 0007 gradually felt himself becoming formidable. It could faintly touch the power of the rules and would also meet Destroyers as powerful as itself.

From these Destroyers, it learned that there was a "mysterious person" who would make deals with the most powerful Destroyers. So long as one paid the price, he would grant you any wish.

Only, all of the Destroyers who made a deal with him had disappeared, so no one knew the details. However, the Destroyers who had persisted for so long would usually have a wish they yearned for. Even if they didn't understand the other and could not trust the other, there would always be people who hoped to deal with this mysterious person.

——In any case, they were people without futures. Right now, they lived a life where they were struggling to live while being oppressed by the rules. They were people who could disappear at any time. "Realize your wish"…this was such a wonderful and tempting phrase….

0007 was also tempted. Even if it didn't think that its wish could be attained, it still sought for information on how to contact this person and then carried it out.

0007 originally thought that the mysterious person would help it craft an illusion, one where 5237 still existed. Only, reality gave him a fright, because the mysterious person said that it could let 5237 be reborn. He said that he could even bring back people whose souls were erased. It was just that because 5237's soul had already dispersed, the 5237 that would be reborn would only be a copy of 5237. This copy would have the same spiritual waves as 5237 as well as the same personality and preferences. It was just that it would not have 5237's memories or body.

After being "reborn," 5237 needed a stable carrier that could bear its incomplete soul. Furthermore, the best carrier for this was a system.

At that moment, 0007 understood who the mysterious person was. Only the Origin that controlled all the worlds and Actors would have a copy of 5237's spiritual waves saved and could make a new copy of him.

Only, so what if the mysterious person was the Origin? So long as he could return 5237 to him, even if it was an incomplete copy, 0007 would gladly endure any punishment. Actually, when it found out that the mysterious person was the Origin, its originally distrusting and uncertain heart suddenly became resolute.

0007 traded all the power it had accumulated in return for this. However, since it had become a Destroyer, it was no longer trusted by the Origin and could not return to being an Actor. In order to continue interacting with 5237, 0007 accepted the Origin's other proposal: to become a system as well.

——Before, when it had become a Destroyer, it had destroyed the system that had always accompanied it. Perhaps this was an example of how fortunes rise and fall. Right now, it replaced its previous system and took on its former serial number, becoming the new 0007.

Even if it was being directly controlled by the Origin and directly restricted by the laws again as a system now, 0007 did not regret it. This was because he could see 5237, who had also become a system, and be 5237's guide. Every newly born system had to have a guide, who was in charge of teaching it everything it had to know. Therefore, at key points, 0007 would make suggestions and give guidance to this ignorant "newborn."

5237 was as silly as he was in 0007's memory. It would always mess up things that were originally running smoothly. Meanwhile, while 0007 was reminiscing, it couldn't help but say poisonous words to 5237, mocking it. Only when 5237 felt crushed and teared up would 0007 pull back, although it wanted to continue.

——Clearly, 0007 had given up so much for 5237. Clearly, 0007 still remembered everything so clearly. Why could the other still run about all silly and ignorant and only see 0007 as just its guide?

0007 wished that 5237 could look at it and only it. Therefore, it became even more aggravating. This was because only like this would 5237 give 0007 all of its attention.

Even if 5237 no longer had its memories, 0007 had another way to deeply engrave itself into 5237's heart. 0007, whose emotions had been gradually extinguished, didn't need 5237's love, friendship, or anything really. So long as there was its mark on the other's heart, that was enough.

——Moreover, even if 5237 was extremely afraid of it and rejected it greatly, it could never truly escape from 0007's side. Even if their hosts did not act as a chain between them, 0007 would always be 5237's guide. It could control its circumstances via a special channel.

Because, this was the agreement between 0007 and the Origin, ne…. (smile).

The author has something to say:

This was the final extra promised to you girls! In a word, let's meet again if fate brings us together~ =333333=

Eve: Well. This is the true end. I can't believe we made it here. When I picked this up as my very first project in February, I had no idea what awaited me. While this novel isn't perfect, it holds a special place in my heart. I know my translations aren't perfect either, in terms of accuracy or grammar and style. However, I did put my heart and soul into them and am very proud of them.

Thank you dearly to all my beloved readers, whether you've been following all along this journey, joined midway, or decided to binge after this is completed. Thank you for leaving comments and fangirling with me over this story. I also want to thank all my editors, past and present for dealing with my frightful Chinglish, as well as the other CG translators for helping me whenever I stumbled over translating. Thank you to ShenHua for having picked this up in the beginning and blessing us with beautiful translations and for allowing me to continue 'til the end. As well, thank you to mijia for having written this lovely story and for having given me permission to translate it.

As for what the future holds, I have made Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong my main project and have picked up Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead’s Ex-Boyfriend with Kara.

Thank you again for accompanying me all this way and I hope to see you guys in my other novels some time! Love you guys! :blobsnuggle:

Kara: And, that's a wrap! We made it to the end! I'm honestly in tears, because while I was only editor for this project for the end, I have been a reader of this novel since the beginning with ShenHua. I can't believe that it's really over–that we'll never read about another world of shenanigans caused by Sui Yuan's halo and Zhao Xihe's vinegar or see more of the development between 5237 and 0007. This extra had me bawling unexpectedly (but it was probably a combination of relief, exhaustion, and pride).

All in all, I'm so honored to have been a part of this translation and work alongside Eve. It's been a joy. As I said before for those who left us previously, wishing everyone who joined us since the beginning, in the middle, or even just joining us now, a fun new adventure with your next chosen novel! We hope to see you around Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong and Transmigrating into the Reborn Male Lead's Ex-Boyfriend (both of which I'm helping to edit as well)! Thanks again everyone! It's been a wild ride!(●´∀`●)ノ♡

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