My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1307 - Have You Ever Thought Of Marrying Me

Chapter 1307: Have You Ever Thought Of Marrying Me

“Mom, I’ve let you down.” Sun Xiaoxiao hugged Grandma’s waist tightly.

Seeing her mom and grandma acknowledge each other, Bai Beibei’s eyes were already blurred by tears. She was both sad and happy.

At this moment, a large palm rested on her small shoulder. Bai Beibei looked sideways and saw Gong Yi standing beside her.

Seeing her petite face covered in sparkling tears, he reached out his finger and gently wiped away her tears with tenderness and affection.

His tender actions made Bai Beibei’s heart soften. If it weren’t for the other people around, she would definitely hug him tightly.

Sun Xiaoxiao and Grandma were sharing their heartfelt feelings. Bai Beibei was in the kitchen helping the maid prepare dinner. When she came out, she discovered that Gong Yi had disappeared.

She was confused and quickly went out to look for him.

He stood tall by the car with one hand in his trouser pocket and the other on the phone. He was handling business on the phone.

Bai Beibei felt a little guilty. He must be very busy, but he still found time to accompany her.

In the past, when she was not with him, she was shy and hesitant. She was afraid that he did not really like her and would soon get tired of her. Now that she was with him, she realized that all her considerations were unnecessary.

He was a man who could give women a sense of security. He was of noble birth and had superior self-restraint. When the two of them got along, he could pity her, respect her, and tolerate her. He had never asked for anything from her, and he had done everything a boyfriend should do, be gentle and considerate.

Bai Beibei looked at his handsome figure, her eyes overflowing with joy and adoration.

At this moment, Gong Yi hung up the phone and turned around.

The moment he turned around, he saw her behind him.

She did not have time to look away. Their eyes met, and he saw the deep love she had for him at a glance.

He raised his sharp eyebrows, and the corners of his lips curled up in delight.

Bai Beibei was embarrassed to be caught, and her eyes began to dodge.

The bright moonlight cast a beautiful light on the ground. Gong Yi stood upright and slowly reached out his hand to her. “Come here.”

Come here…

He asked her to come over.

Bai Beibei separated her thin legs and walked to his side step by step.

The tall figure of the man instantly enveloped her. He bent down and leaned over her small face. “Do you like me?”

Bai Beibei bit her lower lip with her teeth and nodded vigorously. “Yes!”

I like you.

I like you so much.

Gong Yi looked at her delicate little face and laughed softly. “I like you too.”

Bai Beibei looked at him in joy and panic. Her watery eyes were filled with light. She was really captivated by him.

When they were together, he had never been stingy with his words of love.

Even when they were on the bed, he would praise her body. The two of them were like fish and water, tightly intertwined. He breathed in a hot and muddled breath and kissed her. Baby, you make me feel so good…

Bai Beibei didn’t know what she was thinking. She pressed her legs together tightly and felt as if an electric current had passed through her entire body.

She shouldn’t be thinking of these scenes.

“Are you… very busy?” She changed the topic.

“Mm, a little, but accompanying you is the most important thing.” Gong Yi muttered, opening his mouth to hold her small mouth.

Bai Beibei let out a cry and suddenly slipped.

Gong Yi quickly grabbed her soft waist and spun her gently. He pressed her against the Lamborghini’s body.

He explored her small mouth with fervour and possessiveness.

Bai Beibei felt that he was more passionate than ever before. Her small tongue quickly became numb in his mouth. She raised her swan-like neck and was about to drown in his gentle yet domineering kiss.

She did not close her eyes immediately. Her vision was filled with his exquisite and handsome face. She did not dare to look at him again and quickly closed her eyes.

Her two small hands hugged his strong waist and she kissed him back in an immature but proactive manner.

Ever since the last time, she had also fallen in love with the feeling of kissing him.

Gong Yi could not stand it anymore. He could not stand her teasing. He let go of her and buried his head in her hair, panting.

Bai Beibei hugged him obediently. She really wanted to hug him like this until the end of time.

At this moment, she felt a hot wooden stick poking into her lower abdomen.

She was shocked and quickly understood what it was.

There was a slight pain in her buttocks where his large hands groped and pinched.

Bai Beibei trembled and leaned her entire body helplessly into his embrace. She hurriedly cried out, “Don’t …”

Gong Yi found it funny. He didn’t know if she did it on purpose or not, but her body was coiled around him like a small water snake.

He lowered his gaze to take a look. She was wearing a skirt, a short skirt with a dark purple checkered pattern, and white socks all the way up to her knees. She was dressed like a schoolgirl.

All men loved this type of outfit. His eyes seemed to be lit on fire, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. He reached his hand into her skirt.

“What are you doing? Don’t.” Bai Beibei immediately struggled.

Gong Yi held her down, not allowing her to move. “Let me touch you, just a little.”

“No, people will see us here.”

Bai Beibei refusing because they were outside, and people could walk past at any moment.

“There’s no one here.” Gong Yi pulled back his handsome brows and coaxed her. “Even if someone saw us, do they know what I’m touching?”

Bai Beibei immediately reached out to cover his mouth.

Oh my god. How could he say such outrageous words?

Gong Yi looked up at the brightly lit room. The mother and daughter were still talking. He looked at the girl in a hoarse voice. “Be good, just for a while… when your mother comes out later, I won’t be able to touch you again.”


Bai Beibei quickly recalled what her mother had said. “Don’t think too much. My mother likes you very much. But she said…”

“What did she say? Let me guess, did your mother say that before we get married, you can’t have sex with me because this isn’t something a good girl would do?”

Bai Beibei was shocked. “How did you know?”

Gong Yi stared at her passionately and asked instead of answering, “Beibei, what do you think?”

What do I think?

Bai Beibei pursed her pink lips and didn’t speak.

What was she supposed to say?

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Tell me?” Gong Yi coaxed her, putting his ear to her lips, telling her only to tell him.

Bai Beibei’s small face flushed red, not even knowing where to place her hands. She swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stammered, “Whatever you say, I’ll… say It…”

Gong Yi raised his eyebrows and laughed.

This was his girl.

The little girl he had raised with his own hands.

“Have you ever thought of marrying me?” Gong Yi pressed her down again.

Bai Beibei sucked in a breath of cold air. She didn’t understand what he was saying.

Suddenly, her legs felt cold, and her skirt was lifted.

Her black and white pupils constricted, and her small hands held tightly onto his muscular arms. His kiss was overwhelming. They stayed in an embrace for a long time, mind blank. A sudden cry rang out.

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