Masked Knight

Chapter 335: Dragon Egg

Chapter 335: Dragon Egg

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"How much further?" Rody sighed. He had already been walking for two hours. Two hours was enough time to walk around an entire palace 1 . However, the first layer of illusion inside this palace was still extremely lush and flourishing, and it was not clear how big this whole place was.

If it was a new space created by God, it need not be as big as the human world. Even one-tenth the size of the human world would be enough to cause Rody to die from walking.

What Rody was most worried about was that he was in heaven. A day in heaven meant a year in the human world. Kara and the Mystic Dragon were two-thousand-year-old monsters and they naturally would not care. However, Rody was waiting to go home. Rody thought it would be frightening if the two were to spend twenty days in that space.

He looked a little resentful at the Mystic Dragon who was at the front of the group.

Did this guy get lost after not coming here for a thousand years?

"Are you worried?" Kara's voice came from behind him. "Rest assured. We are not looking for a road. We are looking for a mythological beast."

"A mythological beast?"

"Yes." Kara smiled. "This illusion has no fixed exit. When God created this space, he left behind one of the most powerful mythological beasts to guard it. The only way out of here is to find it, kill it, and capture its magical core. Then only would we be able to break out of this fairyland to leave."

Rody was silent for a while. He then asked, "The most powerful mythological beast?"

"It's a dragon." Kara sighed. "Didn't you notice? Why did none of the mythological beasts attack us again along the way? Oh, I have almost forgotten. You have the Mystic Dragon's aura too, so you did not realize it… Can't you feel the Mystic Dragon's extremely heavy murderous aura? The murderous aura made the ordinary mythological beast move further away and not come closer. This saves us a lot of trouble. In addition, another important method would be to attract the dragon over. Dragons are very territorial. If there were other dragons not from its group, it would take the initiative to attack! The Mystic Dragon and I have used this method before when we were here last time."

Rody was still puzzled. "But isn't there only a few dragons left? You said that killing the dragon here is the only way out. You also said that you all once fought God. If the only dragon left here was killed by the Mystic Dragon, then wouldn't there be no more dragons here? In that case, how would I be able to leave?"

Kara smiled. "How could God's power be so simple? You have probably seen the Samsara River in the valley that sealed the Mystic Dragon. On top of that, there were also those angels outside! Even if they were killed, the golden aura would form a new angel. All of these are reincarnation. So, even if the dragon here is killed, it can reincarnate in this environment. However, such a powerful thing would not be able to reincarnate as easily as the angels outside."

Rody sighed and laughed bitterly. "How big is this place? How long do we need to look for it?"

Kara frowned. "Logically, the dragon should have already come over when it felt the Mystic Dragon's aura. But up till now it still has not appeared. I find it strange too…"

"Is the guardian dragon here strong?" Rody asked warily.

Kara gave Rody a glance. "It is not very strong, but it is also not weak. I told you about this just now that domains are the road to heaven. I believe you still remember? The angels outside and the mythological beasts inside would all try and kill the humans that tried to enter God's domain. Even if a Domain Master enters, they would not be able to get past this guardian dragon. I knew the guardian dragon from one thousand years ago. It was truly a holy and large dragon. Although it was slightly weaker than the Hakone Serpent, it is not that far off."

Rody sighed and murmured. "Domain is the road to heaven. How many of the human's Domain Master have been tricked into entering heaven in the past thousand years? Even if they do not die at the hands of the angels, they would still be buried in this fantasy land."

The Mystic Dragon suddenly stopped. From the side, his expression looked somber.

"Large lizard, why have you stopped?" Kara frowned.

The Mystic Dragon pointed at a distance and suddenly said in a strange tone, "No need to look for it anymore. I wasted all my effort. Even if I release a strong dragon aura, that dragon will not attack us!"

His body flashed and disappeared.

Kara's expression turned solemn too and pulled Rody's hand. "He must have found something. Let us go and see." The two of them then disappeared.

When Rody stood behind the Mystic Dragon, he could feel that the Mystic Dragon's aura was somewhat gloomy. His face was filled with shock.

At the same time, Rody could feel a weak trace of a dragon's aura. However, the aura did not come from the Mystic Dragon. It came from the object the Mystic Dragon was staring at.

There was a huge egg with a white ring of protective qi in a thick clump of grass. The dragon's aura was coming from that egg.

The Mystic Dragon looked at the dragon egg for a long time without saying a word. However, he looked shocked to the extent of almost forgetting himself. Rody could see the Mystic Dragon's clothes faintly shake.

After a long time, Kara took a deep breath and walked forward a few steps. He waved his hand and destroyed the protective qi.

He paused for a moment and gently put his palm on the dragon egg. He then closed his eyes and carefully felt the egg.

Kara also had an imposing expression. He opened his eyes and looked at the Mystic Dragon. He then asked in a dry voice. "What do you think?"

The Mystic Dragon shook his head. He looked shocked and dazed.

Kara slowly said, "The Sacred Guardian Dragon is currently being reincarnated. Even if he is killed, he would revert to an egg and then reincarnate! However, how long does it take for the Sacred Dragon to hatch?"

The Mystic Dragon squeezed out his voice as he replied, "About two hundred to three hundred years."

Kara sighed. His eyes revealed a sharp gaze. "When was the last time you came here to fight with the old guy? Was it about one thousand three hundred years ago? At that time, you killed the Sacred Dragon once. My last time here was about one thousand years ago! That time, I had killed the Sacred Dragon once. I had good fortune at the time as you had killed it just three hundred years before that. It had only just hatched when I came to kill it. As a result, it was not too strong, and I had easily passed this level. But…"

Kara's tone then became stern. "However, since I had killed it a thousand years ago, there should not have been anyone else who came here! The Guardian Dragon immediately becomes an egg after being killed. However, the egg has not yet hatched! In other words, it was killed in the past three hundred years. But in the past three hundred years, you were sealed and asleep at a remote mountain. My body was destroyed, and my soul was wandering around. The only other thing that could kill it was the Hakone Serpent that was sealed at the Dwarven Kingdom. Besides us, who else could have come here? Who else has the ability to kill this Guardian Dragon?"

The Mystic Dragon was speechless. Both he and Kara became even tenser.

Since someone has come here before and killed this dragon, it means someone has broken through this fantasy land!

The atmosphere became somber. The Mystic Dragon and Kara both did not speak but their breathing gradually became heavier.

Rody had a suspicion in his heart. He could understand Kara's words and he was also puzzled.

"Kara, I have something to ask you." Rody suddenly spoke.

He looked at Kara in the eyes and continued. "I know my strength is not worth your attention, but I have a question…"

Rody then looked at the Mystic Dragon and slowly said, "Recently, I experienced the war between the two continents. The Roland people has learned the legendary combined sorcery. I heard that a miracle happened in the temple. They said that God had shown his might and once again taught the humans a trick used by the ancient humans that were lost. I presume this is your doing?"

Kara immediately nodded without hesitation. "That's right. I am the one that taught them combined sorcery. Otherwise, they would not have come out and would not dare to cross the ocean and attack you."

Rody's tone gradually became heavier. "What about the combination spells and the God's Vanquishing Spell from the Radiant Continent's church?"

Kara looked at Rody and sighed. "That was also me! At that time, I looked at both continents and saw that there were no Domain Masters aside from me. I feared that if the Roland Continent had mastered combined sorcery, their power could not be suppressed. So, whatever the consequences, I went and stealthily taught the combination spell as a miracle, to the Radiant Continent's church. That ludicrous Pope actually thought it was a miracle…"

Rody nodded. "So, it really was you. I have a friend that was also suspicious for a long time. God had not appeared for so long and yet both continents suddenly these kinds of lost forbidden skills. Now I understand it was your handiwork."

Rody frowned and asked, "But how do you know all this? You are the Devil God Kara. You are not God. Both the combined sorcery and combination spell were something taught by God. How did you master it?"

Kara's expression gradually became strange as he looked at Rody. However, he remained silent.

"This is because…" the Mystic Dragon suddenly spoke, "This is because he was once a part of God!"

"What?" Rody was really surprised this time.

Kara looked a little angry. He looked coldly at the Mystic Dragon.

The Mystic Dragon's cold expression remained unchanged as he continued, "Rody. Don't you find it strange? If the world was created by God, where did the Devil God Kara come from? Let me tell you. A long, long time ago, there was only one God. One day, God suddenly went crazy. The two consciousness in his mind fought and then one of them left and took along some part of the godhood. So, the gods split became two. They both fought in heaven. The winner became God while the loser occupied the Southern Radiant Continent as Devil God Kara…"

The Mystic Dragon then looked at Kara's angry eyes and coldly said, "Earlier, you spoke about my mark. Now we are even."

Rody was silent for a moment before he suddenly laughed wildly.

He pointed at Kara and laughed extremely wantonly until he could hardly catch his breath. But anybody would know that Rody's laughter was not a cheerful one.

"You! You guys!" Rody suddenly stopped laughing as he coldly looked at the Mystic Dragon and Kara. "You gods and Devils are spoken off so loftily, so mighty and majestic! The ridiculous humans went on war expeditions for thousands of years. Countless people spilled their blood and were just sacrificial offerings for you all! What a joke! Hahahahahaha…"

Although Rody was only a human, he looked at the god and the dragon fearlessly, in profound anger.

Kara's expression gradually cooled down as he asked, "What is so funny? Humans were created by us and are not so different. Humans in high positions fight by using the humans at the bottom just like us. This is an unchanged rule in the world."

Rody did not object and took a deep breath. He then slowly said, "Perhaps you are right. But just now, when I saw this dragon egg, I had thought of a very interesting possibility. I wonder, has the great Mystic Dragon and Devil God thought of this already?"

A deep mocking look appeared on Rody's face. "God has not created any miracle for hundreds of years. The dragon egg shows that someone or something has reached this place and achieved God's domain level a few hundred years ago… Have you not thought of the possibility…"

He looked at the two legendary people that had been worshipped by millions, opened his mouth and slowly said, "…that God probably no longer exists?"

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