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Chapter 288

Cut&Paste: Chapter 288 – Stone Statue battle in the capital (4) [Final Chapter]

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「Myne-kun, why not use magic to make him fall asleep?」

While I was contemplating what to do, Aisha gave a suggestion.

……I see, that is one way to do it.

I quickly cast 【Support Magic・Sleep】onto Barrett-san.

However, no matter how long I waited and even casted several more times, Barrett-san's rampage continued.

……Is he perhaps resistant to it?

I will not give up.

This time, I used【Ultimate of Magic】to amplify my magic before casting sleep.

Then, Barrett-san who was moving around suddenly collapsed on the ground.

Seems like the boosted magic really did work.

However, what I do not know is whether Barrett-san is the one resisting it, or is it the Shadow Gremlin the one doing it.

I was curious about it, but there's no way of knowing it, so I gave up.

Using【Prowess・Extreme】, I picked up the unconscious Barrett-san on my back and started running.

Then, I dropped him back to his teammates, especially near the healer.

「……T-Thank you very much. What happened to our leader?」

「You don’t' have to worry about it. Danna-sama just casted sleep, that's all.」

Sylphy who was following me from behind replied on my behalf.

『Then Sylphy, I'll leave explaining to you.』

『Wait Danna-sama, before I can even explain……I don't even know the situation?』

……I see, since only I have the【Appraisal】skill, they don't know what's going on.

Let's use【Telepathy】and broadcast it to my family.

『Sylphy, Aisha, Waffle, Kuu….. Can you hear me? I'll explain the situation right now.』

Then, I explained what happened to Barrett-san and the Shadow Gremlin that has been fused to him.

『……What a terrifying monster. What if it went to one of our family….. Truly terrifying.』

「……Uhmm, since they'll be worried about it, let's explain it to them, but let's move to a different location.」

Aisha proposes as she went ahead to the healer who is currently handling Barrett-san.

「I- I see, this is not the place to have a slow conversation…」

After agreeing, we went to a much safer location.

Then again, this is the center of the capital.

There's plenty of safe spots.

The question is still the stone statues.

However, if you don't get close to them, they won't bother you.

Before I can report it to the King, I need to figure out this Shadow Gremlin, and how to defeat the stone statue first.

While I was having these thoughts, Sylphy rounded up the Soaring Winds and explained the situation.

「……Sylphy, Aisha, I'm sorry but can you go on without me first? There's something I need to confirm.」

I really need to know more about this Shadow Gremlin.

And I need to know whether it's the stone stautes that are summoning it.

If I don't figure those out, the knights will also be in trouble.

Using【Map】, I tried searching for them, and I found the stone statues location, but I did not see any Shadow Gremlin.

……This is not a full investigation, but I don't think the stone statues are spawning them.

『Waffle, Kuu, is it alright if I ask you for something?』

I want to try hitting the Stone Statue one more time to complete the condition of spawning the Shadow Gremlin.

If it’s Orcs and Goblins, I myself can handle it.

But since the Shadow Gremlin might appear, I might need someone else to back me up.

If I so as make a minor mistake, I might end up becoming a demon.To prevent that, I have Waffle and Kuu protecting me. What's more, Waffle and Kuu has a higher sense than me.

….. Well then, this will be for real.

I used【Map】to find a less confusing street to battle.

After finding one, I explained my plan to Waffle and Kuu, then it was time for me to attack the Stone Statue.

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