Last Wish System

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Yale Roanmad

At night, light could still be seen in the library of one of the biggest clans of Nacesai city, inside there was only a six-year-old kid reading thick books.

That kid’s name was Yale Roanmad, one of the legitimate sons of the Roanmad clan. Yale’s father was an influential figure in the clan, but he had a lot of sons and daughters, legitimate as well as illegitimate.

Usually, illegitimate children have almost no rights in the clan, unless they display extraordinary talents and then become recognized by the clan. However, they are still allowed to live in the clan until they grow up. After growing up, they will become servants or lose the rights to live in the clan domains.

Yale’s mother was one of the official wives of his father, and even the servants gossiped about how there was real love between his father and mother. Under such circumstances, Yale’s standing in the clan should have been a very good one. However, his mother died when he was born.

Since that time, his father, as if blaming Yale for her death, never showed any hint of goodwill toward him. Instead, he would rather ignore him completely, Yale had only seen his father in official clan affairs.

Thus, even if the clan didn’t suppress him and he was still in a better position than the illegitimate sons, there is not all that big of a difference. In fact, some illegitimate sons of his father hated him and were always thinking about how to disturb him. Nonetheless, Yale liked to read and study a lot of books, so he spent most of his time in the library or his room, and these areas weren’t locations that the illegitimate sons, who weren’t recognized by the clan had access to. They were too restricted in which places they could go inside the clan.

If Yale were a normal six-year-old kid, he would have suffered a lot with his mother dead and with his father ignoring him.

Compared to other kids his age, Yale wasn’t exactly normal; he belonged to a rare group of people, who can retain memories from before they were born, in other words, memories of their past lives.

In fact, Yale barely qualified as a member of that group, as compared to others with the same condition, he remembered only a little bit, while they retained the memories of all their past lives or almost all of it. Furthermore, his inherited knowledge of his past life was mostly miscellaneous, not very useful.

But even if it’s only a little, that’s enough to make the difference between him and other kids of his generation, because the small fragments he remembered included his own past life’s death, the pain, impotence, and regret he felt in those memories aren’t something that normal kids would understand.

Yale knew the taste of death and didn’t want to taste it again, his previous life was a life without too many difficulties, and in the end, he still died painfully. Even if he didn’t remember the details, Yale was sure the description painful was still mild for what he sensed. On the other hand, he knows that his present life is the opposite, even in his clan there’s the law of the jungle, the strong is always in the right. He refused to be weak; Yale was extremely hard-working since birth.

His hard-work wasn’t related to obtaining physical strength, but rather to acquire knowledge; his memories told him that knowledge is power. In fact, the lack of knowledge was what led to his painful death. Thus he learned to speak and write a lot faster than other kids, and soon started his bookworm like lifestyle.

The clan servants in charge of him were astonished by his intelligence and hard-work, but no one suspected his condition, all servants thought he was an intelligent child who lacked love and in the end buried himself in the world of his books.

Even if he had some fragments of memories, they couldn’t influence Yale to the point of becoming his previous life’s extension like the famous people with memories of their past life. Yale was only Yale, he couldn’t be considered a dead man in the body of a kid, so even if Yale was more mature and hard-working than other kids, he was still a kid, and his lifestyle became nothing more than a reflection of his current situation.

As for how the other kids thought of him, Yale ignored it, after all, they were normal kids, even if they become evil in the future, he could do nothing in his situation.

Furthermore, with all the kids being less than ten years old, they were protected by the laws of the world, acting against them would cause a lot of problems to the aggressor, only if the kid provoked the aggressor would the protection disappear. The laws of the world protected the children, but they are not meant to let them become arrogant in front of their elders.

Yale would be safe until he became ten years old. Thus he decided to focus on his goal, to unlock the good fortune that his own past life last wish granted to him, Yale knew that was the only way he could become successful in his future and the earlier he unlocked it, the better.

He became aware of that good fortune he obtained as a legacy of his past life on his fourth birthday. At that time, a voice appeared in his head.

“This is the Last Wish System, created by your own past life’s last wish; if you want to unlock it, you must gather a vast quantity of knowledge.”

Yale was shocked when he heard it, but as he could see the words he just heard in his mind, Yale understood that this wasn’t his imagination, even if he didn’t remember what that last wish was, his intuition told him that the Last Wish System was a good thing.

Yale liked to study from the very beginning. His new circumstances only made him study even harder, to the point of becoming the clan bookworm, spending almost all of his free time in the library.

After the appearance of the message, Yale realized that the more he studied, the easier it became to learn and memorize new things. Yale was even more assured of the Last Wish System was what he needed more than anything else.

The library had a public section for all the official clan members, there were no restrictions to reading inside, and it was easy to lend a book or two from the library to his room.

There also existed restricted areas, where different conditions would be required in order to read books. Even though Yale had a premonition that those books would help the Last Wish System more, he had no means to fulfill any of the requirements.

Of course with the help of his father, it would be possible to get to read some less restricted books. However, his father rejected to even talk to him; it seemed that becoming a bookworm disgusted his father, who believed that men should only use their fists to speak and training the body was the only way for a man.

He had this lifestyle until one night, while he was still reading books late at night, the first time he ever remained in the library past midnight. His servants should have been rushing to find him, those weren’t hours for a kid to be still awake. This night, however, he sensed that he was almost at the point where the Last Wish System would react, Yale spent the last two years for that, so he continued without noticing that the sky turned dark hours ago.

Yale had read a lot of books since he was born, a frightening number for a six-year-old kid, but even if anyone knew he is a bookworm no one could even imagine how many books he really read.

When Yale just finished the thick book he was reading, inside his mind, the Last Wish System finally reacted.

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