Level 0 Master

Chapter 154 - Vol. 6 – Episode 22

Chapter 154: Vol. 6 – Episode 22

“So I am the winner.”

Light and darkness. Dawn and dusk. All the power from both worlds were inside Sungjin.

[Following the pact the gods made when they created this world, other gods will not intervene in this world. This world is solely yours.]

“Got it.”

Sungjin had a look at Valhalla.

When he became an Arc Master, his consciousness had reached a higher level compared to when he was a Kaiser.

It wasn’t just eternal youth and immortality anymore. He was able to observe and intervene in different parts of the world at the same time now. He was also able to reorganize the world as he saw fit.

When he was a Kaiser, he was able to rule the world with his supreme power and give or take the lives of humans as a living godly king, but now he was an Arc Master…

I can reorganize the world as I see fit…

An absolute God of this world.

Kaisers were the top of the existing world, but now Sungjin was able to change the rules, materials, and even energy itself.

The difference is like that between the top level in the game and the CEO of the game company.

[Now, this world is yours. Do whatever pleases you.]

The Valkyrie didn’t have to explain more than that. There was no need to. Sungjin already knew a lot of things. He already knew everything that existed before him and what he could do as God.

The knowledge and power of God were in him. There was only one thing he had to decide: what to do.

“Good. Now you can leave.”

[Yes. Now we are leaving for good.]

This world was only for Sungin, so the messengers from Odin who controlled and managed battles didn’t need to be there anymore. If Sungin needed to, he could create his own servants. And Sungjin had to create his territory as God. Sungjin could name it heaven, paradise, or anything he wanted to call it.

As the only God, he could look down on his world and play with it, or he could stay in his place and send his double to his world.

Sungjin could also stay in his world as his own double or bring them all up to him as demi-god.

“What should I do first?”

Sungjin thought for a second. He could create some kind of protectors or a palace of God with a paradise. He could also create heaven and hell next to each other and place the battlefield in-between.

And the first thing Sungjin decided to do as God was…

“Great. I will change the game of Valhalla.”

So that the game could stay as a game.

Anyone could enter the battlefield, and more people could come and join. He decided to make it so everyone could enjoy the game, so he decided to make more battlefields and to make them open all the time.

But countries or lives wouldn’t be at stake.

“A game is a game. Nobody can abuse others as a result.”

Although Sungjin had taken everything through the game, a world with endless war couldn’t be a happy place. There was only misery when people had to die and lose their dignity as a result of a battle and become slaves to the winner.

There would still be reward, honor, and achievement but it wouldn’t be a war anymore; it would be a game that people could play and enjoy.

“That’s what a game’s supposed to be, right?”

Losers would get their egos hurt, but that was all.

And the world reshaped itself as Sungjin wanted. That was the power of God, the creator of the world, and his joy.

Then, Sungjin created four dragon gods. Red, blue, white and black.

Sungjin used his favorite colors, and four dragon gods appeared and bowed down in front of him.

[We are presenting ourselves to our creator and the only God.]

Four dragon gods had massive power beyond a human’s level, but to Sungjin, they were just part of his creations.

“I give you the power so that you can protect this world. When beings from outer space try to attack this world, you should stop them.”

[Your wish is our command.]

“Good. I should give you your territory and places to stay.” Sungjin created four small spaces orbiting around Valhalla. “Since I decided to open the game to everyone, I should provide variety for the people.”

He wanted to give people chances to enjoy games of different genres.

When Sungjin wanted it, various “gaming places” appeared all around Valhalla. It was not a place to play with a computer or a console, but it was a “real VR space” that was unimaginable in scale. There were dungeons, one-on-one combat, and many other different games.

“Hmm. Good.”

When he was satisfied with his creation, four dragon gods asked him:

[So, are you happy with your new world?]

“No, not yet. There’s still the most important thing that I need to do.”

[What is that?]

Sungjin smiled. Although he was now God, he was still playful Sungjin.

“Eliminate the difference between Hero class and Extra class.”

He ended the era where only the special class could be born with special power through their bloodline.

“So now power will be distributed equally. And the representatives who will run the government will be elected. Bloodline or individual power won’t be factors that will decide the government. And…”

The next was the real thing:

“I distribute my power to everyone equally.”

[How can you give God’s power to humans!?]

The four dragon gods were shocked.

“Because that is how I will make the world that I wanted.”

Natural human rights that were given by God.

And he did it not just by providing power to humans as God, but by distributing his power as God to everyone—just like what he had declared in front of Ereka at the beginning.

Now every human being will be special with a piece of God. Everyone will have their dignity and free will to play games and enjoy.

Now, people can vote and decide how to run this world. Their decisions won’t be perfect. They’ll make mistakes, but they will learn from them and find a better way, because democracy evolves through trial and error.

The idea that everyone was equal as creatures who contained a piece of God would run this world.

Sungjin became a light and scattered all around the world. Everyone in Valhalla saw that thirteen wings covered up their sky. White light and black darkness made a harmonious golden wing that was like sunlight in order to show everyone it was the beginning of the new era. The extras were no longer the bounty of battles but equal individuals with equal rights.

Now it was the work of history to decide how to live in this world where everyone was equal as a part of God. It was a difficult task but a valuable one.

“So those who were limited because you were extras, stand up now and reach your potential. And if you want…” Sungjin articulated his last words with a gesture of his hands. “… You don’t have to be an audience. Now you can enjoy the game.”

Sungin invited everyone to his game.

It would be a shame if only a few people could enjoy my games.

* * *


“I’m back.”

Not as God but as a human, just like when they had met him for the first time. Sungjin came back to his girls, who were waiting for him.

“Sungjin!” Everyone called out his name and ran into his arms.

“Well, now I’m back to level 0.”

He had distributed all his power to everyone. He was no longer God.

Although he had given up everything as God and had become human again, he was still confident as if he still had everything.

What he pursued was beyond what God could do.

“But in my new world, even a level 0 or an extra can enjoy the game.” Sungjin smiled and continued. “So now I’m planning to become a pro-gamer so that the world can watch me play.” Not as God. “Want to join?”

He was back where he started—level 0—but he was offering everyone to join him again.

“With pleasure.” The girls smiled with tears and hugged him.

[You are not planning to tell them that you can take the power back anytime you want?]

The dragon gods in the outer world asked Sungin.

Well, if I let them know that an omni God is watching them, people won’t learn how to do it by themselves. Anyways, they need to learn from their mistakes, both in democracy and in gaming.

If the world would hopelessly go toward self-destruction, Sungjin planned to give a hint of God’s miracle.

I shared the power to this immature world. I should also take care of it.

But that was all he would do.

You guys shouldn’t intervene with what is happening in this world. You should just protect it.

[Your wish is our command.]

And, above all, the game was more fun…

When I was level 0.

To make the game interesting, he wanted this kind of disadvantage.

“What are you thinking, Sungjin?” Ereka asked, and Sungjin simply smiled.

“Nothing. I was thinking about which game I should play first.”

“Which one do you want to play?”

“Should I start dating everyone now?” Everyone who had waited for him and had supported him with their everything.

“Oh my.”

“But this is not a game. It is a real thing.”

“… Great,” everyone answered at once.

And Pandora raised her hand next to them. “I want to be a candidate as well. While you were gone, I confirmed that you are my biggest interest.”

And he was also her destiny.

“Pff, sure. Anytime.”

I will take all of you, Sungjin answered with his spirit that made him able to embrace the world.

<End of Level 0 Master>

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