Monarch of Evernight

Chapter 1361: A Perfect Solution (Part 1)

Chapter 1361: A Perfect Solution (Part 1)

The Pointer Monarch’s words left Song Zining with no answer.

The monarch sighed after a moment of silence. “The higher one’s position is, the more the country means for them. You’re now a pillar of the Empire, so you’ll start to see this. For the country and for the human race, you sometimes have to do things that go against your heart.”

Song Zining finally spoke, “What I fear is that some are waving this flag of justice on the surface, then doing shady business for their personal benefit.”

“Everyone is selfish. What can you do when you're in a high position? Can you stop everyone?”

Song Zining shook his head after some thought. People would always find loopholes to exploit, harming the country and its people. The worst kind were those not seeking money, but rather taking advantage of the reason to harm people. The Pointer Monarch was right; there was no way to stop them.

“How do we deal with them, then?” Song Zining asked humbly.

The Pointer Monarch replied, “Only two words, one is ‘block’ and the other is ‘hold.’ Try to nip them at the bud and stop the source, which is the so-called block. Hold means to hold everyone accountable for every crime committed, make no exceptions for anyone. Over time, people will become fearful and naturally avoid doing such things. If you only work on the ‘block,’ people will keep on minding their business and no work will get done.”

Song Zining carefully digested the profundity of these words.

“Well, we’re done with the reasoning, so let’s talk about Qianye. I don’t want to leave a knot in your heart without clearing things up.”

“Pray tell.”

The monarch said, “Qianye as a person has contributed deeply to the Empire and its subjects. His heart is always with the human race. The country owes him much for all these years.”

Song Zining felt his eyes sting and had to try hard to regain his composure.

“The Empire would’ve lost miserably if he hadn’t come through during the crisis. I also watched his last battle very clearly. No one would be able to stop Nighteye if it weren’t for their emotional restraints.”

Song Zining suddenly felt angry. He blurted out, unable to control himself, “So after failing to kill her yourselves, you used Qianye to deal with her. You calculated Qianye’s nature and planned to have them kill one another, am I right?!”

The Pointer Monarch went silent for a while. He then said, “Zining, the words family and country are as heavy as Mount Tai. Nothing is more important compared to them. If you ask me if I’m ashamed, I am, but all that I do is for the continued survival of the Empire and the prosperity of the human race. I have no regrets in that regard.”

Song Zining was stopped up, not knowing what to say. After a while, he said hatefully, “That idiot Wei Qiyang! Wait till I deal with him!”

Pei Zijun had already messed things up back then. Qianye would have never gone out to war if it weren’t for Wei Potian.

“Do whatever it takes to ease your mind.”

“I thought you’d tell me to control myself.”

The Pointer Monarch said, “You’ll only be fit to work when your mind is at ease. You hold great authority right now, and every decision of yours will decide the fate of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. This isn’t something to be taken lightly. Comparatively, sacrificing a handful of people is nothing.”

Song Zining’s eyes sparkled. “Since you’ve said it, I won’t be holding back.”

“Do what you need to do.”

“What I do has nothing to do with the Empire. I’ll be clearing up some personal grudges and perhaps earn some money in the process.”

The Pointer Monarch smiled. “Those destined to achieve great things have no need to focus on trifling matters. Do what you want to do, no need to ask me.”

It was time for the banquet to disperse now. Some words weren’t spoken out loud, but it was enough. As someone with a controversial vampire identity, how could Qianye be hailed as a hero who had pulled the Empire back from the brink of defeat? Doing this would cause the thousand years of nationalism to collapse.

The human heart was complicated, yet it was also the easiest to rile up and incite.

Just like that, all of Qianye’s sacrifices and contributions were removed. Ten years later, perhaps no one would remember this person and his deeds. The Evernight would never admit that someone with a vampire heritage had actually refused to accept their noble dark bloodline. This went against the thousand-year rule of hybrid descendants.

Song Zining looked up at the sky as he walked out of the manor. He understood the reasoning, but that did nothing to ease the suffocating feeling in his heart.

Why should one pick between a brother and the country? Why was there no perfect solution?

With nowhere to vent his anger, he stomped hard as he got into the car. The shocked officer asked hurriedly, “Sire, is there anything you need me to do?”

“No, let’s go back.”

The officer didn’t dare ask and simply drove Song Zining to the relay station.

Twilight Continent, the Sperger Clan Castle. Everything was quiet and still here.

The mobilization for the new world had long since called away most of the young and strong.

Fortunately, Habsburg was among the first to enter the new world. There were great difficulties during the expansion process and the casualties were high, but none of that could match the bitter fights against the Empire.

Within the empty hall, Habsburg was seated quietly on the throne. He was dozing off with his chin propped up on one hand. Normally, this large hall was only used for clan meetings, but he had taken to the cold and quiet of late.

There wasn’t a single noise throughout the castle, not even the sound of breathing. The prince had been in a jittery state for a while, and most people found it prudent to let him rest.

After god knew how long, Habsburg opened his eyes and said, “Leonard, let him in.”

Within a rowdy group in the courtyard, Marquis Leonard listened attentively to the instructions before waving his hand down. They allowed a certain demonkin marquis to pass through but stopped his escorts.

The demonkin marquis had been protesting against the vampires’ refusal to announce his visit. He still felt angry at the treatment, but now that there was finally some change, he decided to leave his men outside to avoid further trouble.

The demonkin entered and saw Habsburg on the high throne. He bowed according to the norms, saying, “Revered Prince Habsburg, I came to greet you on behalf of the Evernight Council.”

Habsburg remained still. “If the chairman still wishes to talk about that matter, there’s no need. I’ve already told him that I don’t have what he wants. Go back and tell him that there’s no need to send anyone else.”

The demonkin marquis was refused a meeting during the last two visits, and this time, he was about to be driven away with a single line. Finally angered, he said, “Your Highness, the chairman is giving you face by telling you to consider this matter. As a matter of fact, this is the Demon King’s will, how can there be any room for deliberation?”

Habsburg’s expression never changed as he said with a cold voice, “Then there’s no need to consider anymore. I am a vampire, hence the Demon King is not my king.”

“You!” The demonkin marquis jumped up, pointing at Habsburg in anger.

Blood energy flickered through Habsburg’s blue eyes as the demonkin was suddenly pressed to the ground by an invisible force.

He clawed feebly at his throat but to no avail. The man’s face turned red, yet no voice came out of his mouth. Very soon, his struggling weakened, and blood began to seep out of his skin until his figure was entirely sanguine.

Habsburg never lost his composure. He didn’t even remove the hand under his chin as he watched the demonkin slowly lose his breath. It was as though he were watching a speck of dust.

After the demonkin was completely still, he said, “He’s dead, not coming out yet?”

Predica was standing at the door with a complicated expression. He slowly walked in, pausing briefly near the dead marquis before walking over to the throne.

“Long time no see.”

“Congratulations on a perfect awakening. The balance of fate has ushered in a new master for the Dark Nightmare.”

Predica glanced at Habsburg with open arms. “Old friend, won’t you give me a hug?”

After a moment of silence, Habsburg finally got up and walked down the steps.

The duo left the hall after a greeting hug and arrived at Habsburg’s study. Meanwhile, no one paid attention to that unlucky marquis.

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