Long Live Summons

Chapter 851: Calamity, Pandora’s Box

Chapter 851: Calamity, Pandora’s Box

The two cheetah-shaped beasts were the fastest as they pounced like lightning.

Their sharp claws grabbed the small box held in Yue Yang’s hands. However, dozens of meters away, there was another beast with a green coat of greasy skin that was similar to a chameleon as it slipped his tongue out.

The blood-red tongue elongated extremely fast.

At the moment when the two cheetah Demonic Beasts competed for the box, its long and sticky tongue hit the box, sticking it onto the target.

Ten times faster than its speed when it flew out, the tongue retracted.

The chameleon beast, without waiting for any of its comrades to react, immediately bit the box in its mouth into pieces and chewed it triumphantly. It could even speak while doing so, “Hehehe, it’s still this lady who has a faster speed. I have already won the first kill of the newcomer; you guys can fight for the second and third kills!”

The dozens of monsters in the surrounding area wore different expressions— some were angry, some appeared disgusted, whereas others had cold expressions and some looked disdainful.

The two cheetahs who rushed the fastest were furious, “Pi Yi, you long-tongued woman!”

The female chameleon beast gulped the fragments of the box into her stomach, and used her slender claws to pick her teeth. Among the densely packed teeth, she picked out a small piece of box fragments and spit it out. She sighed inadequately, “This kid’s newborn beast is really too weak as there is almost no feeling of energy. I’ve absorbed all of it, but it only increased my potential, so you two don’t need to be too envious! At most, this lady will reluctantly accompany you to play for a few days. If you are willing to cooperate, we can go over there and talk about it now. One against two is no problem at all!”

“Scram, who would ever like someone like you, greasy reptile!” The two cheetahs were even more infuriated when they heard it, as if they were about to vomit out of disgust.

“This old lady[1] doesn’t admire your rotten hair yet, so go ahead and play with the eggs!” The female chameleon sneered, and then spit out a lump of green sputum on the ground.

T/L Note: [1] When one refers to themselves like that (an old lady/man), it implies that they should be respected. Because in most Asian cultures, they respect seniors a lot. Saying that she’s a senior means she demands the other two to respect her as she’s in a ‘higher hierarchy’.

Just as the argument was still going on, the monsters on the sidelines could see something was amiss.

This kid’s newborn beast was killed, so why was he still smiling?

Is he stupid?

At this time, Yue Yang did have a smile on his face, and his smile showed off his red lips and white teeth. His expression was sunny, which made those who looked at him felt like there was a spring breeze.

He slowly retracted his right hand that was holding the box, and took another box out of his pocket. The appearance of this box was exactly the same as the box that was swallowed by the female chameleon beast just now, except for the fact that it has a different texture. The box just now was made of bronze and this one was silver.

Why does this kid still have the box?

If it was not in the box just now, then, the newborn beast should be stored in this one?

The female chameleon wanted to spit out her tongue to fight again, but this time, the left one of the two cheetahs grabbed her tongue.

The cheetah on the right wanted to grab the silver box in Yue Yang’s hand anxiously. Because of the limitations of the Laws in the Beast Valley, Yue Yang could not take action to protect the newborn beast, but likewise, no creature could harm him. No matter who wanted to compete for the newborn beast, they cannot threaten the owner and must aim at the target. Otherwise, they would only waste time. At the moment when the cheetah’s paws on the right caught the silver box, a giant bear hit it directly from behind.

When the giant bear opened its mouth to bite into the silver box, a thick, elephant trunk flew over, causing the giant bear to stagger back.

A flying eagle descended from the sky.

But before catching the box, there was a rhinoceros with sharp horns. Before the eagle claws could catch it, it cleverly picked up the silver box in Yue Yang’s hands. At some point in the ground, an ugly marsh crocodile appeared and proceeded to grab the fallen box as it opened its hugely muddy mouth.

A shadow flashed by sharply.

A long-armed ape grabbed the elephant’s trunk and swayed over, jumping swiftly. Then, it grabbed the rhino’s small tail, leaped up with strength and avoided the beak of the flying eagle.

In mid-air, it turned over and sneered, tapping on the rhinoceros’s head and neck while ignoring the angry mob chasing behind the rhino. It passed directly through the crocodile’s huge mouth, grabbing the crocodile’s fangs with one hand, swinging its body while stretching out its arm to catch the silver box that fell from the sky. Before all the beasts could react, it opened the box quickly, took out the contents of the silver box with one hand, stuffed it into its mouth, and swallowed it into its stomach without chewing.

“Hahahahaha, when it comes to agility, my evolved ape race is more agile,” The ape laughed triumphantly. In a flash, it calmly escaped the elephant’s angry trampling.

“It’s you again, Samson. I really doubt that when you were training your beast, you knew that it was impossible to pass the level successfully. Hence, you deliberately cultivated the newborn beast into a monkey!”

“Everyone kill this damned monkey!”

“The monkey skin is itchy[2], right?”

T/L Note: [2] When one says, ‘your skin is itchy’, it means you’re looking for trouble, itching to cause problems.

“This smelly monkey is as annoying as Pi Yi’s shameless ass!”

Because the second robbery had also failed, many beasts were angry and cursed loudly.

Although they have become beasts, they weren’t like that before. Every single beast here was originally a powerful and intelligent Heaven Ranked warrior.

Even if it weren’t for this, they wouldn’t be able to pass the 5th Level of the Beast Valley either. In Beast Valley, many of the desolate ‘residents’ who became beasts were actually once friends with one another, some even relatives from the same family. But in order to survive and become stronger, they had to use every means they had to attack the newcomer and swallow the newborn beast. They would also often fight each other, swallowing the opponent’s magic core and absorbing the opponent’s energy.

Of course, because the battle between the Demonic Beasts was usually between the snipe and the clam, the fisherman gained profit from it[3].

T/L Note:[3] This means while two sides are fighting, a third-party would gain the benefits

If there was no absolute certainty, those who cherish their lives will not easily break out into battle, especially a battle of life and death. After all, there was no chance of a second attempt in life for anyone who was dead!

“Good skills!”

Student Yue Yang clapped his hands and praised repeatedly.

It wasn’t until he spoke that the beasts realized this kid was different from the others as he was all smiles even when his silver box containing the newborn beast was robbed and killed twice in a row.

The elephant asked, “Good brat, you’re really crazy. With only the strength of a 3rd Level Heaven Rank, yet you can be so arrogant and proud. Wh- what exactly is your purpose in being here?”

Student Yue Yang conjured a bottle of soy sauce casually and said with a smile, “Would you believe it if I said I was passing by with soy sauce[4]?”

T/L Note: [4] This term soy sauce means, ‘this has nothing to do with me, but I’m just here as a passerby’

“Do you take me for a fool?” The rhino roared angrily.

“It’s up to you if you believe it or not, I believe it anyways,” Student Yue Yang shook his head repetitively, acting as arrogant as a certain official from the Heaven Dynasty.

“My stomach feels a bit odd, it seems like what I swallowed just now was not a newborn beast,” The ape found that there was no energy absorption in its belly and lowered his heart rate. It squeezed its throat with its paw, and barfed out a pool of acidic reflux. It took a closer look and found that there was not the trace of a newborn beast corpse in the pool of acidic water that was spat out, leaving only a black stone in the lump of liquid. This kind of stone could be picked up on the side of the road, anytime and anywhere.

“What a surprise, forget a treasure, it just turned out to be a mere stone!” The alpha cheetah laughed when he saw the sight.

“Congratulations, Samson, you were played once again,” The second cheetah gloated. The other monsters also secretly praised their luck in their hearts, let alone the cheetah brothers. They were a mere sliver away from being the ones who would have been fooled by the newcomer;s unlucky tricks.

“Brat, hand over the newborn beast,” The ape stared at Yue Yang angrily.

“I’m an obedient person,” Student Yue Yang took out an identical box in his pocket again. But this one had a slight difference— it was a golden box.

Now, even if there were dozens of monsters surrounding Yue Yang, no one attempted a robbery as even fools would be aware that there was something wrong. This kid first took out a copper box, then a silver box, and finally a gold box… Why did he take out the box so calmly and generously? There must be a problem! No matter who it was, no one dared to immediately rob him. If they were teased again by this infuriating brat who laughed like a Demonic Beast, it would be a big loss for their pride.

The numerous beasts looked at each other.

Finally, the elephant asked, “Brat, what do you mean by holding this box?”

Student Yue Yang listened.

And he laughed.

He smiled cordially, just like the leaders of the Heaven Dynasty as they consolored the poor peasants, but that same smile frightened the surrounding beasts. Their hearts hung in the air, and they couldn’t help but quietly move back by a small step. In case something goes wrong, they would have the chance to immediately run away.

Although newcomers were easy to bully, there were exceptions.

Some newcomers were very odd. The beasts couldn’t hurt them, but it was rather easy for the beasts to be hurt instead. Was this brat the same as those kinds of people then?

Student Yue Yang stretched out his hand as he patted the elephant’s thigh in a very friendly manner, making the elephant tremble all over in shock. Like a meeting between old friends, Yue Yang enthusiastically introduced the golden box in his hand, “In fact, this box is nothing remarkable, but it’s called Pandora’s Box.”

“Pandora’s Box?”

They knew instinctively that just by the name, it was something they shouldn’t provoke.

But it did not make sense if they thought about it. The Law of Beast Valley was, not only was the masters unable to use their abilities, but their treasures couldn’t be used either.

Student Yue Yang seemed to see everyone’s confusion before he nodded and explained, “You guys misunderstood, this Pandora’s Box is not my natural ability, nor is it a treasure. Instead, it is a kind of Divine Compensation. It would take three days and three nights to finish explaining the story, so I’ll just pick out the important parts. Let me tell you, there was a Goddess of Doom called Pandora who had killed many Gods. After she was awakened, her divinity naturally conjured a type of compensation, and that was to give those living beings who were in danger of losing their lives a ‘hope’ of sorts.”

The beasts became dizzy after listening to his talk and couldn’t understand what Yue Yang had just said.

Yue Yang nodded in understanding, “It’s not surprising that you guys don’t understand. With your wisdom, it would be really difficult to explain things clearly! However, it doesn’t matter whether you can understand those; what you just need to know is that this box carries bad luck. There is a mixture of Chaotic Power in it as it was the last form of hope she left behind before she passed, which could greatly increase the power of the one who opened the box with their own hands. The method of increase was not necessarily set— some may be to increase the potential, some may be to increase the level, and some may be to improve combat power. Honestly, anything can happen!”

After listening to his words, the beasts collectively felt that it was great news.

The ape who opened the silver box and the female chameleon beast who opened the copper box were now secretly proud and happy.

The Cheetah brothers asked a question, “What is the difference between the three gold, silver and copper boxes then?”

Student Yue Yang praised them, “This question is a good question! In fact, these three types of boxes are very different. The power of chaos is stored in the three types of gold, silver and copper boxes. Each storage of power is different, with the most power stored in gold boxes and the least in copper boxes, whereas the silver box had a moderate amount between the two. Of course, in addition to the Chaos Power that gave people hope, it also brought upon the Divine Power of Calamity. After all, this was something that the Goddess of Doom created subconsciously; it would be impossible for there to be no trace of Divine Power of Calamity!”

If Yue Yang hadn’t said the last sentence, everyone would have been cheering.

But when he said so, everyone was stunned.

The ape ‘Samson’ trembled frightfully, like an injured patient thrown into a pool of ice [5] as it stuttered, “Divine- Divine Power of Calamity?”

T/L Note: [5] It means someone is already in a terrible situation, and they’re even more helpless when they get involved in a worse situation where they feel useless.

Yue Yang patted its shoulder lightly and comforted it,”Don’t worry, although Pandora’s Box contains the Divine Power of Calamity, it is all but a problem of probability. The chances of the silver box triggering the Calamity is only 9,999 times stronger; there is still a one in a thousandth chance that you can get the good Chaotic Power of hope. If you had gotten the gold box, the chances of triggering it would have been 99,999 times stronger— those chances would most definitely be a lot stronger than that of your silver box!”

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