Monster Pet Evolution

Chapter 853 (END) - Epilogue Part 2

Chapter 853: Epilogue Part 2

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“What the hell?!” All the familiars on the familiar highway knelt on the ground, shivering.

The rainbow-haired guy was stupefied for a second and turned around to look at Gao Peng in a daze.

It seemed that this man had just introduced himself as Gao Peng?

Gao Peng smiled shyly. “That should be me… It’s calling for me.”

“What the… this is da bomb!”

“It’s all right, I guess?” The gloom at the bottom of Gao Peng’s heart had dissipated quite a bit.

“Gao Pengggg!” The sound wave went past his head as the creature continued to fly to the east.

“Gao Peng, ah…”

The sound drifted away. Overhead, it sounded as though a bomber plane had just flown by.

Gao Peng’s face darkened. “This fool overshot the distance again!”

Finally, people on the highway watched as a mountain dashed into a person’s arms and the same person turned to leave with a mountain in his arms.

“Don’t you think… Gao Peng… Doesn’t that name sound rather familiar?” Rainbow hair scratched his head.

Sitting in the back, a young man with glasses took out his textbook from his schoolbag, pointed to the cover of the textbook, and said, “Is this him?”


Another man beside him stood up and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!”

“Gao Penggg, where have you been all these years? Why couldn’t I find you?” Stripey carefully said to Gao Peng.

It was as though it was afraid that Gao Peng would accidentally disappear again and make them wait for hundreds of years.

“Aren’t I here now?” Gao Peng looked into the distance with a smile.

With a splat, a silver jellyfish landed on Gao Peng’s face like a mask. Gao Peng immediately fell backward on Stripey’s back.

It wasn’t easy to detach Silly from himself. Gao Peng gasped heavily.

“Why are you so silly, even after hundreds of years?” Gao Peng chided Silly.

“Because I’m your Silly.” Silly smiled cheerfully.

“Do you know where Da Zi and the rest are?” Gao Peng thought that the first one he had to meet upon returning was Da Zi.

“I don’t know, but I know where the Dragon Ant is,” said Silly.

“Then let’s go to the Dragon Ant first.” Gao Peng nodded.

At the same time, in a very luxurious manor outside the City of Hope, Goldie was wearing a suit and had its hands behind its back. Flamy wasn’t far behind, but the current Flamy had lost a lot of weight.

Behind Flamy’s butt was a sharp-beaked duck with a green body. It looked like both Goldie and Flamy and had very little hair.

“Why are you always following me? Go follow your father!” Flamy said in annoyance.

The little green duck behind Flamy’s butt pulled back its neck and cried, “Daddy, Daddy is ugly…”

Goldie, who was walking ahead, stumbled.

It turned its head with a frown. “Little Flamy! Come here. How is your father ugly?! Gao Peng used to praise me for my alert looks!”

Little Flamy retracted its head and said carefully, “Dad, who is Gao Peng?”

Upon hearing Gao Peng’s name, Flamy and Goldie seemed to be in a trance.

Goldie rubbed Little Flamy’s head. “Gao Peng is your father’s trainer.”

Trainer? Did his dad even have a trainer? “I only knew that Father was super powerful. Does such a powerful father still have a trainer?”

“Of course he does! It was because of Gao Peng that your father got to know your mother.”


“The Dragon Ant is in this castle?” Gao Peng asked Silly and watched as Silly nodded.

When Stripey landed, there was a great commotion in the palace below.

Gao Peng looked at the signboard hanging on the palace and said, “Vientiane Palace—that’s a good name.”

“Who dares to intrude the Vientiane Palace?!” Two figures rose from below.

Before they could speak, a faint shadow burst out of the palace. “Master!” The Dragon Ant knelt in front of Gao Peng excitedly.

There was an uproar on the sidelines.

The leader of the Vientiane Palace, one of the top two palaces known among the whole human race, was actually calling a strange man its master in public.

This was absolutely earth-shattering news!

“Are you at the King God level? You’ve worked hard. You’re much better than Silly and Stripey, those bums,” Gao Peng said with great relief.

“I’m not a lazy bum,” Silly protested.

Since Gao Peng’s disappearance, Stripey’d had no thoughts of cultivation. It just laid there every day and slept. Its body was now covered with trees, and it was only at the peak of High God.

“Let’s go. Let’s not float in the sky,” Gao Peng said to the Dragon Ant. He knew that the news of his return wouldn’t be kept a secret. The news would spread, and the people who wanted to see him would come there.

“What is this Vientiane Palace?”

“It was Grandpa Ji’s idea. Since I can replicate rules, I’m allowed to practice and teach in the Vientiane Palace.” The Dragon Ant was slightly embarrassed when it said this.

“Then won’t you have to replicate many rules?” Gao Peng suddenly realized how cunning his grandpa was.

“It’s okay. It has only been about 70 or 80 kinds, and many of them are repetitive.”

“By the way, Master, you’ll be very happy to see these two people!” The Dragon Ant suddenly slapped its head.

In another place, Ji Hanwu, who had retired from his role as governor, received the news of Gao Peng’s return from his people.

Ji Hanwu was so excited that he couldn’t even pay attention to his fishing rod! “Let’s go! Get Xiao Gao and Yixue!”

“Mom and Dad!” Gao Peng couldn’t hold back his excitement.

“Little Peng.” Ji Yixue hugged Gao Peng.

After a short time sharing news with each other, Gao Peng heard of his parents’ experiences.

At the beginning of the disaster, due to the space cracks, his parents had entered Shidi after they died and become trainers in the Ten Mahayana Netherworld.

The Ten Mahayana Netherworld was a very large space. Gao Peng had once looked for his parents, but he hadn’t found any trace of them.

After the human race successfully conquered Jiutian Shidi, Gao Dongguo and Ji Yixue were finally reunited with Ji Hanwu.

In addition, Gao Peng also met the Magical Brain, the White Clam, Flowing Light, Goldie, Flamy, and Xiao Cao.

“Who is this little fellow?” Gao Peng teased Little Flamy, who was hiding behind Flamy’s butt.

“I’m Little Flamy!” said the little fellow boldly before it shrank back.

“You’re cute. I hope you become as strong as your father,” Gao Peng encouraged the small duck.

Little Flamy stretched out its head and replied defiantly, “I don’t want to!”


“Because Daddy is ugly!”

“Hahahaha.” The yard was full of laughter.

“Gao Peng, I’ve been looking after your company for you all these years.” Goldie wasn’t angry at all. In fact, it couldn’t stop giggling at Gao Peng.

Flamy sighed secretly. It hadn’t seen the baldie so happy in all the years since Gao Peng had left.

“Why don’t I see Da Zi, Desolion, and Fatty Big Sea?” Gao Peng noticed that they were still missing a few people.

“Master!” A steady, powerful voice rang from outside the door.

Dumby pushed open the door and entered. Behind it was Xiao Hua, who had already broken through to the Beginner God level.

“Dumby!” Gao Peng and Dumby caught each other’s eyes and gave each other a firm hug.

“I always knew you would come back.” Dumby’s deep voice echoed in Gao Peng’s ear.

Goldie sighed and shared the news it had. “Fatty Big Sea is now married. Six hundred years ago, it found itself a wife. Then Fatty Big Sea, who was then still a High God, lost to its wife, who was also a High God. Since then, Fatty Big Sea started on its journey to being a house husband and shows no signs of returning.”

“I haven’t seen Desolion in a long time. I only saw it once, 30 years ago. If there was someone who changed the most, it would be Desolion.”

“How much has it changed?” Gao Peng was curious. He could feel through the Blood Contract that Desolion was still alive.

“Humph, are you speaking ill of me when I’m not around?” There was a flash of silver, and the one-eyed lion stood in the yard with its head held high.

“You’ve collected all six saint lions,” Gao Peng said.

“How do you know that I just finished collecting them?” Desolion was surprised.

“Because you’re six colors now.”

Desolion was stunned into silence.

“Where’s Da Zi? Why hasn’t Da Zi come?” Gao Peng frowned, slightly worried.

“Da Zi has long since known you were back. It was the first one among us to know,” Goldie said.

“I see.” Gao Peng nodded. He was familiar with Da Zi’s petty ways.

“Da Zi?

“Da Zi?”

Gao Peng jumped down from the valley.

On a small island in the middle of the valley laid a dragon whose head was buried in the earth. Its butt was facing the sky.

“Why don’t you answer me when I call you?” Gao Peng smacked Da Zi’s hind legs.

“I’m not angry!”

Distressed, Da Zi flicked its tail.

“Hey, you ugly creature, why are you so petty? Just because I didn’t look for you first, do you have to be so petty? I don’t think your issues with pettiness can ever be cured.”

“Yes, I know.” Da Zi’s tail swung again.

Gao Peng helplessly went to Da Zi’s head and patted the back of Da Zi’s neck.

“What are you doing?” Da Zi questioned.

“Hello, ugly. I want to show you something.”

Da Zi pulled its head out of the soil. It was all muddy. It stared at Gao Peng. “I’m not—”

Gao Peng hugged Da Zi’s head and gently kissed it on the forehead. “I’m back, and this time, I’ll never leave.”

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